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Help with legal story line requested

I'm wondering if anyone who had worked as a solicitor or in a solicitor's office in England can help me get the facts straight for a proposed storyline in my latest novel "There is Nothing Like a Dame". I know it's only a story but I do like to get things as accurate as I can. Any assistance will be gratefully acknowledged.
Regards, Bronwen Welsh

Harriet delayed

My apologies to everyone following Harriet's latest story. There will be a delay in posting the next chapter, just a few days I hope. Sometimes other matters take up writing time, annoying though this is.
My sincere apologies. At least you weren't waiting for the resolution of a cliffhanger.
Best wishes, Bronwen welsh

Same sex marriage in Australia - at last!

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Today was a special day in Australia. The same-sex marriage debate has been going on for years. Despite the fact that our Federal Parliament has to pass legislation to allow it, they insisted on a $120million voluntary postal vote of everyone on the electoral roll, and today the results were announced. 80% of eligible people voted, 61.6% voted 'Yes' and 38.4% voted 'No'. The Prime Minister has promised that legislation will be passed through parliament before Christmas. Finally, we have caught up with the rest of the Western world.

Georgie Stone, transgender teen

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I was so pleased to read that 17 year old Georgie Stone has just been announced as the State of Victoria's nominee for 'Young Australian of the Year'. At less than eleven years old she was granted permission by an Australian Family Court to take hormone blockers. As a result, and her subsequent appeals for people like her, young transgender Australians no longer have to go through the expensive court process to take blockers, although they still need to do so to get hormone treatment.

Harriet Stow, actress, returns

Ridiculous though it sounds, my heart rate is raised as I write this. Quite frankly I'm suffering from author's nerves. After my first two novels about Harriet Stow, namely "The Might- Have-Been Girl" and then "All the World's a Stage", I took a few months off writing. However, Harriet and Reggie's story was not finished, so now I've embarked on Episode Three, "There is Nothing Like a Dame", thus publishing my first trilogy.

Canine transfurite?

OK, this is just a bit of my warped sense of humour. I recently bought a copy of the original 1943 film 'Lassie Come Home' and decided to do a Google search about it. First, although it's set in northern England and Scotland, it was actually shot in the USA - not surprising I guess as Britain was a bit preoccupied with World War Two at that time and America hadn't yet signed up. Secondly, the title role which from the name is obviously a female dog (I won't use the b... word) was played by a male dog called Pal of the breed called a Rough Collie.

Apologies to loyal 'Harriet' readers

An apology to the loyal readers of "All the World's a Stage" - I'm not trying to drag out the suspense (promise!) but I may not post Chapter 51 today as it's not finished nor checked over. I'll try to post in a day or two, or by some miracle it might still appear today!
Bronwen Welsh


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