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Cathy Michel

Cathy Michel called me this morning. She wanted everyone to know that she is still alive and keeping up the struggle. She has given my phone number to her caregivers so that in the event something happens, they can call me and let the BC community know.

Cathy is unable to sit at the computer and work or even read at this time, but she wants everyone to know how much she loves us all collectively and many of us individually as well.

Cathy called

Cathy Michel called me from a rehab hospital to ask me to post a blog for her. She's getting better and is hoping to be able to go home soon but her energy is very low. She can visit the site on her laptop now, but posting is a bit more effort than she has stamina for.

Keep her close to your heart, please, she's part of what makes BigCloset such a wonderful friendly place.


Formula One racer gets thumbs up for LGBTQ support.

Lewis Hamilton, the 7 time world champion racing driver, carried the rainbow colors on his helmet in the Qatar Formula 1 race today in support of the LGBTQ community!

Well done and thanks, Lewis!

To bring everyone up to speed about my recent health problem.

Last Thursday, after my home oxy unit died and was replaced, I began to have trouble getting my breath under control. I was gasping very fast and could not get a full breath. Tina, my wife suggested we call an ambulance and I had to agree with her.

The rescue squad arrived very quickly and carried me down a tricky set of stairs that would not accommodate a gurney bed. They whisked me into the ambulance and immediately put me on oxygen and inserted an I.V. and off we went to the hospital.

RobertaME is okay and will stay that way.

We have PMed, me and Roberta and she is not thinking of anything silly or harmful to herself or others. I am not at liberty to disclose anything else about our communications, but there will likely be more to come.

She is VERY grateful for all the kind words expressed both in her blog and mine and wants to thank you all for your concern and good wishes.

more to come as it occurs.

Catherine Linda Michel

open letter to RobertaME

In all my 74 years on this planet, I have insulted or hurt more people than I can count! But you know what? Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke or an insult!

Oh I know I'm an awful person...or...I WAS. The thing is, I don't, I CAN'T allow all those hurts and insults rule my life! If I did, I'd be in the same funk that has you tied up right now.

Erin should NOT have to do this...

every month! There are more than enough of us members that can afford to give ONE DOLLAR every month! That would eliminate the debt that exists AND more than meet the needed funds every month to keep the site online!

There are a few who do a LOT more than that every month and I salute them for how much they do! Without them, this site would have probably faded into non existence the way others have.

I want to recommend a story by Morpheus.

"The Changeling Chronicles" An EPIC of over 194,000 words and 383 pages or so, that may very well be Morpheus' best work.

I have just re read it for about the fourth or fifth time and it still held me spellbound for two days!

If you're into Swords and Sorcery, The Fairie, interaction between Humans and Fairie, hell if you're just a fan of a cracking great tale, you need to check this one out. The TG elements are light, but there are fights, epic battles, love and renewal, loyalty, personal growth and much more in this tale.

Lilith Langtree...where are you?

I've been reading some of Lilith's stories...well, re-reading them and I'm wondering where she's been.

I seem to recall some sort of schmozz where she got a little...or more... peeved and took her ball and went home? I've tried her website, which won't load. I tried her twitter account...nothing there past 2014 she still around? Is she okay?

We have a LAW!!! Stimulus checks are LAW now!!

I've done something like this before but no one bothered to check it out. Well, Our President JUST signed the stimulus/covid relief bill into law!!!! As of 11:11 today!!! Go to the url I'm providing to get info on how to apply for OTHER things like EIDL loans and GRANTS as well as PUA/FPUC and Unemployment extensions!

Life got ya down? Give this a listen.

from The Lion King of course.

I never saw The Lion King, but this is a great song, written by Elton John and redone in Pentatonix's inimitable style. Hope it makes some of you smile and love this song as much as I've grown to love it.

Catherine Linda Michel

I'm gonna try this one more time. PLEASE READ!

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Okay. Here's the deal. I tried to post this before and got some flak. This guy has the information you need to get the financial help you need.

This is ME, not some virus or worm or hacked into account! I will grant you that the presenter SEEMS a bit scattered and he thinks he's funny, BUT he is not asking for ANY money from anyone. He is merely presenting information that a lot of people might not be aware of and how to GET what is available for things like rent and utility assistance. Like some tax breaks. Like child care or student loan assistance.

There have been misunderstandings. I want to clear things up.

Apparently there have been misunderstandings lately about me or my blogs.

First of all, for those of you who were concerned about me or my blogs, my account has NOT been hacked and the entries were, indeed, made by me.

I believed that I had finally found something that could help a lot of you and was met by what I thought was derision, only to find that it was more concern for me than anything else. I reacted, then, from a place of betrayal and in the face of new information,was shown that I was wrong.

Research the url in this blog. Money for you!

Research the url in this blog. It may help if you are behind in rent, or need food, or help with utility bills. I know several who have gotten help while we wait for the politicians to get their collective heads out of their asses and pass another stimulus check.

I have something important to share.

To every one of you who have questioned yourselves, who haven't been able to make that big step...I know where you are...I've been there and I KNOW how difficult it is!

These words, from a TV show of all things, helped me...encouraged me...spoke to my struggle and the courage they spoke about. It became my private, personal theme.

I share them with you now. They may be familiar to anyone who is a Science Fiction fan.

Rod Stewart's words.

Not a story...a lament to a lost love.

This is a tribute, a remembrance, a the best man I ever knew, the best human being, my secret love.

He was taken from us...from me, several years ago, but he still lives in my heart and my memories. He knew how I felt, but we could never let on to anyone else. He never did.

I really don't care how any of this is taken by anyone, but as emotional as I have been for the last few days, I HAD to get this out of me for my sanity's sake.

To Mikey, my secret love, my hero, my heart.

I'm missing you tonite...
lying here looking up at the stars.

Can this young girl not know

how magical, how perfect, how wonderful her voice is?? She acts so surprised when she finishes and all the judges are practically in tears at how beautifully she sang.

I teared up at the first few notes and was crying before the first four bars of the song!!! By the time she finished I was crying my heart out and I didn't even understand the language in which she sang!

Of Masks And Marvels and Sapphire's Place.

Does ANYONE know what happened to Sapphire's Place? Is she okay?

Does anyone know if there are more chapters of "Of Masks And Marvels" than are listed at Whately? I've read all 28 that are posted and hoping to find more...or the rest?


Authors and sites MIA

Sapphire's place is down. Has been for several days now. Is she okay?

G.M. Shephard, the author who wrote the great series "Angel", never finished the story and seemingly vanished late in 2013. I emailed her but got no response. The email went through since I didn't get a rejection from the mailer daemon but no response yet.

Anyone know anything about these two?

Maggie Finson's "Peacebringer."

I seldom do this, but I must, in this case give a rousing, heartfelt, recommendation to anyone who hasn't read this incredible epic!.

I just finished reading it at Sapphire's Place after three almost sleepless nights of reading, almost afraid to sleep, fearing I'd forget where I left off the night before.

Thank you Maggie for this and all your other works, so skillfully written and well told.



As of 4:30PM, April 25th, in our own living room, Catherine Linda Michel and Tina Anne Marie Myers were married by a "traveling Preacher Man" who, after the brief ceremony, climbed back into his Pick up truck/buggy and hurried off to do more good works... I hope.

Got to mention my books on national radio today!

Every morning I listen to the Bob And Tom Show on Iheart radio. For the past couple of weeks they've also been streaming the show on you tube with a chat option and I've become a regular in the chat. Many of the folks in the chat even remembered to wish me a happy Birthday.

Apparently Hell has frozen over!

MAWWAGE.... That bwessed event, that bwings us hewe todayyyyyyy.

Yes ladies and germs, yours truly is about to tie the knot with my best friend, my housemate, my POSSLQ (Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters)!!!!

We went and got the marriage license today. Now there's just some busywork(minor paperwork) to finish up and we can get this show on the road.

We're looking at late March as the final date, but I'm shooting for April 15th(My B'day) so I won't forget the anniversary! LOL!!!

now...what was the address of that ""IMPRESSIVE CLERGYMAN?"

A SUPERLATIVE fanfic Superman Story! (non tg)

This is an incredibly well written story from a very talented author on another site. I do not claim any ownership or credit for it other than having been led to it by another writer.

I am in the midst of re-reading this story and I am astounded by how well written it is and I hope these words will lead some of you to go to it, read it and then comment to the author.

IMHO it is more than good enough to be a movie script and should be the next superhero movie. The title is 'Veritas" and the author is "ShayneT"

A Very Merry Christmas to Erin and

ALL the volunteers et al who help keep Top Shelf alive and thriving.

This includes Piper, Cat, Frank and ALL those who help, and all those who help with contributions of money, time and work.

I thank you all for all your hard work and dedication that make Top Shelf THE place to be, and create and meet. you have made lives better, you have SAVED lives, you have made careers for others and you have helped people find themselves.

TG Pro Wrestler in the Big Time!

Ok. I know that there probably aren't a lot of Pro Wrestling fans here at Top Shelf, but this is, IMHO important.

AS Trans persons, we are always concerned with acceptance in mainstream society. Here's a T-woman who is breaking into the most male dominated profession in the world short of North Korea.

Nyla Rose is a M-F professional wrestler who has broken the gender barrier in a new Federation...A.E.W....All Elite Wrestling, headed by a couple of former WWE "superstars."

The Last Boy Scout and his stories, and a challenge.

Having just finished what is posted by TLBS, I am left wondering. WHAT THE HECK EVER HAPPENED TO THE LAST BOY SCOUT???

There were vague promises and intents to continue his writing, but nothing now for 9 years!!

Is TLBS still alive? If so, where is he/she? Why did he/she stop writing?

TLBS was a master/Mistress of the written word who sucked the readers into her worlds and made them CARE about her characters and their lives.

Looking for a story.

A few years ago I was directed to a non TG story about a Superman type who was having trouble mastering his powers. It also dealt with alternate universes. I sent a link to the story to Erin and we both agree that the story was VERY well written, BUT I've lost the link and Erin can't locate hers. I think I got the original link from Grover, but with all the health problems, moving twice, etc. he'll probably have lost the link as well. Help anyone?

To all who have bought my book(s)

I have been remiss and wish to apologize to any and all of you who have bought one of my books. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I don't get any money from any of the sales, it all goes to help support Top Shelf. I set it up that way because I live on a very tight budget as I know a lot of you do and I can't afford to contribute money very often, or as often as I'd like to, so this is my way of helping keep Top Shelf online.


Catherine Linda Michel

7 days without tobacco.

7 days ago I made the decision. I'd been on Chantix for the past four weeks and I reached the point where I WANTED to quit.

I'd failed the past few times I tried to quit, but had not reached that "break point." This time almost feels like a let down, it's been almost effortless. I don't know how much good it's gonna do for my health, but it'll damned sure be a boost to my wallet. Ten bucks a pack now in stores adds up real fast.

Just thought I'd let you all know about this turning point in my life.

Catherine Linda Michel

Welcome back Grover and, John in Wauwatosa, where are you?

SO glad to see Grover back online and posting stories to boot! Welcome back my sister.

Now... unless I missed something, what the heck happened to John in Wauwatosa? He used to be a regular commenter here and had a very well developed sense of humor. He was always, as far as I know, welcome as a commenter and even contributed to a couple of stories as far as I know.

Ladieeeeees and Gentlemen: Welcome Back GROVER!

After a tumultuous several months and moves and new jobs and health problems and financial problems, it is my privilege, my extreme pleasure to welcome back, my dear friend, my sister from another mister(?), one of my very favorite authors...... GROVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just had a skype conversation with Grover who has told me that they finally got connected to the internet and he would be posting new stories very soon! Grover tells me that, in the hiatus, he has been working feverishly on new stories and possible endings to a few unfinished ones!!!

Time again to open wallets and purses.

Well, I guess it's time for me to get back on my soapbox and pontificate a bit.

Erin is worrying herself into sickness or worse andit's up to US to alieviate her worries a bit. For those who regularly contribute thank you SO much. You are the backbone of the financial help for Erin and Top Shelf. Again, thank you, from my heart.

Now... for the rest of us. Folks, I live on a VERY limited budget and I KNOW how hard it is to try to pry an extra buck or two loose from a wallet or purse that seems welded shut... but consider this.

Police scanners and other radios.

Years ago, back in about 1972, I was part of a REACT team. That's Radio Emergency Action Team for those unfamiliar with the term. We used CB radios to track things like severe storms, tornados, on searches for lost people etc. We also had, and used, police/fire scanners both at home and in our cars. It was all strictly volunteer stuff with no actual legal standing, but the cops knew about it and left us alone unless we tried to beat them to a call or used it in the commission of something illegal.

As a new year begins, I'm lost in memories. Please read.

I'm sitting here now, lost in memories of a life changing week at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta Georgia in 2009. Having reached the ripe old age of 72, I find myself remembering times and people and events there and in my life.

Suited For Adventure book is out from Doppler Press.

It's also on Amazon. EVERY PENNY the book earns goes directly to the site to help offset bills.

Everyone...please patronize ALL the authors here who have books out? You'll be helping the site AND the authors, some of whom also donate all the money from their book sales to the site.

Many, many thanks to Erin and the Editors who helped my new book get published. From Transformers (Sort Of) which is now titled Suited For Adventure. This is Book one. Book Two is in the process of finding a good "Break Point" and be ready for publishing so I can begin work on Book 3!!!

A reboot of THE HOME THAT LOVE BUILT universe.

I am reposting this original post from 2009. It did okay the first time and I got some really good stories which added to it in great ways... but I've always felt so much more could be done and written, so I'm re-opening


Everyone PLEASE read! Time to help one of our trusted friends. Need a job for Scotty Bishop.

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One of our dear friends, Scotty Bishop has been wrongfully terminated from his job of 12 years. He has been sending out resumes like they were going out of style with no results.

ANYONE who either might have a job or know someone who might have an opening, PLEASE email Scotty [email protected]

His resume is available at

Everyone please pray or send good vibes.

I'm watching the Weather Channel's coverage of this latest hurricane and very worried about all our Sisters and Brothers who live in Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia and further north.

To everyone in the affected areas, please, please, PLEASE, don't ignore evacuation orders. Get away from this monster storm as quickly as you can. It's affecting areas that were hit so hard in the LAST hurricane which will be even more vulnerable when this one hits.

O.T. but important. Need Info desperately.

one of our own writers and friends has been fired unjustly from his job. I won't mention his name here, but he is needing badly to find more work. He is very skilled regarding the internet and customer relations as well as diesel engines and their applications.


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