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Gokachuu - a portmanteau of the Japanese words for "rape" and "space" is a space TG fiction that revolves around the bounty hunter Kathed being attacked and raped by a tentacle alien, having disastrous consequences on his body, psyche and relationships. There are elements of space western, anime action, and hentai in the book, which will be released chapter by chapter as a serial.

Gokachuu - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After some time had passed, Kathed got to his feet. Going over to the corpse of the alien, he slashed and stabbed it several times in frustration. He screamed.

“FUUUCK! JUST MY FUCKING DAY. I GET RAPED BY A FUCKING ALIEN!” he said, knowing nobody could hear him in the vacuum. He sighed, and left the now burned and mutilated corpse alone. It was then that he realized he was naked and his penis was in full view. He grabbed the scraps of his suit and covered his penis with it.

Gokachuu - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a seemingly ordinary day on the spaceport Ithila. An old escort carrier, converted to a thriving space port and trading post – it was an example of the space drifter's ingenuity at its finest. Stripped of its primary propulsion and weapon systems, it orbited KA-12V, a main-sequence star in the distant Altix galaxy. Much like the Wild West of earthly times, it was a place without true law, where everyone took the law into their own hands if needed.

The Devil Within

A college age man of questionable integrity makes a deal with a demon spirit, but not all goes to plan.

* * * *

Virginity is a cruel, cruel mistress, and it only gets worse as time goes by. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be twenty-one years old when you’ve never had sex? In a world where a man’s worth is measured by his virility I can think of nothing worse.

New World Epidemic - Chapter Five

“They took Katie!”

My Mom blinked in horror, just like she had the last five times.

“Who?” she asked.

“The men in the suits!”

She shook herself. “When?”

I was ready to tear my hair out. “While you and Dad were fucking each other stupid!”

Language like that would have me grounded on an ordinary day, but my Mom wasn’t all there. Every few moments she closed her eyes, bit her lip, and held one hand down to keep from touching herself, just like every other horny fool in town.


She jumped upright. “Yes?”

New World Epidemic - Chapter One

I can’t remember a time when Adam and I weren’t friends.

Our mothers met in hospital shortly after giving birth. They swapped numbers and babysat for each other; because of them Adam and I shared the same milestones, whether it was swimming lessons, birthdays, or joining the scouts. We spent so much time together that growing close was inevitable.

From pre-k to high school we were joined at the hip, and always watching each other’s back. Even when Adam started getting in trouble, smoking weed and getting into fights, we were there for each other.

Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 1

Sunday Morning Pantyhose
Tracy Davis

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them -- Tracy

Whoops 3 - Whoopsie Daisie (Finale)

Mike found himself caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

The 'woman' on his lap was comatose from emotional strain. She was total dead weight and Mike was unable to lift her.

His wife was passed out on the floor and he knew if he didn't go to her there would hell to pay.

Mike realized that to someone just walking into the room, it would be a very compromising tableau. It wasn’t and he needed to put things back to a normal appearance.

Will and the Pills

A man gets revenge on his friend through his friend's own narcissism and arrogance

The very first story ever written by Efindumb found after nearly 12 years

Whoops 3 - But Not all Mistakes Turn Out Bad - part 1

Whoops 3 - But Not All Mistakes Turn Out Bad

This the final chapter in Phil's, now Phyllis', life. What do you do when your life has been turned upside down? How do you come to terms with who you are when the world can only see who you are now?

It is suggested that you read 'Whoops' and 'Whoops - Payback Is A Bitch' to understand what this story is about.

My dreams coming true

I'm finally getting my own place. I've been waiting for this moment it feels like forever. Since i made the decision to finally live my life as a woman. I will be taking my hormones and getting my huge breast implants what is gonna take a while longer is getting srs. I'm tired of looking at my small cock., i want a beautiful tight wet pussy i can play with all day and night. I cant wait to have my first cock fuck my pussy, everywhere i go im gonna fuck everyone. Always wearing short dresses and skirts with no panties for easy access.

Sissy Girl Forever part 2 and 3

Sissy Girl Forever Part two.

No going back now.

Mistress was going to be certain that there would be no turning back for me. Over the next few weeks she made certain that I used my hormone cream daily. No my breasts haven't started to grow yet but I could notice some slow down in hair growth. My male wardrobe seemed to be dwindling, with more camis, blouses, soft pullovers and ladies pants taking their place. Of course I have only had pretty panties and tight girdles for underwear for many years already.

Little Boy-Girl Part 24 the McCann, Miller and Tucker girls New Home

With Carol has been reunited with her brother/sister Sandy/Maxine, and Tammy with her sister Danny/Daniela. And going to a new home things get better for them.

It was Morgan that said “what about us where will we live now.”

Ms. Van Horne said “we have a loving family that will love to have you.”

Then it was Cassandra that said “our daddy is going to jail and we won’t stay in no group home and if we do we’ll run away and you will never find us.”

Patriot Games - Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission

Chapter 40 - A Successful Mission

There was a rapid knocking on knocking at the door and Linda opened it to see a distraught and disheveled Daisy. Throwing the door open, she pulled Daisy into the apartment and looked quickly around the corridor outside to make sure that Daisy was alone.

After she closed and bolted the door securely, she turned to Daisy and asked, "Did you get what we need?"

Little Boy-Girl Part 23 the Search for the Missing Five

This Chapter has memories of forced incest and Memories

After Madison told me the story of how Carol told her and the other kids in the Smith’s house that they ran a kidnapping ring. Telling parents that if they have unwanted kids that they will take them in just for the money. Then not even using the money on us kids but on them.

The Initiation Part 2

We last saw Mike... or rather, Tracy, wearing her new collar and being led away by Marcy, her new Mistress. Tracy had been Mike just a few days ago but now here she was, a submissive slave to Marcy's every whim.

My mind was spinning as Marcy led me up the stairs and into what was now to be my room. She unfastened the leash that was attached to my collar and tossed it onto the dresser. She walked a few feet away and spun to face me.

"Come here!" she said in a commanding voice as she snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor in front of her.

The Initiation

I sat at the vanity in my pretty, matching, pink lace bra and panties. I had lost my ability to fight against my would be captors so, with my hands in my lap, I simply sit as still as I can. The other girls whirled and whizzed around me, applying makeup and fixing my hair just right. They spun me around and gave me a good look over. Satisfied, Marcy, the obvious leader, handed me a pair of thigh high nylons and instructed me to put them on. All I could do was nod as they had done something to me and I was unable to speak.

Patriot Games - Chapter 39 - Daisy and Ivan Have an 'Interlude'

Chapter 39 - Daisy and Ivan Have an 'Interlude'

Linda helped Daisy pick out his dress and lingerie for the evening. Surprisingly, Linda insisted there were no need for a corset or waist cincher.

Serving with Distinction: Chapter 5: Losing my Virginity All Over Again

I see my vision grow brighter and brighter as a white void surrounds us. Out of nowhere a bed and hanging linen comes to view out of the corner of my eye. White silk sheets and cashmere cover the huge bed. I’m not sure if we moved, or everything around us did, but I feel like we are nowhere near the pond. We both fall into the bed brought before us. It’s cushion is silent, but it caresses us like nothing mortal.

Patriot Games - Chapter 38

Chapter 38

"I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn't make it worse." Brendan Behan

After leaving the doctor's office, Desiree was an emotional wreck. He sat in the passenger seat and cried. Phyllis handed him tissues as he tried to compose himself. The mere thought his body was producing milk like a breed mare was devastating to his male ego. The ride home was the world's biggest pity party, all that was missing were party favors.

Patriot Games - Chapter 37 - Linda makes her case

Chapter 37 - Linda makes her case

"Love is whatever you can betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love" John LeCarre

Daisy came home from her shift at the bar bubbling with important news.

Linda was on the phone with Phil and she shushed Daisy as she entered the room. He was making his weekly status report on her latest charge and he was not a happy camper.

Patriot Games - Chapter 35 - A period of 'amore'

Chapter 35 - A period of 'amore'

The next day was Daisy's day off so she and Linda watched TV together, both wearing almost identical peignoir sets, Daisy's in bright pink, Linda's in stark black. They were shod in mid-heeled mules. Sometime in the afternoon, the phone rang and Linda took the call. After listening for a few minutes, she said, "She'll be there whether she wants to or not."

Daisy knew that he was the subject of the conversation, but he couldn't imagine who could be calling, certainly not Ivan.

The catwalk

The cat walk

the beginning

I was enjoying a beer at the local bar when a beautiful woman approached me
she introduced herself as Wendy
she sat down next to me and offered me another drink.

Patriot Games - Chapter 33 - Growth

Chapter 33 - Growth

Daisy was busy adjusting to life as a Dolly Parton-esque woman, fending off the predictable rude off-colored comments. This took place, all under the watchful eye of Ivan or, in his absence, one of his henchman. By late afternoon, Daisy's shoulders were hurting as his bra straps dug into his shoulders from carrying around his mammoth melons. The lunch hour crowd had been heavier than usual. He was bracing himself for the happy hour rush, counting the hours until closing.

Patriot Games - Chapter 32 - A New Steve Emerges

Chapter 32 - A New Steve Emerges

It felt like his head was spinning and he had to put his hands on the car when he thought that he might faint. His thoughts were going 100 miles an hour and he tried shaking his head to clear it.

Steve and his analytical brain just couldn't figure out what was happening.

Patriot Games - Chapter 31 - Changes

Chapter 31 – Changes

Steve felt foolish and humiliated. He followed two steps behind his wife trying to hide in her shadow, his movements forced and awkward. Phyllis turned and pulled him up even with her. She scanned the store before turning to her husband.

"Is she here?"

Steve quickly looked around and then took a deep breath to combat the pounding of his heart. In a voice that was boyishly high, he said, "Yes, that's her over by the baby strollers."

Psychic Sister

Psychic Sister

by MonicaS

This story was first posted in 1998 on Fictionmania. This version is edited in details only.

"Sorry that I disturbed your sleep, but I couldn't wait," my sister said when she came into my apartment. "I had a vision."

"About me?" I asked a little worried and she nodded.

Patriot Games - Chapter 30 - Kidnapped

Chapter 30 - Kidnapped

Daisy wanted to make a good impression on whoever Ivan had invited to the party on his yacht. If she looked too shabby or slutty, it could mean that the work she had done to get close to Ivan could go down the drain.

Patriot Games - Chapter 29 - Plans Are Hatched

Chapter 29 - Plans Are Hatched

Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.

Daisy arrived back at the apartment and, as was normal, filled Linda in on everything she had observed during her shift. Today she was excited because a new player had shown up at the club: A dark-skinned bearded man, with long greasy hair who looked like he had just learned to walk upright. Ivan had greeted him like a long lost relative and even Ivan's bodyguards were deferential to this guy.


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