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Welcome back Grover and, John in Wauwatosa, where are you?

SO glad to see Grover back online and posting stories to boot! Welcome back my sister.

Now... unless I missed something, what the heck happened to John in Wauwatosa? He used to be a regular commenter here and had a very well developed sense of humor. He was always, as far as I know, welcome as a commenter and even contributed to a couple of stories as far as I know.

Ladieeeeees and Gentlemen: Welcome Back GROVER!

After a tumultuous several months and moves and new jobs and health problems and financial problems, it is my privilege, my extreme pleasure to welcome back, my dear friend, my sister from another mister(?), one of my very favorite authors...... GROVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just had a skype conversation with Grover who has told me that they finally got connected to the internet and he would be posting new stories very soon! Grover tells me that, in the hiatus, he has been working feverishly on new stories and possible endings to a few unfinished ones!!!

Time again to open wallets and purses.

Well, I guess it's time for me to get back on my soapbox and pontificate a bit.

Erin is worrying herself into sickness or worse andit's up to US to alieviate her worries a bit. For those who regularly contribute thank you SO much. You are the backbone of the financial help for Erin and Top Shelf. Again, thank you, from my heart.

Now... for the rest of us. Folks, I live on a VERY limited budget and I KNOW how hard it is to try to pry an extra buck or two loose from a wallet or purse that seems welded shut... but consider this.

Police scanners and other radios.

Years ago, back in about 1972, I was part of a REACT team. That's Radio Emergency Action Team for those unfamiliar with the term. We used CB radios to track things like severe storms, tornados, on searches for lost people etc. We also had, and used, police/fire scanners both at home and in our cars. It was all strictly volunteer stuff with no actual legal standing, but the cops knew about it and left us alone unless we tried to beat them to a call or used it in the commission of something illegal.

As a new year begins, I'm lost in memories. Please read.

I'm sitting here now, lost in memories of a life changing week at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta Georgia in 2009. Having reached the ripe old age of 72, I find myself remembering times and people and events there and in my life.

Suited For Adventure book is out from Doppler Press.

It's also on Amazon. EVERY PENNY the book earns goes directly to the site to help offset bills.

Everyone...please patronize ALL the authors here who have books out? You'll be helping the site AND the authors, some of whom also donate all the money from their book sales to the site.

Many, many thanks to Erin and the Editors who helped my new book get published. From Transformers (Sort Of) which is now titled Suited For Adventure. This is Book one. Book Two is in the process of finding a good "Break Point" and be ready for publishing so I can begin work on Book 3!!!

A reboot of THE HOME THAT LOVE BUILT universe.

I am reposting this original post from 2009. It did okay the first time and I got some really good stories which added to it in great ways... but I've always felt so much more could be done and written, so I'm re-opening


Everyone PLEASE read! Time to help one of our trusted friends. Need a job for Scotty Bishop.

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One of our dear friends, Scotty Bishop has been wrongfully terminated from his job of 12 years. He has been sending out resumes like they were going out of style with no results.

ANYONE who either might have a job or know someone who might have an opening, PLEASE email Scotty [email protected]

His resume is available at

Everyone please pray or send good vibes.

I'm watching the Weather Channel's coverage of this latest hurricane and very worried about all our Sisters and Brothers who live in Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia and further north.

To everyone in the affected areas, please, please, PLEASE, don't ignore evacuation orders. Get away from this monster storm as quickly as you can. It's affecting areas that were hit so hard in the LAST hurricane which will be even more vulnerable when this one hits.

O.T. but important. Need Info desperately.

one of our own writers and friends has been fired unjustly from his job. I won't mention his name here, but he is needing badly to find more work. He is very skilled regarding the internet and customer relations as well as diesel engines and their applications.

ATTN! All our sisters and brothers along the east coast! Free hotspot info from comcast and spectrum.

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Anyone living on the east coast of the U.S., from D.C. down to the Carolinas.

PLEASE EVACUATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!! Go for higher ground and take every precaution you possibly can!!


I've been watching the coverage on The Weather Channel and it looks absolutely horrible. ALSO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OVER 11,000 FREE HOTSPOTS BEING SET UP by comcast and spectrum AND LET US KNOW THAT YOU ALL ARE OKAY.


Feeling very down today.

and I don't mean hugging my pillow.


Bear in mind as you read this, if you do read it, that I can be a long-winded bitch.

I think part of it is aging and knowing that I've been here longer than I will be going forward... and I don't feel like I've accomplished anything for having existed... except existing.

We lost Lois Lane?

I don't know how this slipped past me, but on May 13th we lost Margot Kidder! You know, Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve's Superman.

Apparently there are allegations of drug involvement, although I don't know if she was using them or if, according to some sources, her home was overrun with meth users.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I will never get the scene where she flew with Superman, not the words to the song playing while they flew...

My solution for the funding problem.

Every month Erin has to BEG on bended knee, for money to help keep Top Shelf functioning and with the exception of a few who regularly go far past what might be expected, the contributions trickle in with no real solution that could eliminate the problem.

Well, here's my solution. It seems painfully obvious to me, but I understand if it doesn't to everyone else.

There are in excess of TEN THOUSAND members on this site. If each of them would just contribute ONE DOLLAR, each month, it would eliminate any need for Erin to have to BEG for any monetary help.

Whately sign in problems.

Okay. I know that Top Shelf and it's owners etc have nothing to do with it anymore, but I am having a problem with the sign-in process at The Crystal Hall.

I've tried changing my sign in name and password but the site won't allow it and I can't get signed in.

Anyone got a clue about this? Email me at cathy_t_99 At or message me here at Top Shelf.

Thanks in advance.

Catherine Linda Michel

Proofreading/ editing. Any other Volunteers?

I will freely admit that I am one of those people for whom misspelled words can take me out of a story.

Having said that, I KNOW that no one is perfect, myself included. LOL.

So... I AM willing to help authors by proofreading their work, with the understanding that I do NOT edit. I only proofread for spelling and usage errors. I can and will even proof stories that have already been posted here at Top Shelf.

A solution for those with new skype problems!

If you are on a Windows 10 machine, follow these instructions.

Go to:

Click on Downloads

Click the down arrow to the right of Get Skype from Store

Click Get classic Skype from the drop down menu.

Run the installer after it finishes downloading.

Make sure you UNCHECK optional features such as make BING your default search.

Login using your Skype name or Microsoft Account.

A word of warning about the newest version of skype, redux

PLEASE!!!! keep your political views and/or personal feelings about certain public figures to yourselves. The last time I posted this blog entry, it got demoted off the front page thanks to those political views and attacks, so please don't air them here this time?

If you're thinking about downloading the new version of Skype, be careful. more than a few people have lost either voice, video, or contact lists after starting it.

A word of warning about the newest version of Skype!

If you're thinking about downloading the new version of Skype, be careful. more than a few people have lost either voice, video, or contact lists after starting it.

Right now, Beverly Taff, in the U.K. is having a deuce of a time trying to get the voice part of it to work and she just today manage to retrieve her contact list. Persephone, also in the U.K. has had similar problems.

Skype is still urging me to download the newest version but I have been and will continue to resist it.

Catherine Linda Michel

71 today.

Whew! Like my old baseball hero, Mickey Mantle, said: "If I'd known I was gonna get this old, I'da taken better care of myself!"

Well, I'm not old... compared to trees, or mountains, right?

I hope everyone has a great day, and thanks all for your comments and friendship. Also, thanks to Princess Chelsea for the skype Birthday greeting.

Catherine Linda Michel

Banging on the donation drum.

By now I'm sure that all of you are sick of me banging on the donation drum... but here I go again.

We have X (I use the X in deference to Erin who hasn't given me permission to use the exact number) numbers of members on the site. If each of them just gave ONE DOLLAR A MONTH, it would more than cover the monthly operating costs and generate funds to pay off loans and keep Erin out of the poorhouse!

ONE DOLLAR! You can't even get a decent cup of coffee, a soft drink, a candy bar, or even a newspaper for a buck any more, but you CAN help save a site!

A callout to The Scotsman.

Several years ago The Scotsman posted two parts of a story called To Be The Best. Since then... nothing. No more stories from this author who had a damned good beginning in this tale.

If you're still out there Scotsman, please, please, PLEASE continue the story and/or write more. You had the makings of a really good storyteller and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Catherine Linda Michel

John Cena Says WWE Could Have A Transgender Wrestler With The Right Story

In an impromptu interview, John Cena, a well known WWE Superstar and movie and TV star said, when asked if the WWE could ever have a Transgender wrestling star:

"I’m a storyteller, my friend, and that’s what we do in WWE. It’s not segregated to sex, race, creed, religion, any of that. As long as the story is good, it belongs in WWE."

You don't have to be a wrestling fan to know who John Cena is. He's been in many movies as an action star and has appeared and hosted many TV awards shows including The Kids Awards Show.

Puzzled and confused. Re: Like A Candle In The Wind story.

I just finished re-reading an older story by Lisa Sartori, Like A Candle In The Wind, and I am somewhat disheartened by the lack of kudos and comments.

Could it be that because it is such an older story and those who read it before haven't bothered to re-read it? Lisa has updated it quite a bit and there is a different ending.

It's such a wonderful story that SHOULD speak to the fantasies and dreams of a lot of us, and it's so well written with great characters and a solid, engaging plot, and it makes me wonder.

RE: Whately question. Thanks everyone.

Thank you everyone for all your help. I've located the stories I was looking for with your help.

Re:Joe Gunnarson. HOLY CRAP!!!! Can this guy write or what?!!

The whole story arc regarding Eric Mahren and his transformation into Caitlin and the events in Darwin Australia may be the very best I've ever read.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped me find this great story arc.

Catherine Linda Michel

A Whately question.

Being the computer dummy I am, I've been searching for the Whately story(ies) about the Halloween invasion in which Cat McQuisten was killed. I have had NO luck, since I don't know the author nor the story title(s).

A little help please in the form of a link? Thanks folks.

Catherine Linda Michel

Something weird.

When I go to read comments/blogs, the background changes to a dark purple with black printing except for the items one can click on showing as bright blue.

It's very hard to read and look at. Is it me or is it a change in the appearance of the background and stuff? Usually the background is white with black print.

Catherine Linda Michel

Girlzilla. I'm gonna do something I don't usually do.

If you haven't yet read this story, you are missing something beautiful and wonderful.

Ricky has crafted a rare flower, filled with great characters and tender humor among some people who truly care for and about one another. You will laugh, you'll cry, you'll get angry and you'll wonder why people can't be like these folks in real life.

Go read it. Go experience it. With this story, IMHO, Ricky has inserted himself into the rarified air of really good authors. I loved it, even though I didn't think I would, judging from the title.

Catherine Linda Michel

Yes, it's me again, begging for help. Please read!

So here we are, at the middle, well almost the middle, of December and once again I'm appealing to all of you to open your hearts and wallets (purses) to help pay some of the bills that Top Shelf generates.

I've been taken to task for my admittedly flowery language when pleading for monetary assistance to help keep the site somewhat solvent and I won't apologize for the language I use, nor for the endless appeals. The way I write is the way I write.

Everyone please read. So here we are again

at the end of another month And Erin is still having to BEG for sufficient funds to keep the doors open.

I've done all _I_ can do to help her and so have a lot of others for whom effusive thanks will never be enough.

It comes down to all of the rest of us to do our best to alleviate this never ending shortfall that causes ulcers and other stress caused ailments that plague Erin, Piper et all.

Lilith Langtree's Retcon Universe

Okay. First of all this is NOT a complaint. That said, It is a plea to all the authors who contributed their remarkable talents to a marvelous universe of great stories.

So many of the tales there lay unsettled and incomplete. I completely understand running out of ideas of writing oneself into a corner, having been there myself, more times than I care to admit, but I'm not talking here about endings to all those wonderfully inventive stories. Just bringing them to a logical resting place so that the plots that were still ongoing could be brought to a close.

Top Shelf needs YOUR help! PLEASE READ!

The site and Erin really need your help. I just sent in 25 bucks and will probably send a few more after my own bills are paid for this month.

While Erin and the site really appreciate all the help many of you have given in the past, but things are not getting better financially. Erin has driven herself into debt so far that there seems to be no way out. The site needs a LOT of money to give us this wonderful resource and repository for our stories and blogs.

Suited For Danger - Book 2 - Chapter 7

FROM LAST CHAPTER. THE ALIENS. “I told you we should have never hired that Earthling to find the relics we were sent here to recover! All he's done is let his greed get in the way which has led to others getting involved and several of the Earthlings who have had nothing to do with and didn't even know what the suits really are, have had their lives changed by that cursed Dr. Charles.

Luck Be A Lady Continued

FROM THE AUTHOR: This takes the place of a chapter that never should have happened. It's what SHOULD have happened instead of what I originally wrote and posted. It makes more sense and helps me tie it into the SUITED series

Suited For Danger - Book 2 - Chapter 6


Title changes to Transformers (Sort Of)

Due to a conversation I had with Erin, and deciding to publish the story, we decided that the original title COULD, MIGHT lead to some copyright we brainstormed some new titles up and decided on SUITED FOR ADVENTURE for book 1 and SUITED FOR DANGER for book 2

So I did some fancy editing (well, fancy for my limited computer knowledge) and all the chapter titles and the main title have been changed to the new titles.

Two incomplete stories of mine are under construction.

Luck Be A Lady and Transformers are being worked on right now! I had a brainstorm last week, actually about the same time that hurricane swamped Florida! Hmmm. Coincidence?

Anyhoo, I have already begun work on both stories, having figured out how to not only complete them, but also to tie them in together!

Some exciting news. Well I hope so anyway.

Well, it's been a loooong time since I've revisited this story, but today, a thought went through my mind. Yes, I know. The thought had a short, lonely time going through my mind.

Anyway, I think I might have come up with a way to not only finish the story, but a way to possibly tie it into Luck Be A Lady!

Ambitious? You betcha, but It's bothered me for a long time that I left those stories just kinda dangling there. So! I've already begun a first draft of a continuation of Transformers Sort Of and will be working on tying it in to Luck Be A Lady.

Extreme frustration is setting in rapidly!

I ordered some underwear from an online site. Please don't take me to task for that, okay? The package arrived after many days and all was as ordered...except.

Their ad stated that their bras run small and they advise people who order them, to order them two full strap/band sizes larger than they usually wear, a good thing as it turns out.

Gators, snakes and bayou critters! Yikes!

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These critters are affected by this terrible flooding from Hurricane Harvey also. I've heard on the news that Alligators, snakes and other bayou critters have been flooded out of their normal haunts and are swimming around in the city STREETS. Yet another danger to those attempting to help and those fleeing from the floodwaters. I did hear that an alligator preserve was nearly flooded out and workers there were very much concerned that the flood waters would breach the wire fences that keep the gators penned in. Just one more reason not to drive or walk in flooded areas.

Spare a good thought for Texas.

The whole state is going through hell from this hurricane. Send out all the good thoughts, prayers, and good vibes for our friends in the Lone Star State and ones for their furry companions as well.

There have been literally thousands of water rescues in the last two days and more to come. I hope and pray that all our friends and everyone else will come out of this disaster in good shape.

Hang tough like Texans do, folks. We're all thinking and praying for you.

Catherine Linda Michel


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