“Desert Rose” Letter One: “Storyline” (starter)

I started this back in 1991 when I was going through extrerme despression...lets just say that there were several times I thought about climbing up to the top of the gym at my school and throwing myself off...its also in the same time frame as a few of my other stories that take place at my former high school.

The title is from a song by White Heart (a link to the song is below) and not the one by Sting (White Heart’s song is much older)

Desert Rose
Desert Rose (performed by White Heart)



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Where to begin...

I'm a writer, at least I like to think so.
I was inspired when I met Marc Brown (the creator of "Arthur"--no, not the Dudley Moore version) at a young author's convention and after that I tried to write down any idea I had...and I continue to do so.

“Unwritten Rules” Chapter 8: “To Say Goodbye to You”


VIII. To Say Goodbye To You

I planned a night for us, just the two us this time, with absolutely no Derek-sitting required. Keri had broken up with about a week after the movie double date. I did not know the reasons and I never asked Sam to tell me as it wasn’t my business.

“Bloomsday” km9: “The Rain Must Fall”


km 9 The Rain Must Fall

I woke up a week later. Since my heart had stopped four times since I arrived, they had me under for a while. I wanted to make a quick joke about feeling like I was dead but I was afraid that the nurses wouldn’t approve of morbid humor in the ICU.

“Bloomsday” km1: “Flight of Fantasy”


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Who I Am Chapter 16-Final


“So, they’re still going to perform the play?” Mike’s voice still had a tiredness to it.
“Yes, I think it will be a great tribute for her.”
“You would’ve done it all yourself if they didn’t.”
“You’re right, I replied.
I sat at a small, built for two, but three people could possibly sit at it if they used tea saucers as dinner plates, table as I talked with Michael over the phone.
Danny was on the other side of the room on his computer.
“I wish I could see it.”

Who I Am Chapter 14: “Miss You” & Chapter 15: “What A Wonderful World”


I had several dreams during the night.
Not all of them were nightmares, but they came close as they all revolved around real people in my life. I couldn't recall anything that they said, but it was more of their expressions—the lifeless, dead expressions they had with every face that flashed in my head. My parents, teachers, Karen Anne, Dick, maybe even Elvis, I don’t know…but they all stood along a line that lead to a door and ultimately closed it on me.

Idea I’m working on: “Ridge Racer”

Ever since I played the first home version of the game on the PlayStation I wanted to, somehow, write the script of a book based on Namco’s Ridge Racer. In my version the racing team had a blind driver who uses sound and vibrations within the car to successfully drive it. The car is also equipped with mag-lev wheels which allows the wheels to disconnect from the car for extremely tight turns.

It took a few years until I saw the opening for the PSP version of the game and thought, I have found my character model for both the team car and driver.

Who I Am Chapter 12 “Queen of Sorrow”


We stayed for as long as time allowed at the restaurant; until we had to get back to the campus, and it turned out that Amanda volunteered to drive Heather back, which allowed us extra time without having to break any speed limits to get back ourselves.
“Did you see how they got along so well?” I asked after I closed the car door.
“Are you playing Cupid?”
“More like Emma.”
“So, you were trying to get them together?”
“Yeah, you couldn’t tell?

To Be a Different Someone Chapter 15: Don’t Be Stupid


Chapter Fifteen
Don’t Be Stupid

No one came up to my room. No one came to the door. I don’t know if I really wanted anyone to or not. For as much as I might have wanted someone to ask if I was okay, I didn’t want to talk.
I didn’t pack any clothes or take my sketchbooks when I left by dawn’s early light. No note. Nothing. I just wanted to get away from everyone for awhile.

To Be a Different Someone Chapter 13 “Up”


Chapter Thirteen: Up

The truth hurts. We’re always told to be up front with others: don’t play with anyone’s mind or heart, honesty is the best policy, give a little bit of heart and soul and all that, right?

Who I Am Chapter 10 “Close to You”


Our senior year was difficult for the both of us. From day one, Highland Academy was against us from spending any time together and mom made it a rule that we were to study in the kitchen, den or living room and Michael was not allowed upstairs. Dad was oblivious to the situation as mom told him she caught me smoking in my room—anything to avoid telling him that his son was sexually active.
“Everyone tries it, Elizabeth,” he said one night at dinner.

To Be a Different Someone Chapter 12: “For the Love of Him”

Chapter Twelve

My morning run that day never happened, at least not in a physical manner. I had several dreams that I ran all over the city, the country, maybe a bit of the world. I wasn’t avoiding anything. No boogieman or demonic figure was chasing me down—and by that, yes, I meant my dad. I was moving toward something, but I never saw what it was.

Who I Am Chapters 6 & 7


It had been a few weeks since Prom and for some reason KA was still with Michael or maybe that was the other way around. They spent a lot of time talking about things. They even included me in some of their discussions and--as much as I wanted to feel great for my friend, I felt like I was slowly getting cut off.
I mean, I felt less like a friend and more like the girl in the movies that was a little crazy but also had an unrequited love to the guy who saw her as a friend.
“Maybe we should double date sometime.”

To Be a Different Someone Chapters 8 & 9


Chapter 8:
Whatever You Do, Don’t

We drove home after cheer practice with Krys talking a mile a minute.
“You were great out there, really. You were.”
I really wasn’t too bad. I knew the cheers but never actually performed the motions so I was a few steps behind.
“Thank you, I—”
“Now there are a few on the team who are going to be put off by—”

To Be a Different Someone Chapters 6 & 7


Chapter Six
Honey, I’m Home

I felt a dull pain all over my body. “Jennifer?”
I couldn’t figure out the voice, it was slow and gravelly.
I tried to speak but couldn’t open my mouth—it was like it was being held shut. I felt a hand brush against my arm and I tensed my body.

To Be a Different Someone Chapter 5: “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”


It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing

I sat in a couch across from Doctor London’s chair as she looked through my paperwork and then at me. I
changed a bit of my style that day: loose shirt, a short skirt, and a looped set of earrings.
“How long have you been thinking about this?” she asked as she stood up and walked over to a deep chair next to the couch.

To Be a Different Someone Chapters 1 & 2


Chapter One: Black Eyes, Blue Tears

Where to begin?
I suppose I could start with my family—of what it was…which was nothing, really. We were like three roommates that talked a little bit as we lived separate lives. I suppose that’s a bit blunt, but that’s how it is, or was.
I don’t want to think that I intruded on the lives of two people on the day I was born…but I kind of felt that way.


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