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Diva in Disguise 11

Diva in Disguise Chapter 11

This photo-shoot was going to be a big mistake! A connection between Mistie and Jennifer appeared an inevitable result and that could only be a disaster for the former’s career. Apprehensively I awaited my impending downfall.

“Oh, yes?” I croaked, attempting to put on a brave face as I prepared myself to hear the coming revelation.

It didn’t materialise!

Instead Tam’s conjecture was baffling. “Vera Ralston!”

What was he talking about? I’d never heard of Vera whoever the woman was.

“Vera who?”

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 6

To Save the Worlds
by Monica Rose, Qmodo

Chapter 6

The entrance to the garage was blocked by armored trucks, obviously the work of the invaders who were firing viciously upon the base security personnel. The gap between the trucks and where security crouched behind their vehicles was only a hundred feet, but seeing the other side was difficult. The air was blue with powder smoke and the acrid smell bit her nose and throat.

Ms Woolly


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I’m Ms Woolly. I’m a middle aged—I suppose I’m middle aged, now, I have to accept it; I’m going grey—woman who’s been writing for about a decade. I’ve been reading trans fiction, on and off, since I was a teen, once I discovered it existed—a lot of late nights, which continues to this day—and just started writing trans fiction in the latter months of 2023.

What If?


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What If on Kindle

A story of heartache and pain, sins, misadventures, curses, a gods wrath and finally redemption.

What If?

by Monique S.

What if even an ordinary mortal could alter history? There are so many theories as to what time is and what it would mean if you could alter history and create an alternate timeline in a parallel universe.

Being interested in extreme Astrology and a technician I have always rejected such theories, just until I woke up in HER bed and found myself changed ...

Pea Pod 3: Give Peas a Chance


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The continuing adventures of Doug Gordon, Queen of Ka'an. (Ka'an in Mayan means Heaven.) Ka'an is actually an alien world populated by women... and a man-eating plant. Well, it is actually male-eating plants that spit out females. Doug and his wives fixed everything, but now Doug must remake a planet... and it seems Ka'an will be remade in his image!

Pea Pod 3

It's the third book in Holly's rollicking adventure story about a man, a plant, a harem - Ka'an!

Diva in Disguise 10

Diva in Disguise Chapter 10

The next day dawned bright and sunny once again. I rose to be reminded by the calendar that my modelling session had been arranged for that afternoon. I was hopeful that the real me had remained hidden when I’d met Tam and I dared to believe that it could remain so during the photoshoot itself. Contending with more than one identity was something I had become used to having to deal with. For years I’d had to manage both a male and a female persona as the occasion demanded, but now I would have to be even more wary.

Diva in Disguise 9

Diva in Disguise Chapter 9

Understandably, it was with a few misgivings that I set about readying myself for my first evening as a bar hostess. I had no real idea what that role might require of me. I’d made myself a light lunch, but I was too keyed up to have much appetite. All afternoon I was on tenterhooks, half-expecting the cop to show up. By the time I began my preparations for the evening ahead he still hadn’t done so. Perhaps I wouldn’t encounter the officer again.

Changing Gears (Part 3 of 8)

Crysalis Book 1 - third cover.jpg

Sam has hid from the world for most of his life but a chance encounter has burst everything open. Complications arise when an old acquaintance appears. Things may not be what they seem.

Diva in Disguise 6

Diva in Disguise Chapter 6

Seeing Ryan again? That hadn’t been the plan. Despairingly I shook my head and broke free to run for the door. Once outside I saw that Karen was already in her car and reversing out of the parking space. Oblivious to my presence, she nearly ran into me as I hastened to the door on the passenger side. I had to hammer on the windshield before she turned and saw me. She sure was taking her part in our role play seriously!


The Seventh Wheel (Part 5)

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Author's Note: So we made it to the penultimate chapter, I see. When I originally wrote this section of the story, I was surprised. It sort of came out of thin air. It wasn't planned, there was no pre-thought and I was wondering why I had to stick in another freakin' portal reference... Oh well, things worked out for the best, well, so far... ha... I hope YOU like it...


Diva in Disguise 3

Diva in Disguise Chapter 3

After Pete had gone, Alice left the little motel where they had been staying and moved in with me. My college friend offered to remain a further fortnight. Her stated intention was to help clear my mother’s house for sale, but while her practical assistance was welcome enough, just having her around was an emotional support I was most grateful to lean upon.

The Seventh Wheel (Part 4)

7th 4.png


Author's Note: Hmmm, let's see.. I have been accused of putting too much sex in my stories, I have also been accused of putting too little. Personally? I think all of my stories have just the right amount, like raisins. It all depends on the characters, the situation, the crunch. Doesn't it? Well, this chapter has a lot of crunch, well, s.e.x. I feel it was a natural progression, ha, but what do I know... I just hope YOU like it...


Diva in Disguise 1

Diva in Disguise Chapter 1
On the day of the funeral, it rained. I awoke to the sound of it beating against my old bedroom window and the torrent didn’t let up all day. That was fine by me. I didn’t care if it never stopped. I just wished that a flood would sweep away everything I’d known in this town. Hope was at an end here, at least for me.

Genesis Infiltrator

Genesis Infiltrator

The woman's words were a hammer blow. Raped. Mutilated. Left for dead.
Stacy... the image of her friend, vibrant and alive, morphed into a
terrifying possibility - a victim of human trafficking, lost in the
nightmarish underbelly of the world.

A wave of nausea swept over Sasha; a primal scream trapped in her throat
by the leather restraints. "Stacy?" she rasped, her voice cracking.
"What about Stacy?"

Genesis Transformed

Genesis Transformed

Shamefacedly, Shane shuffled into Merle Norman, the cheery chiming of
the doorbell announcing his arrival. He wasn't exactly dressed for the
occasion - his usual ratty t-shirt and ripped jeans felt woefully out of
place amongst the plush waiting area and pastel color scheme. A sheepish
grin tugged at his lips as his gaze landed on Stacy, his best friend,
behind the counter.

The Seventh Wheel (Part 2)

7th p2.png


Author's Note: Hi... Brina here, bringing you part two of my love letter to 'Top Gear,' hot rods, Hot Wheels, and tractor trailers, ha, no just lying. I was never a car person, well I was a van person once, but I don't want to talk about that, ha... Surprisingly this chapter has quite a bit of (early) sex in it, so cover your eyes if you are not ready for it... thank you and I hope YOU like it...


Space Alien Transformation

Space Alien Transformation

The year was 2075. Steve Austin, once a wide-eyed boy gazing at the
stars, was now a seasoned astronaut, encased in a cryogenic pod aboard
the Icarus I. His destination: Proxima b, a distant speck yearning for
human contact. Steve was humanity's pioneer, hurtling through the abyss
in suspended animation, his only companion the ever-vigilant AI, Anya.


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