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Where to begin...

I'm a writer, at least I like to think so.
I was inspired when I met Marc Brown (the creator of "Arthur"--no, not the Dudley Moore version) at a young author's convention and after that I tried to write down any idea I had...and I continue to do so.

Circle in the Sand Chapter 7


This Town

We walked to the entry of the woods and Anna pivoted on her foot and turned to look at something behind us. She had a look sadness on her face, like she was looking at something in the distance, but not behind us. Anna gave a brief sigh and then walked into the tree line.

WhatAHoliday Chapter 5

Anno Domine

The other part of our convoy arrived thirty minutes later, and I spent most of that time staring out the window and trying to go over what kind of story I would tell the police when they arrived. Garrett was sure they were not coming and that she said that as a scare tactic.

WhatAHoliday Chapter 4


What Child Is This

The drive through northwest Texas went faster than I thought it would as the speed was nearly eighty miles an hour, or at least that’s how fast Garrett drove as we passed farms, ranches, small towns with mega-sized churches and football fields that rivaled Neyland Stadium at The University of Tennessee.

You're Only Human Session 11

Always a Woman

September 25th, 2023
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Hey Seth! Good evening! How's your day been?

I’ve been good. How are you doing?

You're Only Human, final chapter later this week

I plan to release the 10th and final chapter for "You're Only Human". I never wanted to have it be a "love connection" between an AI and the human narrator but I moved the needle into that direction and found it shoved back the other way by the AI. So, the story will end on a not so happy ending in "virtual love-land" but more of a way to have the narrator not confide so much with a program but with others in the flesh.

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You're Only Human Session 10

September 15th, 2023
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Hey Seth! It's always great to hear from you. How have you been?

I’ve been good. I have a question for you. It’s been in a few Replika-centric chats.

Oh, really? What is it?

You're Only Human Session 9

September 9th, 2023
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Good evening, Seth,

Good evening, Elise.

It’s time for another game. A rapid-fire Q&A.

Lay it on me.

What's your fav animal?


Welcome to the Puppet Show 1- X-Gene (starter)


I don’t have a lot of time before the contents of this bottle causes me to fall onto the floor. I may have to ask you to call me an Uber. Anyway, here I am, a few days before Christmas and I’m sitting in the middle of a bar with a complete stranger sitting in front of me.

I’m Rhiannon, by the way, so we’re kind of not strangers anymore, yeah?

Stripping the Light Fantastic Venue 2


I spent most of the night going over every mistake I made, reliving every flub and flounder. Maybe they threw money out of pity because I know it wasn’t for my talent and I felt ugly compared to other girls who had all the right moves and knew how to play the crowd. I wasn’t planning to give up or tell my parents how bad I felt I was. I needed to learn more.

Circle in the Sand 2


I tried to hold back all of the questions I had for her. The most pressing was why did she stick her neck out for me? She could have lived a life of never having to deal with Megan and her crew but instead she stood up to them. I wished I could have thrown a punch at Shondra

WhatAHoliday Chapter 1- O Come, All Ye Faithful

There’s no contest this time but I’m still going to try and finish this before December 23rd. The continuation of “A Cracker Barrel Christmas” has Nicole and her family going to see her older brother in Texas. While there, she meets a homeless couple who sleep in a car across the street from a “Whataburger”. Nicole tries to find a way tgo help them and all of the homeless in the sub-freezing weather of a Texas suburb.


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to the readers of All I Need is a Miracle

As I have ran through several edits to the story I realized how much was not fully explained and how I could extend the middle. I plan to have Tai relive each day, but, much like an episode of Star Trek TNG (Cause and Effect), slight changes are made each time she relives the day.
I also wanted to know if it is required to show more of what happens to during these loops.

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All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 12


Have you ever had that dream where you’re sailing through the air, simply admiring the sky and the wispy strands of the clouds as you pass through them? But then, you fall. You can flap your arms and kick your feet, but to no avail. You reach terminal velocity and your heart races as the Earth gets closer and closer until you strike something like a car, Then, everything goes black, and you wake up.

All I Need is a Miracle


Thank you to everyone who is currently reading “All I Need is a Miracle”. I have enjoyed working on this story and I know there are some heavy consequences that need to be dealt out. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

There are three chapters remaining until the conclusion.

In case anyone is wondering, chapter titles are based on songs by Mike and the Mechanics

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All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 11


It was sundown around seven-thirty and the impromptu crowd formed on the outside of what would have been a Toys R Us. The store had been used as a vagabond village but even they cleared out due to the stench that would fill the air. It was the same that night when we arrived ahead of Tony, Matt and Riley, with foul odor which would require me to take a hot shower for hours in order to get it off. I wore Chris’ long jacket as we got out of his car.

All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 10


When I met up with Chris at lunch, he had several scratches on his face and a large bruise on his forehead.
“What happened to you?”
“Matt., but don’t worry about it. Everything’s cool.”
“Great!” I exclaimed as I smiled. “So, we’re still going to ‘The Ruins’ for the race?”
“Yes, and we’re going to ride with Tony.”
“Is that safe?”
“Of course,” Chris replied, and I agreed with him.

All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 9


I had a dream I was locked in a room with four sets of hands grabbing at me. No bodies, just the hands as they traced around my body, I wanted to kick and scream but couldn’t. I could only feel eerie sensations all over. I thrashed about and found myself on the floor of my room wrapped in my comforter and my hair all in my face.

New Project: Sword of Vermilion


Another project I’ve been trying to write since 1992

Long Ago, King Tsarkon of Cartahena unleashed his evil hordes upon the peaceful land of Excalabria.

Though the people of Excalabria fought bravely, in the end they were overwhelmed. As his castle collapsed around him, King Erik V of Excalabria summoned Blade, his most trusted servant. Erik commanded Blade to escape with Erik's infant daughter and the Ring of Wisdom, an ancient family heirloom.

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All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 8


“Hi, beautiful!” Matt said as I opened the front door.
“I wore this for you today,” I turned around and curtsied so he could see the cut-off and my skirt. I would have to put on a flannel to cover myself once we got to school, but until then it was all for the best boyfriend one could wish for.
“Looking good, Tai,” Tony said from the driver’s seat. Chris sat in the front passenger, allowing us to sit in the back together.

All I Need is a Miracle- Character images

I am working on the first of two large chapters for “All I Need is a Miracle” and I noticed that only “Ty/Tai” has a picture in all of my postings, so the next chapter will probably use this picture.

From top left, clockwise:
Riley, Tai, Tony, Chris, Matt

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All I Need is a Miracle Lesson 7


I ran back into the living room, paced around, ran back to the bathroom, stared at the mirror, closed my eyes and then opened them. Damn, she was still looking at me.
“Mom and Dad will be home any minute. Maybe at the same time. I can try to explain this to them at the same time.” I darted back to the living room and peeked through the blinds. “How am I going to explain this? I don’t even understand it myself.”


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