The letterbox - Part One

I was standing there and feeling nervous, not sure how he would react when he saw me. I was in his house and I hoped he remembered giving me his key on Monday, four days ago. I saw his car pull up outside, and I quickly slipped on my heels, and looked at myself in his mirror. I felt great, confident, so I slipped the short satin robe off, leaving it on the sofa.

The Christmas Party – part one

Working on a small team in a large office with all women meant I got an insight into women’s lives that many men miss out on. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing the banter, but to be honest the constant lack of competition when it’s all men can be tiring, so it was refreshing to work in a nurturing environment.

Although the talk about split ends does get annoying sometimes. I never ever got them in my hair and it was as long as some of the girls, I just didn’t put so much ‘product’ on it so it didn’t suffer as much.

Cosplay Adventure – Part 3

I desperately wanted to tell Sarah what had happened but didn’t want to do it by text, so it would have to wait till I got home. As it was, Jenny was texting me about it, asking what I did, how he tasted and more importantly, how big his penis was.

Well, I didn’t measure it but I knew it was bigger than mine, but I’ve always known mine wasn’t that big, it sorted of fitted with my overall size. John’s was bigger. I did wonder how he really felt about it, but seeing that he asked me out on the way back to work, I guess he was OK with it.

Cosplay Adventure – Part 2

The next day after a shower I put my makeup on and found a pair of leggings that Jane had left behind. I went downstairs and Sarah was in the kitchen eating some cereal. She looked at me and said, “Ok, I need to teach you daytime makeup.” She had a point.

Cosplay Adventure -- Part 1

It was just another Monday at the office, and I’d popped out for a cigarette. Sarah was there, she works on a different floor to me, but we’re smoking buddies, so I went over to chat. Sarah is drop dead gorgeous, and she told me about the new cosplay she was making. Like me she’s a geek, although I’ve only ever worn fancy dress for parties.

Her and Jane, her housemate, had been making Sucker Punch costumes for the London Comic Con. I couldn’t get tickets to go with them, although without a costume I may have looked out of place walking around with them.

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