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Change the World - 2 of 5


a companion/parallel to For Our People

That I can change the world
I would be the sunlight in your universe
You will think my love was really something good
Baby, if I could, change the world

Change the World - 1 of 5


a companion/parallel to For Our People

I could reach the stars, I'd pull one down for you
Shine it on my heart, so you could see the truth
That this love I have inside, is everything it seems
But for now I find, it's only in my dreams

Looking in the Right Place

Looking in the Right Place

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.
It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.
It is the middle ground between light and shadow.
And it lies between the pit of man’s feats and the summit of his knowledge.
This is the dimension of imagination.
It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone

Searching for Love

My Only Love

I'm Not Lost

stock-video-50203612-teen-girl-sad-confused-face-portrait-outdoor (1).jpg

Sailors sail on all night all day
I'm not lost I'm wandering your way
I know you're waiting
Carry me there

a Tales of Us story...

A Companion Piece to Wandering

Feel Like You Tonight


Pull up the blinds
Open the door wide
Feel the cold arrive
In my bones
Put on my face
The way I dressed today
Feel like you tonight
On my day

A Tales of Us story..

A Companion Piece to Wish You Could

Gentle Whisper


When you dream you only dream you're Annabel.
Sleep reminds you takes you there, oh Annabel.
Gentle whisper, endless winters, Annabel.
Why they could have let you be both Annabel.

A Tales of Us story..

A Companion Piece to Endless Winters

Life Figures On...


Where the wind sings by the river
Laughing, broken.
Hair swept out into the water,
Ripples of black

A Tales of Us story..

A Companion Piece to Waiting for You

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Topshelf Celebration.


Think of it for a moment? Fifty years of Sci Fi innovation perhaps linked inexorably with questions we all had about gender and the Enterprise and...okay, a lot of us? What? Okay, a few of us really conflicted folks here. Did we want to be involved with a Star Trek woman? Or better still? To be with a Star Trek woman and BE a Star Trek woman? Well? It now really seems, looking back on the span of the series in its various permutations. we can actually see that those questions were answered, with the proof right there all along....

The Guardian - 8

the Guardian_0.jpg

There's a here and now and people to be loved
There are ways to be discovered
There is a green next to the rough
And sometimes I am not afraid to live
Most of all there is you and what you give

Part Eight – Turn Around
My continued apologies for the delay

Shadow Cinema


Coming to PBS Masterpiece Classic: One of the least known movements in film making is Shadow Cinema. Directors and writers sympathetic to transgender and lesbian characters even in the 1940s through the decades were forced within limited budgets and resources into filming shadow productions. Using the same sets and locations, and adapted scripts, these brave artists produced ‘shadow’ versions of popular motion pictures. The results were well-received, such as they could be seen in very limited and carefully selected venues across the country.

Here are just a few selected screen-captures along with the quotes that were lifted directly from their more popular big budget counterparts

All We Are


'Cause all we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful
And in the end the words won't matter
'Cause in the end nothing stays the same
And in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain

All We Are Plus

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I have to apologize for protracted delays in this serial I've been posting In discussing the frustrations that arise for me as a writer, Kelly reminded me that sporadic posing is very frustrating for readers over the length of time between chapters - harder to recall what happened so long ago. I noted I had a pair of serials which were exactly like that.

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