Identity Crisis

Eve - Chapter 5


Chapter 5


Simon Jones is Eve Jones. But she didn't know.


Eve - Chapter 4


Chapter 4


Simon Jones is Eve Jones. But she didn't know.


The Sidereus Prophecy Part 5

Fearing that he will soon succumb not only to his forced adolescence but also to his blossoming feminine self, Darren writes a desperate plea to Mama Khalia. As this occurs, Darren is stripped of the last vestige of his former adult independence. Meanwhile, now fully entrenched within the high school experience, Abigail claims a victory over an incompetent tyrant. Finally, Abigail experiences not simply love, but an obsession so powerful that it threatens to erase Darren Lawrence from existence.

Once in a Lullaby...

Once in a Lullaby…

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

See the Pretty Girl...

See the Pretty Girl...

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Soul Sword

Soul Sword

By Blackout

Editor: Zip


Terry was your typical average teenage boy. But like most stories he was about to be startled by some unexplainable power, but hey that’s what makes the story interesting. Read on as the life of one typical teenage boy except for his hobby of swordsmanship is turned around as he discovers a world he never thought he would enter in more ways than one.

The Center: Tester

The Center: Tester
By Blackout

The Center: Crossroads


The Center: Crossroads

by Matt Zenn

Lulu - A Dark Comedy of Identity



by Lulu Martine



by Tanya Lynn

Ever since I was a kid, I loved comic books. When I was in high school, I took a creative writing class and our term paper was to write a novelette. I wrote a series of comic book stories with each chapter being what would be an issue of the comic book. I was dressing up by that time, but had never heard of transgendered fiction. I wonder if the story would have come out somewhat as what follows. I have adapted the story, but because of the intervening years, current comic book fans may see some discrepancies. My knowledge of the more current X-men comes from watching the X-men and X-men Evolution cartoons, so there may be some discrepancies there. Please don't email me with these- just go with the stories. I also loved the Firestorm character and that is the source of some of the ideas of blending the characters. I figure give credit where it is due. As always, emails and comments are welcome, as long as they are not abusive.

Momentum Shift!


Momentum Shift!

by Lynceus

Dr. Ronick was a genus. And probably insane. But like a moth drawn to a flame, I couldn't seem to escape his madness! If only things were different, I thought. In another world, another life, I could love someone like him.

Little did I realize that I was about to get everything I had wished for...and a whole lot more!

String of Pearls


Miao Ling Grace and Siobhan Llewellyn are seemingly destined to be together. The pair learn later that Grace's brother Cretein and a girl he meets in college, Justine MacNamara, are integral to that destiny in ways that defy mere coincidence.

Though my first installment is easily acceptable to general audiences, later installments will have sections meant for adults only. That is to say:
At times, this story is not safe for work and truly not acceptable reading for those under 18.

Please enjoy my first story on Big Closet and feel free to leave comments of constructive criticism. I won't cry in my tea over some good advice. 8)

- Eclectic Kitty

The Red Dress

The Red Dress
By Kelly Blake

Author’s Note: I must confess that I am a wee bit of a thief. I ‘borrowed’ this tale from an author on Crystal’s Story Site. We had corresponded and I was asked to read some of the tales. I chose “The Red Dress”. The author is Lauran Travis. I became fascinated with this tale not for what was written, but for what was between the lines. It dealt with a velvet gloved FemDom theme. But most importantly the tale dealt with a very strong and trusting love between a woman and a man. Lauran has graciously, and very magnanimously, allowed me to take this tale and make it my own. Thank you Lauran.

I must also confess that I’m terrible at proofing my own work. I wish to thank Stanman for reading “The Red Dress” and saving me the agony of correcting this tale. I also thank him, as well as Lauran, for their kind criticism and encouragement. In keeping with the author’s original story, the two main characters are never named.

This is my first story.

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 4

Abigail experiences the ramifications of the simple kiss as a burgeoning yet confused sexuality takes hold. Meanwhile, the divide between husband and wife widens as their roles within the slowly crumbling union are irrevocably altered. Yet, as all hope seems lost, and the first day of high school looms, a potential cure to Darren’s unique condition surfaces.

Becoming Christine -6-

Author Note: Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I came home safely from being over-sea's and have been going thru a divorce for the last 2 years.

Becoming Christine
Part 6

by Chrissyfire

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 3

PART 3 TEASER: With the arrival of the school attendance letter, Darren’s grasp on his former adult life is tenuous. Despite this setback, he hatches a plan to regain his status, and the prospect of salvation through legal emancipation becomes a reality. Should he fail, however, come September, he will face true horror- a second trip through high school. As this is happening, Abigail has her day in court. Through it all, Abigail experiences the powerful effects of what she hopes is simply a harmless crush.

Twice Removed... 14

Xia Phar had a good life for a human on Saer’kah. She didn’t wear a restriction band and the Saer’khi family that had raised her since the Migration treated her like one of their own. Others humans on Saer’kah though had no reason to love the Saer’khi . At least Xia had some semblance of freedom. So when the humans decide to rebel against the Saer’khi and she discovers the real reason for the presence of humans and other aliens on Saer’kah Xia decides to take action. Enlisting the help of her family and her friend Tarek she forms a plan to get everyone out of the alien barracks without arousing suspicion and get them off Saer’kah on one of the newly built colony ships. Sounds pretty easy right? Now Tarek’s crush on her is the least of her problems and leaving Saer’kah is just the beginning.


Twice Removed
Chapter 14
Storm Watching

“Why? Are you not attracted to her? I thought you were with the way you look at her sometimes, how you smile when we talk about her, and the way you two interact. Was I wrong about that? Did I misread your non-verbal cues?” Tarek asked in genuine confusion.

Summer of Love Part 1


If I didn't live through them myself, I'd believe the '60s were a myth.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth.

In this 2002 sequel/finale to Winner Takes All:, an enslaved Earth seeks the cure to The Change & the will to fight back. Within her own fractured group, Colonel Trish Stevenson must fight a war on two fronts; against the Machiavellian First Lady, Madeline Bradley, & the ever present Norwin threat at their doorstep. Join the rebellion, in this gender bent Science Fiction adventure of Loyalty, Betrayal, and Love most unexpected.

Winner Takes All.

Another TG blast from the past, in celebration of this July 4th. In 2001, this tale of alien invasion was meant to be my first attempt at a gender bending epic; written as straight up Science Fiction rather than as a joke. Naturally the greater story is guided by some insanely complex characters for such an action driven narrative. Would you expect any less from me?

Of course, as with my other older fiction, this is presented as originally submitted, warts and all.

So have a picnic, grab a beer, and enjoy this firecracker of an adventure.

Fracta Sole - Cause 02

Fracta Sole

Cause 02

"Our last three test subjects are alive. They've set a new record, by over a day. Even better, they show no signs of degradation the rest of the batch displayed before failure."

Kregg's Story ~ 6 ~ The I Inside

Kregg's Story

The I Inside

Erlan pulled a pistol out, and aimed at Arshala. “Kregg, change back now or I’ll force a crash on you. Stop wasting time and change back.”

The Sidereus Prophecy Part 2

PART 2 TEASER: Darren Lawrence, seemingly now trapped within the body of a teenage girl, copes with an adult world that no longer sees him as one of their own. As Darren begins to defiantly push back at the world that has rejected him, he experiences surprising success and crushing failure. His marriage is tested further with a decision that will challenge the fledgling union. Worse still, his actions, once firmly grounded in logical and reasoned thought, show a surprising lack of judgement. Do they represent the actions of a man desperately clinging to the adult world, or has something more sinister nestled within his mind? Through all of this, his music may be the only thing that keeps him sane. (This is part 2 of 9, part 1 is required reading)

Almost A Girl Chapter 10

So... we've finally reached the end of this story. Barbie and I want to thank everyone who read, commented on and/or kudoed the story. We have both been very gratified to see that a lot of you enjoyed it and stuck with it to the end. There is some mild violence in this part but it's crucial to the plot and the story and will explain further what and who was behind Barbara's transformation and the reasons for it.

Jan's tale 5 - Aftermath of a missed Assembly

Jan's tale cover.jpg  
Jan’s Tale 5
Aftermath of a missed Assembly

Jan is not a happy camper. As if his life didn't suck enough already, turning into a mutant was everything but an improvement. Jan didn't get real superpowers, Jan got to be girly. To make it worse his parents decided in their unimaginable wisdom that exile to America was the solution for his problems. He is not so sure though.

I’d like to thank Sleethr, Landing and D.A.W for beta reading this chapter. I’d also like to thank Djkauf for editing.

Copyright © 2014 Beyogi All Rights Reserved.


The Sidereus Prophecy Part 1

Darren Lawrence had what most would consider an idyllic life- a beautiful family, a house, a close circle of trustworthy friends and his music. However, all of this changed the day he lost his job. This disappointing yet seemingly innocuous occurrence sets off a series events that threaten to strip Darren of his identity and turn him into everything that he hates.

Almost A Girl Chapter 9

Things are coming to a head. There are decisions to make, secrets to reveal and fences to mend, and one or two more challenges to overcome. This is the penultimate chapter, with one more to go. Barbie and I want to thank all of you who have followed, commented on, and kudoed the story. We both appreciate it very much. The final chapter will be posted on Friday, this week.

Dead Ringer (Part 2)

Chapter Three

It didn't take long for the darknet to buzz with news that the goons had grabbed 3V3.

Rumspringa Part 4

Chapter 8
Big screen romance. Dream lover.

Debriefings 13

The Rev. Anam Chara✠

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…

Horizons of the Heart - 24

Horizons of the Heart

By Melange
Copyright© 2013-2014 Melange
All Rights Reserved.


Travelling from the golden city of Tier to the town of Carrick Field in western Alband would take nearly five days on horseback, but using their connections with the Whitewater Cartel, Jaden and her friends secure passage on a riverboat to get them there more quickly.

Flashback: Jaden and Oleander hadn't imagined what it would be like to go on a real adventure, but only weeks after their first meeting in Tarad the opportunity sat down at their table during a particularly busy night at the Count of Cups tavern in Carrick Field.

Chapter 24: Bridge of Memories, part 1

When the past is an anchor,
It's just holding you back.
When you can't walk away,
Something makes you stay

Winter's Child: Chapter 9

Mitsuo is a promising martial artist and dating the most popular girl in school. Life seems perfect until his sixteenth birthday when he comes into his mother's heritage and his father's curse.


Winter's Child
Chapter 9
Cat Fight

“We’re both fine Mom,” I responded, stressing the one word. “I wanted to do some cage fighting, but she wanted to eat ice cream so we just finished doing that instead. Kasumi isn’t the reckless aunt you told me about. Oh wait, you didn’t.”

In the Name of Love - 12


Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance

A Sequel to The Roar of Love

The Greatest of These is Love

“If we commit ourselves to one person for life, this is not, as many people think, a rejection of freedom; rather, it demands the courage
to move into all the risks of freedom, and the risk of love which is permanent; into that love which is not possession but participation.”
Madeleine L'Engle

Almost A Girl Chapter 6

Not all tags are relevant to every chapter.

Barbara is drawn or maybe forced into further confusion. Will she regain her male persona, or succumb to the temptations of the femme side? Only the author knows for sure, and she ain't telling.

Rumspringa Part 2

Part 2
Explanations, Improvisations, and Reconciliations

Crossdressing Charlie Vol. 1: Episode 16 - The Greatest Change

Charlie's traumatic experience with blackmail has finally come to an end. It is a time of great change as Dave is being shipped away, the fate of the family home is decided, and Prue attempts to establish a friendship in the concluding episode of Volume One.

In the Name of Love - 11


Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance

A Sequel to The Roar of Love

Where There Is Love

“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.”
Madeleine L'Engle, A Ring of Endless Light

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