Female to Male

Ragnarok Shorts: Tales From The Spellbinder Universe

In a world where magic reigns
supreme, identity and
gender can be as fluid as the
forces of nature. A mad
scientist, a transgender
woman who has become
involved with a radical
revolutionist group, a goddess
of mischief, a supplicant to an
inexperienced goddess, and a
young apprentice; each
person's life takes a strange
and unexpected twist as
elemental forces reshape
their existence.

Undercover Part 2 of 2



Part II


I looked into the mirror and frowned at the image. My makeup wasn’t quite right and I knew it needed to be perfect this morning.

“Will you hurry up?!”

I glanced over at the tall, dark, handsome, figure of Grigori as Billie buckled his belt.

“Easy for you to say, you don’t have to put on your ‘face.’” I said making air quotes.

“It’s not that hard. Bree’s been doing it most of her life, just relax and let her skill guide you.”

Girls Will Be Boys, and Boys Will Be Girls: A TG Mixed Tape

Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls


Edited by Hutcho

A mysterious diary. An unconventional porn shoot. A night out on the town ends with… a transformation. Read all these stories in this month’s TG Mixed Tape, along with an examination of the filmography of the Wachowski siblings (of The Matrix fame), how the pair incorporate queer themes into their work, and Speed Racer (2008) as an artistic statement and a reflection on Lana Wachowski’s transition; an interview with Jenny North, who talks cosplay and genre-(and gender)-bending; and more!

Stuart, part 1

My name is Claire Olivia Milton. Or at least… It used to be.

I was born on 2nd March 1990, the second daughter of three, to two loving parents. My father is a manager at a big investment firm, my mother- 15 years his junior- was his secretary until she fell in love with him, got married and had three kids. Growing up I wanted for nothing- I lived in a big house, was spoiled rotten, went to the best schools… And yet, from a very young age I knew something was wrong, not with my family, but with me.

SRU: A Wish

SRU – A Wish

Life is a Dream within a Dream

The waking world an Illusion

By Zapper

Synopsis: Megan and Jason are young and in love, but could life be better? They encounter the Wizard and their wishes are granted, SRU style.

Note: I've been working on two longer projects and needed a break. This story idea came to me and I want to dedicate it to SL.

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 7

Note: Rated restricted.

No reference to infantalism intended.


Who the hell would be at the door? I quickly yanked up my jeans and rushed down, peering through the eyepiece. It was Jonathan! What the hell did he want? Did he come to tell me that he knew I was Catherine? Shit, shit, shit, I quickly backed away from the door.

"Ding Dong!" "Hey, Clarence, it's Jon!" His voice called. "Open up!"

Keeping it a Secret Chapter 6

"What?!!" I cried, now what.

"Hang on there. He's rescheduling for 1130 on Thursday," she said. "But..."

"But, what, can there be a operation before Friday afternoon?" Please, please...

"That is what I'm telling you. Come Thursday, Doctor Barnes examination then might change and get you all ready even before Friday."

"But how?"

"He says just come then. See you then."


Vincent was always a loner, he had no family around and never really made friends. One day he decided to walk home from work, it was a gorgeous day and he thought he might take a few pictures along the way with his nice brand new camera. He left work and took a longer way back to his apartment. He found a little bridge over a stream and saw a perfect opportunity to get some great shots. Vincent knelt down and took a bunch of pictures under the bridge, he leaned down and took a few shots of leaves when something shiny caught his eye in the stream.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 56-61 of 61)

Alexia and Queen Tammy finally meet in a winner take all battle for the future of their world but Dupree has a back up plan should his witch fail. Thanks to all readers who have stuck with me through the entire story. I hope you found it worth your time. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission (mostly for violence).

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 51-55 of 61)

Alexia and Johnathyn make their way to Glory where Alexia reveals her return to the world. She joins the Queen's Guard as they fight to restore order to the land. Alexia feels compelled to take a more active role, leading to fearsome success on the part of the Guard and a horrific response from First Minister Dupree. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this posting (mostly violence but also sex).

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 46-50 of 61)

After saying their goodbyes, Alexia and family return to New Amsterdam and discover the situation to be much worse than expected. She takes extreme measures to try and correct the problems. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this posting (primarily for violence)

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 41-45 of 61)

Donna White finally acquires the evidence she needs to prove that Alex Thompson and Lance Mastiff are one and the same. Alex, his new family and friends invade the office of The Consortium to confront the people who ordered the deaths of his mother and brother. Listed Themes and Elements apply to the entire story, Rating to this posting.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 36-40 of 61)

Alex makes his move to break into The Consortium but things do not go as planned. Donna White brings Captain Ridgeway into her hunt for evidence proving Lance Mastiff is from the other side and Ridgeway provides an important lead, putting them hot on Lance’s trail. Alex continues his search for evidence in the deaths of his family but is distracted by a compulsion to visit Central Park, where he gets both good and bad news. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this posting

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 31-35 of 62)

Alexia returns to her/his original world and adopts a new identity, Lance Mastiff. After recovering the money used to buy the guns, he drives to New York and begins planning to take out The Consortium's CEO. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 21-25 of 62)

Alexia discovers a serious flaw in her plan. Opulessa invites Colonel Willis to see the new additions to her menagerie. Alexia seeks Johnathyn’s help in solving her problem. White and Dupree negotiate. Alexia and Beckwith come to an understanding as the Coven attacks the Palace. Listed Themes and Keywords apply to entire story, rating to this posting

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 16-20 of 62)

Alexia and company finally reach Glory where she and Dierdra join the Coven. They begin to train and create their own plans for revolution. Alexia and Johnathyn meet Patron Miller and his co-conspirators, she learns the details of his plan and comes to a disturbing conclusion. Schicalli makes his final report and First Minister Dupree springs the trap. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, rating to this posting.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 11-15 of 62)

Alexia, Johnathyn and Dierdra continue towards Glory, picking up allies as they go. The conspiracy continues to develop but a traitor appears. Both Johnathyn and Alexia have misgivings as to the direction the revolt against the Queen is taking and the decide that they may have to go their own way. Alexia's powers grow but she finds that she does have limits. She also discovers the history of her name and there is hell to pay. Elements and Themes apply to entire story, rating to this posting. I was torn between an R and X rating due to the extreme body modifications and their connection to bestiality. I don't think I have crossed the line but some may be upset.

If You Were a Woman (And I was a Man): A TG Mixed Tape

If You Were a Woman (And I was a Man): A TG Mixed Tape


Edited by Hutcho

On thanksgiving a trans-girl prepares to come out to her family. A mysterious entity wreaks havoc on a porn set. While experimenting with each other’s sexual fantasies, a man learns more about his partner than he bargained for. These are just some of the stories on offer in this collection of short, short fiction by twelve different voices in TG Fiction. [Includes an interview with Dorothy Colleen.]

Spooked - Part 2

One night only, but still almost 14K because SOME PEOPLE decided they wanted to have long, analytic conversations about themselves. Fennis and Lakshmi turned out to be very interested in exploring their feelings. I could have done a whole series just about them wearing skinsuits of each other, but that's not what this story is about so I tried to hurry things along.

Lots of switching around, some evil and some not. Someone asked for there to be a more Scooby-Doo feel to things, so I did that flavor for a chase scene or two. It couldn't get too outrageously jinkied, but I think I got a good balance in.

And back by popular demand: THE SKELETON! WHOOO! I didn't know who the real villain of the piece would be and the skeleton was popular, so it gets to come back.

Shivering With Antici... pation: A TG Mixed Tape

Shivering With Antici... pation


Edited by Hutcho

It’s Halloween. While on assignment a warlock finds himself observed by strange man with tape recorder. At a music festival for monsters, two security guards set out to apprehend an intruder. As darkness falls across the land, and the midnight hour draws near, hit play on this collection of spooky, sentimental and surprising seasonal short stories. [Includes an interview with Zapper (creator of the Consultant Universe).]

Spooked - Part 1

The first 20,000 words of the Halloween story. I don't know if I should continue it since it's so long and involved. If there's a big demand to keep going then I will, but both the people asking and my commissioners have to understand that while I'm doing this I'm not doing anything else.

Four friends find treasure maps, but the treasure is guarded by monsters, seductive strangers, and often each other!

Armsman of Joth -6-

What happens to someone when they become the thing they most fear and loathe?

Armsman of Joth

by Penny Lane

6: Meeting


Maralin thinks the Duke wants to see him because of his knowledge of firearms. However, when he finally meets the Duke after a day's journey, he discovers the reason is somewhat different. A tense night is spent before the truth is revealed... he has some personal decisions to make.

Armageddon Chapter 2

Demon Armageddon

Hail to you,
who are of strong will.
Hail to you,
a man of faith.
Hail to your strength,
your courage and your life.
Deliver us,
from this terrible end.
Deliver us,
from these wretched demons.

Twelve men,
with twelve goals,
stood together,
side by side,
hand in hand,
against the unholy wave.

Shall you take up your weapon,
Shall you be our saviour?

Chapter 2

By Shinieris

Armsman of Joth -5-

What happens to someone when they become the thing they most fear and loathe?

Armsman of Joth

by Penny Lane

5: Warrior


Maralin is relieved to be away from the blood and the mud but he knows his respite will only be short-lived. The Captain seems willing to listen to his ideas and Maralin is sent out on a scouting expedition. Then, everything changes again...

Armsman of Joth -4-

What happens to someone when they become the thing they most fear and loathe?

Armsman of Joth

by Penny Lane

4: Fugitive


Training moves out into the countryside between Galdarin and Joth. Maralin learns much about the art of soldiering. Then comes a shock... Maralin faces accusations of spying but there is no time for arguments - they must run and hide!

Armsman of Joth -3-

What happens to someone when they become the thing they most fear and loathe?

Armsman of Joth

by Penny Lane

3: Recruit

Maralin faces his next challenge: to learn to fight with weapons his world had forgot and worse, to mix with a company of men who all think he's just like them...

Armsman of Joth -2-

What happens to someone when they become the thing they most fear and loathe?

Armsman of Joth

by Penny Lane

2: Insanity


Maralin tries to make sense of the bizarre situation he finds himself in: a new body, one he would rather not have, and a new world where everything is strange and different.

Dating Above Their Station

Dating Above Their Station
By Paul Calhoun

A totem pole trench story I did for Badboych on DA because I think his work is awesome. Only 5000 words because I'm supposed to be on vacation.

My Playlist of My Self

My Playlist of My Self

Authors Notes

  1. Music can tell a story in more than one way.
  2. I'm not FTM
  3. I let my mind wander for a split second and five hours later this is what I had.
  4. The formatting due to the use of tables may make the text display poorly on a small resolution such as a phone or a tablet.
  5. I have a lot of music: 73090 files, 238 days 14 hours 56 minutes and 19 seconds of music.
  6. You'd be surprised at what word combos in song titles can't be found in this much music.

A Friend in Need Part 15

A Friend in Need
Part 15. Squaring the Circle

March 2013

As I look at my beautiful daughter feeling the rush of love a mother has when gazing on the innocence of her baby.
Feeling also the intense love for my very gorgeous loving husband.
Remembering the confusion I felt as he recounted the story from when he left me in my gorgeous new nubile female body. (he was Tony, in my old body) To the present day, the confusion, the riot of feelings that flowed through me still lingers

July 2011

Before he started telling me how he had arrived at this point.
I jumped out of bed and put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the bedroom door. This story was one I wanted to hear in full; as I was still very confused with the way I felt about him.

I got back into bed saying "right, we should be left alone; now I want to hear everything! You hear me everything about the last seven months" I was looking at him staring into his eyes, he nodded and replied, "right everything and I promise that I'll be totally honest."
I snuggled back into him "right, now where were you" I prompted him.

A Friend in Need Part 14

A Friend in Need
Part 14. Reaching for the Stars

March 2013

I fed my baby and said goodbye to my gorgeous husband, as he was going to London today. Picking up a cup of coffee and Chloe we went out onto the terrace overlooking the clear blue sea off the Cornish coast (where we now live) and thought more about when we first met

A Friend in Need Part 13

A Friend in Need
Part 13. Passion Awoken

March 2013

I must have drifted off to sleep as the sound of the alarm woke me, it was Monday and Clive had to go to work, Chloe was still asleep and that pig of a husband of mine had slept through the alarm, I considered waking him up by arousing his love shaft and having an early morning pleasure trip; but a little mewl from the cot forced me to change my mind, so I kissed him passionately and woke him up.
I slipped on my heavy satin dressing gown and picked my baby up to change and feed her while Clive showered and got ready for the day.

A Friend in Need Part 10

A Friend in Need, Part 10.
Tony's Story, the Parting

If you have followed this story, this continues on after the attempted rape of the new Christina until Tony leave after the New Year, it is told from the recently changed Tony's male point of view, I am trying to show the differences in feeling and attitudes now that Tony is a man rather that the woman (s)he once was.

A Friend in Need Part 9

A Friend in Need
Part 9. Tony's Story II

This continues with the story but from the man's point of view Tony (who used to be Christina) is coming to terms with the feelings a man has, especially where there is a beautiful woman but the feelings are at first confusing to him! As he used to be in the beautiful body he now lusts after.

A Friend in Need Part 8

A Friend in Need
Part 8. Tony's Story I

This is the story from Tony's point of view, it starts before the change when Tony was Christina, goes through the change when Tony and Christina become each other and carries on with Tony now fully a 6' male starting out on his new life. There is a lot of the content of the other stories but seen from the new Tony's point of view.

I will try to keep the different genders and changes to the protagonists as simple as I can,
If you have not read the rest of the episodes of this it may not make a lot of sense but may stand alone as a story

My Super Secret Life-35.

My Super Secret Life-35.


I shoot her the occasional glare even though she’s out of it she still shot over a dozen people despite my and Champion’s best efforts.

I didn’t realize how hard I was holding my breath and clenching my jaw until the EMT’s got here.

Sunny kind of surges a bit inside of me because there’s a lot of blood and then I see the cover some people up…like fully up.

I want to cry somewhere…for what? For money?

Everyone there looks at me as I scream and boot one of the garbage cans all the way across the tracks and imbeded it into the wall.

*And Now…

A Friend in Need Part 5

A Friend in Need
Part 5 Christina's Story II

Continuing the story from Christina's (formally Tony) point of view, there is some sex in this but nothing extreme. Both of them are now getting used to their new bodies and living their new lives, each is convinced that they have the best new life.
Things progress between them. Your comments are always welcome.

Dedicated to Christina, who gave me her name and taught me how to be a woman

Reorientation + Author’s Commentary

Reorientation + Author’s Commentary

In a world almost but not quite like our own where bodies change on a monthly basis, a young woman feels conflicted about her sexuality.

Originally published as part of the anthology, "Irresistible, Kissable: A TG Mixed Tape"

A Friend in Need Part 3

A Friend in Need
Part 3 New Lives

By Christina H

The two friends have now exchanged bodies, this is the morning after the exchange and explores how they cope with their very new lives
Starting the new lives, after the change, to try and avoid confusion I will refer to the protagonist's gender as their NEW gender. The change has been done, the two of them are starting to experience their new lives

Dedicated to Christina, who gave me her name and taught me how to be a woman

Irresistible, Kissable: A TG Mixed Tape

Iressistible, Kissable

A TG Mixed Tape

Edited by Hutcho

In the Australian outback a solitary traveller stops at strange roadside store. They leave with more questions than answers and a CD labelled "A TG Mixed Tape". Hit play on this collection of short, short tales if you dare and let 11 different voices in TG-Fiction take you to worlds both far flung and almost but not quite like our own; introduce you to Rock Star Vampires, Shape-shifters and the even the Devil herself; and spin stories of remembrance, sex and second chances.

A Friend in Need Part 1

A gentle story about 2 good friends finding a magical solution to both of their problems with life.
This is a loving tender story, where any sex is gentle and loving, the solution is the way we two wished we could have lived out lives.

This story was written by 2 kindred spirits who were certain that they were born in the wrong body, I dedicate this story to Christina, who taught me how to be a woman, and who left me her name to write under.

My Super Secret Life-34.

My Super Secret Life-34.


Steve passes the rhino off to the police. “Lock him in a max cell. Titan you’re with me.”

“Right.” I walk with him but get a SWAT utility belt from one of the officers and two headsets and I pass one to Steve. He nods. We head to where the hole is and he moves the truck from the hole and we both drop down well it’s different he flies down and I jump but we do this combination of me grabbing his shoulder and him my arm and we don’t touch the ground or the sparking rails.

We’re looking for sign and I can…I can see this sort of trail of foot prints leading east.
“I think, I think I’m seeing heat…? Two on foot one’s another gorilla.”

“Okay, are you ready?”

“Yeah they killed a guy in cold blood. Let’s bring them down.”

*And Now…

A Quiet Strength - Part 2 - Paying the Piper - Chapters 1- 5

abuse.jpgA Quiet Strength - Paying the Piper
by Anon Allsop

-Part Two-


Power does strange things to a person's mind, it can move someone from the quiet shadows into a ruthless, overbearing tyrant! The new 'Parker' found this to be true, only with it came a deadly companion.

For awhile, Leigh had convinced everyone that 'Parker' was just as he seemed, A first officer aboard one of New Earth's finest star ships. But that distinguished record the real Parker had cultivated over the years, began to unravel more and more over time.

As a lesbian, Leigh was a perfect match for Elise, separated only by common interests. In other words, they were almost mirrors of each other. Once the transfer had taken place, they continued their ways, almost as though playing some strange sordid game.


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