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Trailer Park Baby

Trailer Park Baby

Iron Girl

Tony Stark. Industrialist. Inventor. Philanthropist. Multi-billionaire. He is interested where the energy that Metahumans get there powers comes from, little does he know that soon he will have more experience with that power than he ever wanted.

Tony Stark, Wolfsbane and other characters belong to the real owners, the Comic Retcon was Lilith's idea. Thanks for letting us play.

It is my birthday

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I wasn't going to bring this up, but today, August 17, 2014 when I went to Goooooooooogle something, the Google logo was birthday cakes. Google wished me a happy birthday.

Just add water

Close to Home

OK, now imagine if doing this instead of animals, padded hips and butt, and somehow breasts.

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

Levar Burton has a Kickstarter going for Reading Rainbow.

It started May 28, 2014.


Oh Mickey

What would Donald say, or Walt? (Actually what will the Disney Legal team say?)

A question for authors

There is something I've always wondered about. Some authors seem to refuse to real world references.

Graduation 2010: A Whateley Fanfiction Story

This is a Whately Academy Fanfiction. A short story of what happens at Team Kimba's graduation. Caution: This story contains non graphic death destruction and mayhem. All of the characters and settings belong to those that own them, I make no claim to any of them. Enjoy it at your own risk.

PS: No Spider-rats were harmed in the writing of this story. (Why does my browser know the correct spelling of Spider-Rats?)

Muppets Most Wanted (Limited Spoiler)

I went and saw Muppets Most Wanted. Like the other Muppet Movies it uses the shotgun approach to comedy, if you tell enough jokes some of them have to be funny.

Disney Hero(ine)s

Enjoy your favorite Disney Heroes as they should be.

He regrets it

I am watching Fox & Friends Weekends here at work, and they were doing a story about a high school that got rid of white graduation gowns for girls and blue for boys, and after a vote by the students

Shirley Temple has passed away.

Really, really bored last night at wotk

So I was looking at some site with strange pictures and came across this:

There's a story here...

Fminus Dec 1

Things not to do...

Do not rob a jewelry store with a crossdressing partner.

Rubes Nov 22,2013

How small was your home town?

Was it this small?

B.C. Comic 10-26-13

Looking for a story

I hope someone here can help me, I am looking for a story. I think I read it last year. It involved a married man that is a sissy AB. His wife agrees to participate, but he has to follow her rules.

Fun little commercial

Campbell's soup is running commercials with the "Wisest Kid." The tomato soup version has a dad with his two girls...


I am in no way endorsing or even suggesting that you support this, but I went out to Kickstarter to see if there was anything I was interested it. This popped up as a "staff favorite."


A question for Amazon and Hulu and other published authors

I am curious where you got your cover art? I am thinking about selling my story Trailer Park Baby on Amazon, but have no idea where to get cover art.

Quickest Sex Change Ever

That kind of error would make life so much easier for some of us.

Female Prom King

Earlier this year, I posted a story about the local high school electing a girl as Prom King. The local paper has an interview with her.

Prom King is missing a part.

I was reading our local weekly paper, and noticed a letter to the editor commenting about the picture of the High School Prom King and Queen.

Praise for Lulu Publishing

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Several years ago I purchased a couple of ebook versions of Tiffany Shar's Standing Up to Life, and Daring to Hope from


Or maybe perspiration, anyway...

Europe's first TG MP.

If she can do it anyone can.

TG lawmaker

She is up for deputy speaker.

An odd caption

So I was checking out the weather, and noticed this ad.


Why does the future have to be so ugly?

If this is the future of fashion, I want to go back to the '50s future of fashion.

Don't you wish your grandfather was this cool.

Check out this Chinese grandfather and how he decided to help his granddaughter.

TG movie alert

This morning/afternoon on TCM Frankenstein Created Woman

Mooooom! Joey is at it again.

"Mooooom! Joey is at it again."

"What is Joey at again?"

2 Broke Girls

I just saw a commercial for the show 2 Broke Girls (I never heard of the show). The commercial caught my attention with the phrase "lesbian Justin Beiber." It went on with a character saying "I have a secret." The responses are "You are a woman trapped in a man's body" and "You are a little boy trapped in a little girl's body."

Here is the IMDb page of the actor with a secret.

Murry & Lewy

Not sure how many people here read Murry & Lewy but apparently Murry takes after his/her Aunt Greg.

Big Closet slow

Is anyone else having a very sssssssllllllllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww load speed on pages here at Big Closet? Other sites on the interweb seem to be normal, but everything here is taking 10+ seconds to load, and has been for a while now.

Dead Reckoning by Mercedes Lackey

I've just finished reading Dead Reckoning by Mercedes Lackey. It is a very good book, and the main character is a FtM TV. The book is about zombies in the Wild West (1867). For those familiar with the Deadlands RPG setting, it is much like that without the Ghostrock(?) and physical changes, but with the Magic/Weird Science. For others think Wild Wild West with Magic, that isn't entirely accurate but a decent idea for the setting.

I highly recommend this story along with most of Mercedes Lackey's novels.

He's back

That boy told he couldn't play because he was too good, can now play.

Fighting fire with gowns?

At a recent St. Patrick's Day parade a fire broke out, fortunately the volunteer fire department was on the scene, unfortunately they weren't dressed for the fire. That didn't stop them.

A reason for forced feminization

I guess this could be a good reason.

Let him cheer

This is wrong. I could understand it if there was a male cheerleading sport, or if colleges separated cheerleading into two groups. I hope the family and school sues the MSHAA and wins.

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