Dr Love 1968

Becoming a Girl - Part 3

“Well what do we have here” she asked me as she wasted no time in her approach.

She walked right over to my bed and had a seat while pulling off my blankets. She took her key from her neck and unlocked my chastity device. She was not very gentle in her methods of removing it either.

Becoming a Girl
Part 3

by Dr Love 1968

Copyright © 2009 Dr Love 1968

just wondering

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I was just wondering if anybody on this site ever leaves any comments or feed back on here. I would like to hear from someone on thier thoughts of anything that I have posted and what they might have to add, good or bad. I'm a big gurl and can take it either way. How else am I to know if my stuff is any good or not. thanks Domino

a little look at domino

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I am an owned gurl who belongs to a dream come true for me. I have searched for someone such as herself my whole life.I am so happy I found her after several attempts with others that didn't workout. I have lots of rules to follow, although she gives me lots of slack ussally. One rule though is a daily journal I am supposed to keep for her. If you would like to read it, you can find it at http://drlove1968.livejournal.com/ .

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