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Where to begin...

I'm a writer, at least I like to think so.
I was inspired when I met Marc Brown (the creator of "Arthur"--no, not the Dudley Moore version) at a young author's convention and after that I tried to write down any idea I had...and I continue to do so.

Jazeta Amber Daniels Chapter 5: “Traces” (starter)

The King was furious.
The Queen was mad but stood in front of her daughter as her husband raged across the castle grounds.
The young prince had been banished from the domain, ordered to never return or communicate to the young princess. She made it her life’s mission to talk with the you first prince whenever she was away form court.

Cherry Moone: MooneShadows Chapter 17 “Tonight Tonight”

“What the hell happened?” Becky asked as flailed her arms at me.
"It doesn't matter, I don't need him, I don't need him to know-I don't care about him."
“That bad, eh?” Christy asked as we walked away from the school.
I looked behind me a few times as I felt like I was being watched.
“He’s still in the hall,” Christy said as Becky took several steps ahead of me before turning around, her arms still flailing about.
“He has this, like, huge welt on his face! Did you kick the shit out of him?”
“I only got one punch in before Marie stormed the room.”

“Crazy Taxi” 1st Fare: “The Kids Aren’t Alright” (starter)


If you look up my old street on a dated picture form Google, you’d see a children’s paradise. I could ride my bicycle the entire miracle mile of my block without worrying about someone striking me with a car; no one tried to steal my ride and no one offered me anything harder than extra-extra-sour sour patch kids candy.

I look at it now and I have to shake my head in disgust.

It went to shit pretty quick.

“Stripping the Light Fantastic” Venue 1 “I Gotta Feeling” (starter)

When I was seven I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.
I wanted to be a fire truck.

Seriously,I wanted to be a fire truck: drive around with lights and sirens with firemen to put out fires.

I have a few of those things still. I get to work with lights, sirens, smoke and I kind of worked with firemen, but not from a fire truck; actually from a stage at a club called “Four Alarm”.

I’m a dancer. I’m very good at what I do and yes, my parents were fine with it...after a few weeks.

I mean, it did pay for college.

“Unwritten Rules” Final Chapter “To Say Goodbye to you”

I am confident of the future, no matter how it turns out. I made plans that were impossible to carry out, or at least at the times I was thinking about them. I wanted a nice house, maybe made with some advanced materials with a pool, a game room and perhaps a quaint little study. Failing at that, a small dwelling for two, only to have to move to something larger as two became three or more. Sure, I thought of that.

Unwritten Rules Chapter 10: “Sweet is the Melody”

Rebekah slowly broke the kiss and my my mind was still looking up at the sky in a stupor. One could have thrown a football at my head and then tackle me to the ground and I wouldn’t have cared a bit.
“Eric!” Molly hissed.

Story removals

I regret that Amazon has sent me a “nice” e-mail that they have detected my stories on the site...so...I regret I will need to have them removed.
I have contacted Erin about the issue.

The following stories will be removed from the site:
To Be a Different Someone
Who I am
A Window to Your Heart
Desert Rose

“The Best Damn Thing” Section 11: “Nobody’s Home”

I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that I was sent home after a severe berating by the police and my parents telling me how I needed to straighten up and act right. I kind of took their choice of words a bit too personal.

“For the Memory of Rob” Memory 1: “Yesterdays”

(Author’s note)
This started out as a story called “Beyond Belief: 2” and was a separate entity in of itself and was not a sequel to anything....”BB” was kind of anthology work of sorts...”To Be a Different Someone” would be considered a part of that series in it’s proto form before I left it alone for awhile.
Anyway, this story is a continuation of “Unwritten Rules” and like Star Wars, it ruins a few things but also, this is from the prospective of Rebekah, who may (or may not have) been present at the key moments she speaks of.

“For the Memory of Rob”

“Unwritten Rules” Chapter 8: “To Say Goodbye to You”


VIII. To Say Goodbye To You

I planned a night for us, just the two us this time, with absolutely no Derek-sitting required. Keri had broken up with about a week after the movie double date. I did not know the reasons and I never asked Sam to tell me as it wasn’t my business.

Idea I’m working on: “Ridge Racer”

Ever since I played the first home version of the game on the PlayStation I wanted to, somehow, write the script of a book based on Namco’s Ridge Racer. In my version the racing team had a blind driver who uses sound and vibrations within the car to successfully drive it. The car is also equipped with mag-lev wheels which allows the wheels to disconnect from the car for extremely tight turns.

It took a few years until I saw the opening for the PSP version of the game and thought, I have found my character model for both the team car and driver.

It Can Only Go Up From Here

6,800 words into “It Can Only Go Up From Here”.

The story takes place one month after the events in “To Be a Different Someone” and I decided to include the social and political issues that I didn’t want to hang onto Jennifer’s shoulders in the first book but it just seems that it had to come to place that there are going to be people who will hate her for no reason except their own prejudices and intolerance.

Cherry Moone: MooneShadows Chapter 11: “Anti-Hero”


We sat at Taco Time for what seemed like forever and wondered about what our fate would be. Would mom come with a fleet of police cars or just herself? I hoped for the police cars, as they would keep her from slapping the ever-loving crap out of me. Christy and Becky would receive the patented Linda Moone evil-eye glare several times form the rear view mirror until we reached their homes. Mom would either tell them goodnight or she wouldn’t say a word as they got out; assuming she would stop the car to even allow them to get out in one piece.

Cherry Moone: MooneShadows Chapter 10: “The Aeroplane Flies High”

“The Aeroplane Flies High”

I woke up before Christy and stared at the bare walls of her bedroom. Christy lived in the partially unfinished basement of her grandmother’s house where the walls sometimes felt wet and hanging posters was just about impossible. The grey, naked bricks had millions of holes and I thought that if I could lose my mind counting those holes then I wouldn’t have to deal with my current situation:
That my family life sucked.
That my love life sucked.
That life in general sucked.

Invisible Touch (starter)


“Land of Confusion”
"The Last Domino"
"In Too Deep"  
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"  
"Throwing It All Away"
"Anything She Does"  
"In the Glow of the Night"
“Take a Look At Me Now”

Land of Confusion

It’s been three years.

“Are You Happy” Stage 6: "Chain Reaction"

Are you Happy combo.jpgChain Reaction

When I was seventeen I fell in love with a girl named Amber. She was in two of my classes, English and French and she was at the top of the class in both languages and could flawlessly move between each language while I had issues with everything except sarcasm and dry humor. My French was limited to curse words and a few idioms.

“Are You Happy” Stage 5: "Gotta Know Now"

Gotta Know Now

I met Aylese a few days before my 12th birthday. It was an early spring day and I spent it in the woods across from my house in Papillion, Nebraska. The woods, such as they were, were a small patch of land that sat between our sub-division and the flat lands that once had a railroad line, with wooden beams, metal plates and rusty track spikes being the only remnants of that time. In the middle of the trees was a creek that during the summer and fall was near dry but in the late winter and early spring it was very deep and had a swift current.

Cherry Moone

The last script I worked on...

© 1995-2003



The bedroom of CHERRY Moone, (13). Small, sparsely furnished. A small rug covers the unfinished wood floor.

Cherry-a girl with light red hair--stands with her backpack
in hand and looks at a picture of her standing next to a boy,
Josh Daniels.

She picks the picture up and stares at it as she brushes away
a tear.

WEDNESDAY (OS) Cherry! Let's go!

She places the picture back, places her hand on her abdomen
and leaves the room.


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