Caught with Consequences

House Sitting Pretty

House Sitting Pretty
by Ellie Dauber © 2003

Dan Hendrix learns that the one thing worse than cheating on your wife is giving her a really lame excuse when she catches you.

This story is not a sequel to “Habeas Corpus”, although some of the same characters appear in both.

The Light at the End of the Closet

The Light at the End of the Closet

by RocMir

Diapers And Little Girls

Diapers and Little Girls


Jeff has found a forum covering his and Bobby's favorite gaming guru who has promised an on line session to answer questions and suggestions. Trouble is it's during the week and in the middle of school. Jeff in a devious plan to stay home wet's his bed. It's successful and talks Bobby into doing the same. Unfortunately Bobby's mother finds out and shares her discovery with Jeff's mother Rose. It's going to be the worse few days of their loves.

You Chose the Wrong Store – Part 15

You Chose the Wrong Store – Part 15

By Jessica C

It was nice to get back from vacation, to sleep in my own bed and to go shopping for school. Joy has officially announced, she’ll be attending Central City High School this semester only and the University for second semester. Once it was known she was looking to go to college full-time; prestigious schools were recruiting her like she was a star athlete. I didn’t know really smart students were wanted so much. I know Joy’s a genius, but it don’t think of her that way.

Debriefings 16

The Rev. Anam Chara✠

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…

The teachings of Little Miss Sunshine

It was a warm summery morning on the Gold Coast. The seagulls were squawking, a light offshore breeze blew and a building swell promised epic tubes in the afternoon.

Mares Tales 5

I have received a 'PM' to post the remainder of Mare's Tales, So Here goes. There are 30 chapters in another place but what the heck. The requester asked that I continue from chapter 5. So I've started there.

I must say here and now, this story was written many years ago when I was being tormented by my burgeoning intergenderedness. I had few if any inhibitions about my writing and this story is somewhat raw in it's treatment of sexual conjugation. I like to think I have moderated slightly from the time this story was written. I would never post the pictures taken of my fearful gender explorations during those days; some of them were explicit in the extreme and are not held in any electronic record except and old floppy disc whilst the computer that generated them has long since gone to that old PC Scrapheap in the sky. I made sure I personally smashed and burned the hard drive and stuff. I hasten to add there was nothing illegal just bizarre in the extreme and long put aside..


Becoming Christine -6-

Author Note: Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I came home safely from being over-sea's and have been going thru a divorce for the last 2 years.

Becoming Christine
Part 6

by Chrissyfire

Dead Ringer (Part 2)

Chapter Three

It didn't take long for the darknet to buzz with news that the goons had grabbed 3V3.

Dead Ringer (Part 1)

Dead Ringer

It's inconceivable until it happens. But everything can change in a heartbeat.

Jack and Jill by Trudy – 21 – The Unexpected

Jack and Jill by Trudy
– 21 – The Unexpected

From this moment forward, you are a girl - Part 3

“Put this on sweetie, and we will have so much fun together.” she said.

From this moment forward, you are a girl - Part 2

-Seven Days Earlier-

I pressed the button on the remote and the fucking machine came to life…so fast that the dildo ramming into my ass hurt a LOT. I jerked forward in the restraints, my free wrist slamming into the bar. The shackle swung to the end of its hinges and bounced back, clicking into place…my wrist inside. I was trapped!

Miniskirts: A TG Mixed Tape


A TG Mixed Tape

Edited by Hutcho

Three bikini clad bombshells rob a bank; a mild mannered comic book artist prepares for bed; a man chats up a waitress at a train-station diner; a beautiful socialite pays a visit to her father, but is she all she appears to be? Are any of them? Hit play on this collection of nine short, short stories by nine very different voices in TG-fiction and find out.

MAU - Monster's Night

A trio of roommates who find an alien transformation device which allows you to change into anything you want and play with it. A ruthless criminal who wants to use the device for his own shady goals. Two government agents on a desperate race to stop the device's hapless users from making a mistake they'll regret for the rest of their lives. All of them want to gain control of the device, and all of them will be in for a night they'll never forget - they'll be in for Monster's Night.

Thanks @ ElrodW for checking the story beforehand and confirming that it's not violating any of the MAU universe's rules! :)

Nowhere to Run

Nathan 16 years old
George Russel Mom's Boyfriend
Alfred George's Lab Assistant
Jack Nathan's Friend
Mike Jack's Friend
Doctor Wheeler

My Other Half

My Other Half
Lilith Langtree

When Sheri found out about Chris's preference for undergarments, she dropped him like the proverbial hot potato. Now that she's had time to think about what she did, there's some regret.

The Parchment Chapter 18

Heart of12379719-crop.pngthe Beholden.

One. I’m Chinese. Yes I’m one of those
adopted out of China babies.

Two. I’m a girl. Well I’m a girl on the inside.

Where nobody knows...

The Parchment

Chapter 18

By Bailey Summers
Copyright© 2014 Bailey Summers
All Rights Reserved.


Image Credits: Title Picture purchased and licensed for publishing from The model in this image in no way supports nor conveys the issues and situations brought up within the story. The models use within this work is solely for the representation of looks of the main character of this particular story. ~Sephrena


It’s awhile…a long nervous while with too much water drank because on me and my stupid dry mouthed nerves and I look at Nat. “I gotta go pee, keep a look out for Alex please.”

“I will hog tie that boy if I have too.”

I do the have to pee run to the washrooms and do my business and I go to wash my hands and I actually get a hard shove from my blindside that send me stumbling.

“I told you that was her, I told you that was the little bitch that made me look bad at the Convention and on Facebook.”

I look and it’s Donna and three friends and they all look mad and bitchy and before I can say anything she slaps me in the mouth really hard and knocks me to the floor!

*And Now…

Of Heroes And Villains Epilogue

Of Heroes And Villains

Of Heroes And Villains

In which a superhero meets his match, masks are uncovered and a mad scientist just tries to get some mad science-ing done without getting distracted by the antics of her magical minion.

Fanart by the talented Ian Samson, creator of City of Reality and artist of The Wotch

Of Heroes And Villains Chapter 38

Of Heroes And Villains

Of Heroes And Villains

In which a superhero meets his match, masks are uncovered and a mad scientist just tries to get some mad science-ing done without getting distracted by the antics of her magical minion.

Fanart by the talented Ian Samson, creator of City of Reality and artist of The Wotch
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