Moving On Sunday

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I've been a bit distracted and busy over the last three months or so with trying to find a new place to live.

The building that I have been in for the last twelve years will be torn down soon and will be replaced by a condominium building that will be ready in about three to four years. Tenants from my building have the option to take apartments there when it opens.

I just received confirmation that I will be moving into a new apartment, with the actual move taking place on Sunday.

Elsewhere, Otherwhen, Somehow: Chapter 4

The meeting with the strange cat had been odd, but Theona felt no fear of the cat and soon returned to her briefly disturbed sleep.

As she knelt by her blanket just before lying down again, she noticed that Tanris had unhitched the six krants from the wagon at some point and had set them on long leads running from heavy ringbolts in the wagon's frame so they could wander around and graze through the night.

Where There's A Wolf, There's A Way

Well, Dorothy did say people could write stories that would be aimed at M.Y.T.H, so I'm taking a shot at it. *grins madly*

Like her story Help! My Girlfriend Is A Unicorn!, this story will lead up to the protagonist discovering, then going to M.Y.T.H.

Dorothy told me to post this now, so here you go, folks, the first piece with students showing up at M.Y.T.H. for orientation.


I'm standing here in my all too cute bedroom, staring into a three-part mirror at the very pretty girl shown there.

Some Gave All

There's a bit of foul language in this piece. The caution for violence is due to the story being about the effects of war.


Friday, July 5, 2013 7:15 PM The Brothers Soup Kitchen and Shelter next to St. Agnes Catholic Church, South Boston, MA, USA

I had just finished eating my meal, the meal today being a rather decent beef stew with some hefty dinner rolls when I noticed a woman standing in the entryway. She pulled something from her wallet, looked at it and then looked around the room.

I Gave My Heart

Here is another of my poems, it mentions aspects of BDSM briefly a few times, but there is nothing explicit in the poem itself. This poem was written in a free form style, I generally don't do free form poetry often, but that style fits this piece perfectly.

If you're not into BDSM, simply disregard those little bits and read it as it is, a description of a relationship that went wrong and then failed.

Sadly, I had bad luck with the relationship after the one described here, for the exact same reasons, with the exact same result.

The Voice Within

I managed to find some of my poetry pieces, I wrote this one while reflecting on how depression, etc., can affect people.


The Voice Within

I walked alone in a garden,
When my life seemed so drear and dark;
I could not see the flowers there
Or hear the sweet song of the lark.

I wandered here, then wandered there,
Looking for a way to the light;
I knew not where I went nor why,
Just that life seemed eternal night.

Stormwall: Chapter 2

Sorry for the delay on posting this part, I was stuck at one point in the piece and my muse was apparently on a long vacation.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to post more pieces fairly soon, but I need to find a new place to live, that's much more important right now.


Well, as they say, life goes on, and on Wednesday, it was back to the training, but this time it was purely physical. They had me lifting weights on various machines, running as fast as I could around a one mile underground track circuit, jumping jacks, toe touches, stuff like that.

Winter's Tale

It's been a while since I added a story or chapter. Life's been busy, I'm in the process of looking for somewhere new to live as my current building is going to be torn down at some point in time later this year, so I might not be posting for a while.


Winter Sasha Belmont loved playing head games with other people. Winter had an older sister, about two years before, Winter noticed one of his sister's blouses in the laundry hamper, snuck it into his room and tried it on. He liked how it felt and had done it many times since then.

Tales Of A New Town: Pre-founding

The only violence in this chapter is in the description of Quinn's war wound and Will's on duty injury.

I apologize for not posting anything for so long, I was dealing with bad migraines for about three weeks from late April to mid-May, and my muse apparently decided to take a hike, leaving me with four pieces partially written. This is the first of those I've managed to finish.


Birthday, what birthday?

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According to the calendar, I turned 51 today.

To be honest, though, my birthdays haven't been something to celebrate for a long, long time.

I lost a fair number of people I considered friends when I started on hormones and living as a female back in 1992.

I lost even more when I went through a completely stupid and unnecessary legal hassle from 1998 to 2000.

The Great Downtown Jam Session

Kyle was walking down the street, heading toward a mall that allowed people to play music with little or no hassle. It was just another city somewhere in the United States, much like many other fairly big cities, with people walking or driving by without saying anything.

He wasn't really paying attention to where he was going until he had to stop at a street light to wait for it to turn green. Across the street was a small area where the city allowed musicians, comics, etc., to do their acts. Something pulled Kyle over to the almost empty square.

The Artemis Project: Prologue

US Army Captain Elizabeth Annette Garrett walked into the office area of the base, nodded to the corporal and three privates working the desk area, then walked behind them down the hallway to her own office. She would have preferred to be elsewhere, but the summary sentence that had been imposed on the idiot that required her to be here had ended this morning, she would be seeing him any minute now.

Walburton's Wonderful Whirlds of Whee! or Miracles Can Happen!

----- Present day, RV behind Walburton's Wonderful Whirlds of Whee rides area, Lake County Fair, Eustis, Florida -----

Phineas Terrance Walburton III, the craggy faced, tall, lean 78 year old owner of Walburton's Wonderfuls Whirlds of Whee looked around at the people crowded in his Winnebago Spirit RV. His face showed the effects of stress, fatigue and the possible loss of all he held dear.

The Roads Are Calling, or It's A Carnie Life


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I have brown eyes, shoulder length black hair, a pert nose and a wide mouth over a rounded chin. I can't count how many times I've had people at various fairs walk up to me and talk to me like I'm a girl. It's caused a few problems now and then.
I'm part of a small group that has worked at various fairs across the US for many years. There's maybe half a dozen acts that we do, I walk the tightrope fifty feet above the ground, I've been doing it since I was six.

The Roads Are Calling,
It's A Carnie Life

Crazy Pagan Gurl

The Roads Are Calling, or It's A Carnie Life: Part 1

Well, it's been an interesting week. My nipples are even itchier than they were a week ago, and they look bigger, too. The problem with things like this is it's hard to see a doctor on a one time basis, it would be a lot easier if we had a doctor and/or a nurse as a member(s) in the troupe.

I don't think it's anything too serious, but I could really do without the itchiness, especially when I'm busy working or training.

The Roads Are Calling, or It's A Carnie Life: Prologue

I'm hoping to post parts of this story on a weekly basis, but life can be an interfering PITA as we all know.


I woke up this morning feeling slightly weird, my nipples were sore and I felt vaguely nauseous; as far as I know, I hadn't rubbed them or anything, but they were standing at attention and looking bigger than they had been perhaps a few days earlier. I spent a few minutes in the shower, then dressed; once I was presentable, I joined the rest of the crew for breakfast in the hotel dining room. We'll hit the road after we eat.

The Trials of Shay-Va-Za: Prologue

This is a tale of three girls all born with male traits, of how they found each other and their adventures after they first meet.

The caution is related to various incidents described below, all but one being current events, the other occurring two years earlier.

Be warned, this first part isn't nice. There's a fair bit of what many might call needless violence, the bad guys don't leave witnesses behind. Well, not if they can help it, at least.


January 14th, 2017, 1:38 PM, Homestead Meadows South, Texas

Hope's Light Prologue: The Flight From Earth & The Founding

Captain Elijah Anthony Stormshadow looked out over the crowd waiting to go onto the generation ship that would take them to their new home. He nodded to a young man, who waved to another standing by the ship, and the access door to the big ship opened.

Stormwall: Chapter 1

The cautions given here are for events described in the long background portion in the middle of the piece.

I could have told this story without all that background info, but she was visiting family, and catching up on everything related to them.


As short a time as a week ago, I thought everything was just as it should be. I was a young male in my junior year of high school, a strong member of our track and field team, and I was doing pretty darn well in my classes, only one B grade in the previous semester.

Servants Of Redemption


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We are the Servants of Redemption. We are seven, five women, two men, united in her service, her Chosen in this world.

She calls herself Redemption in this age. She was here long, long ago, but the name she used then was lost as her people died.

Servants Of Redemption

Crazy Pagan Gurl

Servants Of Redemption: Chapter 1 - To Lose It All

I, Vengeance, stood next to Justice as we waited for the warmonger Ishbal Kamizan to be brought before us.

We waited for some time before Honour entered the room, four guards surrounding the warmonger behind him. The guards placed the broken shell of a man in the seat in the middle of the room, then moved to take up positions around the room.

Justice faced him and spoke, "Ishbal Kamizan, you sit before us accused of genocide and mass murder, how do you plead?"

Servants Of Redemption: Prologue

We are the Servants of Redemption. We are seven, five women, two men, united in her service, her Chosen in this world.

She calls herself Redemption in this age. She was here long, long ago, but the name she used then was lost as her people died.

Somehow, someone somewhere on this world found her, even though her name could not be remembered, and believed in her. Even she was mystified at the fact that she was reborn in a sense, she had been floating alone in a timeless void until that first person believed.

Busybody's Demise

This is a story that my muse dropped on me sixteen hours ago, It took me almost that long to write it.

The cautions are related to the part where Natalia describes the fifth house, they have nothing to do with Aloysius.


Thomas Dinweller watched as the car stopped next to the tiny estate agent's office in the village. Little Bramble, a fairly small village, was lucky to have an estate agent's office, but some of the old buildings in the surrounding area and other parts of the Cotswolds were quite valuable.

Lady Love: A New Superheroine In The Making?

Like it often seems to happen with me, I woke up with an idea from my crazy muse who decided I should be awake, not sleeping. LOL

A young man discovers in his early teens that he should have been a girl, but being from the bayous of Louisiana, life doesn't come easy. His parents were always ready for a party, and like they had many times before, they joined several friends on an old and not very well kept twenty foot long speed boat. A really nasty storm raged through the area they were in and the boat went down with all lives lost.

Stumbles Of Love Part 3

Here is the next bit of Stumbles, I've known the initial premise for Erin being Erin, but didn't know WHY until I woke up several hours ago.

I added the tag for Magic because it is and will be part of the story, as I will explain in the talk between Erin and Stasia here.

The cautions are due to the violence in parts of this chapter and the suicide of Erin's father before she was born.


Stasia had to stand there and wait for a few minutes before the door opened and Erin spoke, "Welcome to my home. Please enter."

Apologies & New Ideas

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not updating several of my older stories recently like Home Is Where The Heart Is, No Place To Call Home, Upside Down, Inside Out, Step By Step, Elsewhere, Otherwhen, Somehow and Stumbles Of Love. I went through a two week period where I wrote absolutely nothing, then when I did start writing again a few days ago, it was a brand new story.

It's even worse at the moment, I started a new story two days ago, took a break yesterday, and now I'm starting another new one. LOL

The Power Of Trust


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If you are not of legal age, whether that is 18 or 21 depending on your location, you should not be reading this. This is because the story will deal with various facets of BDSM and such activities are for adults, not minors.

The Power Of Trust

Crazy Pagan Gurl

The Power Of Trust: Prologue 2

Continuing the intro to a story that will be about various facets of BDSM. If BDSM is not something that interests you, feel free to ignore it.

If you are not of legal age, whether that is 18 or 21 depending on your location, you should not be reading this. This is because, as stated above, the story will deal with various facets of BDSM and such activities are for adults, not minors.


The Power Of Trust: Prologue 1

This is the intro to a story that will be about various facets of BDSM. If BDSM is not something that interests you, feel free to ignore it.

If you are not of legal age, whether that is 18 or 21 depending on your location, you should not be reading this. This is because, as stated above, the story will deal with various facets of BDSM and such activities are for adults, not minors.


My muse is back! Yay!

The last two weeks have been odd for me as my muse apparently wandered off with no warning at all. I had been posting pieces on an average of about every 2.5 to 3 days until that point, and I expected that to continue, so when it didn't, I felt like I was lost in writer's limbo.

I haven't written anything since I posted Betrayed on February 18th, and I was beginning to be worried that my muse was gone for good.

Thankfully, she has returned, and I am about to start writing the first piece of a new story.

Buying Thru Amazon

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I've been thinking about buying one or two stories that used to be here, but are now only available through Amazon.

The issue I'm having is that Amazon is asking for either credit cards or gift cards/promotional codes to buy them.

I have no credit card, so that's not possible. I've seen some gift cards, just wondering is there any other way to buy these books?

It seems quite odd that there's no option to pay directly from a site such as PayPal or something similar. At least, I haven't seen one.


This is NOT a pretty story. It might look like it takes a page or nine from Zoe's Becoming Robin and similar stories by other authors, but in the end, this is a tragedy, plain and simple. Every single warning listed at the top of the story is appropriate.

The story ends with two big scenes: a rather descriptive rape scene followed soon after by a very graphic suicide scene.

All characters are fictional, the school is loosely based on one that actually exists in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.


Feeling lousy

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This is one of those days that I truly dislike winter. The weather's been mostly okay, although we're getting light snow right now.

The temperature has dropped about 9°C (16°F) in the last twelve hours or so, and I'm quite cold sensitive, I feel it even indoors. When it gets cold enough, the pain from my Fibromyalgia becomes more noticeable and I'm more likely to have a migraine build-up.

Upside Down, Inside Out Chapter 3

The memories continue, from both Cameron and his father. Also a few glimpses of things from Jocelyn's viewpoint.


School has been okay for the most part. The schoolwork isn't difficult, I could probably do most of it in my sleep.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Part 10

Here is the next part of Seanna's story, I hope you all like it.


Seanna and Thaddeus left the courtroom shortly after the Judge adjourned the case. It was annoying that there would be another delay before the case started to actually be heard, but they had been expecting Brandenburg to walk out once he discovered what had happened.



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I'm a Texas girl, lived there most of my life. That's not to say that my life was easy, especially when I threw a wrench into the works; a week after I turned thirteen, I told my family that I was a girl, or that I should have been one, and that's when my life became a living hell.


Crazy Pagan Gurl

Step By Step Chapter 2

Tanisha turned out to be a pretty young light skinned black woman, 5'6", 130 pounds, perhaps 22 or 23 years old. She lived in a fairly decent sized three bedroom house about four blocks away from the Skate Park, the house had belonged to her parents. They had passed it on to her when her father retired last year, having just turned 55, and he and his wife moved down to a small house in southern Florida.

The boys quickly picked the bedroom they wanted, then set their suitcase and backpack on the floor against the wall in each room.

Rescue Four, Five

Melissa was worn out and very, very frustrated. She'd been job hunting in and around Houston for over six weeks now, and every time she put in an application somewhere, she wondered why she had spent all her energy in the bone dry field of business administration.

Valentine's Day would be tomorrow, and she would still be out there roaming the streets looking for a job, just like every day until now.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Part 9

Here is the next part of Seanna's story, Christmas finally and Seanna starts working in the corporation's head office.


At 4:30 PM, Seanna entered Leilani's bedroom and woke the girls up, saying they needed to get ready to visit her Momma. Seanna quickly packed some clothes for the two girls, enough to last a couple of days, then helped the girls into nice looking jersey dresses. After helping both girls to put on a pair of tights and picking out matching Mary Janes, she led them out into the main area of the apartment.

Step By Step


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It started like any other day, winter had its grip on the northern half of the world and the school semester would end in less than three weeks. Paul stood by the window in the room he shared with his younger brother James, looking out at the rare bright sunlight of midwinter.

Step By Step Chapter 1

It started like any other day, winter had its grip on the northern half of the world and the school semester would end in less than three weeks. Paul stood by the window in the room he shared with his younger brother James, looking out at the rare bright sunlight of midwinter.

Get Free Kindle Ad On Amazon Web Pages


I've just spent the last ten minutes or so looking at a few items from our writers here that are available on Amazon.

In each case, I see a small ad on the page which says: READ ON ANY DEVICE, then Get free Kindle app underneath. Is this legit?

It just seems odd as Amazon lists scores if not hundreds of Kindles for sale through the site. I know they do, I've looked occasionally, as I've thought about getting one, but the cost for the decent ones is way too much for me in most cases.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Part 8

Here is the next part of Seanna's story. We're almost to Christmas in this part.


Just after 10 AM that same Tuesday morning that Seanna and Jackie were in court, Thaddeus found himself with a few free minutes, pulled out the card with the PI's info on it and called the number. It went to voicemail, Thaddeus left a message and hung up the phone.

About 45 minutes later, Thaddeus's receptionist took a call. Once she discovered that it was the PI returning Thaddeus' call, she transferred him through to Thaddeus. "Thaddeus Savmo speaking, how may I help you?"

Interconnections Between Two Of My Stories

Well, anyone reading my two latest posts here will possibly realize that the two stories are connected.

Upside Down, Inside Out has a ways to go before it catches up with Home Is Where The Heart Is. I'm not sure, but it may take another post or three of Upside Down, Inside Out before the two stories timelines begin to match.

At the moment, these are the only stories that are interconnected, but that doesn't preclude the possibility that one or more of the others will not become interconnected with one or both of these stories. We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

Upside Down, Inside Out Chapter 2

We continue to see the boy's memories resulting from his mother's death, as well as some of the father's memories of his son.


I stayed in school that day, having missed one of my classes, my dad picked me up shortly after school ended.

We stayed home that evening, ordered in pizza, and watched a couple of movies. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to the movies, I don't even remember which ones they were, but several times, seeing a woman that looked vaguely like mom caused me to burst into tears.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Part 7

Here is the next part of Seanna's story, I hope you all enjoy it.


Seanna woke to the sound of the radio playing songs she liked, finding herself alone in her bed, then remembered that she had tucked the two girls in together in Leilani's room the night before. It felt odd to not have a child snuggled up to her while she was sleeping.

Elsewhere, Otherwhen, Somehow: Chapter 3

Theona sighed as Tanris backed away a few steps, then stopped, shaking his head. "I've never seen the likes of that, girl, and I've met three powerful witches and at least two actual mages at the High Lord's Palace in Nur`li'sa at times over the years."

Theona sighed again, then slowly approached him. "Tanris, I vow before your Lady De'mitra and any other gods here that I will do no harm to anyone unless they harm or attempt to harm myself or anyone who travels with me, on my honour and my life."


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