Caught with Consequences

Jamie isn't a Boys Name

Jamie isn't a Boys Name
By Wargamerguy

James has no idea that a slight slip of the tongue from his mother would ruin one of the best times he had in a long time as well as the rest of the year. He cursed his luck that she had to come home early that day, but that was how life worked out. Just Five minutes ago he was hoping that he would get lucky with one of the most popular girls in his school. Cheryl was on the schools cheer squad. He was laying across his bed with her and she was kissing him.

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 11

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 11
By Arecee
Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

I didn’t expect that! Omigosh! That’s perfect!

“Would you?” I meekly asked.

“I’d love to, more than anything in the world!”

I had the school’s best looking boy wrapped around my finger! I realized right then the power that girls had over boys. It filled me with such a thrill, one I had never felt before! Here, me, plain old Lynn Collins, had someone begging to be with me! OMIGOSH! Mmmmmm! Delicious!

“Yes,” I softly replied, letting go of his hand. BUT only so I could hug him fiercely!!!!

I looked up into his strong commanding gaze and let myself slip into his power. I felt our lips meet and his arms wrapped around me too. He pulled me up close to him and I inhaled his scent in once again. It just felt so darn right!!!!

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 10

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 10
By Arecee
Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

“What was I thinking? Maybe you should ask your son, or I should more correctly say, daughter, was thinking? That is entirely the pertinent question at hand,” she answered back with a calm and authoritative manner to her voice.

Miss Benson was pushing all the wrong buttons with my Mother. My Mom didn’t become successful by being stupid and she didn’t like to be pushed around, not at all!

“YOU KILLED MY SON! You took him away from me forever! YOU BITCH!!”


Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 9

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 9
By Arecee
Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

“Mother! Please!” I begged.

This was not going the way it should!

“It’s what I really want!”

“And how do you know just what it is you really want?” Mom stared straight into my eyes.

“I know Mother! I AM a girl! I AM your daughter!” I forcefully raised my voice in sheer conviction.

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Princess Found - Part 8

Homecoming Princess (Revised)
Princess Found

Part 8
By Arecee
Edited and proofed by Sephrena Lynn Miller

“I’m sure Miss Benson put no pressure on you to cover her butt either to keep up this charade?” Mom spat.

“Really Mom!” I pleaded. “I chose this.”

“Lynn, I’m so angry right now, please, don’t say another word! You and Mindy could have ended this before things went beyond crazy. All you had to do was tell the truth, and Miss Benson should have accepted that she was part of a cruel hoax. That should have been the end of it.”

“Please don’t be angry, Mom! I really don’t mind being a girl."

Test of Character

Test of Character

by Penny Lane

Brian climbs into girlfriend Charlotte's bed while her parents are away. This might not have been the best decision he's ever made...

The Assignment - Part 4 - Day Of Reckoning

The Assignment
Part 4: Day of Reckoning
By Jengirl

I left the house and began walking toward Rachel's house. Ten minutes later, I was on her front porch getting ready to press the button on the doorbell. It opened suddenly and there stood Rachel with a look of excitement on her face. I made a mental note to myself not to let her have any sugar. The way she was wound up, she would have gone into orbit with very little effort. She asked me if I wanted something to drink and I ask her if she had anything diet. She got us both a drink and we walked upstairs to her room.

Terri's Vengeance-7

Terri's Vengeance
Chapter 7

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: After the shocking announcement, Terri's family and friends, finally see the terrible price to be paid, unless she can see the Light of Hope. Daniel again pledges his Heart, but sees only the avatar. Only after she leaves does Hope reveal itself as in Heaven, the Truth is revealed.

As Terri meets Delano's secretary, she sees a manipulative, cunning mind, waiting for her moment to strike. When she meets Terri, she sees the true queen and realizes that her attempt to steal any money from Delano is a moot point when Terri promises her that her family’s wealth will be returned. As Delano falls for Terri, he finds that he is no longer himself, and the cunning plot begins to destroy him.

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Part 7

Homecoming Princess (Revised) - Part 7
 By Arecee
Edited by Holly Hart & Sephrena Miller

“Mindy. Look. You’re not making any sense to me. I’m not damaged. And what would be so wrong if I really was a girl?” I asked.

“You were born a boy, that’s what’s wrong!”

I had to respond to that!

Mike versus Michelle 20: Baltimore Blues- Final Chapter

The story of Mike versus Michelle concludes with this chapter. It takes place about a year and a half after the last chapter and picks up after Michelle's SRS.
Mike versus Michelle:
Part 20

Baltimore Blues:The Final Chapter
By Sharon Parsons


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