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Being Cindy for Christmas


December 2021 Christmas Holidays Story Contest Entry

Being Cindy for Christmas

By Cheryl Bishop

This year Rose and Steve Greene are hosting the family with a Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange as is the family tradition. What will be different is that for the first time it will be Rose and Cindy hostessing the family gathering. Rose has conferred with their children Jane and Michael and been reassured that this will be fine with all.

Charli(e) Wilder Saga?

I left this, pretty discouraged by lack of feedback.

Charli has been accepted at an exclusive girls school as a transgender girl. But she is questioning whether she is really transgender. She is wondering how she can sample boyhood from the position she is in. She has a session of basketball and video games scheduled with a group of slightly older public schoolboys. But the boy who invited her doesn't know her transgender status and wants her as a girlfriend. Charlie wants him as a boyfriend.

Cis Rose

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This is the story of a crossdressers wife. It was originally published as part of the anthology One Dozen Roses. I highly recommend the whole anthology, but I am biased.

A Different Way To Tell Your Spouse

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Robert went to the SWEET conference looking for help and advice on introducing his wife to his crossdressing. Rose and Cindy offered to help. This is that story. It stands alone, you do not have to have read 'One Dozen Roses'.

Charli(e) Wilder Saga Part 12

In this episode, Charlie jumps the final hurdle to attend St.Katherine's. The family gets cell phones.
Charlie muses that she is probably a cis-male but pretending to be a transgender girl is the best path for now, and to just go with the flow and have fun along the way.


This is the continuing saga of Charli Wilder a boy who was homeschooled with his younger sister by his lesbian mothers. Having decided to try attending school as a transgender girl s(he) finds this may create more problems than it solves.

Charli - The way to School

Charli thought making the decision to attend school as a transgender girl would be the hard part. After making that decision, she learns that is only the start of the obstacle course.

This is a continuation of "How I became Crossgender".

Boy or Girl or Golden Retriever

I enjoy when authors share backstories of their work and creative process. I hope you enjoy my story of “How I Became Crossgender”, came about.

I started to try my hand at an ever popular, a nerdy boy discovers girl inside, conquers the world as a girl story.

I started what was tentatively called “Boy or Girl or Golden Retriever”. Mostly the backstory referred to, but with psychologist telling mom “The way you have raised them, they don’t know if they are boy or girl or golden retriever.” I got bogged down after killing off Jane (post-death discussions are not much fun).


I am repeating the afterword to my story "How I Became Crossgender" because I feel this is a better location for discussing questions, I hope it raises. Is Charli(e) crossgender? What is the danger/advantage of a cis-gender person pretending to be crossgender? What should the role of mental health professionals be?



Thank you all for the comments. Let me assure you that if I continue to get comments like this, there will be more.

I see many of the authors here begging for comments. I know it is very demoralizing not receiving comments. Many of us fledgling authors need encouragement, not demoralization, so please readers comment more, not just on mine, but on all the stories you like or feel you could help make better. And PM if you don't want it in public or it might embarrass the author. You might make a friend, and you can never have too many friends.

Hugs, Cheryl

How I Became Crossgender part 1

My anxiety level is higher than I can ever remember. I am about to go to my first day of school. I am 13 and will be in grade 11. Furthermore, I will be presenting as a transgender girl, even though I doubt I am truly transgender.

This is the story of how I got to this place.

Masculine/feminine balance

I believe gender shouldn't be an either or choice. In my just completed story "Old friend,New love" I tried to present two people trying to find a new balance in their gender expression. In the process they find someone that loves both sides.

Not many percieved it that way. But I would like some feedback. How would describe the characters Kevin/Kate and Chris/Chrissie on a masculine/feminine scale. For example Kevin/Kate 10%M/80%F (yes it doesn't need to add up to 100% if you feel some uncertanty).

A Night at the Theater

A Night at the Theater

by Cheryl Bishop

As the curtain for the first act began to close, a group of about 25 dressed in fashionable dresses and high heels were first to the lobby. When the other theater goers came out they found them in a long line going into the room labeled “MEN”.

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