Ruth's Reunion - Chapter 4

It was around 8 am the next morning that I ferried Jackson downstairs in search of breakfast. He'd already been up for thirty minutes at that point but I'd been up thirty minutes prior trying to decide what he and I were going to wear for the celebration.

Deciding on Jackson's outfit had been simple enough. I'd chosen a button-down shirt and khakis, a timeless choice for any event. Dressing a young boy was easy, if a bit boring.

A bit more difficult though was choosing an outfit for myself.

Ruth's Reunion - Chapter 3

Sometime later, one of the staff arrived with the news that our dinner was ready, and that signaled an end to our time out in the garden, and not a moment too soon.

Aaron wheeled my father back indoors followed closely by the rest of the family.

"Jess?" I called out to her as we approached the house's entrance.


"I hate to bother you again but could you help me watch Jackson?" I asked, "I need to make a call"

"Oh sure thing" she answered, "Come on, sweetie," she said after turning to him with a smile.

Ruth's Reunion - Chapter 2

I found it difficult to take another step. I wasn't sure I was mentally prepared to go another round with my mother and sister especially with my brother having arrived to provide them with reinforcement.

Even worse was the fact that I'd be bringing Jackson into their presence. I didn't know what I'd do if someone said something cruel to him. I wasn't sure I was strong enough.

I looked down at my son and found him counting the fingers on his free hand as if they were the most fascinating things in the world. He was so precious and I would do anything for him.

Ruth's Reunion - Chapter 1

I was shaking and couldn't get rid of the tightness in my chest. I felt cold, which was surprising considering the hot summer weather. I tried my best to keep from sweating which would ruin the light makeup I had applied earlier to hide my exhaustion. The long airplane ride back home would have been stressful enough without having to keep tabs on the bundle of energy that now lay sprawled across the backseat with his head in my lap.

I looked at him closely and smiled, I hadn't been able to get him to sit still the entire 6-hour flight and here he was, sleeping like an angel.

Damsel in Wartime - The Final Chapter


"What did you do?" Cedric yelled at her, "I'm getting reports that the King is dead. What in God's name happened?"

Despite being embarrassed at her appearance, she gathered herself enough to answer, "I killed him"

There was no use lying and if she was being honest with herself, it gave her a sense of pride to say the words.

As much as he'd taken from her, she'd taken from him the one thing he valued above all else, his life.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 14


Olmund woke up clawing at his throat and for that brief moment after he felt the knife sticking out of his neck, his eyes widened in fear.

Elara remained kneeling over him as she watched the blood drip down his neck staining the expensive fur beneath. There was a hint of disbelief in his eyes as though he couldn't understand why she'd done it.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 13



The months that followed for Elara were worse than she could have ever imagined. She could never prove it but she believed Catalina or one of her ladies were spreading rumors about her. Rumors made all the more believable by Olmund who favored her presence more and more and disregarded that of his betrothed's.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 12


The real event of the evening for Elara occurred after the dancing began. The other ladies had come to find her and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer as they pulled her onto the ballroom floor.

It had begun quite simply enough. The Carole dance that began the session was a popular circle dance that was familiar even to a peasant like her. The nobles joined hands and moved in a circular pattern while they sang songs joyfully.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 11


Elara pulled at the bowstring and aimed at the target in front of her. She took great care to keep her arm steady before letting the arrow fly. It whistled threw the air before lodging itself at the bottom edge of the wooden target.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 10


If Elara listened carefully enough, she could hear her own heartbeat.

Thump. Thump.

She felt a tightness in her chest that she'd never experienced before. She finally knew what it felt like to be in mortal danger, and she didn't like the feeling.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 9


"My lords!" Podan continued his address "We must remind the people that the increased taxes are necessary to aid the war effort and their sacrifices will not be forgotten"

Elara stood beside the other ladies who in turn stood quietly behind the Princess as court was held. The nobles had gathered that morning and for quite some time already, they had been busy discussing legal and administrative matters.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 8


As Elara and the Grand Marshal made their way back towards the castle in silence, she played with her bow's string in an effort to get her mind off everything. The king, Gawen's daring visit, her mission, and of course the man walking beside her.

"Do you know how to use that thing?" she heard Beorn ask.

"What thing?" she had asked quickly and without thinking, "Oh um, no" she added a moment later.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 4


Wulfric emptied his mind focusing only on the horse's trotting and the sound its hooves made when they hit the dirt. The rhythmic sounds provided much-needed solace and distraction from thoughts about the sour end to his time with Thurstan.

Damsel in Wartime - Chapter 3


Wulfric stood over Thurstan's seemingly lifeless body, the only indication to the contrary being his friend's slow but steady breathing. Despite the field medic's assurance that the bloody soldier would recover, Wulfric couldn't help but worry.

"It's not his blood," The medic said slightly annoyed. He had many more soldiers in critical condition and would rather not spend a moment more consoling the distraught boy.

Blood Ties (1 of 2)

How did I get here? I was lying in an alleyway, weak, cold, taking my final labored breaths with my killer standing over me. He was watching me with that blank stare, his mouth stained red with my blood.

Even as I lay there unable to move, I remember feeling angry, so very angry. It's funny what stays with you in those last moments. For most it's fear, for a lucky few it's acceptance and serenity. For me, it was rage.

I replayed the events in my head thinking if there was anything I could have done differently to avoid the sad, pathetic state I was currently in.

He's Just My Type (2 of 2)

My heart beat rapidly and I walked with shaky steps as I made my way to the concession stand. I repeatedly clenched my fist in an effort to get rid of the tingly feeling where we'd touched.

"We need more popcorn" I'd said to him shortly after our hands parted and we looked away. While that was true, it was mostly meant as a way to put some much needed distance between us.

I couldn't believe I was missing the movie I'd waited so long for. At this rate, I would have to make another trip here to rewatch it.

He's Just My Type (1 of 2)

I promise I didn't mean for it to happen. Before Jordan called me out of the blue yesterday, I hadn't thought about him in nearly four years.

When I knew him in college, he was my best friend's slightly overweight roommate that was a bit too pretty for his own good. Logan and I had tried our very best to get him to cut that long brown hair to no success at all.

Voyager Chapter 2


"I got you a present" Winston said with a smile one morning.

"No.." I pouted while trying to keep a smile from enveloping my face "You can't keep buying me things. I feel guilty enough already"

"This is the last one, I promise" he laughed.

"Is it really?" I asked as I retrieved the wrapped box, I shot him a look that made it clear I didn't believe him one bit.

Voyager Chapter 1


This story is set in the world of The First Mother and relies on that story for context. If you haven't, please read that one first. Click here.

It was quarter to three in the afternoon and my worst fears had just come true. I was sitting outside the pharmacy where Mr. Benson had just given me the bad news.

His Wife: A Horror Story (2 of 2)


"What do you mean he took your voice? You're speaking just fine now" the officer asked.

I glanced down at the tape recorder that was recording everything I'd said so far. Good, I wouldn't have to tell this story ever again. I don't think I had it in me to relive this tale one more time.

His Wife: A Horror Story (1 of 2)


All the warnings! I always wanted to write a horror story. This is the one and I don't want it to be tame. It certainly isn't for everyone. There will be fucked up scenes. Check the warning tags, if there are any you'd rather avoid, please go read one of my other stories instead.

A New Year's Transformation


"I can't believe we struck out again" Ezra said while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Speak for yourself dude, I wasn't searching" I replied before turning to look out the window.

It was dark out now so I couldn't see very far but there was nothing to see anyway. It would just be more empty fields on either side of the road. It had been empty fields for the past 20 minutes and so it would remain for the next half hour.

Pretend Princess - Chapter 8


The worst part? Sophia didn't actually tell me what she wanted me to to do for the money.

"When the time comes, you'll know"

That was what she had said. What the hell did that mean? Would it be today? Tomorrow? Next week? I wished I could just get it over with, claim the money and sign out today.

Pretend Princess - Chapter 7


I left quietly and made my way through the garden and back to the side door. I contemplated whether I should confront him or not.

Should I have gone back in and pretended not to have seen anything? How could we proceed with the plan if he was seeing Charles behind my back?

Pretend Princess - Chapter 6


The crowds parted as Nick and I made our way through. The guests - which all belonged to Lenoria's highest echelon - bowed their heads in respect and admiration.

I knew that symbol of respect was probably aimed at Nick and not me but that did little to dampen the impact of the moment.

I was so nervous I ended up clinging tighter to his arm. I dared not look up at him because I feared that would only amplify all I was feeling.

Pretend Princess - Chapter 5


"Ginny, how does it go again?" Emily pretended to ask the other girl "Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas?"

What was her problem? This reminded me of middle school. Looking the way I did back then, I was an easy target. A boy that looked like a girl? The jokes basically wrote themselves.

Middle school taught me to have a thick skin. So whatever Emily here thought she was going to achieve by insulting me, I had bad news for her.

Pretend Princess - Chapter 4


"What does an appeal for judicial reform mean to the monarchy?" King Richard asked.

Yes, that was how he began a conversation with his son. No 'hello', no 'how are you?'.

Didn't he even wonder where Nick had been all this time? He didn't seem to care. A lousy hug seemed enough for him and apparently Nick as well because he too got right into answering the question.

Pretend Princess - Chapter 3


"Your name is Amelia" I repeated to myself as Nick and I descended the airplane steps. I clutched the small purse that held my phone plus a few other 'essentials' with a grip tight enough to turn my fingers blue.

"Your name is Amelia" I repeated again.

Pretend Princess - Chapter 2


Absolutely nothing could have prepared me for Isidora's Hunger Games Capitol looking outfit. Her designer either really loved frills or really didn't like her.

There was also so much pink it was almost blinding and for some reason known only to her, she'd decided to pair it all with some shade of blue lipstick. She looked more like an art project than a person.

And this person was supposedly the stylist?

Pretend Princess - Chapter 1


"Who the hell is Prince Nicholas?" I screamed frantically at my friend to gain his attention.

I knew better than to disturb him while he played his video games but this was an emergency.

When his face turned white as a sheet of paper, I know that name meant something to him. He paused his game and turned to me in horror.

"Where'd you hear that?" he asked in a panic.

The First Mother - The Final Chapter


They led me out the suite and through the halls. I couldn't see anything and I couldn't move my hands either. The helplessness finally allowed me to think.

'Oh fuck, they know'

How did they find out? My mind scoured for all possible ways they could have found out what I did. They didn't have any reason to suspect me right?

The First Mother - Chapter 14


I felt incredibly self conscious as he held my hand and guided me through the crowd. I didn't need to look back at the group to know that they must have been watching us closely.

I glanced over at all the different faces that now filled the beach. This spot used to be so empty. Now there were so many people having the time of their lives, some were even already passed out.

The First Mother - Chapter 13


Stepping out of the Pathfinder was a mind-blowing experience. There were thousands of people walking around with tents dotting the entire beach. It reminded me of those old music festivals that held before the world went to shit.

One of the Voyagers had landed dangerously close to us but I could see four other Voyagers at various locations in the distance just peeking above the forest.

The First Mother - Chapter 12


John insisted on telling Will and the rest of the crew which abruptly halted any plans I'd had of going out the next day.

"Could this have anything to do with her abilities?" Robert asked as we discussed the situation the next morning in the medbay.

"It's the most likely culprit." John agreed "Either way, I want to get it removed quickly before it spreads to more problematic sections of the brain".

The First Mother - Chapter 11


My head was ringing as overlapping shouts of confusion and disbelief filled the bridge.

I looked at Will for the first time. He was saying something. His mouth was moving. He looked angry... at me. I glanced over to the others, all in various states of disarray.

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I had to get the ringing to stop so I could think.

The First Mother - Chapter 10


Three years later.

I sat in a lawn chair watching Adya play with a young Fylis cub that was already twice her size. That was the name we'd given to Kira's species. The same one my attacker had belonged to.

We had run into 2 more variants, which was what we called the aggressive fauna that weren't under my control, but they hadn't been part of a dangerous species to begin with so it hadn't been a problem.

The First Mother - Chapter 9


Things didn't improve between Will and I until 8 months into my pregnancy. Over those months, we sort of just devolved into coworkers again.

He'd still kept me off work duties but suddenly it didn't feel like it was for my protection anymore.

The First Mother - Chapter 8


I moaned as he pulled me closer. I still don't know what came over me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his settled around my waist. I didn't want to stop.

If Robert or any of the others were in the bridge, they would have been getting a steamy show but I didn't care. For those few mind-blowing minutes, it was like something inside me had snapped.


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