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Evil Woman - New Julie O story now up on Stardust


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I just posted Julie O's latest story on Stardust. With a title like Evil Woman I think you can guess what this one is all about.

Bob Arnold

New Iona story by Julie O at Stardust

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I just posted Julie O's latest story at Stardust. It's a story in the Turbulence series with Iona and the crew from Coeds. You can also reach Julie O through Stardust as she now has a user account there so please do comment on her stories posted there.

Bob Arnold

Zapped! -8- The Techno-Goddess

Zapped!Zapped! — Chapter 8 “The Techno Goddess”

If anyone reading the story discovers a typo or other error, please let me know so I can correct it. You can send an email to: [email protected]. Please let me know where you saw the story and what the error was. I'll attempt to get it corrected. Thanks Rebekkah deMere for her expert nit-picking that helps me keep the story on track.

Zapped! -6- High Anxiety

Zapped!Zapped! — Chapter 6 “High Anxiety”

Thanks to Rebekkah deMere for her expert nit-picking that helps me keep the story on track. Thanks also to Crystal (C.Sprite) for her excellent story “I Can’t Go Home Like This”. It reminded me of some personal experiences that will be turning up in this and the next few chapters. You can find that story at Crystal’s Story Site.

Zapped! -5- The Storm

Zapped!Zapped! — Chapter 5 “…The Storm”

WARNING! — This chapter deals with some real life experiences in a highly fictionalized manner. Storm chasing, the main topic in these chapters, can be extremely dangerous. DO NOT attempt this activity unless you have had proper training or are with an experienced storm chaser with the proper training.

Zapped! -4- The Calm Before...

Zapped! />
Chapter 4 — The Calm Before…

Once again, this chapter is much longer than I thought it should be. Please send me any comments you may have about the story, I look forward to reading and responding to them. The email address is listed below.

Zapped! -2- Coming Out and Going Home

Zapped! - Chapter 2

By Bob Arnold

Chapter 2 — Coming Out and Going Home

Please note that this chapter contains a mild sex scene. If this type of thing upsets you then DON’T READ THIS STORY!

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