Cleo Kraft

On and Over

On and Over (1st draft preview)
by Cleo Kraft


Small soft hands opened the door and a cute little blonde girl's head peeked in the room. She bit her lower lip as she looked around for any sign of people around. Her breathing was hurried and panting a bit as she had just ran from the park all the way up Forest Avenue to Dr. Jenning's place.

Sketchy TG/AR - To post or not to post, that is the question

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I've not posted a new story in awhile. It doesn't mean I've
stopped writing. It just means my writing's grown more and
more into the gray area of TG/AR. I think we've had this sort
of conversation on TG sites again and again and often times
the opinions and comments are the same. "Freedom of speech"
comes up, or someone might mention the book and movie "Lolita"
as reasonable excuses for TG/AR to creep into the creepy.

It's a TG story dying to be written though but nobody seems
brave enough to post it. I certainly can't post mine without

Writing again

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I'm gradually getting back into story writing. Huge story in the works which sort of revolves around a topic Eric posted on a few weeks back about liking TG stories where someone is made a copy of someone else and the wrong twin swaps back. The idea intrigued me so I started writing a story about that.

Ju-Ju Box: Chapters 1 & 2

Author's note:
Per request, I'll start posting my old Cromexx Central stories here at topshelf.

This is an old six chapter story of mine I had on my old site Cromexx Central (no longer online). This story is followed by a pair of sequels. I'll just post a couple chapters at a time every other day or so, so I don't hog up the whole story board.

The Mary McCoy

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I don't even know anymore. I guess I'm a chronic alcoholic because last night I woke up about 1:30 in the morning not even remembering I had drank a single drink. I woke up looking at the clock and going "oh god... if I don't set my alarm I'm going to be late for work." And so I woe and set my alarm and set out all my clothes and all that and then, well... I had weird dreams.

Ring of Love

Ring of Love
by Cleo Kraft
Kim sat across from me on the enclosed back porch. She sat on a white plastic
lawn chair and looked down at her fingers semi-folded in the gap between
her pretty knees which were about two feet apart at the moment. She was
quiet as was I, for she'd just revealed a secret she'd kept from me the

BotC: -6c- Who's Plan is it Anyway?



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Danny sipped a warm cup of tea and blinked her bright blue eyes across the room as she focused on her surroundings with interest and curiosity about what this place was, perhaps for the first time she could even remember.

BotC: -3c- A Knock on the Door

No sooner had Danny stood up when suddenly there came a knocking at the front door downstairs. The ring pulsed a few times sending a strange warmth through the new little girl's hand and she froze there where she stood and her mouth open wide as if some inner being within her was about to speak. The odd sensation quickly passed however and she blinked her eyes and shook her head as if she suddenly awoke from a strange little daydream.

BotC: -2c- Magic in the Closet

With his parents gone and his sister, Penny, away at college, Danny anxiously entered his sister's room to snoop around at his leisure without fear of being caught.

He went right to her bookshelf searching for his Braldron IX video game cartridge that he was almost sure his sister had swiped from his room the last time she had the house alone to herself. Then again maybe his mom or dad finally carried through on their threat to ground him from his favorite video game after that prank he pulled last week on Jimmy Nellings, the little eight year old twirp down the block. Sticking gum on the kid's bicycle seat. It was only in retaliation for the little brat having done the same thing to Danny the previous day but even so the rotten little tattle tail, Jimmy, went and told Danny's mom about it and not too long after that the video game cartridge mysteriously vanished.

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