Saving your stories

I've been working on some very large stories but am quite frustrated with Windows 10 file management protocol. It feels like they do sinister, and sneaky things with file preferences; seeming to try to put things on their "sky drive", which to me means out in the public. I do not trust them. I "think" that I now understand enough about what to look for each time I save a file, but there is always the feeling that some sneaky geek will change things and I will miss that.

The Celebration of War

It is confusing that such a high percentage of the stories here, and in new movies, and in video games seem to glorify war. Having seen a great deal of violence, these days I eschew any exposure to it. Having explored the works of many authors here, many of the earlier authors wrote sweet, winsome stories, but these days it all seems to be about killing one another.

It seems sad, so very sad.

Invited to write about my Transgender experience.

I've been invited to write about my Transgender experience, to be published in a magazine.

Should I expect money? If so how much? I'm not very anxious to write this, but might. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and what did you do?


Why don't we support each other.

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Today, at the very last minute I noticed how dark it was outside, so grabbing my ISO Eclipse glasses went outside, but had to return back inside to grab my tablet. Back outside again, I noticed a girl in a cute dress, with very nice hair that was slightly longer than a pixie a few of us were talking about it when I stepped over to the girl I had noticed and asked her if she had Eclipse glasses. She turned to me, responding with a baritone voice that she did and said, "now go harass someone else woman".

Finding the story about Abby (?).

I started reading a story yesterday that I thought had 10 or so chapters. Then the site went down, not complaining.

The story started with a pre-adolescent boy who had a friend who was a Cheerleader. When the boy got home from school on his birthday, his parents gave him presents of girl's clothing, jewelry, and make-up. The next day, he started attending school as a girl. Apparently he was the last one to get it, since the school administrators and many of those he knew already knew he should be a girl.

Tammie's Aftermath

Reading this chapter brought to mind a situation I encountered once. There was a potential assailant, and I realized that if he did not refrain very soon, I was going to do him. He was close enough, and an easy shot. My hand was in my purse, touching the instrument, a heavy revolver. Suddenly he got a strange look on his face and fled the scene. Threat resolved.

Chelsea Manning

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BBC is carrying Chelsea Manning's first interview, and in my opinion she is one of the most credible sounding trans folk I have ever seen. Some of us have issue with her because of her actions in the Military, and I won't argue with you because I was not there. She seems intellectually astute, and absolutely female.

I wish her the best.


Don't underestimate her. (fixed)?

I submitted the story sometime past midnight, I think. The half moon had about set. In the muzzy dawn I wakened and realized that even as a short story, it had gaps and could use a wash and a soak perhaps.

Hope the short story is more rational now.


What's Your Real Problem?

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Spent lots of my life in therapy and under drugs, but quit therapy and drugs a couple years ago. Doing OK but now have to ride the ups and downs out by my own self and that's fine because the solutions of the Military therapist weren't any better than mine. Stopped going there mainly because them threatening me got old.

Working on stories seems to be as much help as anything.

It occurred to me today that being transgender isn't a problem. The biggest issue is the PTSD, BPD, Abandonment, Self Sabotage, and figurative hostage taking. Hmm, that never became clear before.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
by Ahabidah

In the first fantasy I can remember as a child, I was "Beauty" from Beauty and the Beast. The Beast had captured me and was holding me tightly I imagined he was doing things to me and suddenly I felt wonderful and I hoped he would carry me away to somewhere, anywhere but where I was.

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