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Bikini Beach; The Russian Connection Part 2

Once again thanks go to Elrod who looked over this story. My editor sent him a draft also. Thanks go to my editor Ibi who spent a lot of time on this and helped me define Jenny and her new found abilities. Which is one of the reasons this part has taken so long to write.

Michael Stephenson III's world would no longer be seen in the same light after his hasty arrival into Bikini Beach's small first aid station. His life changed as with many others outside the water park and its sprawling establishment with his placement in a makeshift bath.

Happy Thanksgiving


Hi everyone the title says it all, Happy Turkey day to all who celebrate it. Living this side of the pond they don't celebrate it here. But we do as a family although I'm the lone American here. But like I tell our kids they are half American and should honor their family roots. So have a wonderful fun-filled day with your family.

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Unseen handicaps can be so hard

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I think I have only mentioned this to a couple of people at Big Closet. But I'm deaf which is a challenge I use Amerivan Sign Language (ASL).I live in a foreign Country as well. My complaint or grouse is that people do not speak to me. They talk over me to my husband it's like I don't exist to them. What makes it worse is when he does the same. Although I have to say in his defense he's trying to protect me.

Bikini Beach; The Russian Connection Part 1

Bikini Beach; The Russian Connection part 1.
By Cheryl L

Many thanks go to Elrod for his help in this story. He helped me to develop the story. In ways I would not have thought of. Also thanks to Ibi who worked tirelessly and patiently as editor, proof-reader and sounding board.
I’ve added a post that will explain/decipher some British and American cultural differences.

Bikini beach story The Russian Connection

Hi well finally completed the first part. I had the help of a very patient editor and proofreader this time.This time the story is a little longer but does flow a lot better. I'm sure that there are still some errors there. Please let me know what you think.

The title is as above.

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I need to have my story removed from the B.B universe page. It seems the story is OK but there are a lot of grammar and punctuation errors in it. OK to be honest way too many of said errors. I now have a proofreader who has offered to help me correct the errors. Being dyslexic, I should have thought of this before. Karl, my husband, complimented me in both writing it and finding a site where I would get so much support.

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