The Christmas Party – Part 2

Karen let me in her house, and Sid was out watching football at the pub. We sat and chatted for a while, just drinking tea. About six o’clock, Sid came home and we ordered a take-away, while me and Karen went to see what to wear that night. In the end, I borrowed the red bandage dress she wore when we last went clubbing, leaving my new dress hanging in the wardrobe of her spare room. We left at about eight, with me sitting in the front of the cab and the driver looking at my legs.

The letterbox - Part One

I was standing there and feeling nervous, not sure how he would react when he saw me. I was in his house and I hoped he remembered giving me his key on Monday, four days ago. I saw his car pull up outside, and I quickly slipped on my heels, and looked at myself in his mirror. I felt great, confident, so I slipped the short satin robe off, leaving it on the sofa.

The Christmas Party – Part 1

Working on a small team in a large office with all women meant I got an insight into women’s lives that many men miss out on. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing the banter, but to be honest the without the constant competition when it’s all men, which let's face it can be tiring, so it was refreshing to work in a nurturing environment.

Although the talk about split ends does get annoying sometimes. I never ever got them in my hair and it was as long as some of the girls, I just didn’t put so much ‘product’ on it so it didn’t suffer as much.

Cosplay Adventure – Part 3

I desperately wanted to tell Sarah what had happened but didn’t want to do it by text, so it would have to wait till I got home. As it was, Jenny was texting me about it, asking what I did, how he tasted and more importantly, how big his penis was.

Well, I didn’t measure it but I knew it was bigger than mine, but I’ve always known mine wasn’t that big, it sorted of fitted with my overall size. John’s was bigger. I did wonder how he really felt about it, but seeing that he asked me out on the way back to work, I guess he was OK with it.

Cosplay Adventure – Part 2

The next day after a shower I put my makeup on and found a pair of leggings that Jane had left behind. I went downstairs and Sarah was in the kitchen eating some cereal. She looked at me and said, “Ok, I need to teach you daytime makeup.” She had a point.

Cosplay Adventure -- Part 1

It was just another Monday at the office, and I’d popped out for a cigarette. Sarah was there, she works on a different floor to me, but we’re smoking buddies, so I went over to chat. Sarah is drop dead gorgeous, and she told me about the new cosplay she was making. Like me she’s a geek, although I’ve only ever worn fancy dress for parties.

Her and Jane, her housemate, had been making Sucker Punch costumes for the London Comic Con. I couldn’t get tickets to go with them, although without a costume I may have looked out of place walking around with them.

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