Malt and Hops 3

Two middle aged ladies clattered with confidence into the lounge carrying shopping bags and handbags. “Hello dear!” the first one said, without a care. “We’ve come to see Charles, is he in? I hope you don’t mind, we saw the lights were on and there was someone in the lounge.”

Charlie rapidly realised that while his Aunty Lilly had not immediately recognised him, the other lady, his mother surely would.

‘Sink or swim’ thought Charlie. “He’s here, please sit down both of you.”

Malt and Hops 2

Continuing the story of Charles/Charlie, we find out more about him as he prepares for Jennifer's visit.

After a while Charles got himself together. He thought ‘She wants to come over, what’s the worst that can happen? She didn’t laugh at me, she encouraged me.’

Malt and Hops 1

Charles is happy in his own space until he is drawn out into the open

Malt & Hops

Charles was just about resisting the temptation to go on YouTube. He’d been pounding spreadsheets since early in the morning and needed a break. The upside was that he was working from home and avoiding the A38(M) and M6 traffic jam. He intended to take a break soon and get some housework done, as a single man he only had himself to look after but he liked an orderly house.

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