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Sacculina 1

Yeah! Yeah! I know I haven't finished 'Heir to a Title' but I'll get around to it when time allows and the muse returns.

I saw this scientific article about a parasite called Sacculina that alters several aspects of the infected host's behaviour and anatomy. In the case of this particular parasite it castrates male crabs and makes them behave and look like females. This causes the male crab to carry and hatch the parasite's offspring just as a female crab carries it's own young.
'Ho hum," I concluded, food for thought.

This story should run to about 2 or 3 chapters (I hope)

Heir to a Title - Chapter 29

Another Chapter in Callie's progress through university. An interesting research offer is put before her but causes internal conflicts.

Heir to a title 29.

During the Michelmas term Callie started as she mean't to go on by dutifully completing all her assignments well before their 'hand-in' dates. Consequently her punctuality and grades started to attract the attentions of her tutors and the departmental head. Few students handed in their work as often as a week or even a month before the deadline.

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I just tried to send bunce by Pay-pal. It is useless. They keep changing my password and I refuse to write it down because that is a sure way to get robbed. I used my card instead. Pay-pal is not secure if they keep wanting me to change my password every time I forget.

I managed to send some money direct to Janglewood - I think.



I recently (Tonight) ordered some material from 'AMAZING TRANSFORMATION COMICS but they did not deliver. They took my money but did not allow me to download the product. My advice to BC top shelfers is to avoid this site, it seems to be a rip off.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 26

Sorry about the long delay.

I've been busy moving house, renovating bedrooms, installing bathrooms and I'm still not finished. The rest of this years I'm building an extension to my new home in Bristol so that I have a ground level 'granny annexe' ready for when I'm old and slow.


Ellie. (Eleanor) The prime Character.

Bill (William) her father, (obviously).

Callie short for Callisto) Ellie’s only daughter. Initially she was called Callum - a transgendered son.

Mares Tales 18

The next morning broke cold and damp. It was an unusual day for late
June but its coolness would prove to be a godsend for the operation.
There was nothing worse than a difficult operation in the sweltering
heat. I arrived for breakfast to find the others picking lightly at
their food. It was no good taking a huge meal and then being 'caught
short' during the operation. Jenny looked on hungrily as we picked at
our meal.

"Everybody ready then?" she asked bravely.

Mares Tales 17

Mares Tales 17

Eventually we awoke again. Veronica still lay beside me with her torso
in my arms but she seemed to be whinnying softly in her sleep. I tried
to move my ear closer to her lips but my efforts awoke her. She stirred
and I gently stroked her long blond hair as I murmured to her.

"Was that Juno whinnying whilst you were asleep?"

"Hold on. I'll ask he,." smiled Vee sleepily.

There was a short pause and then Veronica pressed herself against me

Mares Tales 16

Mare's Tales - Chapter 16 – by: Beverly Taff

The morning alarm served only to tell us the time. We were all awake
after a poor night's sleep as the work ahead dwelt upon our minds.
Veronica shuddered nervously as I lifted her onto her wheel chair.

"Last time for all this I hope Bev?"

"Fingers crossed Vee. Are you sure you want to go through with it?"

I hugged her as a nervous tear trickled down her cheek and she

"To tell the truth Bev, I think even death would be better than living
like this for the rest of my life."

Heir to a Title - Chapter 25

Heir to a title Chapter 25

“Crickey! Your head looks like a scrap metal yard!” Michael observed when Callie returned to school. “How long will those be in your face?”

“Abouh- shix weeks.” Callie replied then held up a notice. -' The less I talk and try to move my jaw, the quicker I heal.' -

“So I suppose laughing's out as well?” Michael grinned.

Callie gave him an 'old' look and stuck two fingers up at him. Michael grinned again then eventually turned to a more serious note.

“Obviously I'll help you out. You were lucky.”

Heir to a Title - Chapter 24

Heir to a Title Chapter 24

Michael stood there whilst the silence became almost unbearable. He felt his upper lip threatening to quiver but just managed prevent his fear turning to terror while even yet holding his mother's stunned gaze. Eventually, whether through fear or anger, he knew not; he found his voice.

“Well mother? Have you nothing to say, no brutal put-down, no vicious stab with that rapier tongue of yours, no wail of remorse? Emotional blackmail?”

Heir to a Title - Chapter 21

Heir to a Title, Chapter 21

After getting dressed, the friends skipped down stairs for lunch only to find the morning room full of guests. Molly was playing ‘mine hostess’ while, unusually, Callie’s mother Ellie had taken a day off. They had been discussing Callie and Maggie’s exposure to the media.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 20

Heir to a Title, Chapter 20

Within three days the conservationists concluded that the marten family seemed undisturbed by the presence of the hide. The decision was made to try and install more cameras around and in the tree with a tentative attempt to try and install one inside the den.

The first phase went well and by the mid-afternoon, there were six cameras installed at strategic locations around the glade, the final objective now confronted the observers, how to get an inside view of the den.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 18

Heir to a Title Chapter 18

That evening as the three generations sat in the large drawing room at Denton Hall the phone rang. Callie was nearest for she was working on her laptop by the telephone table.

“Hello, Denton Hall.”

“Hello, is that the Duchess of Denton?”

“No, it’s the duke or more correctly his heir.”

There was an uncertain pause as the caller tried to assimilate the higher-pitched female voice. Callie explained.

“I’m his grandson. My grandfather died last year.”

Heir to a Title - Chapter 17

Heir to a Title Chapter 17

Callie knocked and waited before being ushered in. The Master was standing by the window looking over the quadrangle. He turned thoughtfully.

“Now Denton, I am presuming you were the innocent party in this.”

“Definitely sir.”

“Did he actually touch you – you know make a grab at your clothes?”

“He reached towards my trouser waist sir so I seized his wrist and twisted around.”

“Did you think he was going to try and take your trousers down?”

Heir to a Title - Chapter 15

Heir to a Title. Chapter 15.

After the will was sorted the situation in the Holst family more or less settled down to an uneasy truce. The monies owed to Beverly were duly devolved through Ellie to Callista and this action finally convinced the Holst family that Beverly was truly ‘not interested’ in any issues or affairs either material or emotional concerning her siblings and mother.

A filial link was however maintained between Ellie and her aunt’s daughters and grand-children.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 13.

Novel 1. Chapter 13.

As she turned through the garden gate, Ellie was mildly surprised to see that her father’s car was not in its usual place. At first she presumed he had been drafted into ‘Taxi’ duties to bring her grandmother home from Poole; Ellie had checked that Charlotte had left the cafe when she turned out of the port gates. When she stepped out of her car on arriving home however, she met her Nana Charlotte at the front door.

“Where’s Dad Nan?”

“He’s at the hospital.”

Ellie’s heart missed a beat.

“What’s wrong, where’s Calli?”

Heir to a Title - Chapter 12

Novel 1 Chapter 12

On the Tuesday Afternoon, as agreed, Ellie left work early to collect her dad and child preparatory to visiting the Speedwell that was docked and currently discharging at the container berth further down the quay from Beverly’s office. Beverly had also left to collect her brood from school and they briefly confirmed the arrangements for meeting back at the ship that evening. Ellie picked Callum up from school as pre-arranged and then collected her dad from their cottage. While Callum was changing out of school uniform Ellie briefed her dad.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 9

1 Novel Chapter 9

The next morning Nana Charlotte watched from her bedroom window as her granddaughter took her great-grandchild to school before making her own way to work. Charlotte watched wonderingly as she noted he was wearing a boy’s school uniform instead of a dress.

‘So he still has to abide by the school rules.’ She mused somewhat incorrectly.

Heir to a Title - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Callum was playing on his computer when she entered their apartment. He turned nervously as he heard the door knob turn.

“Where they shouting Mummy?”

Ellie nodded.

“Yes darling.”

“What about?

“I learned something shocking tonight darling.”

“Is it bad mummy?”

“Well it doesn’t affect you or me but it’s surprised me. Your granddad had a brother, I had an uncle, and you had a great uncle. He was also a brother to Aunties Rosie and Sandie.”

“You mean Nana Charlotte had another son?”


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