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I suppose you could call Richard a normal teen ager in a lot of things, but like any one there were many facets to his character. A chance encounter at spell R us changes his life, he goes from an orphanage into a loving family but what does he loose along the way?
But she sure does look cute in that stroller...............


really must knuckle down

okay after a long dry spell where my muse has been sulking in the corner time to start treating my writing as at least semi pro, time to tune on the radio first thing in the morning to sit with a coffee and start.

Have had too many things going on over the time i have not been writing now it is time to take some level of control back. Monday is a new start for me on my Gender journey but this time I am going to listen to the docs and work at it. Along with that time to re earn that princess of prose title so with me luck I'm going in

Bikini Beach to the moon

Bikini Beach: To the moon ,
A story by Allie Elle

My thanks to Elrod for creating this universe and for Miss E Dauber for creating the guidelines, I will try and do the Beach Justice, with the A E touch......

To the Moon,

Victor stood stooped over the eyepiece of the refracting telescope he had bought with the last of his money before being made redundant. At 40 he sighed as he stared at the moon, he wished to step foot on that alien surface. Tearing his gaze away he looked at the young student that stood next to him and smiled. The teenager was dressed in a preppy style and had a set of thick rimmed glasses perched on her nose and was holding out a small stack of 20’s.

“Sir I can’t thank you enough for the chance to buy the telescope from you” Jacqueline smiled.

“Honey it’s a case of needing the cash,” Victor replied “dreams don’t fill a stomach.”

Without a Trace - Part 15: The Final Chapter

Without a trace part 15
this is the last chapter of without a trace, being so it will also be the longest where certain threads that have been pulled will be knitted into the garment.
Back to school and into the hall.......

After five minutes walking the sound of children reciting the Pledge of allegiance greeted their ears. Kylie groaned inwardly this was the one thing she hated about junior high school but she realised that to get any results that she would have to play the part perfectly.

Without a Trace - Part 13

Without a trace part 13....

Battle lines

Across the city from where the now complete investigation team was sitting drawing up their battle plan, Doctor Eva Delving sat watching the tapes from the close circuit television. She had seen her two minions take that recalcitrant boy dressing him as though he was a newborn and put him in the back of the centres and Mark White Van. She smiled as they had followed her instructions to the letter and now possibly with the hypnotic suggestions that she had implanted in their latest victim's mind reading the police a stray.

Without a Trace - Part 12

Robert realised some thing was different and his mental conditioning took over and his screaming started to ease. He looked and saw above him instead of the ceiling of the place where he had been, he saw open sky. He looked at the two women and he saw they were dressed in street clothes not in nurses uniforms and he finally worked out he was away from those women that had been robbing him of his will and body. His work with martial arts brought him back to himself with a perceptible
“wh....wher.....where am I?” he managed to stumble out.

Now the story continues...

Without a Trace - Part 11

Without a trace part 11 … The Monsters loose

On the outskirts of the city at Rogers Hall Dr Eva Delving sat behind her desk looking at a bank of monitors. Her face drawn in its permanent scowl, Miss Francis stood behind her looking at the monitors showing the wing where their victims/subjects were housed. The two of them were looking at one feed in particular and Eva was almost growling.

“Well Danine seems this one is a lot tougher to break?” Eva pointed at the screen.

Without a Trace - Part 10

Without a trace part 10: operation flytrap continued....

Whilst Mom and kylie talked Jan and her partner were talking to the young female officer. They gently probed for the reasons why she had tried to attack the young girl.

Where is the love part one

Where Is The Love

Chapter One: Runaway!

Simon was getting worried, his twelve year old mind churning; the couple that had fostered him had locked him up in this bedroom three days ago. They only let him out to do chores around the house and hardly fed him. He sat on the bed in the room and he listened for the footfalls on the landing outside, this he was beginning to dread as his foster father had beaten him yesterday for dropping a plate the bruises still smarted. There came a knock on the door as Alison, the Rights youngest daughter, voice drifted through the wood.

Trimming the Tree - Part 2

Trimming the tree part two
A story by Allie Elle

Jonathon got out of his chair and walked around the table and gently
wrapped his arms around the young girl. He gently rocked her and kept
looking around for whatever had threatened the little girl. He could not
find anything but he was still feeling somewhat protective of this girl,
Derek looked around and saw the boy rocking Emma and that the child was
crying. All the tow of them could get from Emma was the two words "be
good" repeated over and over again.

Without a Trace - Part 8

Without a Trace - Part 8

"So JR after that little chat you still want to go ahead with this?"

"Yes Sis it needs to be done too many have been hurt for too long, whoever is doing this needs to be stopped and at least jailed or given therapy" JR stated firmly "Well it looks like we start going shopping for my new young sister. I do hope you don’t end up needing diaper's though"

"Very funny Sis” but the thought did worry JR.

back with a vengence

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well its nearly a year since i used my blog and one of my new years resolutions is to keep it going this time round lol.

to those that know me knopws who i am and what i write.

well i am keeping my fingers crossed that my transition is being completed this year and we will have to see.

to those watching my stories Heaven can wait part four is in the works and the mystery of the hall will continue also and a late christmas story is flowing out of the keyboard.

to my extended family i am back twice as strong and twice the little

Trimming the Tree - Part 1

Trimming the Tree

A story by Allie Elle

Although this story has a Christmas title it isn’t about Christmas at all. It’s about the changes that people can go through if they have the chance to live their inner dream.

belated hoppy news rear (giggle)

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a belated happy new year or hoppy news rear, yes my lil sides running rampant a little bit to enjoy life. things are getting into perspective and fun again for me and i am starting to see the fun in things and life.

alot of it is i get down over the holidays as i am so far away from those i consider my true family and friends and it gets me down.

to all of you i wish a good 2009 and may all your dreams come true or as many as possible this year

hell, look inside my head thats where the signs point

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the season of joy they call this, not much joy to be found for me this year.To use another over used phrase physician heal thy self, sometimes my gods you cant over the last two weeks i have managed the grand total 4 hours sleep in 14 days and have tried all i can to sleep but the images and nightmares are always there. A raised fist, a loud voice, the scorn, the words all eating away at me from the inside out. I prided myself on having a tough outer skin being there for others helping them through.

i9 need to start blogging properly really i do

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well i really need to get back into blogging and keeping my emotions in check.So much happens to knock me back and forwards 18 months into official RLE anmd some times i still hate my body. I cant get away with looking really femme as the body doesnt fit. To be honest I look like a diesel dyke but freak it I am who I am.

Without a Trace - Part 6: Baiting the Trap

Without a trace part 6
Baiting the trap

JR after his mom hugged him smiled as his stomach again made its presence known and sheepishly grinned. His sister and her partner grinned and even his mom laughed, as a group they decided to head down to the cafeteria and get something to eat. They walked through the hospital corridors in an uneasy silence JR’s mother holding tight to his hand. He felt a bit uncomfortable but his Kylie side was comforted at the close contact. He had to be honest he was scared at what his sister wanted him to do but also proud.

Without a Trace - Part 3: Some Answers

Without a trace part 3: some answers,

Part 3 of without a trace

Jonathon slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen where his mom was sat at the table just pouring a cup of coffee. JR slowly walked in and sat facing her; she did not look up for a few minutes as she slowly stirred in some sweetener. Without a word she pushed the pot forwards and JR poured himself a cup and slowly turned the cup in his hands.

“Well JR, do you want to explain?” Mom asked.

CLUBS dont talk to me about CLUBS!

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2:30 am on a sunday morning over the street from me booze briatians finest spilling out into the street. its the same every weekend i have to forgo one nights sleep so the booze crowd can have thier night out.

OMG i sounded just like my grandmother stop me now before i buy the twinset and pearls,

aah the moose or should that be ARRRRGH the moose

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my gods i have turned into a word factory three episodes for my stories and the first ten pages of a main stream sci fi book churned out today in basic readable form ready for the cut and slash (apart from the book. today it seems i have not stopped writing but nothing was good enough for the moose and she sat on my shoulder all day moaning.

new start on the blogg

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well i'm back after a hiatus from everything and getting back into writting and everything else.

there has been a lot of turmoil in this life in the predeing months and alot of trying to cope with mental illness. No i dont count being trans gendered as a mental illness but a state of being.

A few changes

A Few Changes
By allie elle

Part One

Steve sat in his favourite tree looking out over the fields; he swung
his legs idly as he watched the dusk sun. He was happy with himself; he
had managed to avoid the fallout from his latest escapade. He had
managed to lock most of the doors to the Martin's farm house and make
it so only one door opened. He sat there laughing to himself as he

A Mothers touch

Synopsis: Billy was a normal boy or so it seemed, behind his eyes
though there raged a battle and slowly the conflict was eased by his
mothers touch.


A story by Allie Elle.

Billy stood there hands on his hips looking down with a sneer on his
face at his defeated opponent and wiped the blood from under his nose.


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