Stick Her Shock - Part 21

Chapter 41

Tess was proving to be a lifesaver. When Jackie told her about needing to buy clothes for her new position she said to avoid the mall shops, that she'd take her to Target. It was where she and most of the clerical staff shopped for their clothes.

Prisoner of the Flesh

Warning: This is horror story. There is no happy ending. It is inspired by Johnathan's Rings of Fate on FM, which is one of the best bodyswap horror stories I have ever read.

Prisoner of the Flesh

Stick Her Shock - Part 20

Chapter 39

Dana and Marsha came back into the room after Dr. Finch excused herself and left. Though not before setting up weekly appointments to talk more. There were still a lot of unanswered questions but for the moment the couple were better for having talked. Not necessarily happy but more comfortable.

"Thanks Marsha for keeping me for doing something stupid. I'll reimburse you for the motel charges and your time."

Stick Her Shock - Part 19

Chapter 37

Jackie and Sandy looked at each other. Neither had ever really considered talking about the secret that started the whole mess. Sure they'd talked a bit about it the night before last but that had been more about the aftermath. It was like Jack had disappeared and been replaced by a completely different person.

Sylvia turned to Marsha and Dana.

"Perhaps I could have some time alone with Jackie and Sandy?"

"Sis? Will you be alright?"

Stick Her Shock - Part 18

Chapter 35

Dana had gotten no answer when she rang the bell so she used her spare key to get in. There was no sign of Jackie or Sandy anywhere downstairs so she went upstairs where she found the bedroom door open and saw her sister curled up in a ball crying.

She rushed to her sister grabbing her up in her arms trying to comfort her.

"What's wrong baby sis?"

"It's J-J-Jackie. She's gone."

Stick Her Shock - Part 16

WARNING: I know many of you have bad memories that certain scenes incolving violence and/or sexual assault may trigger and this part contains such a scene and I did not want to depend on a simple caution in the header as 16 parts into story it is likely they are not looked at any longer. What takes place is integral to the story unfortunately and I understand if you choose not to read it or what follows after. If so I thank you for reading to this point.

Stick Her Shock - Part 15

Chapter 28

The two of them sat there considering their options. The important thing to Jackie was whatever they decided to do, they were doing it together.

"As I see it I really don't have any choice but to play out Cindy's game until I can either figure it out or get my CPA recertification and look for another job."

Stick Her Shock - Part 14

Chapter 26

Jackie was nearly in tears when they reached the car but they were tears of anger. She turned on Sandy.

"My life is in the crapper and it's all your fault!"

Sandy was surprised by the pure vitriol in that statement. Up to now Jackie had pretty much blamed herself but this was Jack speaking not her.

Stick Her Shock - Part 13

Chapter 24

Once in the office Jackie's heartbeat slowly returned to a more normal pace. Tess looked glad to see them as she handed the headset back to Joy and returned to her desk.

Joy pulled a second headset out of her desk and handed it to her after making sure it was working. Now she could listen in as Joy handled incoming calls, hearing both the client and her.

Stick Her Shock - Part 12

Chapter 22

Joy led the way to her car. Jackie wondered how she managed to fit her very large belly behind the steering wheel. She must of been a contortionist in a previous life. In just minutes she pulled up to a small deli. Jackie opened her eyes when she heard the engine shut off. Joy, the woman with the sweet and bubbly personality turned into Dale Earnhardt, the Intimidator, on the road.

"Hurry up. I have to use the bathroom."

Stick Her Shock - Part 11

Chapter 20

Gathering herself together Cindy appraised the woman in front of her. If she didn't know it was Jack she would have taken her for one of the applicants to fill Joy's position when she went on maternity leave. Sandy obviously dressed Jack like this for exactly that reason.

"Jack? It is you Jack, isn't it? I suppose you have some explanation for why you are dressed like this."

Stick Her Shock - Part 10

Chapter 18

Once inside their bedroom Sandy slowly stripped Jackie of all her clothes and gently pushed her back on to the bed. Jackie needed to know not only that she loved her but that she could still enjoy sex as a woman. She just hoped that those microconductors she read about on the computer worked as well for Jackie's vagina as it did for her breasts.

Stroking Jackie's breasts Sandy asked if she played so much with them and nearly got off why didn't she play with her vagina? She was legitimately puzzled.

Stick Her Shock - Part 9

Chapter 16

Once inside Jackie's head was on a swivel as she looked around the dining room. The hostess told them there would be a short wait. It seems there was a convention in town and a lot of the attendees had decided to dine there. She suggested they wait in the bar until they were called.

Stick Her Shock - Part 8

Chapter 14

As soon as she had dropped Jackie off Sandy had rushed to meet Cindy at the same coffee shop she had waited at for Jackie that morning. She had no sooner sat down with a large latte when Cindy rushed in looking worried.

All Cindy had been thinking since Sandy's phone call was that Jack was seriously ill and was trying to keep it a secret. She was so concerned that she simply blurted out what was on her mind.

"Is Jack alright? He isn't dying is he? Is it cancer? "

Stick Her Shock - Part 7

Chapter 12

Sandy had parked down the street out of sight and sat in a small coffee bar while she made some phone calls.

First on her list was Lisa, her favorite stylist. She was lucky, she had time this afternoon to do what Sandy wanted.

Next was Cindy. She asked if Cindy could meet her this afternoon to talk about Jack. Cindy was curious but Sandy didn't give any more information other than it was very important and Jack wasn't to know about their meeting or what they discussed.

Stick Her Shock - Part 6

Chapter 10

After Dana left Sandy was much calmer and had some time to think.

“Jackie, You have to take another day off. Do you think there will be a problem with that?

“No, it's the beginning of the quarter and the middle of the month. I have no appointments. Why?”

Stick Her Shock - Part 5

Chapter 8

As she made lunch for them her questions began and he swore his wife could have worked for the CIA as an interrogator. The first questions were about how much his bio-flesh prostheses cost and where did he get the money for them and the clothes they bought today.

Stick Her Shock - Part 4

Chapter 6

"The first thing we need to do is get you some proper lingerie that you can wear comfortably all day. So we'll go to Figure Fair™ and get you measured for a proper bra."

"What's wrong with the bra I have on?"

"You look like you're going to fall out of it any second. Where did you get it anyway, Frederick's of Hollywood™?"

Stick Her Shock - Part 3

Chapter 5

Sandy was doing some serious thinking as they drove home. Suddenly she stopped and turned around. Jack looked at her questioningly.

"We need to get you more clothes Jackie. You can't wear mine and you certainly can't wear Jack's."

"Why can't you just buy some for me?"

"Jesus Jackie you're a crossdresser. You should love shopping for clothes, especially now that you have no choice. You don't even have to feel guilty because you can blame me."

Stick Her Shock - Part 2

Chapter 3

Jacqueline thought about going out several times but just couldn't get up the nerve and now the 72 hours were nearly up so she got out the solvent. The fingernails would be first so she could undo the buckles on the heels and get some relief. Pouring some of the solvent in a bowl she soaked her fingers but the nails didn't budge. She knew the 72 hours weren't up so the super solvent should have worked. She tried the spare bottle and the same thing happened. Then she realized that the liquid had no chemical smell. Had the company sent Jack some defective solvent? Being a holiday she couldn't call and the solvent wasn't available in stores.

Stick Her Shock - Part 1

Stick Her Shock

Chapter 1

"I'm off dear. You sure you don't want to come with?"

"And spend the three day weekend trailing after the two of you in the shops? You just want a pack mule to carry everything when you buy out the stores."

"You never know, you might find something you like."

"Begone woman. I hear a couch calling my name."

How could you!

"Hello dear, guess who got off early. . . Richard Ellsworth Pennyfeather what the hell do you think you are doing?"

" You weren't supposed to be home yet. I was only taking a small break. It's not as bad as it looks. I knew you wouldn't understand. "

"I understand only too well. You've been keeping secrets from me. How long has this been going on?"

"Only since I got laid off from my job. I was never home alone before and it was just so tempting. It brightens up my day. You know I've been depressed since I lost my job."

Football God to Fan Girl

Kaitlyn Parker aka totalditz on The Haven has published a book on Amazon that is labeled forced fem but is really mild. The girls are devious, and the plot is clever with several scenes that are well written and well played. I think you will find it highly enjoyable much like Daring Diane's Corporate Dress Code in style and execution. Worth picking up and reading.

"Was it GLOOD For You?"

"Was it GLOOD for YOU?"

She looked down at his terror-stricken face with a smile as she replied to her own question. "It certainly was GLOOD for me." Her latest victim could only stare until the paralyzing agent wore off.

The GLOOrious Revolution

The stories popped up in various newspapers across the country but seemed random and many instances never made the papers. Finally enough instances took place that the authorities began to take notice and detect a pattern.

Staying Put


"Why is your husband still in that kinky French maid's uniform? The Halloween party was over a week ago?"
"Well I may have made a few changes to the instructions for the GLOO, not that my husband was ever any good at following instructions anyway."
"So what did you do?"
"Well, you know how it says if the GLOO is not removed before 72 hours that it permanently bonds and would require mutilating surgery to remove?

You may have noted

the post slightly below this one by Daring Diane about her new book Cheerleader which is a great read along with her first book Kappa Delti Girls. While buying her latest I noted a book in the 'what others bought' below that sounded interesting. It is Sisterhood by Roz White about a group of transwomen. In fact it is the first of what is currently a four book series. The interesting part is the reviews are from gg's and they are very good.

Sentenced to Life

This is a tale of revenge and justice. There is no sex or violence except by reference..

Sentenced to Life

Special Agent in Charge Rhonda Peters tried to hide her distaste as she looked at the agent in front of her. She was sure he felt the same though he didn't show it. It was a long time from when they had been fellow rookies at the academy.

The Diary

It was just an assignment for class . Write as if you were a completely different person. He decided to be inventive and create a diary for his fictional character. It would have been fine except his girlfriend found it and read it.

A touchy subject

Oh this isn't about politics or religion so you can rest easy on that front. What I'm writing about is something that occurs in some authors writing on occasion and that is references to other authors and their works. Now I understand that it's nice to be able to mention your friends and fellow authors in your work. I am sure it gives you and the aforementioned authors a nice warm feeling and does the same for many of their friends.


Visiting a foreign country is always exciting but it's a good idea to take precautions. Unfortunatley Terry and Felix didn't so they ended up

Click on the story title and then on the captions to enlarge them.

Declining chapter reads

I've noted how many authors get discouraged about how readership drops off after the first chapter is posted. I did some research and discovered some interesting facts about the way the system does and doesn't count page views.

First of all we know a number of people open the first chapter and decided the story isn't their cup of tea and stop reading. Then there are others who read each chapter and open it up individually and while there is often continued dropoff it isn't as severe as from the first chapter to the second.

Acronymonius or apropos of nothing

In this age of Twitter and texting everything seems to get reduced to a few short letters or worse, an emoji. The beauty of words gets lost when reduced to a few short letters.

I am sure that it lends a certain verisimilitude to a story to drop in the current vernacular of acronyms but somehow LOL does not carry the same impact as imagining someone actually laughing out loud. In this attention deficit designed world I am sure there are many who assign their own meanings to common acronyms thus widening the breach of understanding rather than narrowing it.

Not Another Word


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I've been making captions for the past three years (4500+). They are really short stories and one-offs but I have done a few multi-caption stories and decided to try posting them here starting with Not Another Word ( links to the caps because they are too big to post here).


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