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A Remembrance of Stories Past

It’s a beautiful morning, and as I was drinking my first morning coffee (no, I never stop at one!), I was thinking back to the stories that first captured my attention, and my heart, at BC. Two came to mind, each by an author that hasn’t posted here in years.

The first is Rebecca Anderson’s series Wild Horses, a heart-breaking story of love, transformation, life and loss from an author whose prose is absolutely amazing. I think I found this story through a Google search, and it brought me to BC.

Decision Matrix, Chapter 8: Pattern Recognition

“They’re captives, but they’re still people. People with hopes, dreams, fears . . . . If Cleo’s mother loses her only remaining child, she will suffer, and that suffering will be real to her.”

Decision Matrix, Chapter 5: Hanging Knight

The probe is like the first, tentative touch of a fickle and dangerous god. It is the howl of coyotes on a moonless night, the acrid smell of danger and the frisson of infinite possibility . . . .

"Duets" Now Available on Kindle -- Please Review!!!

I'm incredibly excited -- My first book is available on Kindle!!! Appropriately enough, the very first installment of Duets (then "Duet") was posted on BC almost exactly a year ago. All proceeds will go to BC, so I hope anyone who liked the story will be inspired to purchase it and give a review! :D The revised version of the first few chapters is now available on the site as a teaser.

Decision Matrix, Chapter 2: Irregular Opening

My mind kept circling around the same questions. How is it that my body is female? Where am I? And perhaps most troubling of all . . .

. . . Why do I have a hole in the back of my skull?

One-year anniversary with BC

So, the site tells me I have been on BC for a year and a day (Insert picture of champagne bottle here)! I’ve posted a lot of what Janet Seldon called “words ’n’ shit” over the last twelve months.

Maybe too many.

If I’ve been annoyingly eager, annoyingly enthusiastic, or just plain annoying, I apologize. There are times when I know I’ve butted up against the three golden rules, and I’m extremely sorry for that. You are a wonderful group of people, and you have been very welcoming. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Software Update, Part 1 of 2

Seven years ago, an out-of-work programmer reprogrammed his life and, with the help of his old flame Sara, became Rosie. Just how good was Rosie’s “programming?” Four BigCloset authors, invited to join Sara and Rosie for a writers’ retreat, are about to find out!

Always and Forever now complete

Good morning! I know there are readers who prefer not to start a multi-part series until it’s finished, so I wanted to let all of you now that Always and Forever is done. Eighteen chapters over eight installments, but the word total is around 45,000, so it’s not a long read. Enjoy!

Today’s word is . . . mattress.

Sesame Street used to have a segment where they would say the the episode was brought to you by a letter of the alphabet, and would do all sorts of goofy things involving that letter (See, for example, the Beatles take-off, “Letter B.” Words of wisdom, sure enough).

So, today’s blog post is brought to you by the word “mattress.” There are lots of things that can be said about mattresses, and probably no small number have actually been said, in stories posted on this very site. Why, mattresses figure in lots of plot lines. Some, quite prominently.

Always and Forever, Chapters 12-14

Could I continue to live, if one day I looked into her lapis lazuli eyes and saw, not the warmth and love that had always been there, but a tepid indifference?

Story posting schedule

Hi everyone! For anyone who is following my current series, Always and Forever, I'm changing my posting schedule to twice weekly until the series is complete. My plan is to post Monday evenings (GMT-5) and Friday mornings.

And for those of you who aren't following it . . . I hope I can entice you! :-)



New series!

I just posted the first two chapters of a new series I’ve been working on. Currently I think it will be around 40-50 thousand words when finished, though I have been known to underestimate. From time to time.

I’m still traveling for a bit, so I’m likely to be a bit erratic in both my posting dates (I was going to post Friday mornings US East Coast time, but I had a bit of time today and don’t know what tomorrow will bring) and in my responses to comments. Rest assured, however, that I absolutely will respond to comments, even if I’m a bit slower than usual.

Always and Forever, Chapters 1 and 2

“I love you when you’re tired and grumpy from working a bad craft fair, or when you can’t get the truck to start, or forget we’re supposed to have dinner with the ’rents. You are my always and my forever, Keziah Brown.”

I need to complain about my muse.

Not the usual complaint (you know, “where is that bitch!”). I mean, it’s tough to start a story without her, and there are always dry patches. But that’s normal.

Lately, though, when she shows up, she rips the stuffing out of me. I was working along, the last couple of weeks, make a little progress on a fanfic idea, then more substantial progress on something that’ll need to be posted as a serial. I had some free time this weekend, and it was good. Humming.

Earthen Vessels

I was looking at a photo of a much younger Irene Trainer, a husky, bearded man at her side and an infant in her arms. She was young. Pretty. Smiling like a spring morning. I started to cry, and somehow completely forgot that Mom was on duty. “I . . . I . . . Oh, Mom, it’s so awful!”

For everything there is a season . . . .

It’s been almost a month now since I posted a story or a chapter.

And you’re thinking, “yes, and?” And so you should.

But I realized that, from the time I posted the first chapter of my first story here (appropriately, July 4, 2022 — there were fireworks!) until March 4, 2023, I posted something at least once a week. Over 50 separate chapters or solos, and over 450,000 words.

The Doorway

Moose looked uncomfortable. He knew – like I knew – that a week or two away wasn’t going to cure what was eating me up. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again.

It wasn’t our way.


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