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Unseen handicaps can be so hard

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I think I have only mentioned this to a couple of people at Big Closet. But I'm deaf which is a challenge I use Amerivan Sign Language (ASL).I live in a foreign Country as well. My complaint or grouse is that people do not speak to me. They talk over me to my husband it's like I don't exist to them. What makes it worse is when he does the same. Although I have to say in his defense he's trying to protect me.

Bikini Beach; The Russian Connection Part 1

Bikini Beach; The Russian Connection part 1.
By Cheryl L

Many thanks go to Elrod for his help in this story. He helped me to develop the story. In ways I would not have thought of. Also thanks to Ibi who worked tirelessly and patiently as editor, proof-reader and sounding board.
I’ve added a post that will explain/decipher some British and American cultural differences.

Bikini beach story The Russian Connection

Hi well finally completed the first part. I had the help of a very patient editor and proofreader this time.This time the story is a little longer but does flow a lot better. I'm sure that there are still some errors there. Please let me know what you think.

The title is as above.

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I need to have my story removed from the B.B universe page. It seems the story is OK but there are a lot of grammar and punctuation errors in it. OK to be honest way too many of said errors. I now have a proofreader who has offered to help me correct the errors. Being dyslexic, I should have thought of this before. Karl, my husband, complimented me in both writing it and finding a site where I would get so much support.

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