Crossdressing Charlie Vol. 1: Episode 16 - The Greatest Change

Charlie's traumatic experience with blackmail has finally come to an end. It is a time of great change as Dave is being shipped away, the fate of the family home is decided, and Prue attempts to establish a friendship in the concluding episode of Volume One.

Chamomile Stars

Chamomile Stars.

My name is Steven or was but it’s now officially Stevie Hyatt…not my last name either and I’m married.

The thing here in fleet it’s not husband or wife not legally instead it’s just spouse or as my wedding bracelet says. “Loving spouse.”

The Angry Mermaid 128 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 128

After the Battle and initial Negotiations Drustin get's tired of the constant bickering amongst her own Celtic race. She learns that her older brother might be alive and sets off to find him.

The Angry Mermaid 127 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 127.

Drustina offers terms to the Vikings and very cleverly uses Cold-blood's biggest issue to persuade the butcher to accept quarter.

The Angry Mermaid 126 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 126.

The Battle is finally won and Drustina uses her remarkable whiles to tame the Viking beast.

The Angry Mermaid 125 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 125.

At Last Drustina meets with her foe. The two armies meet on the South banks of the River Mersea where the Brunbah Creek enters the Mersea Estuary.

No need for maps, this is just a straightforward, 'stand up - knock down' fight.

The Angry Mermaid 124 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 124

Preparations for battle continue as Drustina re-connects with her own forces on the River Mersea. The first strike against the Viking main force proves successful and enables Drustina to relinquish command of the northern salient at the Wallasey while she rejoins the main combined force of Saxons and Mercians and is forced to assume command to curtail the bikering between Kings Ethelred and Edrinor.

The Angry Mermaid 123 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 123

The Angry mermaid 123

Y Morforwyn Dicllon 123

The battle at the mine!

Drustina ends up holed up in a mine as she fights to defend her band of survivors.

The Angry Mermaid 122 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 122.

Having relieved Chester Drustina now visits the River Mersea (River Mersey) to determine how best the obstruct Harald Cold-bllod in his efforts to occupy Southern Britannia from the north.

The Angry Mermaid 121 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 121

River Dee map._1.gif

On the Map the old river Dee is the dotted line between Chester in England and Flint in Wales.

More skirmishes with the Vikings ensue and Gisela wins her spurs. The Siege of Chester is relieved by Drustina's small victory on the banks of the River Dee (Afon Dyfrdwy.). Further plans and preparations ensue as Drustina prepares for the forthcoming battle.

Readers are advised to brush up their Geography of the two estuaries River Dee and River Mersey.

The Angry Mermaid 120 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 120

Drustina is now deeply involved with the first elements of the Campaign to drive the Vikings out of her homeland.

The Angry Mermaid 119 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 119

Drustina must secure her rear before attempting to help Ethelred drive the Vikings out of Northern Britannia. To this end she must capture the Isle of Man (Ynys Mann) and she achieves this by trickery and deception.

Isle of Man.gif

The Angry Mermaid 118 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 118

A chapter of preparations, strategies and lessons.

Drustina rejoins the main fleet and attacks the small settlement of Conwy on the north Cambrian coast. The exercise is a 'practice run' used to train her warriors and find any weaknesses that would embarrass the Celts in the heat of a full battle.

The capture of Norse wives of the Viking occupiers of Conwy gives Drustina a chance to teach her warriors how to treat women.

North Wales Coast.jpg

NB. Aber Mersea = River Mersey Estuary
Aber Dyfrdwy= River Dee Estuary.
Aber Menai = Menai Straights.
Aber Conwy = River Conwy Estuary

The Angry Mermaid 117 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 117

Drustina embarks on an armed reconnoitre of the north Cambrian coast. A brief encounter with the Viking blockade force outside Aber Dyfrdwy gives some of her commanders a chance to hone their battle and command skills.

The Angry Mermaid 116 Or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 116

The chapter describes the preparations and first steps in Drustina's campaign to recover her homeland.

The Angry Mermaid 114 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 114

The Angry Mermaid.

Drustina finally returns to Ethelred, the Saxon King of Wessex where they finalise their plans to defend against the anticipated Viking invasions. Chester (or the old Roman fortress city of Deva is deemed to be the most likely place where Harald Cold-blood will attack.

The Angry Mermaid 112 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 112

Drustina has to resume her voyage before the risk of winter storms compel her to stay in port. She sails for Dumnonia but is beset by fog that makes for an interesting skirmish when she encounters a single Viking patrol.

Not Just a Fan

Not Just a Fan

A man with a wife and boring life meets his favorite rock star while hiking. After talking a while, she invites him and his wife to a concert and meal, and there she springs an offer that is quite unbelievable, and quiet irresistible to the couple. The man's life is about to change in ways he never expected.

The Angry Mermaid 105 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 105

After much preparation and planning, Drustina finally arrives at the scene of the main battle whilst it is in full flow. Her trebuchet proves to be the winning formulae and as the evening shadows are beginning to lengthen, she saves the day for the Hibernian defenders of Limerick.

The following day, whilst searching for her husband and battle companion, she is told of the missing treasures stolen from the Maigue Abbey. She reluctantly agrees to help the monk find the treasure and her good deed earns her and her men an unexpected reward.

Christmas Twins ~ 9

This is the story of my twin and me; two siblings so closely bonded that we would do anything for each other. It all started a few months before Christmas…


The Angry Mermaid 103 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 103

Drustina gets involved in a war of attrition with the Viking invaders of Hibernia by plaing a game of 'Cat and Mouse' amidst the various islands and rivers that comprise the estuary of the river Shannon. She achieves a spectacular success at the little town of Askea where the island crossing and rocky gully proves to be a perfect place to set one of her cunning traps.

Askeaton Castle_0.jpg
The Island at the town of Askeaton where the battle was fought. Though Drustina's fight predates the castle and the present abbey.

River Deel in flood._1.jpg

River Deel in full flood. A dangerous and treacherous river.

The Angry Mermaid 102 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 102

The first ambush of the Viking invasion fleet proves moderately successful because the Vikings were anticipating the trebuchet. They were not expecting three trebuchets.

Here are the pertinent charts.

Having managed to inflict modest damage to the invasion fleet. The defenders abandon and burn their static trebuchets while Drustina endeavours to transport her smaller mobile trebuchet along the southern shores of the Shannon estuary to assist King Dal O'Dalgliesh in the final defence of his city and castle at Limerick.

Askeaton Castle where Drustina's recovery of the abbey proved successful.

Thanks to Belfastcity for advice and historical information.

Askeaton Abbey.png
The abbey on the island at Askea.

The Angry Mermaid 101 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 101

Battle plans rarely survive first contact unless scope for a swift and orderly withdrawal is factored in at first instance. Drustina's initial plans do exactly that. First she must try and measure the enemy's capacity and quality on sea and if possible, on land. She has not the resources to tempt the Vikings to land troops ashore early so she cannot fully determine what she must face in the final analysis.

The Angry Mermaid 99 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 99

Drustan Meets King Dal O'Dalgliesh but even while she is made welcome, the Vikings appear offshore. Fortunately the Connacht tribes have made some reasonable plans for their defences and the Vikings are not aware that the Lioness and her forces have added immeasurably to those plans.

The Angry Mermaid 98 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 98

Basically a 'filling in' chapter as Drustina makes her way unobstructed up the West Coast of Hibernia. The Munster men who act as her pilots can only advise her as far the estuary of the River Shannon for the kingdoms are divided tribally near this border and the Vikings are active in the Shannon estuary.

The Shannon Estuary..jpg

Thai Pie -- I

Thai Pie

Young Danny moves to Thailand with his mother after his father's death.
He meets a cute young girl that has a group of guys that is bullying her.
Danny decides to defend her and winds up on a strange journey that forces him to make decisions that will affect him for the rest of his life.

The Angry Mermaid 96 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 96

On her way to contact the Celtic peoples of Corgheig in Munster, Drustina encounters a graphic example of monotheist misogyny disenfranchising women. Marag's castle is on the little island at the south western end of Lough Mahon.

The Angry Mermaid 95 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 95

Drustina and her flotilla arrive in Cork Harbour where they encounter a Viking Warship anchored off the little town of Cobh. They are compelled to destroy it or capture it before they can safely proceed up the inlet to the main city of Corgheig. (Cork)

Cork Harbour.gif

A simple Map of the outer harbour of Cork in Ireland. Cork is further up to the west of the narrow inlet. Next map next chapter.

The Angry Mermaid 94 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 94

Drustina makes a landfall in Demetae at 'Aberdaugleddau' (Milford Haven in Modern parlance.) There she finds the situation fairly stable because the Viking's southwards onslaught has been forced back thanks to her previous excecution of Blue-face giving the Celts of Dumnonii and Demetae courage to stand up and resist the scourge. Drustina finds that the Southern Celtic Sea (St George's Channel in modern parlance,) has become a maritime 'no-man's-land' where a naval 'stand-off' prevails. She decides to 'skirt the issue for her first inscursion.

The Angry Mermaid 93 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 93

Drustina continues on her journey towards the Celtic sea to access the Viking supremacy. On the way she stops in at Bohor on the Val to renew old alliances and acquire a pilot navigator with recent knowledge of the current Viking threat.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-32

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-32


I look at Cheyenne.

“Can we talk?”

Mom looks at me as dad’s passing her a towel. “You two are not hooking up you got that! Dylan you’re not going through three girls this summer.”


I turn red and Shy nods and gets a plate of whatever and takes me by the hand.

“Sure…let’s go where we can just sit and talk.”

We leave but pass Kaylee who’s biting her lip and heading towards the house for her own breakfast.

Hoo-boy I can feel mom revving up even as Shy’s leading me away.

*And Now…

The Angry Mermaid 91 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 91

Drustina and her companions complete their 'tour of inspection' to ascertain the general preparedness of the Saxons and Mercians to combat the Norse threat. Finally they return to Winchester to witness the marriage of Ethelred the Wessex king to Sonala the Mercian Princess.

The Angry Mermaid 90 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 90

After relieving the village of Dore from its Viking occupiers, Drustina is angered to learn that the occupying Vikings have consumed all the stores gathered for the winter. Thus when the invaders returned to Yorvik they would leave the Saxon women and children to starve.
In an 'out-of-character' fit of revenge, Drustina decides to curb the Viking appetites for excess in a particularly malicious way.

It Was All a Mistake

It Was All a Mistake

Two long-time friends get tickets to a rather unconventional Halloween costume party, but then mistakes seem to be happening to make their plans for fun seem downright strange and a little unnerving.

This is a very out-of-comfort-zone story, in a sub-genre that I've NEVER written in. I would hope that you remember this fact if/when you decide to write any comments. This is a huge psychological risk for me to venture into this uncharted, unexplored territory, risking biting, discouraging, negative comments. Please bear that in mind. If you don't like the story, please keep it to yourself. Sorry to seem so paranoid, but after the last year of my life, taking this chance is a huge step that I almost didn't take.


The Angry Mermaid 88 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 88


Firstly I have to tell of a disastrous situation that has hammered me since Friday the 4th. At 8pm that night after taking my wife into A&E because of some cognitive disorders I learned that she has a large brain tumour. Today I might learn what the prognosis is.
Needless to say, my time on BC will be severely curtailed as I come to terms with this disaster. At present my beloved wife and I are completely at our wit's ends. We cannot plan anything until we get the results of tests that should be commencing some time this week.
This chapter 88 of Angry Mermaid might be the last for some time. I'm living in hope.

Chapter 88 deals with Drustina's continued involvement with the Saxons in Wessex, especially where her and their interests in defeating the Vikings coincide.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor... Chapters 43 & 44.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 43 & 44.

Chapter 43


I never, ever really though about myself as a lesbian before. I’m not really sure that I am either but after the long session of girl talk with the rest of the girls in the house about my night with Jamie and there was a lot to talk about like.

How great looking she is…actually most of us agreed on that even if there was a few of the girls that were kind of jealous.

Yeah jealous…I even admitted to it too. I’m a big girl; I’ve never been the skinny girl ever. Not even in like back as far as the first grade. I’ve done the diets and the binges and tried working out.

Okay going to the gym and stuff helped a lot but there is always these girls there that are the gym rats that make you feel like crap and that you’re some fatty invading your space. Hell even Curves back home was like that. It’s not supposed to be but it too was invaded as a women’s only gym they could go there without getting hit on.

The Angry Mermaid 87 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 87

Drustina gets involved with affairs of state because she is unable to easily travel and re-embark upon her quest to reclaim her homeland.

The Angry Mermaid 86 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 86

Having resolved the issues surrounding the attempt on the Cardinal's life, Drustina occupies herself educating the very naíve Mercian Princess Solana about being a woman and about the ways of men.

The Angry Mermaid 85 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 85

In this chapter the plotters Lefty Tip-toe and Bishop Celyn learn their sentences. Drustina gets married to Carl and is finally delivered of her twins.

This chapter is something of an interconnecting step towards Drustina's onward ambitions to recover her homeland Lleyn.

Eldorado part 5.

Eldorado part 5.

Okay I’m a wee bit nerved up getting on board I’ve been iffy with boats and rivers and stuff. It’s us not in my experiences as things go and all. I lead my horse up the ramp and I’m followed by Daniel and the she’s talking in a few languages and as soon as we’re on the desk there’s a hiss of steam and we’re movin.

Alrighty I’m right surprised by a whole lot of this thing here. The boat’s made of metal more obvious on the inside than outside but they have a stable here with four stalls and I get some help with my horse as the sailors here are helping out.

I know a little Portuguese when I hear it but they’ve got some of those East Indian fella’s there too with the turbans and such and I see most of em have these long curved daggers and small pistols too.

Alright…some of these fellas are bare breasted but girls I think with really tiny breasts it’s very strange and exotic and there’s even a few other folk I’ve never seen before. But y’know these boy-women East Indians look kinda tough.

The Angry Mermaid 84 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 84

The trial of Lefty the Assassin is concluded and the two plotters are detained prior to sentencing.

The Angry Mermaid 83 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 83.

The trial commences and Bishop Celyn gets himself into a jam.

The Angry Mermaid 82 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 82

Drustina eventually wins the arguments concerning her right to marry Carl but Bishop Celyn is enraged by Cardinal Craklow's use of political expediency to circumvent what Celyn believes to be rigid, biblical strictures about gender, faith and nobility. He plans to have the Cardinal murdered.

The Angry Mermaid 81 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 81

Chapter 81 addresses the issues Drustina faces when she finally decides to marry Carl.

King Ethelred wants her to marry as a Christian so as to sit properly with his new-found Christianity and the church in Wessex. The chapter explores the conflicts between Drustina and the Christian Bishop Celyn who objects to Drustina's Satanic duality and her paganism. Only the intervention by the visiting Papal emissary Cardinal Craklow surmounts Bishop Celyn's resistance.

In allowing for Drustina's Pagan beliefs to be accommodated within a Christian marriage ceremony, Cardinal Craklow lays down the foundations of the church's future expedient accommodations with paganism whilst striving to spread their gospel. Such accommodations are illustrated by the incorporating of pagan festivals like midwinter solstice with Christmas and Vernal equinox (Spring plantings,) with Easter. This festival changed later with the advent of the Gregorian calendar.

The Angry Mermaid 80 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 80

By a happy accident, the Pope's envoy to Consecrate the Saxon great Church in Winchester turns out to be Cardinal Craklow, the once Archbishop of Warsaw. Drustina cunningly uses her Pagan circumstances and faith to persuade King Ethelred to allow her to approach the cardinal on her own behalf instead of getting the King to advocate for her. The Cardinal's ship delayed because it is dis-masted by a big wave. Drustina is fortuitously on hand with The Angry Mermaid and she get's the Cardinal out of a jam. He is delighted to meet her again after her efforts in Pola.

The Angry Mermaid 79 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 79

Drustina receives a summons to attend King Ethelred's court to resolve some issues concerning her pregnancy. She keeps her baby's paternity a secret to avoid any complications concerning the baby's potential rights to claim the Viking throne. Later she discovers her love for Carl and agreement to marry wins her some unexpected bonuses in her quest to regain her queendom of Lleyn.

The Angry Mermaid 78 or Y Morforwyn Dicllon 78.

This chapter describes Drustina's battle with Harald Cold Blood during his attempt to invade and occupy Wessex. I have included a map with a Gazeteer to help illustrate battle sites and locations.

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