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Update on Karen Lockhart - 1.16.2019

I received a report from Karen's cousin Sue today and I'm pleased to report that she is improving in health and has been moved to a rehab hospital. Sue will be taking in her laptop and cell phone on Thursday so she should soon be able to contact her friends again. We can hope that our thoughts and prayers have been answered

Further update on Karen/Kevin

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to report that the news on Karen Lockhart (Kevin) is not good. He is still in Intensive Care in hospital. After a brief time out in a general ward he had to go back to ICU. As before, your prayers and thoughts are appreciated. He knows that his friends in BC are thinking of him, and appreciates the good wishes you are sending.


Update on Karen Lockhart

Hi Everyone, Karen is still in hospital, having had a few problems which I'll leave to her if she wants to share with you (medical confidentiality you know). She's hoping to be out in three weeks and start posting again. She also sends her thanks to everyone who has sent their best wishes for her recovery.

News of Karen Lockhart

Hi Everyone,
If' you've been wondering about Karen Lockhart and her current novel 'Ginny's Story', I'm sorry to inform you that she is currently in hospital after a fall. I am in touch with her cousin and will post any news. There are no chapters of Ginny available to post at present. Some of you know that I do the proofing, so as soon as I get another chapter I will proof it as soon as possible. I'm as keen as everyone else to know what happens next.
Regards, Bronwen Welsh

My temporary disappearance

To all who kindly read my stories and might wonder why they haven't seen a chapter about Harriet's adventures in a while - I fell over (sober I must add) and broke my arm - my first ever fracture. I can still type but the arm aches if I do too much. It's my prefered (left) arm. I've found that showering is especially difficult and I'm a very bad car passenger - there's a dent in the floor where I keep pressing an imaginary brake! If my marriage survives this it will survive anything.

Someone sent me a message about Patrick Macnee's autobiography

I've read the book, it's hilarious and I'd like to thank whoever put me onto it. As an autobiography of an actor (best known for 'The Avengers' on television) it records his extraordinary life, from his very eccentric parents to his education, war years and life on the stage with all his adventures and misadventures. Highly recommended. It's called 'Blind in One Ear' by the way and that's not a typo. The book explains why.

Cymru am byth!

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With a name like mine, I could hardly avoid mentioning the great news that a Welshman has won the Tour de France! The only problem was that in Australia, the telecast ran until 2am most nights and 4am the final night! I confess I cheated and recorded the last two hours, but it was great to watch today. What a pity that they didn't play 'Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau' ('Land of my Fathers') at the closing ceremony, but with Geraint proudly displaying the Welsh flag, there was no doubt about where he came from.

Help with legal story line requested

I'm wondering if anyone who had worked as a solicitor or in a solicitor's office in England can help me get the facts straight for a proposed storyline in my latest novel "There is Nothing Like a Dame". I know it's only a story but I do like to get things as accurate as I can. Any assistance will be gratefully acknowledged.
Regards, Bronwen Welsh

Harriet delayed

My apologies to everyone following Harriet's latest story. There will be a delay in posting the next chapter, just a few days I hope. Sometimes other matters take up writing time, annoying though this is.
My sincere apologies. At least you weren't waiting for the resolution of a cliffhanger.
Best wishes, Bronwen welsh


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