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Peaches on Kindle: New Edition!


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New cover! New revision of the text!

by Angela Rasch and Amelia R.

Peaches is an unusual boy with an unusual school project -- he's going to spend his semester exploring gender roles in high school by living as a girl. Things get complicated but everybody learns something -- including Peaches!

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Sperm from women?

This article from The Independent (UK) reports on research that indicates the future possibility of using stem cells from women to create sperm that would only produce daughters.

I'll bet Aardvark would like to have had this when writing Sappho. What kind of new sci-fi stories can be based on this?


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Sky - Premium Content Available in The HatBox and Doppler Press!


Hatbox now with Amazon annual and quarterly memberships.

Our newest content, available to all Hatbox members consists of the new HatBox Exclusive Novel "Sky" by Angela Rasch, the sequel to "Peaches" by Amelia R and Angela Rasch! And we've got a nice .pdf/.rtf version of Peaches available, too!

The HatBox contains all the premium stories given by BigCloset authors as incentives to others to join the Hatbox.

New Julie O at Stardust

I've just posted Julie O's entry in Bob's Stardust Contest over at Stardust. Since one of the objectives of the Stardust contest is to increase readership *and comments* at Stardust, we will not be posting the story elsewhere until the close of the contest.

Please read and comment on all the contest entries at Stardust.


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3rd Time - Comments Disabled Without Reason

When I posted Julie O's latest earlier today, using the Fiction entry, I did not check any boxes (and do not remember even seeing any) to deliberately disable comments. Julie *wants* comments.

Yet, this is the third consecutive story I posted where comments were disabled without my doing anything. Something is definately wrong here.


Explicit thoughts (G rated)

In Erin's thread about use of tenses, the writing of explicit thoughts (expressing what a character is thinking at a specific moment in a story) came up.

I'd like to advocate a specific style for indicating that text in a story represents explicit thought. I think I first saw this used in some of Bek Corbin's stories, but Angela and I used it in "Peaches," and I've convinced Itinerant and a couple others to use it.

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The Editorial Whee!

I'm recovering from a viral pneumonia, so perhaps I can blame this on the fever I endured.

Too many of you have heard/read my exhortations on homophones and the fact that Word's spell checker won't pick up on homophone errors. I just happened across this little gem, which illustrates the problem perfectly.

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