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Wiping away the dust

For the third time in the last 5 ebooks I have written, I will be publishing a story of mine that had been unfinished for a long time.

First was my ebook New Heart, New Spirit. I first puts of it up here at BC in 2009. I finished it and began selling New Heart at Amazon 7 years later or last November.

Two ebooks later, I came out with Point Blank. I wrote PB about 12 years ago, and shared it on a mailing list in its unfinished state. PB sat around untouched till last month.

A visit from Matthew- Update

We got through the night. Power was out for 3 hours but it is back. Other than some debris, there is no obvious damage to where we live. We'll begin calling friends soon to see if they're all right too.


I live in central Palm Beach County and we're already getting brushed by the Hurricane. We have power and internet but for how much longer is anyone's guess.

A fire station is a very short walk (.2 miles) from where i live. Power might be restored fast. My family made a small move in 2015. After Wilma in 2005, it was 11 days before our power was restored.

My latest ebook for sale- Right under her Nose

Synopsis- Ricardo is an American who has just escaped from a prison in Paraguay. He soon finds a hideout but it is only a short term fix if he wants to maintain his freedom and not be re-arrested by the police. Ricardo is then offered a nearly perfect disguise. One that will be right underneath her nose.

My Amazon ebook 'Coming Home' for sale in the United Kingdom

Synopsis- Anthony Rizzo is a serving National Guardsmen. His longtime girlfriend is Angela Pellegrin. They met while they both played college basketball at the same university. When Anthony comes home from Iraq on leave, Angela asks her boyfriend if he would like to switch bodies with her.

This 30,000 plus word story, which was first published on April 1, 2014, is on sale for the next week at the price of £0.99.

New Amazon ebook- Lost and Found

Synopsis- Ryan Tabor is an American Air Force pilot flying to Kadena Air Base on the island of Okinawa where his wife and family is lived. As the aircraft nears its destination, Ryan suddenly swaps into the body of a Japanese girl. He still wants to get home, but Ryan has to finish the trip by foot.

Lost and Found, a nearly 20,000 word story, is priced at $2.99. Here is a link to it at Big Closet Kindle Store.

Other titles of mine that you may be interested in-

Just what I thought

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It isn't ingrates. We have people passing judgment on books without even reading it. I called out one of these people. Here and here I offered to refund the purchase price of my ebook if he could answer two questions to prove he or she purchased it. Guess what-


Attack of the ingrates continued

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This lovely little attack on me at the FM Hyperboard.


That's part of why I stopped posting free stories 3 years ago.

For me, this is exactly why posts on the Hyperboard to paid stories are not welcome, you have professed that you are no longer contributing to the community, but want us to follow your links and pay for your work.

Attack of the ingrate(s)- Updated with fixed link

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It's posts like this to me at the Fictionmania Hyperboard that made me stop posting stories for free. People who can't thank an author but they sure can complain. Here they are complaining because I promoted my story? Bet $10 he or she didn't even read it.


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