Brianne 04 - End of Term

End of Term

The next few weeks was one of the most exciting periods of my life. It was also
a most unsettling and frightening time. By now, except for a few hours each day
at school, I was living continuously as a girl. Even at school I was experimenting.
Just little things. Instead of wearing baggy jeans with the crotch down round my

Cabbages and cauliflower - update

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When not quite 38 years of age I suffered a mild heart attack. After a couple of months of following doctor's orders with no apparent improvement I made an enough of a nuisance of myself to be scheduled for open heart surgery, no minor procedure in those days.
So in the May of my 38 year I underwent by-pass surgery, my first cabbage or CABG, coronary arterial bypass graft.

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