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New Book and new webpage

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Have finally published the third volume in my Alchemy series - Alchemy Abroad!It's not compulsory to read the first two volumes (Royal Alchemy & Alchemy Discovered) as each book is a complete story. However, as some of the characters are repeated, knowledge of the back story is nice.

Also, have published my own web page at

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The Mask


Jack Rhodes is a research scientist working on a cure for cancer, a disease he now has. His only option is to use the virus on himself. The Mask is a story I wrote in 2004 and is quite popular. We all wear masks to protect ourselves from the world and it is the Mask Virus and a small town called Indian mask that shows Jack a true life.

Avenging Annie by Carmenica Diaz


I must admit, this story almost wasn’t published   due   to some silly misgivings — perhaps even nervousness. Now, it is published and this is the prologue of a transgender story I just didn't want to let go. Thanks to those who gave support and insisted I publish this book. It is done and I await the fates.

Better by Carmenica Diaz


Angus McLeod is a quiet young man who goes about his life, enduring much but doesn't complain. Then, one day, something magical happens. A small, light hearted story that is slightly different from my other TG compositions.  

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