Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 7

“You told him you had anxiety?” Melissa raised an eyebrow, her hand poised on the meeting room door. On the other side would be the rest of the main cast, Josh Barnes as Jean Val Jean, Caitlyn Reedy playing Fantine, and a host of other people. The only people who would be missing were the bystanders for the musical numbers. There were about fifty of those, some students, some people from around Woodcrest who fancied themselves aspiring actors. “Are you EVER going to tell him the truth?”

Allison's Test: Chapter 8

I awoke to Brianna charging through my bedroom door; she was never one for knocking. My first reaction was to roll my head to the left and glance at the bedside alarm clock which now read: 6:45 AM. Brianna was fully dressed in a silky blouse and black pants, and before I knew it, she was tossing clothes onto my bed.

“I found a shelter for Angela,” She explained rather offhandedly. “Get up, get dressed, we’re taking her right now.”

“I…can’t you just drive her over there?” I asked, pulling the blankets up to my chin. I didn’t want to move from the bed at all.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 5

My eyes cracked open ever so slowly, the world began to materialize around me as I became vaguely aware of my surroundings. I was in a room, on a bed, that much I could tell. My head was pounding, my body absolutely aching; every muscle screamed in horror as I tilted my field of view and tried to take in the room.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 4

I woke up the following day, stuffed back inside my dorm room with Mason asleep on the other side. As per usual his desk was cluttered with a landfill of energy drinks and food wrappers. I rolled my eyes and threw the blankets aside, hopping on to the floor and wandering to the bathroom to brush my teeth. On the way there I caught a glimpse of my bedside clock; it read 2:25 PM. Wow. I was being a really productive college student, wasn’t I? Thank God it was Saturday.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 3

“Oh, hey mom,” I spoke into the phone, not knowing why I even bothered acting surprised that she was calling. I mean, of course she was calling. What was I supposed to tell her?

“Sweetie I was worried about you,” My mother said in her concerned voice. “You haven’t called in weeks, we thought something happened to you!”

“Uh Mom,” I said as I began to walk toward the parking lot, considering making a beeline for the GAT house, but then rapidly changing my mind. “You know you can call me at any time right? Communication kind of goes both ways.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 23

“Has anyone ever told you that you shop like a stoner?” Ashleigh peeked into my cart as we approached the self-checkout lane at the grocery store. Inside, as I well knew, she would see three bottles of lemon juice, a bag of tomatoes, six potatoes, and a quart of ice cream. I suppose she would think that was a little weird, but ever since I’d been changed and allowed to eat for the first time, I’d been craving citrus and random dairy products. Potatoes were just a plus today.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 22

“I’m going,” I said adamantly to Broderick, gripping my bow in my left hand. “If they’re after me I deserve to know why.”

“We can send you a memo,” Broderick said, dropping a netted bag of lemons into a canvas backpack along with a few packages of crossbow bolts. “Have you ever been in a real fight? And by that I mean a fight where you didn’t get one of the most important people in your life killed?”

“Excuse me?” I clenched my fist, my face beginning to burn a deep red. “There was NOTHING I could do for Meredith!”

Angela's Legacy Sidestory 2: Meeting Meghan

“Angela?” I perked up a bit, turning and placing my hand on the steel tubing that comprised the rail of the wooden bridge. I saw the girl, her jet black hair coursing with the flow of the wind, her wedge heels clipping the uneven planks. She looked just like any other girl really, apart from the paleness and the deep blue eyes.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 21

“I don’t mean to be a dick, by any means,” Broderick said as he stood behind his desk in the basement of Howell’s. “But we need to step up our game.”

He was leaning on his desk, arms spread and palms open against the surface. He had what I could only describe as the most pissed off look that I had ever seen on his face and I had no idea what was going on. The rest of us, minus Craven, were gathered around the desk waiting for whatever news he was about to drop on us.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 20

“I hate school,” I said to Rhea as we walked into the bathroom following the last bell. “It’s worse than I remembered.”

“It’s not that bad,” Rhea rolled her eyes and leaned against one of the sinks, her body toward mine. “Fix your lipstick, it looks terrible.”

Piecing together the shit show that is Angela's Legacy

H'okay, so, here are the cliff notes:

Angela was called away by the Seelie council to investigate the disappearance of Eustace (the Armadillo). After she and Anabelle left, something went wrong - we're not sure what because no one is telling the main character anything.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 19

“And what is this?” Mellie asked, staring at the ground with the greatest amount of disinterest that I’ve ever witnessed from any human being.

“This is a dead body,” Broderick said to her, as if he were explaining to a child.

“What a shame,” She shrugged. “Well, now what we know what it is, I’d like to get on with my day.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 18

“Welcome to your new home,” Rhea stepped into the house, backward, her arms dramatically outstretched. “It’s not as big as Angela’s house, but it’s home.”

“We…live here alone? Just us?” I looked around, noting that the place WAS much smaller. It was a single story house with aging wood floors, faded walls, and furniture that looked like it came from a thrift store.

“I live here too,” Mellie said, walking into the house and passing by me and tossing her purse on the couch.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 17

“Everyone here has something to lose,” Broderick paced back and forth. We were sitting the basement office, just below Howell’s pub, as I’d come to learn. There were seven of us here. Broderick, Mellie, my sister, and a few other people I hadn’t met yet. I was sitting on the desk, Meghan beside me, her hand in mine. “Everyone here, in this room, save for the vampire, is a member of house Greystem-“

“Wait, what?” I interrupted. “Greystem?”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 15

My vision swam and my emotions raged as I was flung from the mirror and my body slammed against an old wooden floor, glass and debris bouncing, dust scattering after years of dormancy. I gasped for air and reached my hand upward toward the massive full-length framed mirror from which I had just been ejected. I scampered to my feet, rushed back toward the mirror, barely managing to keep myself standing. My arm outstretched I ran to it, slamming my hand against the glass. It shattered. The shards fell from the frame and turned to dust as they collided with the floor.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 14

Meghan grabbed the collar of my dress and literally lifted me from the couch, dragging me across the living room and down the hall like a rag doll. Just as we reached the entrance to the hall, the house shook, an impact that rippled through the floor, knocking Meghan off of her feet and sending me sprawling back toward the couch. My head hurt. I could see a pool of red seeping onto the tile around me. It would heal, but god damn it hurt. Through my blurred vision I saw Meredith standing there, confronting the giant, but she looked different, so very different.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 13

“Pay attention,” Meredith tapped the old dusty book in front of me with her switch. She hadn’t used it on me lately but she really loved using it as an implement. “Without referring to the book, tell me the name of the Seelie court, in old Fae.”

“’Allo,” I responded, hoping I wasn’t messing it up.

“And the inner sanctum?”

“Alloquandirm,” I said a little uncertainty. The look on her face told me I was wrong.

“Alloquandirum,” She corrected me. “You’ve gotta get that ‘u’ in there.”

“Sorry,” I shrugged. “It’s a lot to learn and-“

Allison's Test: Chapter 7

“Do you have a warrant?” Brianna asked the two police officers who were standing just outside the door, one craning his neck to see in.

“No Ma’am, this is a wellness check but we can come back with a warrant if need be, to make sure Mr. Achles is in one piece.”

“And who exactly is asking?” I couldn’t see her face, but I could just imagine her furrowing her brow at them.

“His parents,” One of the officers explained. “From what they said he was at camp Chippenwood-“

“Well that’s interesting,” My sister said. “An eighteen year old boy at summer camp?”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 12

“Jasmine, sweetie,” Angela said, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Go upstairs, please, into mine and Meredith’s room. I want you to stay there until we come to get you, okay?”

“Wait, what?” I turned to her, an expression of shock and confusion painting my face. “I don’t understand, I want to know what’s going on.”

“This isn’t for you to hear,” Anabelle said, her face stony. “Do as your mother says.”

“I’m not a kid!” I argued “I…”

“You are a kid,” Meredith informed me. “and you need to do as you’re told now.”

Ready to Arc?

To put it simply, writing Angela's Legacy has been a god damn roller coaster. I've spent an abusurd amount of time developing these characters in my head, especially Meredith who was kind of a cookie cutter bitch at the beginning. I've gotten a lot of negative feedback, a lot of positive feedback, and one person in my inbox who has informed me that they hate my story because they were sworn to fight fairies in Morocco or something. I don't think they were kidding.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 11

“First and foremost,” Angela said, standing maybe three feet from me. “You’re going to learn to string this bow. Notice how the arms are curved, you see?”

I nodded. For the first time I was really getting a look at my bow. It was made from a sleep black wood, very simple, but also a bit heavier than I’d expected. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of contempt looking at it, as Meredith had forced me to run the obstacle course over and over again while holding it. Still, it was something Angela wanted me to have, and that was enough to make me love it.

Angela's Legacy Sidestory 1: Condemned to Live

I opened my eyes, though I don’t know why I bothered. It was the same room, every day. The same white walls, the same tall barred window, lined with steel lattice just in case I somehow managed to squeeze my way through the iron verticals. A white tile floor, a white bed, everything white. At least they’d unstrapped me from the bed. Why was I here? What had I even done? As I surveyed the white plaster ceiling I remembered my father’s words. “You’re no son of mine,” He’d said. How fucking cliché. I couldn’t tell you why he hated me so much. Well, I could, but does it really matter?

Angela's Legacy Chapter 10

“Again,” Meredith said coldly. As always, my body responded to her command; I ran back to beginning of the obstacle course, bow in hand and gripped the rope net, hurtling up and over the obstacle as I raced toward the next.

“Meredith please,” I sobbed as I ran, completely out of breath and barely able to keep upright. “Please just let me stop for a minute.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 9

“What are you thinking over there, Jasmine?” Angela asked me. I suddenly realized I was lost in thought, probably staring off into the distance.

“I…” I started to say, but trailed off, unsure of what I wanted to tell them. I gathered myself and sighed. “I’m just…I don’t want this to end. I like being…this. I like being your daughter, I like being…”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 8

“Why did we drive a car if we can just walk through mirrors?” I asked as Meredith eased her car between two others on a temporary grass lot.

“Because it freaks people out when we just appear in front of them,” Angela told me, rummaging through her purse for something. Finally, she yanked a pink bracelet from the bag and handed it to me through the seats. It was pretty plain; there was nothing special about it, it kind of reminded me of a slap bracelet, though without the slapping part. “Put that on, it makes it easier to find you in a crowd.”

Bear with me guys

Okay, I know I probably have fans of Woodcrest, Makayla, and wtf ever else I write, and you're probably wondering why the stories have stopped. Simple answer: I burned out. It's not forever, I just need like a week, I swear. There are some stories that are easier for me to write right now, like Dark Pantheon, I could do that all day. Allison's Test is where I'm running into trouble - it's just not sounding right.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 7

I stared incredulously at the creature that had just passed through the mirror. Were my eyes deceiving me, or was this really, truly a talking armadillo? Angela and Meredith immediately rose from the couch, though I sat there, mouth agape until Angela nudged my shoulder. I climbed to my feet and leaned into her, wrapping my arms around her waist. She laid an arm around me and gave me a partial hug.

Begging Angela - Title Change Imminent

Hi everyone, I'm etox, or as some of you know me, Audrissa, the bitch who writes Allison's Pledge. I wrote Begging Angela under this name to keep it separate from Woodcrest, AP/T, Makayla, and Dark Pantheon as they're all very much connected and this story definitely isn't. There are a few differences between this and my other stories, the biggest one being that I have no direction in writing it - I don't know what I'm going to write when I open Word, there is no outline, and I'm just as surprised by what comes out as you are. God help you all, and especially me.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 6

“What should we watch next?” Angela flipped through the Netflix menu on the television, I laid comfortably between the two of them, kind of curled up. It was nice being small. “I think we’ve watched everything on Netflix and Hulu, we’re going to have to wait a few years for them to update the library.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 5

I stared in the mirror, mouth agape as my face changed from a grown woman to a child of about twelve. She’d forgotten to change the maid uniform with me, so it was sort of hanging there, the skirt falling way past my knees.

“Steve?” Angela placed a hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“How…how long am I going to stay like this?” My voice came across as a mere whisper, I saw Meredith smirk behind Angela in the mirror.

“Until you can change yourself back,” Angela smiled and ran her fingers through my hair, straightening it out. It felt good.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 4

“And I am back with groceries!” Angela said cheerfully as she walked into the room. I had resumed my original position on the bed and Meredith was pretending to be busy with her phone, acting like she hadn’t just forced me to lick her feet for the last hour. I kind of wanted to say something to Angela, in fact I was pretty sure I could have, but I just didn’t want to. I was tired, I was hungry, my body felt like it had been hit by a truck. I just wanted to lay here on the bed and drift off to sleep. “Wake up over there or it’s going to feel worse later!”

Makayla - Chapter 5

Twigs snapped, feet pounded, the forest whizzed by in gasps as I dodged from tree to tree, palms outstretched to make sure I didn’t plant face first into a trunk. Aleah said I’d know it when I saw it. What was I looking for? I inhaled as I ran, forest air scraped through my throat and barely inflated my lungs. I thought the endless expanse of trees and briar patches would extend forever, but I was wrong. It ended. I burst into a clearing, stopping short as if I’d just found myself on the edge of a cliff and pressing my hands to my knees as I bent over in exhaustion.

Getting back on track

For the five people that are still reading Allison/Audrey and Makayla, I'll be getting back to writing them shortly. I had a few emergencies in real life, after which I contemplated just trashing the entire series because the views are going down faster than I do on my domme at 2:00 on a Sunday but eh, I'll keep going. Here's to six more months of writing crap that no one cares about :D

Angela's Legacy Chapter 3

“You have a boyfriend?” Meredith raised an eyebrow as she observed my limp, lifeless body on the bed. “That looks like a – oh yeah, I see now. You had a boyfriend and didn’t tell me?”

“It was like a decade ago,” Angela shrugged. “I kind of left him here to teach him a lesson. I used a low level mind control technique and told him to clean the house, like a Roomba.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 2

My body turned away from the bed just as I finished dusting the sleek wooden headboard. It was like this, every day. Was it every day? I’d lost track of time a while ago. My body was just on repeat, working its way down a never ending chore list; never sleeping, never stopping. During the first few weeks I’d tried to think about who Angela was, how she had this kind of power over me. As the days and hours waned on I just stopped caring. My body was exhausted, my muscles were throbbing, the pain in my jaw still hadn’t subsided. I guess it wasn’t mean to.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 1

“Come on Angela,” I grinned. “Like…just make me do your dishes or something.”

“God dammit Steve,” She rolled her eyes at me, brushing her auburn hair away from her face and shaking her head. “I told you, I’m not into the whole bondage thing, okay? Just drop it.”

“That’s a load of crap,” I laughed. “I found that ball gag in your closest.”

“What were you doing in my closet, perv?” She raised an eyebrow. “and yes, I have a ball gag, doesn’t mean I’m going to start dominating you or whatever.”

Slowing Down

You guys have probably noticed that my writing is slowing down a bit, and there are a few reasons. First of all, I'm working during the day, and second, I've reached a point where I've run out of pre-written material. One thing you don't have to worry about is me not finishing - the outlines for all of the stories are written and yes, I know how it ends. That said, I would totally love to open up a forum here to answer any questions you might have about the series if it's not a spoiler - what do you want to know?

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 2

Woodcrest University Radio Broadcast September 8 2018

DJ: “What’s up Woodcrest! This is your boy, Barney Schmarney, and what kind of name is that you ask? Well I say fuck you! That’s right guys, I said fuck on the radio and the FCC is going to charge is five thousand whole ass dollars! Today I’m here with our special guest, the one, the only, Alexander Garron, the newest member of the Woodcrest Board! Tell me Mr. Garron, how does it feel to buy your way onto the board of Directors?”

The Dark Pantheon - A Woodcrest Story Chapter 2

“Would you mind letting me pull?” Agathar growled to me over voice chat as we crouched behind a low palisade wall, staring off into an orc encampment. We’d walked for hours to get here, and it hadn’t been easy at all. The problem with crossing the wastes was the lack of a bind stone. There was one at the beginning of the zone and one just beyond the encampment we were standing in front of. Other than that, if we died, we would be whisked away, back to the beginning of the zone where we’d started. That was kind of a good incentive to stay alive.

Allison's Test: Chapter 6

“Angela, Angela stop!” I gasped, gently pushing her off of me. “What are you doing?!”

“I…I thought-“ She started to say, but Brianna appeared in the doorway, a bath towel folded around her head and a look of concern painted on her face.

“Is everything okay?” She asked.

“Uh…yeah,” I said. “Everything is uh…fine…”

Brianna looked from me, to Angela, and then back. She frowned a bit and then shrugged.

Still Alive

Hey, just want to let everyone know that I'm still alive and I haven't abandoned the Woodcrest universe. I'm a freelancer so I get called to do odd jobs every once in a while; this week I'm in lab updating electronic devices. I'll try to write some tomorrow though! Allison's Test is the next story in the cycle, then we go back to Dark Pantheon and so on.

Makayla - Chapter 4

“Girl, this is the sheriff,” Zeke said, motioning toward the uniformed man near the front door.

“So I can see,” I said. “My name is-“

“Makayla,” The sheriff said. “They told me all about you, nappin’ in the woods like you owned the place. They’re gonna love you down at CPS, or whatever is it they’re callin’ themselves these days.”

“They change their name again?” Shelby said, shaking her head as she glanced up from her magazine at the kitchen table.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 1

“Yeah, I have some concerns,” I said, raising my hand, though it was kind of a moot point. Melissa kind of looked at me blankly.

“Oh, yeah, what’s up Todd?” She set capped her marker and set it down on the whiteboard tray, crossing her arms and leaning against the desk at the front of the room.

“It’s just…Tiffany has a song to sing in Act 2, right? The um...oh what was it..'On my Own'. She hasn’t shown up for the last two practices, does she even know the song? I mean…I know she's good with her mouth but-”

Yes, Woodcrest has a beginning, middle, end, and something else.

Every time I end a Woodcrest book I get this odd question:

"Is there any more?"

Okay, I'm going to answer this question once and for all. This is the lineup for Woodcrest:

Book 1
POV: Todd/Audrey

Book 2
Dramatic Aspirations
POV: Tiffany

Book 3
Finding Audrey
POV: Aleah

Book 4:
Teaming Up
POV: Audrey

Book 5
Investigating Audrey
POV: Tiffany

Book 6
POV: Aleah

Book 7
POV: Audrey

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Epilogue

I stood outside the GAT house, leaning against the railing and staring at the far off stadium lights. Football season would be starting any day now and you know, while I wasn’t a big fan of the games themselves I couldn’t help but be addicted to the energy. The screaming fans, the crudely drawn paper sighs, and oh god, the after-parties. I couldn’t tell you how much I was looking forward to getting completely smashed at the DEM house and waking up with a random stranger, especially after the events of the last few weeks.


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