My Brother the Bridesmaid (Children's book)

I just found a copy of this off ebay. It's a kids picture book (about third grade level) about a girl who tells how her twin brother wound up as a bridesmaid at their aunt's wedding. The kids were English, but the aunt lived in Australia. She never realized that 'Jo' was a boy and when she got married she asked the sister to be a bridesmaid. The family didn't realize that Jo was included in that invitation. In order to not ruin the wedding, Jo (who is about ten) is forced to play the girl during the ceremony (the aunt just thinks Jo is tomboyish, and never finds out the truth).

Presto Chango Part 2: Twenty Years Later

Presto Chango 2, by Czolgolz
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Twenty years after the events of 'Presto Chango,' Brian and Rhea are still happily married. But when they meet an abused young man looking for a home, they realize they've been missing something in their lives.


Tabloid TV: Sex Change for Success

Sex Change For Success
By Czolgolz
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NEW YORK - Forget Adkins, Pilates, or even American Idol. The new road to success for today's young man is to become a woman!

Tabloid TV: Chic Lit

Chick Lit Author is Actually a Dude!
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NEW YORK: The literary world was rocked this week when world famous author Christine Ericson announced that she was actually Christopher!

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