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Covid 19 Part 15 Small steps slowly.

After the existence of Jessica's daughters becomes world-wide news. Terri and Jessica find themselves having to face the music without revealing Terri's gender. They re-iterate their conditions to some un-cooperative fundamentalist religious groups and they do not make themselves popular.

Covid 19 part 14 Crossing the line.

Terri's friends Charlie and Jan are told of Terri's secret and they allowed to choose Jessica's eggs with Terri's sperm so that their children will be full blood siblings to Jessica and Terri's.

Covid 19 the Beginning of the end.

Having realised that her unaffected sperm is somehow connected to her entire metabolic immunity to the Covid Virus's, Terri decided to helt her dangerously sick friends in the 'Nightingale' hospital

Posting Mindful 2

I noticed at approximately 2030 UST that my earlier novel Mindful had been re-posted.
I was pleasantly surprised by this (Thanks Erin) There is a copy for sale on Amazon.

I then set about reading some of the old comments and somebody had mentioned that they preferred to read a novel length story in one session, rather like a book.

Consequently, I've re-posted the follow-on novel Mindful 2 in it's entirety but it is also up for sale on Amazon and the proceeds go to BC (I think)

Covid 19 and the day after.

Nineteen and the day after.

©Copyright to Beverly Guinevere Taff.

List of Characters.

Terry Harrington. Fugitive boy marked for compulsory transitioning.

Samantha, (Sam) First transitioned kid Terry meets on the streets.

Theodora (Dora) leader of the transitioned kid gang.

Jessica. (Jessie) The only neo-natal girl in Dora’s gang.

Charlie Member of the transitioned gang.

Jan Another member of the transitioned gang.

Covid 19 and counting. Part one of two parts (I hope)

I make no apologies for getting my idea for this story from Tiff Q's story about the real trouble with Covid 19.

I have adapted Tiffs 'world' of 'No female Y chromosome sperm' and cast my own slant to my story. This could become a 'Universe' Tiff.

Thank you Tiff for the inspiration, Beverly.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 49

The Dutch case has reached a verdict but sentencing has been suspended by European intercourt convention until the German case is completed. Lola is assisting Erica by providing emotional support while Olivia and Angela are also close at hand during the hearings in Berlin.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 44

The 2nd court case is completed and Bab's is out of danger. Olivia, Angela and Erica leave for Amsterdam to be witnesses in the Dutch trial while Lola at long last goes into hospital for her GRS.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 41

Having learned of her blood connection to Bab's, Lola now has to negotiate the delicate issues that arise between her and her adoptive sisters. She is determined to reassure them that nothing has changed between the four girls but she has yet to tell Bab's about the blood connection because Bab's is still very frail after the surgery.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 39

All the girls are naturally desperately concerned at Bab's having been shot, then an issue comes up with Bab's having a rare blood group and further surgery has to be postponed until the Blood-bank can rustle up sufficient supplies to Bab's second round of elective surgery.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 37

After receiving the files and video from an unknown source, the Judge is forced to suspend the trial for a week while the counsels for prosecution and defense reconvened their preparations and presentations.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 35

Lola begins to cement her Friendship with Duchess Callie and her wife Maggie. Callie also extends the next invitation to Denton Hall to Lola's step-sisters Olivia, Angela and Erica and thus the sagas on Bab's Resolution and Heir to a title are merged..

Copyright owned by Beverly Guinevere Taff

Babs' New Year's Resolution 34

In this chapter, Lola, Olivia, Angela and Erica inadvertently learn of another trans-woman who has suffered at the hands of Abdul Ibn Saud and their paths cross to start an enduring friendship between a high-ranking duchess and four kids from care.

Heir to a Title. Ultimate Chapter

This is the final chapter of Heir to a Title insofar as it directly concern's Callista's (Callie) accession to the Dukedom of Denton as a trans-gendered woman. Callie's further adventures can be followed in the body of my other story about trans-gendered and paedophilic assaults posted directly after this one on the Big Closed page - Namely Chapter 35 of Bab's New Year's resolution.

Thank you to all the readers who have expressed their likes and loves for 'Heir to a Title.'

Merging stories Bab's New Years Resolution and Heir to a Title

Merging the two stories 'Heir to a Title with 'Bab's New Years Resolution'.

Just as I blended the tail end of my story 'Skipper into to the beginning of 'Heir to a title,' so I have now taken the opportunity to weave together the last parts of 'Heir to a Title with the on-going story of 'Bab's New Year's Resolution'.

I have put a note in the Notes preceding chapter 33 of Bab's New years Resolution.

Hope too many people won't be offended by this short cut but it's the best way to deal with the time element devoted to writing.

Best regards,

Babs' New Year's Resolution 33 (And Heir to a title????)

I've been receiving several inquiries concerning the end of my novel 'Heir to a Title'.

On looking at my current novel 'Bab's New Year's Resolution'; I realised there was a novel opportunity to tie the two novels together and simultaneously complete 'Heir to a Title. The link of course is that the man who assaulted Callum/Callista in Heir to a title is none other than Abdul Ibn Saud, the man who was a prime mover in the rape/kidnap gang that supplied 'fresh meat' to the paedophile-rapist gangs worldwide operations.

I'm not sure how this will work out but here goes.


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