The Case of the Perfect Picture

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The rent was due, and private detective Anne Carter needed a case fast. And right on cue, a dame walks in with an easy job: tailing her famous artist hubby to see if he was cheating on her. But no one is who they seem in the Case of the Perfect Picture, and the stakes just might be Anne's soul.

Kemeia Ascending - Part 3

kemi ascending.png

For once, all is well for the little healer, she escaped the palace and enjoyed a crisis free day. But soon, she is called again to the Palace, where she heals Captain Sechnall incompletely. Angry at what she thought was a violation of Selene's law, Marta forces Kemi's full story from her. Meanwhile, in the morgue that is deep in the Palace dungeon, something festers.

Kemeia Ascending - Part 2

kemi ascending.png

Ravela's agents have captured Kemi and taken her back to the place of her nightmares. Where the Queen orders her to heal the sleeping princess. Can Kemi succeed where all other healers have failed? And has Lunete been poisoned, or is something more sinister at work? Kemi better solve the riddle of the sleeping princess and soon, or she, Marta and all the healers will suffer the queen's cruel wrath.

Kemeia Ascending - Part 1

kemi ascending.png

Intrigue and deception swirl in the Kingdom of Wildevale. Queen Ravela rules, and the tales of her madness and cruelty multiply by the day. Her sister, the victim of a magically enhanced poison, lies in a coma, wasting away a little more each day; kept alive only by Ravela's magic. Ambassadors from the nearby kingdoms of Arcum and Parasia have arrived, bearing in hand treaties of peace. Or so they say.

Meanwhile, hidden in the teaming city of Marossa, a bitter young woman takes halting steps along the Healer's Path. A woman who is far more than she seems, and could become far greater than any can imagine.

The Last Mission of Captain Catoriel -a Nightingale postscript

The Last Mission of Captain Catoriel
-a Nightingale postscript

Author's note: when I finished The Nightingale some years ago, I promised to add a little more to the story, to tell what happened finally to Sasha. I didn't realize I had let so much time go by before I posted this. This isn't a stand alone story, though. It must be read with The Nightingale to, well, make sense. The song Gale sings is called Dante's Prayer, by Loreena Mckennitt. Listen to it here, it's wonderful. Better yet, have it playing when Gale sings in the story.

Anahita’s Kiss

Anahita’s Kiss

Once upon a time, long long ago, one of Nathan d'Anahita's ancestors managed to piss off the goddess Anahita. Never a good thing. This particular ancestor was a queen, so the goddess was royally po'd - even worse. During a brutal famine, said queen hoarded her grain instead of sharing with her people. Legions died. In her wrath, Anahita cursed the queen, and her issue, to serve humanity for eternity. Voila! The magical wish granting djinna! This was academic to Nathan, as the curse only affected d'Anahita females.

But wait ...there’s a loophole...


The Nightingale's Song

The Nightingale's Song
by Armond
Anuvar, a glistening jewel in the sea, gifted by the Goddess to Her people. Yet their ears have become deaf to Her song, and a doom hangs over the Isle. The famed singer Orlando typifies their plight; the Goddess gifted him with the most amazing talent to stir men’s souls, yet he squanders it for wenching and wine. An horrific crime sets the troubadour on a different path, but will it lead to the redemption or damnation of the Isle?

The Nightingale's Song

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I'm working up a new story on my writing website, called The Nightingale's Song.

Well ...'new' is a bit misleading - it is a story based on one I wrote half a dozen years ago and posted on fictionmania.

This is not a reposting though. When I wrote "Redemption Song" I was intrigued with the idea of starting a story without exposition - just 'jumping in' and letting the back story trickle out as the plot progressed.

Shauna Play List

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Many of you have asked, and patiently waited for, a Shauna Deirbhile play list. Following are the artists and songs from the story:

1. á“rla Fallon - The Gartan's Mother Lullaby
2. Fionnuala Gill - Deus Meus (Adiuva Me)
3. Patrick Ball - The Butterfly
4. Loreena McKennitt
- Bonny Portmore
- Courtyard Lullaby
- Snow
5. Andreas Vollenweider
- Airdance
- Lake Of Time
6. Philip Boulding - Song for Reconciliation
7. Harpa Paraguaia - Pajaro Campana
8. Celtic Harp Orchestra
- Greensleeves
- Miranda and the Tempest
9. Rá¼diger Oppermann - Pretty Cool Harmonics!
10. Lisa Lynne & Aryeh - Harp duo -Carol of the Bells
11. Deborah Henson-Conant - Take Five

Moon Harper - Pt 4

Moon Harper - Part 4
by Armond
No one bothered to mention I’d be signing up for this! I thought becoming a teenage girl would be impossible to deal with. Turns out it’s the least of my worries. With my talking harp á€ine, I can do things no human should be able to. And it scares the crap out of me!

Deal with it Moon Harper, á€ine said. You are Shauna Deirbhile, and this is your time of rising!

Moon Harper - Pt 3

Moon Harper - Part 3
by Armond
I am now Shauna Deirbhile, and with my harp á€ine, I work miracles with my music. I'm dealing with a lot, hey? Mere days ago I was clueless Sean Derhill. Turning into a teenage girl has become the least of my worries, for I cannot explain the magic that flows from my harp strings, and it frightens me. The issue may be moot; the Fomors have marshalled all their resources to stop me from working a ritual that will switch me back. They want me dead dead dead.

Moon Harper - Pt 2

Moon Harper - Part 2
by Armond
Sean -now Darcy- need only learn a Danaan purification ritual to return to her old body. A week in the teenager's body, no more, and then back to his fiancé Sarah and normal life; easy, hey? Not with the entire Formorian race looking to off her, and a harp who suddenly has a mind of her own.

Moon Harper - Pt 1

Moon Harper - Part 1
by Armond
Was it chance that brought Sean to Tamsin Caroline's fabulous New England rental house, just in time for the height of the fall folliage? Luck that granted him this space to jam one last time on his harp before he embraced his role as a corporate drone? Or was it his heritage that reached up and grabbed him by his ...harp strings... to force him down a more intersting path?

Silver Apples

Silver Apples

by Armond

Charlie has lots of things working against him - a shape shifting girl friend who’s PO'd at him, a jealous rival who wants his body —literally- and a job from the Goddess that didn’t work out so well the first time around. On the plus side, he's drinking good coffee.

Must Reading - Angela's The Woman Who Corrupted Diddleyburg

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Angela has posted an absolutely amazing piece today, The Woman Who Corrupted Diddleyburg.

It is a very clever title, because it is a play on the Mark Twain classic, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg. And Angela plays so well with Twain's plot. You really need to read the original version to understand just how excellent her story is. Click here to read Twain's version:

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

Duty and Destiny - Part 7

duty and destiny
part 7
by armond


War between the Three Kingdoms is inevitable now, and events move to the invisible hand of the King of Arcum.
In Parasia the image of Princess Caden burns the mind of the slave-mage Faolá¡n, while in Glamorgan, the newly made woman reaches out to her sisters for support; her first steps toward new life.

asor esse rosa

asor esse rosa
by armond
The rules of the Challenge were simple: first to grasp the scepter wins the prize, the crown, a queen.
Sir Asor thought it was too simple; it didn't make sense that the King of Sarras was chosen so.
But then the Hags of Anona got into the mix, and everything turned backwards, inside out and upside down.
Pleh! Pleh!


Duty and Destiny - Part 6

duty and destiny
part 6
by armond


Acrum’s gambit was all too successful: the Glamorgan-Parasain alliance is no more, and chaos reigns in Ceyln.
King Rhys has fled to the highlands to grieve for his lost son, and Caden sinks into darkness over her change.

Yet all is not lost; help and hope may come from an unexpected source.

After Winter

After Winter
by armond
Owain wanted to die. Everyone he loved was gone, and now he longed to follow. No, more than that, he dreamed of death, hungered for its endless black. On a bitter winter's day, his dream was set to come true ...until the tale went badly off-script. Or maybe, the seasons happen exactly as they should.

Duty and Destiny - Part 5

duty and destiny
Part 5
by armond

Prince Caden has been transformed into a young woman with midnight hair and blue sparkling eyes. King Coel plans to humiliate the new princess before all, and then ship her to Arcum in a prison wagon.

But the spy Jaussen and the Glamorgan princesses form alternate plans…

Duty and Destiny - Part 4

duty and destiny - part 4
by armond
Jaussen rides hard to Westfalon to try to thwart Arcum’s plots and avert war. But …is he too late? For the wizard Faolá¡n has begun chanting the invocation of unmaking …upon Caden.

Duty and Destiny - Part 3

duty and destiny - part 3
by armond
Caden and his sisters are trapped by King Coel’s men after he reads the forged letter. The king offers Caden a onetime deal — submit willingly to his judgment, and he will return Caden’s sisters to Glamorgan unharmed.

Duty and Destiny - Part 2

duty and destiny - part 2
by armond

The young lovers Caden and Avila plan their summer wedding.

But the schemes of King Grithra and Fermin, his agent, are about to bear fruit.

Jaussen uncovers the plot, but can he reach Westfalon in time to save the prince and his sisters?

Duty and Destiny - Part 1

duty and destiny
by armond
Prince Cadon is the only son to King Rhys, and heir to the Glamorgan throne.
His duty is to marry the Princess Avila of Parasia.
His duty is to unite the kingdoms against the plots and schemes of the King of Arcum to the south.

Seems clear enough.
Yet Selene's destiny for him is far far different.

duty and destiny

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I'm messing around with a new story. I'm not sure what I'll title it; at the moment I've given it the working title of "duty and destiny.' It takes place in the same world as my stories The Necessity of Winter, and After Winter. Chronologically, I'd say it is 3 or 4 years after After Winter.

As soon as I finish it, I will post it here, but as I said, it's still in the messin around stage. I've even posted a map, but it is a little crappy. I'm so jealous of Persephone's map (I have map envy).

Lilim Tales - Part 4 (Conclusion)

Lilim Tales - Part 4 (Conclusion)
by Armond

In the conclusion to the tale, Cassandra's friends gather to try to rescue her from Luna, while Cassie learns what her fate will be as the lilim's Second Turn Srryn.

Psst. Hey...

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I've been fiddling around with a small website. A place to warehouse cleaner versions of my stories, and to post tales that either are not yet ready for prime time (i.e. posting here), or are languishing in my pitiful brain.

Clearly, I have too much time on my hands.

Anyway, I've added a tiny amount of content, and will add more as it happens in real time. (Exciting, no? Or is the answer to that actually 'no!')

Click below if you are so inclined.

Armond's Place


Breaking News - Maggie Finson's Birthday!!!

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Hot off the presses (okay, basically the presses aren't hot anymore, but you know what I mean)

Today is Maggie Finson's birthday!!

I won't give any numbers, that would be uncouth (hey, there's a good word - look up the definition of couth)

What I can tell you, is she is old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.

Happy Birthday Maggie!!!!

Lilim Tales - Part 3

FotoFlexer_Photo4.jpg Cassandra has at last learned who transformed her: mythical demons called lilim; the incubi and succubi of horror stories. Luna now promises to change her back to Cody if Cassandra helps save Jayden. Cassandra doesn't know if she can trust Luna, but since she figures her 'condition' can't get any worse, she has nothing to lose. She couldn't be more mistaken.

The Lilim Tales - Part 3
by Armond

Lilim Tales - Part 2

FotoFlexer_Photo4.jpgLilim Tales - Part 2
by Armond
Cody, now Cassandra, tries to make sense of her change into an exotic creature with dark gold skin. As she struggles to cope, and searches for answers, she also begins to suspect she is far from 'normal.' The lilims Luna and Jayden continue debating whether to fully ignite Cassandra and take her as their srryn for the next hundred year Turn. And a storm looms on the horizon that may tip the balance.

Posting Lilim Tales

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I'll be posting Lilim Tales 1-3 over the next few days, with the new part 4 toward the end of the week. 1-3 were posted recently on FM, and I apologize to any readers who may have read them there. I didn't want to jam them all together, though, when I posted the conclusion here.

I mean, Holy Lilith! the file size would be way too big.


Lilim Tales - Part 1

lilim_tales_part_3_0.jpgLilim Tales - Part 1
by Armond
The lilim. They were First Born, and ruled the earth with fabulous biotechnologies, at a time when Cro-Magnon man painted crude figures on cave walls and grunted around campfires. They live among us today in secret, these winged creatures men fear as demons. Aspiring artist Cody Elias is about to learn of their existence in an up close and personal way, when he is recruited by the lilim for a ...hmm ..."special attribute" ...of his DNA. Part 1 of 4.

Fragrance - Part 4 (Conclusion)

frag4a.jpgFragrance Part 4 (Conclusion)
by Armond
Julia and Alcina have been hijacked by Amanda, GenTech's Security Chief Dick Styles, and his thugs. Sydney is hot on their scent, but they are armed and ruthless and she ...isn't. And if she can't stop them before they destroy Julia's mind, bye bye Project Y. And if Project Y fails, how much longer can humanity survive?


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