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More Great Stories!!!

Hi everyone! I’m traveling, but managing— just! — to keep up with the great stories that keep coming in. Just a couple days left to get yours in, authors!

Here’s my next batch of fifteen thumbnail sketches. Great stories - have a read!

Countdown to Confidence

Closing in on 100 stories!

When we started this contest, Jill, Joanne and I guessed how many stories we would get. I’m normally the cautious one, guessing low and hoping to be pleasantly surprised. But this time I threw sense to the scirocco and guessed that we would more than double the number of entries in the last contest, hitting . . . 55. Joanne, with the sunny optimism of the Aussi girl she is, aimed higher still, thinking we might get seventy. Jill, though, is savvy in the world of sales. She said we’d get a hundred. Amazingly enough, we’re almost there, and we still have a week to go.

Contest Stories -- My Third Set of Comments

Good morning! It’s February – do you know where your Contest Story is? C’mon, authors! Just two weeks left!

Here are my third set of comments on the stories that have been submitted to date, selected with the assistance of a handy random number generator:

Contest Update & More Story Comments

January is winding down, and we are now four weeks into our 2024 writing contest! If you’ve missed it — well, I don’t know how you’ve managed, but if you have — the rules are here. There are still over two weeks left to join the fun, so get those stories posted. :)

Contest Musings -- Emma's First Comments

A few days ago, Jill provided some thoughts on the first fifteen entries in the contest, with the goal of getting more of our readers to check out some of the amazing stories that have been posted so far.

Contest Update: But Wait -- There's MORE!!!

WOW! We've been getting some fantastic stories for the contest. And let me tell you, picking the best of the best is not going to be easy. You can rest assured that Jill and I will be careful, thoughtful, and diligent -- it's why we're getting the big bucks! Nonetheless, we recognize that every reader will have their own favorites.

A day without contest stories?

Well, we had a bit of a lull yesterday. Can’t have that!

The contest has drawn over sixty wonderful stories, and we’ve had new authors as well as stories from some of BC’s most beloved. But some of you haven’t jumped in yet. :(


Two authors whose stories I’ve been following — one an old BC hand, and one new — seem to have vanished in the last couple months after posting industriously. I hate to see good stories unfinished, naturally, but I am more worried about the authors. I don’t know if it’s considered poor form to ask, but does anyone know whether either Domoviye or Ms. Woolly are safe?

Contest Update: Go, Go, Go!!!

It’s New Year’s Day somewhere (specifically, where Joanne lives), and the contest is now officially open for entries!

There’s an official tag for contest entries. The fourth drop-down menu under “Add a Story” is labeled “contests.” Scroll down and click on “2024-01 January - New Year’s Resolution Story Contest.”

Contest Update: Judging Emma

Somehow, in a fit of enthusiasm punctuated by lots of exclamation points, I volunteered to be a judge for our 2024 New Year’s Writing Contest, even though this site alone is full of better and more accomplished writers. You know what they say about fools rushing in. Choirs of angels are undoubtedly waving cheerfully from their LazyBoy recliners and calling out, like Jamie Lee Curtis, “Make good choices!”

Contest Update -- The Time Is Near At Hand!

"You have not yet begun your story." The Ghostly Author's countenance fell, and the air was filled with the acrid stench of unfinished tales. "Yet chance and favor may yet be yours."

"Now, Emma!" Scrooge scoffed. “I've got all the time in the world. I can't even post an entry until New Year's Day, and Valentine's day is weeks away!"

“It’s Sunday,” the Ghostly Author replied. “Do you know where your muse is?”

“Ah. Well. Errr. About that,” Scrooge temporized.

Feeling thankful

Tomorrow many Americans will celebrate our distinctive Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a difficult time for many in the trans community, especially those who have been rejected by their families. But it’s also a time to count blessings and give thanks. I didn’t want the occasion to pass without giving the thanks I can only articulate in this space: my deep, profound, and heartfelt thanks for every member of this community. For the women and men who have read my stories and for the incredibly talented authors whose stories have touched me this past year.

Asking for editorial assistance from an Afghan War veteran

I've written a short story that has several scenes involving U.S. Army personnel, set during the war in Afghanistan, mostly at Bagram. I've done as much research as I can, but I'm reluctant to post it without a pre-read by someone who was in that conflict. If anyone would be willing to help, please shoot me a private message.

Warmest regards,


Trying something different

So, I'm trying something different. A couple things, I guess. I'm writing a Halloween story, and I haven't done one of those before. It's not done, but I've posted the first part today. I plan to post a chapter a day until the 31st, so the clock is now ticking. I have to figure out how it ends, write it, edit it, and get it posted, between now and Halloween. I haven't done that to myself before either. My problem, I think, is that I don't have enough stress in my life!

I hope you enjoy the story.

My Apologies


I must apologize to Erin and BC and all of the wonderful authors that have not only gifted us with their stories, but have allowed their stories to be published on Amazon and others and have donated all of their proceeds back to BC.

I am a daily reader on BC and try my best to post positive comments on the stories I read. I think most would agree, we have excellent writers on BC and their stories are very entertaining. Some of them elicit literally dozens of comments and are quite interactive.


“Aria” Volume 1 Now on Kindle — Please Review!

A couple weeks ago I asked writers to identify which of their short stories they liked the best. But if I hadn’t limited the field, there is no doubt that An Aria for Cami is my personal favorite of all the stories I’ve written. It is being published by Doppler Press on Amazon for kindle as four books, and the first one, The Holly and the Ivy, has just been published. I hope that you will purchase, read and review it — all proceeds will go to BCTS to help support the site!

A Remembrance of Stories Past

It’s a beautiful morning, and as I was drinking my first morning coffee (no, I never stop at one!), I was thinking back to the stories that first captured my attention, and my heart, at BC. Two came to mind, each by an author that hasn’t posted here in years.

The first is Rebecca Anderson’s series Wild Horses, a heart-breaking story of love, transformation, life and loss from an author whose prose is absolutely amazing. I think I found this story through a Google search, and it brought me to BC.


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