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Donna Goes Down Under & Meets Her Girlfriends in Sydney

Sissy Cheryl hires a stud

‘We will not be squashed’: L.A.’s queer community speaks out against Tennessee drag ban


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A Guide to Paradise Cove

Blackmailed into being a woman: “Are you man enough to be a woman for me?”

Medical coding system leaves trans patients struggling to pay for care

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I'm sure there are many people on our site that are impacted by what this newspaper article lays out. Perhaps reading this article will help in dealing with medical/insurance denial of benefits. Being blind sided by insurance issues & procedures can be horrible.

Indeterminate Sentence Redux: Men Sentenced to Be Women

Shaved legs hair re-growth slows down in seniors! I thought it was just me

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Writers Block; unlocked by a cock?

Amy Schneider ‘Jeopardy!’ success

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Please read BOTH links

" Schneider is also the first woman to amass more than $1 million on the program, making her the most successful female contestant and the most successful transgender contestant of all time."

“‘Jeopardy!’ has been a boys’ club ... and a lot of it is about all the messages that you get from society that this isn’t what women do. That women don’t know things,” Schneider says.

Stephanie: A Senior widower in New Zealand explores his bi-sexuality

I edited and renamed a three year old Christmas story

Senior Fantasies & Latent Dreams

A Cam-eo Performance: "Saved By a Sissy”

A Cam-eo Performance: "In Search of a Better Way”

7,100 word story revision - Adventures of Sara: Evolving into Femininity


Adventures of Sara: Evolving into femininity

"Meet the local queens taking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ by storm"

The insights and life experiences of these girls is worth noting.

The LA Times recently caught up with Gottmik and Symone, now vying for the “Drag Race” title... we can all learn from their experiences and unique insight into drag.

Some of the questions: How has drag helped you grow? - What makes your drag representative of the L.A. scene? - Why is activism an important facet of your drag? -

"We must check your browser before you continue to Big Closet..."

"Detransition, Baby" - book review. An interesting perspective.

"Sissy: a Coming of Gender Story" - a book AND a Showtime movie

Avon Lady #3 XXX

The Brini Maxwell Show - Brini Maxwell, the cross-dressing queen of DIY

TV ad for Descovy HIV-1 drug... not for use in people assigned female at birth

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I wasn't sure I had heard the television ad correctly so I replayed it AND I went to their web site for clarification. It sounded very odd to my ears.

"Discovy is a once-daily prescription medicine for adults and adolescents at risk of HIV." OK, no problem.

What seemed odd is: "DESCOVY for PrEP is not for everyone: It is not for use in people assigned female at birth who are at risk of getting HIV from vaginal sex, because its effectiveness has not been studied."

The Avon Lady #3

Avon Lady Marci offers to help David (aka Stacy) who became accidentally locked out of his house the first time that he went out in public dressed and made-up like a girl. His hair was perfect! --- (This amended story picks up where “Avon Lady #2” left off)

Gender identity - she was neither man, nor woman. She was “muxe.”

Here's another read that most will find interesting. Perhaps the story will help you or a friend. Knowledge is power.

Angela Martinez died young, her death a tragedy to the many who knew and loved her. Her death became a rallying cry. A controversy. And, ultimately, a tale about identity and being oneself.

The notion of a third gender has existed for centuries in different cultures worldwide. In some Native American cultures, the term “two-spirit” is an umbrella term describing those who fulfill a third gender.

‘Lingua Franca’ movie - Aug. 26 Netflix debut; a unique perspective for trans movies.

This movie reflects a unique perspective... take a read.

“Movies about trans characters tend to focus on the gender transition process,” Sandoval said... “I wanted ‘Lingua Franca’ to start where these trans narratives usually end. Her transition is well behind her. That’s where I was really chronicling, in a fictional narrative, my own experiences as a trans woman living in Brooklyn.”

Call center crisis hotline for transgender people -

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Here is a topic key to many of us. Please take time to read it and share with others. Most importantly help get out the vote this election. Our vote is very important. This article appeared in today's LA Times, September 7, 2020

In six years, the hotline has answered more than 65,000 calls, with operators available 24/7.

The Avon Lady # 2

David, a 15 year old boy, struggles with a feminine side that he is trying to understand. David was befriended by an empathetic Avon Lady that may have had the same gender identity struggles when she was young. Marci wants David to have an easier time resolving his inner turmoil with gender identity and perhaps sexual orientation. During his first visit with his Avon Lady David adopted a new awareness and Stacy came to be.

“When you wear lipstick and panties do you feel special Sweetie?” my Avon Lady asked. I whispered “Yes. I feel better than special; I feel like me.”

A milestone for me

August 4, 2020

I'm pleased to see that there has been 5000 views of my February 2018 story "A Woman-less Beauty Pageant: It was the Zipper’s Fault 1".

As a first effort story I'm extremely pleased about so many hits but at less then 850 words I wish I had waited and combined ALL the "A Woman-less Beauty Pageant" chapters into a single longer story. Perhaps someday I will.

The Avon Lady: “Ding Dong, Avon Calling”

The Avon Lady: “Ding Dong, Avon Calling”

A teen boy struggles with a feminine side that he is trying to understand is befriended by a sympathetic Avon Lady that may have had the same struggles when she was younger. Marci wants David to have an easier time getting answers to embarrassing questions; answers about gender identity issues, answers that could make his life easier.


The Grand Daddy Crawdaddy of Pea Ridge

The Grand Daddy Crawdaddy of Pea Ridge By Aunt Donna

Johnny Crawdaddy was a very old and very wise Louisiana craw daddy. Johnny lived in the best mud tube in the entire Parish. Johnny had worked very hard to make his mud tube very nice.

Acceptance: Lindsey Comes Out

Lyle, or Lindsey to his close friends and special acquaintances, was retired and celebrating his 50th birthday with lunch with two long time friends. It was a fairly low key gathering at the rustic Mount Baldy Buckhorn Lodge & Café in the nearby San Gabriel Mountains. The Lodge held many memories for their group because of the many special occasions held there.

Boy, 16, given estrogen at L.A. juvenile hall... results in breasts

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The news article read like a Big Closet story and will certainly result in some new stories. I am posting this because people on this site have an interest in the subject material. We're all in this together, right?

This kid was in custody and was given estrogen to cure his bad behavior; like a 'bad boy to good girl' or a 'forced estrogen/forced femme' premise. "A 16-year-old boy being held at a Los Angeles County juvenile hall developed enlarged breasts after he was prescribed estrogen to treat a behavioral disorder..."

Senior Moments: Dressing Up in the Age of Social Distancing 2

When the quarantine started, over ten weeks ago, I began dressing 100% of the time as my alter ego feminine self: ‘Donna’. I’m retired, single, in my mid 60’s, a quarantined crossdresser and I’m bored. It’s been more than two months of ‘sheltering in place’ seclusion and I’ve been having unsettling thoughts that I’ve never had before. Maybe that’s normal as you age. What is not normal is I’ve begun wondering what a physical relationship with a man would be like. Maybe it’s a ‘getting old’ phenomenon.

Senior Moments: Dressing up in the age of social distancing

I’m retired, single, in my mid 60’s, quarantined and I’m bored. I’ve been cross-dressing since I was 5 and would use crayons and colored pencils to ‘paint’ my nails. Cherry Popsicles were my lipstick. Over the years the qualities of my cosmetics and panties have improved vastly.

When the quarantine began over two months ago I vowed to dress 100% of the time as my alter ego feminine self. On the first day of sheltering in place I shaved my legs, shaped and painted all my nails. Since I wasn’t going anywhere it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

A hunkered down, time on our hands diversion

World circumstances require us to hunker down, self quarantine, social distance, etc.

With that in mind there's a few things we can do at home to pass the time. I've been viewing a pair of Bald Eagles in So. California. Their nest overlooks Big Bear Lake, CA and makes for a pleasant 'screen saver' when they are not in their nest.

One of the site moderators has created virtual jig saw puzzles. Very pleasant and children can play too. Here's the puzzle link:
A link to all the Big Bear Lake Eagle puzzles. Very pleasant.

Trans Gender Airlines

While sitting in a waiting room I saw this brochure for a very unique travel agency that I found to be of great interest. It was only an 8x10 notice.

Trans Gender Airlines & Excursions

Board as one gender & arrive as a different gender! Become a Trans Traveler!

Complete makeover as you travel, Return to “normal” (if you want) makeover during your return

Length of stay options: 3 day - 5 day - 7 day excursions

Login glitch?


Anyone else having probs?

Something new... logged in but you try to view something and you get this: "Access denied. You are not authorized to access this page." - While clearly logged in I try to go to 'My Stories' and suddenly get the error message. Never had a problem until just now.

I tried to 'Login' again but since I AM logged in there is no re-login option! So I try to go to My Stories and it says "Access denied".

Maybe it's a temporary problem and not a sign of bad things to come.

Anyone else having probs?


Coachella and Stagecoach festivals rescheduled… (in SoCalif)

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FYI - Music fans may be interested in knowing due to the Corona virus that this events date has been changed.

For 2020, tickets sold briskly in an advance sale last summer and the remaining passes sold out within hours during a public on-sale after the lineup was released in early January. - Lots of people impacted.

“Girls” for the Summer Club 2 - A sister’s revenge

“Girls” for the Summer Club 2 - A sister’s revenge

How “the game” began

Kevin and John’s experimentation with femininity began at the start of summer. So did their experimentation with sex. It’s now mid-July and summer is half over… their adventures continue. (The first “Girls for the Summer Club” story will give you the back story about Connie and Heather.)

Makeover of a Lifetime

Makeover of a Lifetime

Dave’s ‘Femme Makeover of a Lifetime’ had been arranged and paid for months in advance. All Dave had to do was show up, lay still and let the makeover crew do their job. No effort required. What’s not to like?

The advertisement on Dave’s favorite crossdressing website had read:”Femme Makeover of a Lifetime; the ultimate, once in a life time, femme fantasy experience. No surgeries performed, no tattoos given, no obscenities permitted. Extra services available at an additional cost. No checks.” That seemed reasonable.

A poignant Christmas story -- (from last year) "Acceptance"

Last Christmas I posted a very nice PG Christmas story that was well received. It had 2437 reads and was posted Dec. 2, 2018. I invite you to rediscover it again or for check it out for the first time. Do an easy search and you'll find it.

"Being in a single parent/single child family, especially during the holidays, is especially difficult. Dan and 11 year old Matt were in agreement on these matters."

Happy holiday wishes to all!

Regards, Donna T

“Girls” for the Summer Club

How “the game” began.

By the time their ‘game’ began neither boy could remember how today’s events came to be. Was it a Truth or Dare consequence; a lost video game contest? The truth is they both WANTED to play their ‘game’. An excuse would let them justify doing what they wanted to do anyway – wear panties, apply and wear makeup. The motto of their game was “Whatever you do to me I get to do to you.” It seemed fair.

Makeup tips video by 'gender fluid' man

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Times are changing. While checking out Cover Girl makeup I found this interesting tutorial on how to use makeup... he has pretty nails too.

Cover Girl did society a boost by using a person that would have been "controversial" just a few years ago. Progress and acceptance are good things.

What are your thoughts on this?

Garrett Hahn shares his tips to contouring and highlighting your face, using the COVERGIRL TruBlend Contour Palettes and Highlighting Palettes.

Pretty Stacy: Beginnings

“Hello, my name is Stacy. I used to be known as John Miller. I designed the waitress uniform I’m wearing. I added starched petticoats because I love petticoats. Everyone should have some rustle in their bustle. Besides, having a petticoated sissy as a friend isn’t a bad thing. This story explains my beginning and my evolution to full sissydom. I think it was a matter of good luck; right place at the right time. It could happen to anyone.”

"A Few Good Panties" Parody

A Few Good Panties Parody

(Apologies to Tom Cruise and the A Few Good Men movie)

Kaffee: Did you order the red panties, Colonel?

Jessup: Son, we live in a world that has lingerie, and that lingerie needs to be worn by men. Who's gonna do it? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater supply of panties than you can’t possibly fathom. You secretly yearn to wear panties and yet you curse crossdressers. You have that luxury.


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