The Parchment Chapter 19-20 The Finale

Heart of12379719-crop.pngthe Beholden.

One. I’m Chinese. Yes I’m one of those
adopted out of China babies.

Two. I’m a girl. Well I’m a girl on the inside.

Where nobody knows...

The Parchment

Chapter 19-20

By Bailey Summers
Copyright© 2014 Bailey Summers
All Rights Reserved.


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“I’m pretty, I’m young, I’m fucking real you little tranny slut you don’t thin k they’ll believe me? Believe us? You cause shit like this and Alex’s dad’ll have a relapse.”
(Sniffle-cough-small-voice…) “Relapse…?”

“He had a heart attack…you don’t think you’ll make it worse? I’ll make sure you do.”

………………………… “It’s not okay! Goddamn it! It’s not okay!”

“Take me to the airport.”
“Jade no…”
“TAKE ME TO THE AIRPORT!!!” I’m screaming, I don’t mean to be screaming but I am until she’s holding me tight.
“Okay, okay…We’ll go.”
I’m still shaking and crying as she leads me to the rental car parked nearby and my things are inside. She gets me inside and carefully closes the door and we start driving away from the hospital, away from Alex and my hopes.

*And Now….

Tragedy of the Spirit Part 31 The Trial episode 4



 ©2008 PRAIRIE_GIRL_64

NOTE: This is still touchy and I caution the reader, of its description of violence of woman. This was not easy for me to write, however I have stuck it out and posted it here.

Day 54:

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