Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 13

“Pledge!” I called out to Cassandra from across the room. She was one of the few remaining pledges, and I had to get in all the fun I could. She looked up, staring at me from across the crowded living room and then made her way over, weaving through a line of dancing bodies belonging to both DAM and GAT members. I grinned a bit, noticing her discomfort at the entire situation. She probably wasn’t one for social settings; probably shouldn’t have joined a sorority then. As she neared, I pointed to the empty glass in my hand, rattling the half-melted ice cubes. “My glass is empty, pledge.”

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 12

“Hand me the mascara,” I said to Audrey, staring into her eyes and checking her eyeshadow. Beyond the door, I could hear the muttering of the audience and the shuffling of frantic feet behind the curtain. The show was almost on and in my opinion, Audrey was less than half ready. Audrey turned her head slightly and looked at the mascara bottle which was, by all rights, mere inches from both of us.

“Um, it’s right there,” She said. “Can’t you just-“

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 11

“So,” Ms. Trace said, folding her hands atop the conference table as she regarded us smugly. “You’re telling me that after all of this, you’re not unable to produce Audrey, you’re just unwilling.”

“Correct,” Aleah nodded.

“She’s going through a lot right now,” I added. “If the chapter can’t stand on its own, without her, then so be it.”

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 10

“Mason, open the door,” I cop-knocked against his dorm room door as hard as I could. “God dammit, Mason-“

Before I could finish my sentence, the door flew open and a rather annoyed looking Mason appeared in the entryway. He was dressed in a worn green bathrobe atop a white t-shirt, and his hair looked as if it had just gone through a blender.

“The fuck do you want?” He demanded.

“Mason,” I frowned. “Why are you asleep right now? It’s like seven-thirty in the evening.”

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 9

“So you’re telling me the ONE thing we have to do is climb this pile of boxes and crawl through that window?” I stared incredulously at the side of the theater.

“Well if you want to do more philanthropy we could have you clean up the flooding in the front,” Melissa shrugged. “The show is in like two days, we really need to get a bilge pump in there.”

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 8

“Hamburger, soup, or what the fuck do you want?” I asked the next man in line, an older guy in a scally cap with a worn army jacket. He glared back at me.

“Young lady, you need to work on your attitude,” He lectured me.

“You need to work on your fashion choices,” I said, gesturing to his outfit ensemble. “Soup or burger?”

“I’ll take the fucking burger,” He growled. I reached into the pan on my left and slapped a hamburger onto a plate, handing it to him.

“Don’t you think you ought to wear gloves?” The man asked me, glaring at me intently.

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 7

“So according to Melissa, we’re meeting her here and she’s giving us a spare key to the theater,” Aleah informed as she turned left into a parking lot behind what looked like the shadiest building in the city. That’s a lot coming from me, by the way. Woodcrest had seen its fair share of ‘shady’ buildings, with one of my favorites being an old record store that housed a pallet of cocaine in the back room. I guess at some point the police realized that a vinyl record store was a little bit out of place in a college town. I wondered what kind of drugs this shithole was hiding.

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 6

“Why isn’t Shawn at the DEM house?” Aleah asked curiously as we pulled into his driveway. The trek down the long stretch of pavement was smooth and involved only a slight turn, leading us easily onto the parking space just in front of the house. Shawn’s house was big, really, really big. So big in fact that if he ever wanted to move out, all he’d have to do is move his stuff to the other side. To be perfectly honest no one was certain what Shawn’s dad did for a living; Mr. Derringer was as mysterious as he was dangerous I supposed.

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 5

I heard two loud mechanical ‘thuds’ as Aleah threw the van into gear and rumbled down the GAT driveway. As we emerged onto the street I cast a wayward glance at Leina who was busying herself with her phone. I glanced at the screen silently but couldn’t make out what she was doing. I shrugged and looked toward the window, observing the world as it blew by.

“Do you want to ask me something?” Leina asked. I looked back, she’d set her phone on her lap, hands crossed over it, her gaze fixed directly on me.

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 4

“Okay,” Aleah sighed, pacing back and forth in front of the couch. Beside me I distinctly heard the sound of Kari flipping through her book, probably ignoring the world around her, as usual. “I hate to actually be productive today, but we need to find Audrey. We have…forty seven hours to get it done, so we need to think. What do we know about Audrey?”

“Oh, her favorite show is Power Rangers,” Leina interrupted. “She absolutely loves it. When we were kids playing pretend she would be the pink ranger.”

“And that didn’t raise any suspicion?” I stared at her.

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 2

“Who exactly are you?” I raised an eyebrow at the new girl. Leina, Leina, who the hell was Leina?

“Oh don’t worry,” She giggled as she stepped confidently around me, leaning in and speaking quickly into my ear; her hot breath resonated against my skin. “You’re going to get to know me REALLY well.”

“Jesus!” I stepped back quickly and glared at her. “Personal space, bitch!”

Woodcrest #5: Investigating Audrey Chapter 1

I paced back and forth, surveying the remaining members and pledges. This time we were in the meeting room, a podium up front, wooden folding chair spread uniformly across the rest of the floor. We hadn’t been using this space enough, but we had to look formal enough when our GAT representative walked through the door.

The Future of Angela's Legacy

Everyone has probably notice that Angela's Legacy has been lagging behind and I have a few reasons. First and foremost, I want to point out that for a group of readers that claim to hate forced fem, Chapter 1, which was nothing but torture porn and forced fem has gotten a LOT of views. 3300 or so. What the hell, guys?

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Epilogue

The walk back from the GAT house was nothing short of painful even if it wasn’t that far. Honestly it was like three blocks from the GAT house to the dorm, so I don’t know what I was complaining about. I walked to the elevator, remembered that it was broken and began my long trudge up the stairs. Finally clearing the 4th floor landing, I reached into my pocket to retrieve my dorm key and walked down the exposed balcony deep in thought.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 12

“You took your sweet time getting here,” Aleah said to me sharply as I walked through the front door of the GAT house. There were about twenty girls sitting in the living room all of them with varying levels of annoyance written on their faces. Why were we here? What was going on?

“I walked as slowly as I could,” I snapped back. She rolled her eyes and pointed to an empty chair across from Tiffany.

“Okay, now that EVERYONE is here,” She said, glaring in my direction. “Let’s get to work on our little problem.”

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 11

I took a deep breath and pushed out through the door of my dorm, it was the day I’d been dreading for weeks, at least since I’d had time to think about life after the initial GAT house incident. My parents were in town, actually they were waiting for me in the quad. I checked my phone, it was 10:15 in the morning, I had seventy-five missed messages from the GAT chat, and one missed message from Sakiya. She really liked checking up on me.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 10

“Todd Remeika?” The therapist called, poking her head out the door just enough to see into the waiting room.

“Uh, yeah, that’s…me,” I nodded, not moving from my chair. I could hear the muscles in the necks of every other patient creaking as they turned to look at me. Oh, right, yeah, I was supposed to get up. I stood up from the chair, straight as a shot and dropped my phone on the floor. Picking it up, I jetted across the floor and nearly slammed into the therapist who was now holding the door open just enough for me to get through.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 9

I arrived at the GAT house maybe an hour later, laptop in hand, noticing immediately that there were a few extra cars parked on the curb. That was a little odd considering the house had parking in the back, were they having a party or something? I shrugged it off and pushed through the gate, making my way toward the porch. A quick trip the creaky steps ended in me standing before the white door which I’d seen so many times in the last month and a half. I knock lightly, as always, probably hoping somewhere deep inside that the door wouldn’t open. But it did, it always did.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 8

In my dreams I’m a boy. Just a boy like any other. I want to be a girl, I want it so badly. I want to be Audrey, I want it with every fiber of my being, but it’s a reality that I can never hope to manifest. In my dreams I try to be a girl, I try to wear the clothes, do the makeup, change my voice, but the makeup melts, the body hair regrows in torrents, my voice deepens. I am living in a nightmare and it’s only gotten worse as of late. Even in the subconscious realm I cannot escape what society dictates I should be. In my dreams, the enemy wears my face.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 7

“You told him you had anxiety?” Melissa raised an eyebrow, her hand poised on the meeting room door. On the other side would be the rest of the main cast, Josh Barnes as Jean Val Jean, Caitlyn Reedy playing Fantine, and a host of other people. The only people who would be missing were the bystanders for the musical numbers. There were about fifty of those, some students, some people from around Woodcrest who fancied themselves aspiring actors. “Are you EVER going to tell him the truth?”

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 5

My eyes cracked open ever so slowly, the world began to materialize around me as I became vaguely aware of my surroundings. I was in a room, on a bed, that much I could tell. My head was pounding, my body absolutely aching; every muscle screamed in horror as I tilted my field of view and tried to take in the room.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 4

I woke up the following day, stuffed back inside my dorm room with Mason asleep on the other side. As per usual his desk was cluttered with a landfill of energy drinks and food wrappers. I rolled my eyes and threw the blankets aside, hopping on to the floor and wandering to the bathroom to brush my teeth. On the way there I caught a glimpse of my bedside clock; it read 2:25 PM. Wow. I was being a really productive college student, wasn’t I? Thank God it was Saturday.

Allison's Test: Chapter 8

I awoke to Brianna charging through my bedroom door; she was never one for knocking. My first reaction was to roll my head to the left and glance at the bedside alarm clock which now read: 6:45 AM. Brianna was fully dressed in a silky blouse and black pants, and before I knew it, she was tossing clothes onto my bed.

“I found a shelter for Angela,” She explained rather offhandedly. “Get up, get dressed, we’re taking her right now.”

“I…can’t you just drive her over there?” I asked, pulling the blankets up to my chin. I didn’t want to move from the bed at all.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 3

“Oh, hey mom,” I spoke into the phone, not knowing why I even bothered acting surprised that she was calling. I mean, of course she was calling. What was I supposed to tell her?

“Sweetie I was worried about you,” My mother said in her concerned voice. “You haven’t called in weeks, we thought something happened to you!”

“Uh Mom,” I said as I began to walk toward the parking lot, considering making a beeline for the GAT house, but then rapidly changing my mind. “You know you can call me at any time right? Communication kind of goes both ways.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 23

“Has anyone ever told you that you shop like a stoner?” Ashleigh peeked into my cart as we approached the self-checkout lane at the grocery store. Inside, as I well knew, she would see three bottles of lemon juice, a bag of tomatoes, six potatoes, and a quart of ice cream. I suppose she would think that was a little weird, but ever since I’d been changed and allowed to eat for the first time, I’d been craving citrus and random dairy products. Potatoes were just a plus today.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 22

“I’m going,” I said adamantly to Broderick, gripping my bow in my left hand. “If they’re after me I deserve to know why.”

“We can send you a memo,” Broderick said, dropping a netted bag of lemons into a canvas backpack along with a few packages of crossbow bolts. “Have you ever been in a real fight? And by that I mean a fight where you didn’t get one of the most important people in your life killed?”

“Excuse me?” I clenched my fist, my face beginning to burn a deep red. “There was NOTHING I could do for Meredith!”

Angela's Legacy Sidestory 2: Meeting Meghan

“Angela?” I perked up a bit, turning and placing my hand on the steel tubing that comprised the rail of the wooden bridge. I saw the girl, her jet black hair coursing with the flow of the wind, her wedge heels clipping the uneven planks. She looked just like any other girl really, apart from the paleness and the deep blue eyes.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 21

“I don’t mean to be a dick, by any means,” Broderick said as he stood behind his desk in the basement of Howell’s. “But we need to step up our game.”

He was leaning on his desk, arms spread and palms open against the surface. He had what I could only describe as the most pissed off look that I had ever seen on his face and I had no idea what was going on. The rest of us, minus Craven, were gathered around the desk waiting for whatever news he was about to drop on us.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 20

“I hate school,” I said to Rhea as we walked into the bathroom following the last bell. “It’s worse than I remembered.”

“It’s not that bad,” Rhea rolled her eyes and leaned against one of the sinks, her body toward mine. “Fix your lipstick, it looks terrible.”

Piecing together the shit show that is Angela's Legacy

H'okay, so, here are the cliff notes:

Angela was called away by the Seelie council to investigate the disappearance of Eustace (the Armadillo). After she and Anabelle left, something went wrong - we're not sure what because no one is telling the main character anything.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 19

“And what is this?” Mellie asked, staring at the ground with the greatest amount of disinterest that I’ve ever witnessed from any human being.

“This is a dead body,” Broderick said to her, as if he were explaining to a child.

“What a shame,” She shrugged. “Well, now what we know what it is, I’d like to get on with my day.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 18

“Welcome to your new home,” Rhea stepped into the house, backward, her arms dramatically outstretched. “It’s not as big as Angela’s house, but it’s home.”

“We…live here alone? Just us?” I looked around, noting that the place WAS much smaller. It was a single story house with aging wood floors, faded walls, and furniture that looked like it came from a thrift store.

“I live here too,” Mellie said, walking into the house and passing by me and tossing her purse on the couch.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 17

“Everyone here has something to lose,” Broderick paced back and forth. We were sitting the basement office, just below Howell’s pub, as I’d come to learn. There were seven of us here. Broderick, Mellie, my sister, and a few other people I hadn’t met yet. I was sitting on the desk, Meghan beside me, her hand in mine. “Everyone here, in this room, save for the vampire, is a member of house Greystem-“

“Wait, what?” I interrupted. “Greystem?”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 15

My vision swam and my emotions raged as I was flung from the mirror and my body slammed against an old wooden floor, glass and debris bouncing, dust scattering after years of dormancy. I gasped for air and reached my hand upward toward the massive full-length framed mirror from which I had just been ejected. I scampered to my feet, rushed back toward the mirror, barely managing to keep myself standing. My arm outstretched I ran to it, slamming my hand against the glass. It shattered. The shards fell from the frame and turned to dust as they collided with the floor.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 14

Meghan grabbed the collar of my dress and literally lifted me from the couch, dragging me across the living room and down the hall like a rag doll. Just as we reached the entrance to the hall, the house shook, an impact that rippled through the floor, knocking Meghan off of her feet and sending me sprawling back toward the couch. My head hurt. I could see a pool of red seeping onto the tile around me. It would heal, but god damn it hurt. Through my blurred vision I saw Meredith standing there, confronting the giant, but she looked different, so very different.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 13

“Pay attention,” Meredith tapped the old dusty book in front of me with her switch. She hadn’t used it on me lately but she really loved using it as an implement. “Without referring to the book, tell me the name of the Seelie court, in old Fae.”

“’Allo,” I responded, hoping I wasn’t messing it up.

“And the inner sanctum?”

“Alloquandirm,” I said a little uncertainty. The look on her face told me I was wrong.

“Alloquandirum,” She corrected me. “You’ve gotta get that ‘u’ in there.”

“Sorry,” I shrugged. “It’s a lot to learn and-“

Allison's Test: Chapter 7

“Do you have a warrant?” Brianna asked the two police officers who were standing just outside the door, one craning his neck to see in.

“No Ma’am, this is a wellness check but we can come back with a warrant if need be, to make sure Mr. Achles is in one piece.”

“And who exactly is asking?” I couldn’t see her face, but I could just imagine her furrowing her brow at them.

“His parents,” One of the officers explained. “From what they said he was at camp Chippenwood-“

“Well that’s interesting,” My sister said. “An eighteen year old boy at summer camp?”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 12

“Jasmine, sweetie,” Angela said, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Go upstairs, please, into mine and Meredith’s room. I want you to stay there until we come to get you, okay?”

“Wait, what?” I turned to her, an expression of shock and confusion painting my face. “I don’t understand, I want to know what’s going on.”

“This isn’t for you to hear,” Anabelle said, her face stony. “Do as your mother says.”

“I’m not a kid!” I argued “I…”

“You are a kid,” Meredith informed me. “and you need to do as you’re told now.”

Ready to Arc?

To put it simply, writing Angela's Legacy has been a god damn roller coaster. I've spent an abusurd amount of time developing these characters in my head, especially Meredith who was kind of a cookie cutter bitch at the beginning. I've gotten a lot of negative feedback, a lot of positive feedback, and one person in my inbox who has informed me that they hate my story because they were sworn to fight fairies in Morocco or something. I don't think they were kidding.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 11

“First and foremost,” Angela said, standing maybe three feet from me. “You’re going to learn to string this bow. Notice how the arms are curved, you see?”

I nodded. For the first time I was really getting a look at my bow. It was made from a sleep black wood, very simple, but also a bit heavier than I’d expected. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of contempt looking at it, as Meredith had forced me to run the obstacle course over and over again while holding it. Still, it was something Angela wanted me to have, and that was enough to make me love it.

Angela's Legacy Sidestory 1: Condemned to Live

I opened my eyes, though I don’t know why I bothered. It was the same room, every day. The same white walls, the same tall barred window, lined with steel lattice just in case I somehow managed to squeeze my way through the iron verticals. A white tile floor, a white bed, everything white. At least they’d unstrapped me from the bed. Why was I here? What had I even done? As I surveyed the white plaster ceiling I remembered my father’s words. “You’re no son of mine,” He’d said. How fucking cliché. I couldn’t tell you why he hated me so much. Well, I could, but does it really matter?

Angela's Legacy Chapter 10

“Again,” Meredith said coldly. As always, my body responded to her command; I ran back to beginning of the obstacle course, bow in hand and gripped the rope net, hurtling up and over the obstacle as I raced toward the next.

“Meredith please,” I sobbed as I ran, completely out of breath and barely able to keep upright. “Please just let me stop for a minute.”

Angela's Legacy Chapter 9

“What are you thinking over there, Jasmine?” Angela asked me. I suddenly realized I was lost in thought, probably staring off into the distance.

“I…” I started to say, but trailed off, unsure of what I wanted to tell them. I gathered myself and sighed. “I’m just…I don’t want this to end. I like being…this. I like being your daughter, I like being…”


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