Bacha Boys LTD

.Bacha Boys LTD

written by Dauphin
The most shocking story that Dauphin has written, about a boy that is being groomed to please men as a girl
"This is provoking, made me angry, made me cry." Diana
"Some Stories need to be told" Dauphin

Public Property

.Public Property

written by Dauphin
Being famous is a blessing, but once in a while I want to be a child
"Images of a young Justin Bieber made me smile while i read this story" Diana
"Being trapped can be so irritating" Dauphin



written by Dauphin
My neighbour changed everything about me, and I let her
"This is a sad story and once again Dauphin talks about how scociety wants to change people and not accept them" Diana
"Who is the villian in this story" Dauphin

More than a working Girl

.More than a Working Girl

written by Dauphin
I wanted to help my dad so much, and it was fun! Why do people not understand this
"Dauphin writes another sentimental story, where good intentions are punished" Diana
"The boy in the story can teach us all a lot!" Dauphin

The Legend of the Amazon Girl

.The Legend of the Amazon Girl

written by Dauphin
Clothes do matter, even when you are a super hero
"No mater how many powers you have, it only takes a good heart to accept you" Diana
"There are many metaphores in this story" Dauphin

Missing you

.Missing you

Written by Dauphin
Being a Transgender effects so many people, Can you please them all
"Heartbreaking on a Girls journey and how much she cares for others" Diana
"A parent looses a son but gains a daughter, or do they?" Dauphin

Alternative Reality 2

.Alternative Reality 2

Written by Dauphin
A boy runs away from his Grandmother, because she does not accept him
"You enter the mind of a boy and get frustrated that no one can understand him." Diana
"I wanted to do a F2M story, as there are very few of them!" Dayphin

The Boy on the milk carton

.The boy on the Milk Carton

Written by Dauphin
Who was the boy on the milk carton?
"Once in a while we get a gem, and this one had my hankies out and emotions flowing" Diana
"I did not want a story about MtF, but turning the story upside down and was a bit original. I really had fun doing this and it was like I was living in the story! " Dauphin

To get a Hero

.To get a Hero

Written by Dauphin
A boy would do anything to speak with a soldier, even pretend to be a girl
"Cute how far a boy would go to meet his hero!" Diana
"People believe what they would and misunderstand what they would" Dauphin

My Last Breath

.My last breath

Written by Dauphin
A letter to my granddaughter, who is a tomboy
"A Heartwarming letter to a granddaughter with great advice" Diana
"So many needs a letter like this" Dauphin

Let the right one in

.Let the Right one

Written by Dauphin
A boy is bullied because he is different, but has one person that is his friend, although no one
can see her

"AHorror story woth heart. I was in suspense all the time and had my hankies out." Diana
"The original movie had a big impact on me, i just had to be influenced by it" Dauphin

The boy in the commercial

.The Boy in the commercial

Written by Dauphin
Was it the twilight zone of another world dimension conflicting with us, or simply a curse. A boy changes his life because of strange things that happen around him.
"A twilight zone story of how something haunts us and changes us" Diana
"Imagine seeing someone in a commercial, that looks like you and yet is not. This person has the courage that you do not!" Dauphin

One of the Divorce Pawns

.One of the Divorce pawns

Written by Dauphin
Letters to a wife, on a sons change after a hard divorce
"This story made me mad, and that is because so many children are used as pawns" Diana
"This took me a day to write, and I am so happy i did not use my children as pawns when i was divoced" Dauphin

Alternative Reality 1

.Alternative Reality 1

Written by Dauphin
An 8 year old boy wakes up in the hospital and find out he has lost everything, including his identity

"You enter the mind of a boy and get frustrated that no one can understand him." Diana
"I wanted to do a F2M story, as there are very few of them!" Dayphin

Day Care Channel

.Daycare Channel

Written by Dauphin
A boy is smart and learns a lot about the world, that also challenged things he believed in
"We are all the same, but different. What the world needs is respect. What a message!" Diana
"This boy had a journey to learn something about himself and others" Dauphin



Written by Dauphin
I need to stop a bully and my sister gives me a spell to turn a bully to a sissy. Things go wrong.
"A sentimental story of how real magic comes from the family" Diana
"The plotline is simple, the results of a spell opens a whole new life for a boy and family" Andrew

Undercover Exposure Tiara

.Undercover Exposure Tiara

Written by Dauphin
My aunt needs help to expose the evil world of pageants and she wants me to help!
"Child abuse for ambition? Sometimes we have to question adults and how we think!" Diana
"An attempt to write something original and ask why are there not many boy pageants" Dauphin

Better Parents

.Better Parents

Written by Dauphin
A couple moves in next door and thinks they can be better parents.
"A fun heartwarming story of what a boy would do to be loved." Diana
"I hope this story makes people think of how important being a parent is!" Dauphin

MB2- Momma's Children

.MB2 Mommas Children

Written by Dauphin
The long awaited sequel to Momma's Boys. Isabella know visits a boy and a girl who are unhappy. She thinks she can make them happy
"Is the second part better than the first, this is at least different" Diana
"I never did like continuing stories, but i was begged and begged for this one!" Dauphin

MB2 - Momma's Children and Interview

MB2 - Momma's Children

The long awaited sequel to Momma's Boys

Released: October 20, 2015

Momma's boy was written 4 years ago, and is one of Dauphin's best known and acclaimed stories. Dauphin never has done a sequel, however after many messages asking him to do one for this story, he has finally agreed. The storyline of this one is a secret, so you just have to wait.

Twinkling Star

.Twinkling Star

Written by Dauphin
how far would you go to be famous or please your mother?
"So cute and a special way to find out who you are." Diana
"I wanted people to ask... should he tell the truth" Dauphin

Misunderstood Fortune

.Misunderstood Fortune

Written by Dauphin
Boys should be heard and not seen, and a sister has a plan to make sure her brother is not like all the other boys
"Does the end justify the means, is this boy happy with the changes?" Diana
"This could be a story of consequences, and justice... then again it can just be evilness" Dauphin

Butterfly Curse

.Butterfly Curse

Written by Dauphin
Be careful when you visit a Chinese shop to see TV in piece, and if you get thirsty, remember that one bottle can be the Butterfly Curse
"A Sad story that sees a happy boy ruined and with no hope" Diana
"Sometimes its hard to see justice in the world, i wanted to write about that" Dauphin

Life as a Penny

.Life as a penny

Written by Dauphin
The year is 2029. People are tired of criminals. They are regressed to children. Louis is one of these
Being re-written, to correct the spelling and grammer mistakes

Are you my sister?

.Are you my sister?

Written by Dauphin
This is the story of how I made my sister smile after she has been molested
"A heartwarming story that shows the best of humanity" Diana
"This was a comeback story after i took a break. It is one of my most popular stories" Dauphin

Anything for Mummy

.Anything for Mommy

Written by Dauphin
This is my story on how I became a pageboy and how it changed my life
"A Favourite with many Dauphin fans, and I understand why. I feel like I am there when I read this and my emotions flow" Diana
"Someone asked me to do a pageboy story. When I wrote this, I was so emerged, that I had very little sleep until it was done" Dauphin

A Mother's Love

.A mothers love

Written by Dauphin

"This is so sweet and I wish more people could relate to a story like this." Diana
"This is the story of a friend. His story amazed me as it was so sweet. The strange thing is he was a child in the 1950s" Dauphin

Just Like Jenny

.Just Like Jenny

Written by Dauphin
Nicholas' Mum cannot deal with him anymore, and sends him to Granny that knows what to do with boys
"After a break, Dauphin makes his comeback with this story, and wow.... what a comeback." Diana
"It was time to write again, so I used a theme that I often used, and was delighted that so many people liked this story" Dauphin


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