Story Outline: Feedback Wanted

Hi everyone. I had an idea last night which I'm planning to expand into a three-part story. The themes presented in this outline probably won't appeal to everybody, but I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have to offer on the subject matter.

Thanks, Tracy.

The Living Doll

Part 1

RE: Stories on Amazon

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Hi everyone, Tracy here again. I Just returned to BC after a long hiatus and was surprised to see that a few people have been requesting information regarding my short story collections.

I currently have two books available on, published under the name Kristina Leigh. The first is a 'print replica' featuring the "Cancan" series. You can view the book here.

Swift Justice

When sixteen year-old Alex Fairfield finally decides to defy his Aunt Julie's domineering influence, he discovers the price of liberty may be more than he could possibly afford.

Swift Justice
By Tracy Lane/Transfemme
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