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I have a number of scenes and sequences for a set of inter-related characters in the Whateley universe.

Some are complete scenes. Others are plot threads spread over days or weeks. They'll eventually be split up into pieces to get mixed into other scenes. But even as is they do tell segments of the overall story.

I've decided to post them under this "title" partly because even as is they may entertain or amuse folks. and partly to see if anybody notices any horrible goofs.

I'll add a sort of character list when enough are posted.

Oregon for the win!

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Ok, as some folks know, someone here in Oregon sued for the right to list their gender on their ID as "other". and they won.

Back in May or June it was announced that Oregon DMV was going to change the process and forms to allow anyone to do that.

I grabbed a copy of the "Change your Gender Designation" form back in June, but it hadn't been updated. eventually I'm going to upload it to my website as historical document.

The Housemate

Ok, I seem o have messed up somehow. Half the keywords for this story are missing.

It has BDSM, some sex and some femdom.

It all started when I was sitting in the social area at a play party.

I was talking with a domme I knew and happened to mention that we'd been given notice by our landlord. Seems he'd sold the house he was living in, and since the one we were renting was the next biggest one he owned, we were going to have to move.

Still more grammar

Once again I've noted a couple of frequent grammatical errors in stories and thought I should try to help folks avoid them.

First off we have the "[person] and [pronoun]" construct.

For example "Shelly and I went to the store" or "The boys threw something at Shelly and me".

Note that the [person] always goes first. But getting that backwards is a minor error. More common (and jarring) is using the wrong form of the pronoun. In the above examples, that would be: "Me and Shelly went to the store" or "The boys threw something at Shelly and I".

Interesting idea

Ran across this little tidbit

It occurs to me that a similar situation could occur with somebody crossdressing at a prom. With many possible outcomes. Some bad for our protagonist, some very silly and many others in-between.

Since I have too many story ideas already, I thought I'd throw it out here for someone else to be inspired by.

Trying to remember story

While re-reading Frills, the attempted kidnapping reminded me of another story. But I can only remember a few details.

The t-girl in the story got grabbed from her front yard at night, just short of crossing over into her next door neighbor's yard. I recall something about a dumpster. Either she was dumped in one after being raped, etc or som e evidence that led to her was dumped in one.

And at some later point she plants a tree/bush on the spot in the yard where she was grabbed.

Anyway, that's all I can recall, and it's driving me nuts.

Have couple of legal questions for story background

Thinking about a story bit that's been on the back burner for a long time. But I realized that it might be a good idea to have some real world info.

Anybody know what the legal status of kids and their parents is when the parents kick the kids out for being gay or trans?

Especially interested in Oregon & Washington, but info on nearby states would be of possible use as well.

Some of the things I'm wondering about are:

Can the parents be forced to take the kids back? (strikes me as a *really* bad idea, but the courts and legislatures get weird at times)

The ball drop myth

Ok, time after time I see stories with the protagonist whose "balls haven't dropped yet" and that either say outright, or strongly imply that they do so at puberty.

As someone born male, this always bugged me. Because I clearly recall mine being there as far back as second or third grade. Let's just say it involved a stupid dare, ok?

So I finally did some digging on medical sites.

Guess what? They normally "drop" sometime before *birth*.

What? Me, cynical?

Ok, I was reading something about how you have to humor small children with their various play activities. One of the comments was:

it’s very important to a child’s development to not be shut down by parents and other caregivers

To which someone else replied:

It probably says something about my family that I read that last comment as “not to be shut down by their parents and captors,” doesn’t it?

Now as some of my comments and posts have implied, I didn't have the greatest family life either.

Glimpses status

Ok, things are going to slow down for a bit. Most of what I've been posting was already written and only needed editing/rearranging.

Now I'm getting to new stuff (or at least newly completed/expanded) and things are likely going to be more spaced out.

Also, my muse decided that now was the time to take the note (and a couple paragraphs of actual story) I had for Don & Alice and go with them.

Don and Alice are *different*. VERY different.

I suspect that many people aren't going to like their background a lot. Alas, they are what they are. And their background, interests, etc are a big part of how they wind up at Whateley as well as how & why they have their abilities.

Glimpses 11

A bonus post.

For some reason, a lot of folks have a problem with Peeper & Greasy. And some of them do something about it.

Alice vs Peeper & Greasy

"Peeper! Peeper!"

"What is it Greasy?"

"I finally got a camera into Poe!"

Glimpses 10

Warning. This chapter and following chapters in its "thread" will contain some sexual situations, BDSM and other "kink". Nothing that outrageous, but there will be some.


He found it while exploring the woods one day.

He thought he heard voices. Between that and the twinges he was getting from his bondage he decided it was best to get off the trail.

He'd decided to try getting closer to the foot of the cliff. He couldn't be sure through the trees, but it looked like there wasn't a talus slope here.

It was odd, he'd have sworn there wasn't a place like that around here. He'd been digging through the local woods for years and surely he'd have noticed?

To his amazement, he suddenly stepped into a cleared area. Just some moss on the ground, then a bunch of waist high stones in a arc from the cliff. It was odd. Not only wasn't there a talus slope, but the stones weren't the basalt that all the local rock was.

He was just noticing the stones inside the arc and the large opening in the cliff when he heard the voices again.

"I'm sure I saw someone! And they were naked!"

Glimpses timeline & other info

This is a timeline for the Glimpses characters. It'll have other info as well, at least until & unless it becomes necessary to split things.

Note that info will be "as revealed so far".

Glimpses 9

As Connie walked towards Crystal Hall she heard a sneering voice call out "Hey, It's the fox bitch again!"

She'd already been having a bad day. Her classes were a lot harder than at her last school, and she had more power testing coming up after lunch.

The testing worried her. There were things she didn't want them to find out...

She was jerked out of her thoughts as someone grabbed her tail and yanked.

"Hey, bitch! Look at me when I'm talking to you."

It didn't really hurt, just startled her a bit. But it was the last straw.

Glimpses 8

Name: Constance (Connie) Sutherland
Code name: Flying Fox
Ratings: flying, strength, PK (contact?), radiation shielding? levels uncertain
Techniques: none
Weak vs.: [unknown]
Backup/ Team affiliation: family

The less said about most of the powers testing the better.

The written stuff was just boring. So were the card guessing things. The surprise attack bit (Xavier test, I think they called it) startled me, but I'm really glad I pretty much keep the skin field up all the time. That would have hurt if I hadn't been protected.

Then there was the dodgeball from hell. They wouldn't let me just stand there and let the balls bounce off. And I couldn't dodge all that well. But I finally figured the trick of bracing myself so I wouldn't move and batting them out of the way with my hands and arms.

Be careful sending pics to people.

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A friend posted something about folks using pics to try to blackmail people online.

She was mainly aiming at the Littles community, but it applies to many of us here. If you aren't willing to post the pic publicly, you might not want to send it to someone you don't know really well.

Also, a warning for the under 18 folks. Sending nude pics to someone can get *you* busted for producing and distributing child pornography. It's happened to teens in several states.

Glimpses 7

Name: Ronald Sutherland
Aliases: Constance (Connie) Sutherland
Coden name: Flying Fox
Ratings: flying, strength, PK (contact?), gadgeteer(?) levels uncertain
Techniques: none
Weak vs.: [unknown]
Backup/ Team affiliation: family

"OK, let me go over the test results the State Patrol sent us. You can fly, you've got super strength and some sort of force field. And you're good with equipment."

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Well, what can you tell me about the flying? Any idea what your maximum speed is?"

Flying Fox hesitated this was one of the things she didn't want to let them know everything about.

"I'm not really sure."

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a child.

This child had a mother who had wanted a child badly and finally was able to adopt a baby after her husband died. The child loved mother. And tried to be like her. Even practicing until the child could sit with crossed legs "just like mom".

The child only had a few friends. The girl next door (until she moved away) a girl across the street, and a few boys who lived farther away.

Glimpses 6

Name: Dorothy Gayle
Aliases: D'artagnan "Art" Gayle
Code name: Blip
Ratings: warper (teleportation) level unknown
Weak vs.: [unknown]
Backup/ Team affiliation: family

Art wasn't really thrilled with the medical tests. Not that they were all that bad.

The physical exam was no fun at all, but he'd known there was no way around it.

They didn't like his low body fat, but when he'd explained why he was doing it, they agreed to let him continue until they could get results from some pysch stuff. But he was warned to come into the clinic immediately if any of a long list of things happened.

Powers testing made up for it though.

Glimpses 5

Name: Ronald Sutherland
Aliases: Constance (Connie) Sutherland
Coden name: Flying Fox
Ratings: flying, strength, PK (contact?) levels uncertain
Techniques: none
Weak vs.: [unknown]
Backup/ Team affiliation: family

"OK, we need you to change into this gown for the medical tests."

Connie reluctantly went behind the screen and took off her hat and the dress." "What about my underwear?"

"You can leave that on for now, but it'll have to come off for a few things."

She shyly stepped from behind the screen. The first thing they noticed were the fox ears that had been hidden under her hat. As she stepped away from the screen, they noticed her bushy tail sticking out from the gap in the back of the exam gown.

Glimpses 4

We zipped off over the scrub lands at insane speeds and Connie was doing all sorts of weird maneuvers. It was neat. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw water ahead of us. I knew I'd seen mountains below us. We must have been most of the way across the state.

We slowed down and I could see a meadow surrounded by woods below us. We were heading right for it.

We'd slowed almost to a stop and couldn't have been more than a few feet up when these blinding lights came on and a loudspeaker or something thundered out "Don't Move!"

Connie was frozen, with me still in her arms. I grabbed one of her hands and hoped it'd work. And blipped us to that spot in the woods where I'd first blipped.

Connie was still going "Wha?" when I managed to get her attention.

"Connie? I'm a mutant too..."

Finders Keepers 3

George got home from school and checked the front door of the house. It was unlocked. He thought to himself that this time hadn't been too bad. Only four days.

As usual, his mother acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He sighed to himself and went to his room. He changed and did his chores, then went down and hauled dirty laundry up from the fort. Laundry and showers were things that he missed when he was stuck in there.

After dinner he crossed his fingers and dug out the form.

"Mom, I've got a part time job lined up, I just need you to sign this."

She asked a few questions, but fortunately wasn't interested in details that could have been a problem, just in whether or not it'd interfere with his schoolwork.

He'd had long years of practice at spinning things so she'd believe them so it wasn't too hard to get her to sign and not ask inconvenient questions.

Finders Keepers 2

Mrs. Carson looked over the application. As the cover letter warned her, there were some serious gaps in the personal information. But they were actually not that significant at the moment. He'd realized he couldn't hide the city, so he'd just listed the school district for the school. She had to admit that for anybody going to a public school that was usually all that was really needed short of actual transcripts.

The info on his powers was woefully inadequate. But what he'd given was good enough to justify checking things out if it was true. And that "retainer" justified a fair bit of risk, especially given that he had stated in the cover letter that he was willing to find things for the school, as long as doing so wouldn't get him into any sort of trouble.

The way he'd put that was interesting. He seemed to have a fair bit of sense to go with a decently developed sense of paranoia. Let's see "no legal, ethical, physical or spiritual risks, as well as the right to decline jobs for other reasons" essentially, if the school thought it was a risk or if he felt there was a problem. Not bad for a teenager.

Glimpses 3

Name: [redacted]
Aliases: [redacted]
Code name: Blip
Ratings: [unknown]
Techniques: none
Weak vs.: unknown
Backup/ Team affiliation: none

Hi, my code name is Blip. Not terribly imaginative, but at least it's not taken. It's even kinda descriptive.

Powers testing has me classed as a warper, but they still aren't really sure what I do. Well, that's not true. What I do is pretty obvious. It's how I do it that they aren't sure about.

I teleport. And a few other things but it's my "blipping" that's the biggie.

That's what I called it as a kid. Yeah, yeah. I'm one of the mutants who manifested as a kid.

Glimpses 2

(This should have been the first Glimpses. Oops.)

Spotted in flight

Date: [redacted]
Time: 0135 PDT
Location: [redacted]


The bored radar tech looked at the display to see what the automated system was upset about this time. One glance and his boredom vanished.

"Holy shit!"

He slapped a large red button on the console and as a klaxon sounded, he spoke rapidly into his mike.

"Security alert! Our mystery bogie is back..."

Glimpses 1

Name: Ronald Sutherland
Aliases: [redacted]
Code name: [FF used for reference purposes]
Ratings: [unknown]
Techniques: none
Weak vs.: unknown
Backup/ Team affiliation: none

FF01 First Step

He carefully pushed open the basement door and felt for the first step.

The boxes in his arms swayed a bit as he approached the bottom of the stairs. As he walked over to the table something seemed not quite right. He set down the boxes and gave the table an odd look. It looked shorter.

He glanced down at the floor and stared in shock at the six inch gap between his feet and the floor. And then stumbled as he fell those six inches.

He couldn't have been standing on air. Could he?

But when he fell it felt just like the jolt when he'd gotten to the bottom of the stairs and found out he was still one step up...

Finders Keepers 1

Some folks find Whateley Academy on their own...

He fished the wallet out from under the seat on the bus. That made six today and this was the second one with money. Now to pick up another cell phone and he could go check some of the parks for more lost stuff.


John lay on his bed wishing it would go away. Not the bed. That thing at his crotch. It was bad enough just having it there. But it had started growing a bit. That was a bad sign, he really wasn't looking forward to puberty. But at least he hadn't started getting hairy yet. Except for small patch just above it.

It was probably wishful thinking, but he thought he was growing a little bit up top. From what he'd read on the web, it was probably just gynecomastia, but he'd take what he could get.

Just a Normal Girl 8

Sensei Tolman has me working with a staff. She figures the skills I showed with the field hockey stick will transfer more easily.

After watching someone else plant the end of their staff and use it as a pivot point I got an idea.

Which is why I'm out here on my roller blades with my helmet, elbow and knee pads and the rest.

Yep.I can use the staff to do different maneuvers. A bit painful learning what I can't do with it while on skates. At least nobody was around to see me mess up.

Just a Normal Girl 7

Costuming got strange today.

One of the other girls was designing an outfit that had an armored breastplate. She'd designed it with the typical armored cups for her breasts.

This lead to a long lecture from Mrs. Ryan.

Seems that this is a horribly bad idea. She explained that doing it that way means that a strong impact on your chest gets focused into the area between the cups. Which can lead to a shattered sternum or worse.

So even if it looks funny, the "uniboob" look is safer.

Just a Normal Girl 6

Well, I've got a costume now.

Costuming class was a bit odd at first, but what the heck. It wasn't that hard. And I could use an "easy" class or two.

I went with the skintight bodysuit as a base. With strategic reinforcing. After one of the other kids let slip something about the combat finals, I got serious about reinforcing things and making sure I could still move well while getting some protection.

Plus, it'll be easy to hide under a lot of my clothes.

The Goron case

(A little something I'd forgotten in my files)

A police officer knocked on the open door of the judge's office "Your Honor?"


"Uh, there's a bit of a problem with the Goron case."

"A problem?" He'd just been looking it over and while it was certainly *odd*, he hadn't seen any real problems.

"Yessir. We need you down at the main entrance. Seems there's a legal problem."

"A legal problem, why can't they come up here to discuss it?"

The officer squirmed. "It's kinda hard to explain, but whether or not they can come up here seems to be part of the problem..."

Morgan 7


We'd barely gotten on the bus when my phone and Chris's started going off.

I grabbed mine and I had a text from Sally. "Looking hot bro!" with an attached pic. I pulled up the photo.

Oh god. It was me in the hall outside English, right after Chris had given me that kiss and hug. My shorts had been a lot tighter than I thought after that kiss. My cock looked huge and my boobs were prominent as well. Looked like my nipples were hard enough to cut glass, even through the top.

I texted back "Where did you get that?"

Sally's response was "you're all over Facebook and Tumblr"

"I'm doomed."

Chris looked up from her phone.

"Somebody told you about the posts?"

I just backed up a bit and showed her the pic.

"My sister sent me that."

"Wow. That looks better than you did before I kissed you."

"Not helping."

"I wonder if the pic is good enough to blow up to poster size?"

"Really not helping."

"Aww. You'd look great on my bedroom wall."

"Yeah right up until your mom & dad see it. Then I'm dead and you'll be grounded for life."

Chris gave it some thought. "Nah, probably only grounded until college."

I made a face. "I'll still be dead though."

"Dad wouldn't do that. He'd probably just maim you a little."

Intended Consequences

(inspired by Valentine's "Unintended Consequences")

The advent of cheap genetic testing had made many changes in society. The biggest came when a overly conservative right-wing political staffer came across a demonstration device at a convention. It simp[le checked the "sex" chromosomes and reported them.

The politician the staffer worked for had been fighting a non-discrimination measure in the state legislature. As usual, he was calling it a "bathroom bill" and claiming it would let perverts invade women's restrooms.


John was walking back to his cottage. Man, he wished he hadn't gotten stuck with such a lame codename. Furball? But he hadn't wanted to argue with the MCO since they thought his power was harmless.

He chuckled a bit at that then stopped when he realized he wasn't alone.

Oh great. It was that bunch of jerks that had been making life hell for some of the other freshmen. Looked like it was his turn.

"Oh look, it's Tribble Boy."

He tried to ignore them.

"Man what a lame power, summoning a bunch of harmless furballs."

Ok,. that was enough.

Son or daughter

This is something that came to me over the last few days. It may wind up as a scene in a future story. Or not. But I felt it was worth posting on its own.

"Doctor, we just want our son back."

The therapist sighed.

"I'm sorry, but it doesn't work that way..."

Christmas in the Workshop

This was originally post over on the Crystal Hall in 2009. I figured it was appropriate to repost here.

You find the Christmas spirit in the oddest places. As Christmas break approached, many devisors and gadgeteers put aside their regular projects to start working on something more seasonally "appropriate".

Morgan 6


Say what? It started becoming clear that she thought I was wearing fake breasts or something. I tried telling her they were real, and dragged out the plastic card Chief Watt had given me. But she just wasn't listening.

Finally, after yet another "take them off!" I'd had enough. I reached down and yanked the top off over my head.

"There, I've taken off the only thing I can take off. Or do you want me to take off my shorts too?"

Howling at the Moon

A little something I wrote a few years back...

Some people's children...

I've mentioned a friend's daughter, J, before. She's more than a bit headstrong, has not so standard interests. When she gets a bit older I'm going to have to talk to her mother about introducing her to a few people. For the safety of any boyfriends she may have!

Her latest escapade wound up being self-punishing. Seems she and a few of her friends found a piercer who was willing to overlook the fact that they were underage.

Girl Plus

This occurs in early summer shortly after Morgan's current school year. Consider it a "teaser" for the future. No real spoilers.

It sort of started when we attended a family reunion in Oregon. I met a cousin who lived there. Nothing special about that.

Not until I saw her head for the mens locker room at the pool in the park the reunion picnic was in.

"Morgan! Whoa. That's the guys locker room!"

I got this long suffering look. "I know, Melinda. Legally, I am a guy. Look, I can explain everything later."

He(?) paused. "That is, if you still want to hang around with a weirdo."

I was a bit surprised, but shook my head. "No, I've got my own weirdnesses. I can hardly get upset at you for being weird."

Morgan 5

I put on my best "innocent" look and used my "little girl" voice. Looking up with "puppy dog" eyes I said, "Mister, we're trying to raise money for our school..."

I was doing my best to look like a cute, earnest young Catholic schoolgirl trying to make her quota in the fund raiser.

I continued, after the brief pause, "...would you like to buy a blowjob?"

The explosion was incredible. Worth every bit of my effort.

One Day at St. Charles part 2

George entered the Nurse's office. "Hello? Sister Catherine sent me..."

"I got a call from the office. But I was expecting George Watson."

"Um. That's me."

"George? That's an unusual name for a girl."

"Uh, I'm not exactly a girl..."

One Day at St. Charles

He snuck in the door just before the bell rang. He knew everyone was looking at him, but he just headed for his seat. He was about to sit down when the Voice of Doom came from the front of the room.

"George Watson, come here at once!" Sister Maria's voice wasn't loud, but it carried.

Reluctantly, he walked to the front of the classroom and stood there as she looked him over. Sweater, blouse, skirt, knee socks and Mary Janes. His hair in a high ponytail, and the light makeup on his face. His school pack still hung from one shoulder as he'd not had time to set it down at his desk.

"We can't have this. Report to the principal." With that Sister Maria scribbled a note, folded it and handed it to him.

He could feel everyone's eyes on him as he walked to the door of the classroom and headed for the office.

Measure 9

Amazing Grace reminded me of this, so I'm posting it here

This is based on a nightmare or possibly nightmares I had 20 years ago,

For the younger readers, at that time the Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) had gotten a ballot measure passed overturning an executive order by the state's governor that had forbidden discrimination based on sexual orientation by state agencies.

Emboldened by that success, they had put another measure on the ballot. This one forbade the state, or lower levels of government from "recognizing" homosexuals, sadomasochists and witches. With language that said that recognizing included issuing any sort of license or permit.

And there may have been something about schools saying anything "positive" (essentially, worded such that the only allowable mentions would have to be negative). Or that may have been part of the one they tried the next election.

Supposedly the bit about licenses and permits was supposed to keep them from becoming "professionals". You know, doctors, lawyers etc. But as some folks pointed out, the actual wording allowed a lot more.

Campaigning on both sides got rather heated. And then there was a firebombing of a house that a number of folks in the state capitol who were important in the campaign against Measure 9 lived in. It later turned out to be totally unrelated to the campaign (idiots got the wrong house!). But at the time it really ratcheted up the fear.

Now consider that at the time I was on the Board of a local BDSM group and before the ballot measure went public we'd done some publicity that included photos of all the board members. And while not strictly gay, I was definitely bi.

So against that background...


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