Caught with Consequences


My horribly modified body fit snugly into the cylindrical space of the garbage can, nestled in among the old newspapers, the eggshells & coffee grounds. Martinette loomed above me in the moonlite. With that trashcan lid and pooper scooper in her hands she appeared to me as a fierce Barbarian warrior queen brandishing her shield and battle axe. Her beauty still took my breath away...

"Goodbye Gregor. There's just no place in my life for you anymore. With all the remodelling we're doing, and how ratty you've gotten- you're embarrassing! You're headed for Garbage Island now, a fitting end for a worthless thing like you. You were a poor excuse for a man, but perhaps you'll make adequate landfill..."

She laughed evilly as she emptied the pooper-scooper out onto my head and locked the trashcan firmly into place above me, plunging me into absolute blackness...

The Ultimate One Handed Sadomasochistic Forced Femme
Sissy-Cuckold Humiliation Torture & Mutilation Funtime Story...
by Laika Pupkino

Country Girl

Living in a rural area has it's good points as well as it's bad ones. The good points are the peace and quiet and the slower pace. The bad points are that in a small community everyone knows your business. I found myself sitting there in Ms. Winslow's English class thinking about the ways my life had changed over the Summer months. She had given us an assignment to write an essay entitled "What I Did Over My Summer Vacation" As I sat there, my mind went back to that Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.....

Breaking Point

Where Good Girls Belong

Categories -- Femdom Bondage CD
Keywords -- French Maid Very High Heels Sex Toys Chastity belt Lesbian

Synopsis -- Jay and Sandy had a largely normal marriage until one day Sandy unloaded on Jay… Jay’s future happiness was in serious doubt.

Where Good Girls Belong
By Janet Baker

“You son of a bitch!”

“Huh!? What in the hell’s wrong? What are you yelling about?”, I gasped as I looked open mouthed at my outraged wife Sandy.

“You treasonous cheating bastard. Don’t lie to me damn you! I have proof!”, she yelled anew with pure venom in her voice.

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 12

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 12
By Arecee

Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

I turned to face her and sat up, still sniffling. “Lisa, you want to know why I dressed as I did? I had an abusive father when I was little. Much of what he did to me scarred me mentally. I dressed like a boy because he wanted me to be more like his son. Even after he left my Mom and me, I still couldn’t break out of that mindset. I continued to dress like that so people could like leave me alone. I joked around a lot, you know? I tried to give a reason for my even being here in school. I studied and poured myself into books so I could ignore other people. I got good grades for being so attentive to the textbooks. I ignored everyone else!”

“And you know what? I hated it!”

The Story With No Name

The Story With No Name
By: Nuke LaLoosh

Matt was the star basketball player for Russell Wilson High. All his life he had been the best at the sport. From rec ball through high school he had dominated everyone. Even now as his senior year approached, he was being recruited by the best schools in the country to play for them. He stood an imposing six foot five inches tall, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle that drove the girls wild. There was only one problem; I wanted to be a girl.

I "Saw" That

I “Saw” That

A TG take on Saw
By: Willy Mays Hayes

The man walked down the street, it was a dark, cold night. The man’s name was John Cornell and he was a pedophile. He had molested over seventy small girls and had yet to be caught. He fancied himself and expert, having honed his “craft” over many years. His methods had never changed, on nights such as this, he merely walked until finding a suitable target. Not that they were hard to find, there were many homeless girls living in the shadows of the alleys of the city. And this night was no different.

Hot Water Helps You Clean

Hot Water Helps You Clean
by Angela Rasch

I had just finished conditioning the oak woodwork in our twenty-year old home’s basement with Murphy Oil Soap when the doorbell rang. I scanned myself in the wall mirror and wished for the millionth time that my uniform fit me better. There’s only so much you can do to make a maid’s dress look natural on a forty-year old male body that weighs in excess of two hundred pounds, unless you make drastic changes. . .operations and hormones. I sighed . . . Once again considering things that could never happen.

Jamie isn't a Boys Name

Jamie isn't a Boys Name
By Wargamerguy

James has no idea that a slight slip of the tongue from his mother would ruin one of the best times he had in a long time as well as the rest of the year. He cursed his luck that she had to come home early that day, but that was how life worked out. Just Five minutes ago he was hoping that he would get lucky with one of the most popular girls in his school. Cheryl was on the schools cheer squad. He was laying across his bed with her and she was kissing him.

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 11

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 11
By Arecee
Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

I didn’t expect that! Omigosh! That’s perfect!

“Would you?” I meekly asked.

“I’d love to, more than anything in the world!”

I had the school’s best looking boy wrapped around my finger! I realized right then the power that girls had over boys. It filled me with such a thrill, one I had never felt before! Here, me, plain old Lynn Collins, had someone begging to be with me! OMIGOSH! Mmmmmm! Delicious!

“Yes,” I softly replied, letting go of his hand. BUT only so I could hug him fiercely!!!!

I looked up into his strong commanding gaze and let myself slip into his power. I felt our lips meet and his arms wrapped around me too. He pulled me up close to him and I inhaled his scent in once again. It just felt so darn right!!!!

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 10

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 10
By Arecee
Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

“What was I thinking? Maybe you should ask your son, or I should more correctly say, daughter, was thinking? That is entirely the pertinent question at hand,” she answered back with a calm and authoritative manner to her voice.

Miss Benson was pushing all the wrong buttons with my Mother. My Mom didn’t become successful by being stupid and she didn’t like to be pushed around, not at all!

“YOU KILLED MY SON! You took him away from me forever! YOU BITCH!!”



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