Rule Two - Give Everyone the Benefit of the Doubt

This is just as important as Rule One. If you think someone has deliberately offended you, think a second time.

What if you're wrong?

Of course you're sure they were talking about you even though they did not mention your name, but what if you're wrong?

Certainly, everyone knows you can read minds--but what if you're wrong?

Always give everyone the benefit of the doubt because as sure as shit smells, you are going to need it back sooner or later.

I know this is true because I get bit by it over and over. Being ready to forgive is not just being nice, it's a strategy of self-defense in the long run.

If you're too upset or angry to do so immediately, walk away and think about it before you hit that angry reply--that perfect angry uppercut of a comeuppance--that rant about the unfairness of SOME people....

Walk away and think...what if you're wrong?

Doubt is a small coin, spend it freely.

Hugs to all,