How could you!

"Hello dear, guess who got off early. . . Richard Ellsworth Pennyfeather what the hell do you think you are doing?"

" You weren't supposed to be home yet. I was only taking a small break. It's not as bad as it looks. I knew you wouldn't understand. "

"I understand only too well. You've been keeping secrets from me. How long has this been going on?"

"Only since I got laid off from my job. I was never home alone before and it was just so tempting. It brightens up my day. You know I've been depressed since I lost my job."

Football God to Fan Girl

Kaitlyn Parker aka totalditz on The Haven has published a book on Amazon that is labeled forced fem but is really mild. The girls are devious, and the plot is clever with several scenes that are well written and well played. I think you will find it highly enjoyable much like Daring Diane's Corporate Dress Code in style and execution. Worth picking up and reading.

"Was it GLOOD For You?"

"Was it GLOOD for YOU?"

She looked down at his terror-stricken face with a smile as she replied to her own question. "It certainly was GLOOD for me." Her latest victim could only stare until the paralyzing agent wore off.

The GLOOrious Revolution

The stories popped up in various newspapers across the country but seemed random and many instances never made the papers. Finally enough instances took place that the authorities began to take notice and detect a pattern.

Staying Put


"Why is your husband still in that kinky French maid's uniform? The Halloween party was over a week ago?"
"Well I may have made a few changes to the instructions for the GLOO, not that my husband was ever any good at following instructions anyway."
"So what did you do?"
"Well, you know how it says if the GLOO is not removed before 72 hours that it permanently bonds and would require mutilating surgery to remove?

You may have noted

the post slightly below this one by Daring Diane about her new book Cheerleader which is a great read along with her first book Kappa Delti Girls. While buying her latest I noted a book in the 'what others bought' below that sounded interesting. It is Sisterhood by Roz White about a group of transwomen. In fact it is the first of what is currently a four book series. The interesting part is the reviews are from gg's and they are very good.

Sentenced to Life

This is a tale of revenge and justice. There is no sex or violence except by reference..

Sentenced to Life

Special Agent in Charge Rhonda Peters tried to hide her distaste as she looked at the agent in front of her. She was sure he felt the same though he didn't show it. It was a long time from when they had been fellow rookies at the academy.

The Diary

It was just an assignment for class . Write as if you were a completely different person. He decided to be inventive and create a diary for his fictional character. It would have been fine except his girlfriend found it and read it.

A touchy subject

Oh this isn't about politics or religion so you can rest easy on that front. What I'm writing about is something that occurs in some authors writing on occasion and that is references to other authors and their works. Now I understand that it's nice to be able to mention your friends and fellow authors in your work. I am sure it gives you and the aforementioned authors a nice warm feeling and does the same for many of their friends.


Visiting a foreign country is always exciting but it's a good idea to take precautions. Unfortunatley Terry and Felix didn't so they ended up

Click on the story title and then on the captions to enlarge them.

Declining chapter reads

I've noted how many authors get discouraged about how readership drops off after the first chapter is posted. I did some research and discovered some interesting facts about the way the system does and doesn't count page views.

First of all we know a number of people open the first chapter and decided the story isn't their cup of tea and stop reading. Then there are others who read each chapter and open it up individually and while there is often continued dropoff it isn't as severe as from the first chapter to the second.

Acronymonius or apropos of nothing

In this age of Twitter and texting everything seems to get reduced to a few short letters or worse, an emoji. The beauty of words gets lost when reduced to a few short letters.

I am sure that it lends a certain verisimilitude to a story to drop in the current vernacular of acronyms but somehow LOL does not carry the same impact as imagining someone actually laughing out loud. In this attention deficit designed world I am sure there are many who assign their own meanings to common acronyms thus widening the breach of understanding rather than narrowing it.

Not Another Word


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I've been making captions for the past three years (4500+). They are really short stories and one-offs but I have done a few multi-caption stories and decided to try posting them here starting with Not Another Word ( links to the caps because they are too big to post here).

A Christmas Carol & It's A Wendy-ful Life

The last two Christmases I created TG versions of famous Christmas stories trying to remain as true to the stories as I could. These were the results.

The Singer

This story was at the request of one of my blog readers who suggested the general plotline. It is NOT sweet, nor sentimental but at the same time is closer to reality.The person who requested it was pleased and that was the whole point of the exercise.

Not Another Word 1-5

I've been making captions for the past three years (4500+). They are really short stories and one-offs but I have done a few multi-caption stories and decided to try posting them here starting with Not Another Word ( links to the caps because they are too big to post here).

Chasing Amy

This little piece was 'inspired' by the movie of the same name. Actually I'm not really sure inspired is the word I'm looking for as I couldn't finish watching it. Written several years ago I still think it's one of my best little short stories along with Heat Wave

Heat Wave

His lips caressed hers as he breathed his very soul into her. She'd dreamed of this moment for years never believing for a moment that it could happen to her. Countless nights she had tossed and turned thinking about him, how he'd sweep her off her feet as he declared his undying love with a kiss. But never in a million years did she think it would actually happen. . .

The Greased Frightening and Little Slips

    There's no playgrounds or malls for the local kids to play at so we are forced to create our own entertainment. The boys were wont to playing practical jokes like the one Mary Susan's older brothers played on her. The one that got them a rather unique punishment.

. . . And Fifty Cents For Your Soul

     'Mad Dog' Jansen stomped down the polluted beach, kicking driftwood and whatever else got in his way with his size 14 combat boots. He smiled for a moment at the memory of how that pansy quarterback for the Saints had looked after he'd 'accidentally' snapped his throwing arm, the pain in his eyes before he'd passed out. It had been a clean hit but Jansen knew he'd angled himself to inflict the maximum amount of damage.


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