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Stephanie, part 22

“No peeking!” Kayla admonishes me as I enter her bedroom.

“What, I’m not allowed to see my girlfriend naked?” I tease, smiling as Kayla giggles and tosses a ball of scrunched-up wrapping paper at me.

“I’M not naked,” Kayla retorts.

“D’aww,” I pout, earning another giggle.

“Your presents, on the other hand, are!” Kayla yells as she jumps off her bed and closes the door- though not before giving me a gentle kiss. I giggle as I leave my girlfriend be and return to the living room, though inside, my nerves are jangling for multiple reasons.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Season 2, part 9

“Honestly, there were times I thought this day would never come,” Sophie said as she fidgeted nervously in her smart blue pencil dress and matching designer heels. “And I definitely never pictured it being under these circumstances.”

“Well, regardless of the circumstances, you definitely deserve to feel proud,” Amy advised her friend, who smiled in response.

Ashley, part 16

I let out a long, tired sigh and elegantly lower myself onto the front passenger seat of dad’s car, straightening my short grey skirt and thick black tights before fastening my seatbelt.

“Oh, cheer up,” dad urges with a teasing grin. “Could be worse, it could be Monday!”

“It IS Monday,” Bryony reminds us from her seat directly behind me.

“Oh yeah,” dad chuckles. “Well- just cheer up, then. Especially you, Ash- just a few more months then you’ll finally be free!”

Laura, part 23

“Aww, come on babe…” Kain moans as I pull my skirt and my top back on. “I’ve barely seen you this holiday…”

“I know, I know,” I sigh as I lean down to give the tall, semi-naked boy a gentle kiss. “Trust me, I’d much rather stay here all day. And all night, hehe!” I grin devilishly as my boyfriend giggles nervously at the prospect of us spending the night together. “But, you know, my parents would just totally flip out…” Well, mother and soon to be stepfather, I think to myself. God knows what my biological father would think- and god’s probably the only one who cares, either.

Mother and Daughter, part 15

“Well- okay, if you’re sure,” Janet said into the telephone. “If you need anyone to talk to, the offer still stands, as believe me, I have some experience with this sort of thing.”

“Thank you, Janet,” the ebullient voice of Joshua Benedict replied. “I shall see you back at work in the new year, and I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas!”

“You too,” Janet said, smiling as she ended the call before sighing as she turned her attention back to the living room.

Stephanie, part 21

Not for the first time this week, I’m woken up by the sound of loud music emanating from the living room. As I have for the last few days, I yawn, stretch and swing my tired body out of bed, pulling on my fluffy dark red dressing gown before padding through to the living room to find my girlfriend gently swaying to Three Times a Lady. I let out a gentle sigh as I encircle her tiny waist from behind and gently sway along with her, which elicits a contented sigh from the petite blonde girl.

“I still say you were robbed,” I say, making my lover giggle.

Jacinta, part 18

“Ow- owwwww…” I moan to myself as I wake up in my bed to discover that either my sheets had uncomfortably wrapped themselves around my torso as I slept, or I’d gone to bed last night with a boa constrictor (and not the ‘preferable’ kind). As I whip back my bed covers, I discover that neither of my assumptions was true - I am, in fact, wearing a corset that’s been laced down to about 4 nanometres and are pushing my breasts almost into my chin. However, I can’t help but smile at this revelation - especially when a glance at my phone reveals that today’s date is the 18th of December 2018.

The Angels Take America, part 3

“Well,” Jamie said as the end credits rolled on the cartoon. “That was - that was different.”

“Yeah,” Charlotte concurred. “I mean, I’m used to seeing myself on TV, but - yeah. Not too sure about that.”

“But I’m sure the kids will love it,” Hannah said. “And there’s no arguing with the message, right?”

“Definitely,” Jamie said. “If we help only one person with this cartoon, it’ll be worth it.” Much like the main Angels show, Jamie thought to herself as she and her friends filed out of the makeshift cinema.

The Angels: The Animated Series Episode 1

Angels assemble!

Charlotte: the leader, dedicated to using her wealth and fame to help those less fortunate.

Jamie: the social media star, dedicated to proving that anyone can be the person they were born to be, regardless of how they were born.

Hannah: the supermodel from the lower-class background, dedicated to proving that a person is worth more than their background.

Krystie: the dance teacher, dedicated to bringing out the inner beauty in everyone.

Mary: the mother of the group, dedicated to protecting those who struggle to protect themselves.

The Angels Take America, part 2

“Well- well you look amazing,” Nikki giggled, composing herself as she and her friend exchanged a warm, friendly hug. “When did you get here? I didn’t think I was going to see you until Thanksgiving?”

“Did you really think we were going to miss this?” Alexa asked. “The closest Angel launch event to Minnesota, AND it’s Jamie? Of course we’re going to be here!”

“Well I am seriously glad you are!” Nikki giggled, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Ugh, my mascara’s probably wreck- wait, you said ‘we’? So Jenny’s here too?”

The Angels Take America, part 1

"Ahh, I am SO excited about this!" Krystie squeaked as the plane started to taxi down the runway at London's vast Heathrow airport.

"Never been to America before?" Viks asked.

"Nope!" Krystie giggled. "Never even been outside Europe before, and even then it was only for the other launches, heh."

"Didn't get much of a chance to honeymoon thanks to 'other considerations'," Mikey, Krystie's husband, chuckled as he tried to calm the squirming fifteen-month-old child in his lap.

Blog Entry 11th January 2020- Double Take

I do like a bit of Blondie-

I had to post this when I saw this post on tumblr. The girl 2nd from the right is so ridiculously close to my mental image for my character Sarah and the girl on the far right hand side isn't far off Nikki either.

Chapter 199 is coming along nicely btw, should be done in about a week, fingers crossed.

Debs xxxx

Ashley, part 15

I let out a long, loud sigh of relief as the bell rings to signify the end of yet another school day. Two years ago, I'd have given anything to be able to sit in a classroom dressed the way I am right now, but today I am almost desperate to get home and strip off the stiff grey skirt and black tights that are covering my lower body.

Mother and Daughter, part 14

“And remember to be careful, okay?” Janet said, trying not to smirk as the eighteen-year-old girl rolled her eyes before getting out of her car.

“I will,” Ellie replied with a sigh. “And thanks for the lift, but you don’t need to do this EVERY day.” Hint taken, Janet thought to herself.

“Well, it’s your Oyster Card,” Janet shrugged. “Give me a text when you’re on your way home, okay?”

“Sure,” Ellie replied with a nonchalant shrug of her own. “See you later, Janet.”

“Bye!” Janet said with a wave, laughing to herself as she drove away from the university.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Origins: Abbey

"Happy birthday dear Robbie..." The modest crowd cheered as the blond-haired boy cringed. "Happy birthday to you!" Robbie grinned widely as he leaned down and blew out the sixteen candles on his plain chocolate cake, before grimacing as he braced himself for the inevitable.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Season 2, part 8

Sophie had a wide grin on her face as she stood among her colleagues, all of whom were wearing the same blue uniform as her. The uniform, especially the corset, was just as uncomfortable as it had been the first time Sophie had worn it 15 months earlier, but she had long since stopped caring about that. She had long since stopped feeling like an outsider in the uniform, as though she, as a genetic male, didn’t belong in the group of beautiful professional women.

Ian, part 15

“Okay, then,” I say to myself, before taking a deep breath and walking through the front door of the large, imposing building. For the first time in two years, I’m entering a place of education that’s based in London- only unlike that last time, I’m doing so on my own terms.

Mother and Daughter, part 13

“It’s not going to go any faster by looking at it,” the older man admonished Ellie as she stared at the clock on the shop’s wall.

“…Sorry, Chris,” Ellie replied to her manager as she tried to stop her cheeks from flushing at her telling off.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Origins: Annabelle

Tyler tried not to squirm as he headed home from school on the chilly January morning, even though he knew what was waiting for him when he got there. It had been no ordinary Tuesday at school- then again, few days were 'ordinary' for the sixteen year old boy.

Laura, part 22

"Are you sure you're ready?" Mum asks, waiting as I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. Before I reply, I can't help but look at the girl looking at me in the mirror, a girl wearing a grey school uniform, complete with a white blouse, a smart blazer and tie, a grey knee-length pleated skirt, thick grey tights and plain black flats.

Jacinta, part 17

“Wake up it’s a beautiful morning…” The sound of the old nineties song by the Boo Radleys blares from my phone, raising me from my slumber and reminding me that I have a big day ahead of me. After I rise from my bed, I pad through to the bathroom, reminded every step of the way that I’ve had plenty of big days over the last few weeks as well.

Mother and Daughter, part 12

“Hey girlies,” Lindsay said with a grin as Ellie, Monique and Kacey entered the packed coffee shop and slumped heavily into their seats. “Should I ask?”

“Ugh, I’d prefer it if you didn’t,” Monique groaned. “I HATE exams…”

“Well, only a few more days to go,” Kacey said with a tired chuckle. “Gonna be weird not going to college next year, heh.”

“Meh, I can’t wait to get to uni,” Jodie shrugged. “I love change, things get boring if things always stay the same, you know?”

Ashley, part 14

“Come on,” mum insists as she arranges me and my sisters against the outside wall. “Can’t not get a photo of this, my four beautiful girls!” I smile as I hold hands with Bryony, who holds Cassie’s hand, who eagerly grips onto Dorothy’s hand. Today is a big day for all of us- the first day of school after a long summer holiday, and it’s a big day for me in particular, as it’ll be my last ever ‘first day of school’.

Stephanie, part 20

“Mmph,” I moan as I wake up in my bed, my soft sheets huddled around my body- and only my body. I let out a sigh as I swing my soft, hairless legs out of bed and pad through to the bathroom for a long, hot shower, before drying myself and heading to the kitchen to make myself a much-needed cup of hot coffee- and take my much-needed oestrogen tablets. I try to force a smile on my face as I switch on the television, but it quickly disappears when I’m greeted by a trailer for this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing, which starts tonight- and which features my Kayla.

Mother and Daughter, part 10

“Ugh, feels SO good, knowing I’m not going to be back at work until Tuesday!” Meredith sighed happily as she removed her name badge and tossed it into her locker. “I mean, yes, it’s only a three day weekend, but it’s a good one, you know.”

“Oh- no arguments here!” Janet giggled, removing her own name badge and pulling on her warm winter coat. “Shannon? You looking forward to the big day?”

“Definitely,” the shy blonde girl replied, giggling as she pulled on the woolen reindeer-themed sweater, much to the delight of her friends.

Blog Entry 9th December 2018

As you’re undoubtedly aware, just over a month ago, my best friend and occasional collaborator Kris Traverse sadly passed away after a heart attack just over a month ago. This has made this chapter really rather difficult to write for many reasons. First, because fly girls was her favourite of my stories, second, because she was deeply emotionally invested in the love affair of Jessica and Paige, and thirdly, and most sigificantly, because her chapters appear in this chapter.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Season 2, part 7

Sophie could barely suppress her giggles as she and the rest of the crowd stood in anticipation of the event that was about to occur. Sure, the weather wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t matter. Sure, she was several hundred miles from her home in London, but that didn’t matter either. And sure, she was clad in a snug pencil dress and uncomfortable stiletto heeled shoes, but that just served to make the event all the more exciting for Sophie.

Ian, part 14

I take a deep breath as I wake up, but even this action is enough to cause me a lot of pain in my chest. As I open my eyes, I’m briefly confused by my surroundings- this isn’t my bedroom in Cardiff, or even my old bedroom in London, but somewhere else… A hospital? That’d explain the pain in my chest, anyway…

“Good morning,” a familiar Welsh accent says, chilling the blood in my veins as I slowly turn my head and come face to face with my mother, and the stern look on her face…

Blog Entry 4th November 2018

Hi all

Just to let you all know that uploads over the next few weeks may be a little erratic. I'm still going to be writing, but I've received some news recently that sort-of goes beyond 'bad' into 'devastating'. So if I take longer between chapters, or if the quality wobbles a bit (more than usual), please do bear with me.

And here's a song that sums things up-


Jacinta, part 16

“Oh god…” I moan as I open my eyes and am greeted by the bright sunlight and the oppressive heat of the room I’m in. “Oh- oh god!” I try to huddle my covers around me in a vain attempt to sleep away my hangover, but when all that does is make me even hotter, I slowly roll out of the bed, landing in a heap not on the floor, but on top of the unmoving form of the woman who was my classmate for the last three years.

“Katie?” I grunt, rolling off the freckled girl’s body and giving her a shake. “You still alive?”

Laura, part 21

I let out a long, satisfied moan as I stretch my slender body out on the sun lounger. It’s the hottest summer I’ve ever known, but that’s not the only thing that makes it the best summer ever- there’s also the fact that I have a disposable income of my own from not one but two part-time jobs, I have a tall, sexy boyfriend who seems to fancy me more with every passing day, and the not-so-small fact that I’m currently wearing just a tiny bikini, whereas 365 days ago, I was stuck in a cramped classroom wearing a hot, stuffy school uniform.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Origins: Natalie

The seventeen year old boy stared at his reflection in the mirror and let out a long, tired sigh. It was a day he'd been planning for for weeks, and now that it was finally here, he felt nervous.

Mother and Daughter, part 9

“Good- evening,” Janet said, checking her watch as Ellie walked through the door. “Making sure it is still evening and not early tomorrow morning.”

“Hilarious,” Ellie snorted as she dropped her handbag on the coffee table and flopped down onto the sofa. “It’s only, what, 8pm?”

Soixante-Trois Airlines Season 2, part 6

“Sophie…” The brown-haired woman heard a distant voice coo, waking her from her slumber. “Sophie… Wake up, birthday girl!”

“Umf,” Sophie moaned as a pair of soft hands gently shook her awake. “My birthday’s not ‘will Wednesday, for god’s sake…”

Stephanie, part 19

“Another question?” Becca asks, grinning as several members of the assembled crowd eagerly raise their hands. “Okay, you at the back!”

“What are your favourite tracks on the new album?” The journalist asks, making the four of us grin.

“Ooh, good question!” Adeola chuckles, even though it’s a question we’ve already been asked several times over the last ten days. “Mine’s probably ‘Overcast’, we’ve never really done a ‘dark’ song before, it was fun to mix it up a little. Bex?”

Mother and Daughter, part 8

"Miracles do happen, then?" Janet asked, making Ellie roll her eyes as she walked into the kitchen, her fluffy pink dressing gown wrapped around her to shield her from the morning autumn air.

"So I'm excited about today," Ellie shrugged. "Sue me. And besides, it's not like I shouldn't be eager to get back to college- it's not like my summer holidays have been anything to write home about."

Jacinta, part 15

“Ahh!” I screech as my ‘seat’ slides across the ground, threatening to tip me on my backside with every movement it makes. “Jeez- how did I let you talk me into this again?”

“You said you wanted a Valentine’s date that was truly unique,” the young Welshman replies with an almost sadistic chuckle as he fiddles with his controls. “I guarantee you, this is something no one will have ever done before!”

“There’s a reason for that!” I complain, grimacing as I feel the cold February air blow up my extra-short skirt. “And I’m not really dressed for it either!”

Ashley, part 13

“Oh my god, I promised myself I wouldn’t get so emotional…” Laura sobs as she fans her thickly made-up face with her hands, or rather, the dark red fingernails on the ends of her hands. Even though we’re at school today, Laura, Suriya, Harriet, Nicole, Mia and even Megan, have opted to come to school today looking as feminine as possible, because they know that today is the one day they won’t be punished for it. This is because, apart from their exams, today is the last day that any of them will ever set foot in this school.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Season 2, part 5

“Here she comes!” Hayley squeaked excitedly as the black London taxi pulled onto the street. Sophie fidgeted nervously in her loose dress, forcing a smile on her face as she prepared to hold up the banner that she and many of her friends had spent the previous evening making.

“Everybody ready?” One of the two identical ginger-haired Scottish women asked, smiling as everyone nodded affirmatively.

“On three,” the other ginger-haired Scotswoman said. “Ready? One, two, three…”


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