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Found on FB. I thought it might be relevant to a few here.


This was posted on a group's timeline.

homosexuality and homophobia.jpg

The translation:

Homosexuality exists in 450 species of animals.
Homophobia in 2: a spider that lives at the Equator, and some idiots (*) who live in the Middle Ages.

Quite succinct, I feel.

(*) a politer word has been substituted for the original here.


Having spent most of my working life in what is now known as the IT industry, I am pretty familiar with the concept of logic.

What I am at a loss to understand is the logic behind the on-line petition that Caitlyn now has to return her Olympic medal.

Maybe all those so upset are worried that it might show that a woman beat men IN A MEN'S CLASSIFICATION

But seriously, why on Earth would there even be a thought that Caitlyn should return it?

Di (Bewondered)

The Warrior Princess - part 1 of 3

My thanks first of all to Penny, for her help, her kindness and her creation, into which waters I tentatively dip my toes.
Also to Julia who has guided me faithfully.

Mistakes are, however, down to my account, not theirs.

This is dedicated to all those fans of Anmar who wondered what the Einnlanders did.

What happened to Princess Eriana once she came ashore

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The Saga of the Warrior Princess

Part 1 of 3 – The Early Days in the Great Valley

by Diana Ouida Wonder
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