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Proof of Age


Emma Finn

A teenage girl makes a bargain to increase her age in the hopes of gaining freedom for her and her boyfriend to be together but being older is not all it’s cracked up to be and she may just have made a terrible mistake.

A female to female magical weight-gain and age-progression transformation.


“It’s just not fair mum!” cried Trinny, feeling more and more exasperated. “I wanna go to the disco with Andy!”

Feed Me


by Emma Finn

An attractive woman finds a comforting love in her new boyfriend, Adam, but Adam has... ideas about the way he would like her to look and soon his influence starts to put pressure on her to gain weight. And gain weight. And gain weight. Female to female transformation without an identity change.


Meeting Adam changed my life.

Whispering Death

In the Carpathian mountains, Alexandru is racing to the next town on horseback to warn them of the coming of a mysterious power that can change anything. But with the Whispering Death getting closer and closer, Alexandru must take drastic action to save himself and these others. He must take on the form of a woman.


by Emma Finn


The Favour

When two friends have the same dream that tells them how to swap bodies, homely and insecure Pam asks beautiful vivacious Rose if she will swap for one day - just to help her sort her life out. But when Rose agrees and turns into Pam, becoming short and ugly, her friend doesn't seem all that keen to change back.

A dark tale of female to female transformation.


By Emma Finn


Spiral Stair


By Emma Finn

A wealthy man finds himself lost in the dark town of Barton, but when he stops to ask directions he finds himself going down a spiral stair that changes him into a little girl. Now he really is in trouble as the mad denizens of Barton close in to trap him there forever.

Warning: This is very dark.


I had the awful sense that I’d forgotten something important and that made the fact I was lost even worse.

Give Anything


This story is one of six stories in the compilation, A New You by Emma Finn, a book of transformation and body swap stories available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


The woman who lived opposite our house had nothing that we did but she also had the only thing of value I desired.

Wishing Well


Lionel makes a wish to become one of the senior managers at work. Unfortunately he didn't specify what sex he wanted to be.

This story is one of six stories in the compilation, A New You by Emma Finn, a book of transformation and body swap stories available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


The well was ancient; easily as old as many of the oldest houses in Bycastle, the original village from which Nockton and its twin-town Barton spread.


Veronica Carter is an amoral young gold digger who wants it all, but when she breaks into the safe of her fiance's elderly grandmother she finds an item that might make her rich but will exact a terrible price. A female to female transformation.

This story is one of six stories in the compilation, Talons of the Hawk by Emma Finn, a book of transformation and body swap stories available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


The Pattern

The Pattern
This story is one of six stories in the compilation, A New You by Emma Finn, a book of transformation and body swap stories
available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. A New You: Volume 1 (Dark Tales of Transformation) on Amazon US.

The Master Race

In Nazi Germany a young jewish woman and her father are being persecuted by Kapitan Schiffer and his men, but when Schiffer murders the father he falls under a terrible curse that lets him feel exactly how periless it feels to be a Jewish girl surrounded by Nazis.

Whore - Updated


By Emma Finn

Updated and streamlined from its original online publication, Whore is now part of the short story compilation AN New You by Emma Finn, available on Amazon and Smashwords…


I was almost certain she was a whore and that tantalised me – that I was spying on her without her knowledge. It thrilled me almost as much as fingering the slip of paper in my pocket, knowing about the power the unnatural words on it contained.

The Princess & the Slave

This story is one of six new stories in the compilation, Talons of the Hawk by Emma Finn, a book of transformation stories available on Amazon.



Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in an exotic land very far from here, there lived a princess who was very spoiled.


This story has been retooled from its original incarnation and is now part of A New You by Emma Finn, a compilation of transformation stories available on Amazon.



Now I had found out what the magic stone did, another thought materialised in my head.

What if I used it and then got stuck? What if I let it transform me and then something happened – I lost it or… or someone stole it? I’d be trapped in that other form forever.

A grin flashed up on my face then vanished as fear crept into my eyes. Then the grin came back. Just to imagine that…

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 10



Burt reclined happily in the long pleasure boat with grandmamma as her manservant gently guided them across the centre of the lake in the morning sunshine.

“So you talked to that idiot maid then,” said Grandmamma.

“Yes,” replied Burt. “I did.”

“And how did she take your kind guidance?”

Burt raised an eyebrow. Grandmamma was smiling playfully. His first instinct was to be snippy, say something like, You were right. She’s nothing but an ignorant lazy girl who doesn’t deserve a kind hand.

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 9

Meeting the Earl


The next morning Ann woke up outside.

She was lying in a ditch with her legs up the bank and her head and left arm in its dank muddy bottom. She raised her head and saw the half-dried vomit down the front of her shirt and on her trousers.

She chuckled to herself and struggled over onto her hands and knees getting even wetter and muckier. She got to her feet and sidestepped, losing her balance as she realised how drunk she still was then fell through the side of a gorse bush.

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 8

Diverting Pastimes


After breakfast, Burt was wandering through the duchess’s huge town house, simply enjoying yet another day off from mucking out the stables and lifting sacks of grain. He was convinced he had the better part of the deal he and his beloved Lady Ann had made, even if he had written her a note to give her the fortnight off.

It still seemed incredible to him that he’d been able to write that note – and sign it with her very own signature; but it wasn’t the only change he’d noticed in his education. He was finding it easier and easier to discuss the arts and culture with grandmamma – something he never could have done before; and he really enjoyed it. He thrived on the intellectual conversations he was having now if truth be told.

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 7

From Head to Toe


Anne woke up with a stretch and a yawn. The hotel she’d slept in was the best she could find in the scummier end of the city of York. It was a bit shabby but the bed was fifty times more comfortable than her pallet back at Griply manor and there were no gaps in the walls and window. It was probably the best night’s sleep she’d had since becoming Burt.

Since becoming Burt…

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 6

Feeling at Home


Ann gasped as she was knocked from a deep sleep by a bucket of water being thrown in her face.

She floundered about on her straw mattress, gasping and spluttering as she tried to catch her breath. It was freezing and horrible and half of it had gone down her throat. She’d never been woken up in such an awful way in her life!

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 5

“I Am Who I Am”


Lady Ann woke up feeling extremely grumpy.

She’d just had what had to have been the worst night’s sleep of her life. She’d staggered home pissed in the early hours of the morning, vomiting several times on the way home and then had to make her bed up when she got back to the hay barn above the stable. As a mere stable hand, Burt wasn’t given proper lodging. Now she was living his life she literally had to roll out his thin straw mattress every night and put it away in the morning. It was hardly worth the effort. She could feel the joins between the floorboards through the flimsy thing!

She’d tossed and turned for the rest of the night feeling cold, uncomfortable and queasy. Try as she might, at three o’clock in the morning, feeling like death warmed up, she’d been unable to block the draft coming in from outside in numerous places. And it was spring! Imagine how much colder it would be for the real Burt when the weather really took a turn for the worse come autumn. She thanked God she’d be back in her own warm bed long before that.

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 4

Ups & Downs


The real Burt meanwhile, stared out with his new eyes at the disappearing English countryside, an elegant shawl wrapped around his shapely legs. In no time they were at the railway station and he was helped down from the carriage.

It was a marvel to be walking through the milling people. Up until now Burt had only spent time in Griply Hall. Now he was outside in the real world, surrounded by ordinary people; either his equals or betters in his normal life. Now, instead of ignoring him as they normally would have, they stepped back out of his way as he walked as carefully as possible through the station building and onto the platform.

He didn’t have to do anything himself. Gladys fussed with the tickets and carried the baggage with the help of the coach driver. He felt like he was royalty… which he supposed (as a distant relation to King Edward) he actually was!

Standing for a moment on the platform, waiting for the train, he suddenly really saw himself as he was now. To every passerby he was an elegant lady on a trip to the capital. As long as his mouth was shut no one could tell him for the imposter he was. He was a beautiful woman, the breeze caressing the curls of his long hair, his hands neatly clasped at his waist.

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 3

The Note


The next morning Ann was startled to wake from a deep and satisfied sleep at the crack of dawn. With no glass in the windows it was freezing and the dawn light shone right in her eyes through the open hayloft entrance. The straw mattress underneath her was little better than sleeping on a board; not like the silk sheets and thick mattress she was used to.

It took her a moment to realise where she was. And who she was. Her head was fuzzy from the previous night’s festivities but it quickly came back to her: the pleasure of drinking and carousing and fighting of all things with her mate Je— with Jeb, the farmer’s boy. She also remembered the animal passion and the thrill of bedding the slutty barkeep’s daughter, grinning broadly to herself as she fingered her bushy moustache with one hand and fondled her half-aroused hairy cock with the other.

It came back to her how she’d fantasized making love with Lady Ann – with herself – but she shook her head ruefully. She’d also gotten a lot of pleasure from telling herself she was really a man.

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 2

The Exchange


Burt was shoveling dirty hay from the floor of one of the stable stalls when Ann approached him, a mischievous expression on her face.

His sleeves were rolled up past his elbows as he worked. She watched him for several minutes, staring at his rippling muscles; the careless attitude he had in his body language, entirely devoid of decorum. He obviously didn’t care one whit about the way he carried himself or looked with his scruffy clothes and deliciously masculine posture. He was the exact opposite of her. Ann had to be standing or sitting with perfect composure at all times. She couldn’t dare relax for a minute for fear of being thought uncouth. Every single second of her day she had to act the refined lady in case she was reprimanded by her mother. The countess was a gentle compassionate soul but Ann had always felt awful at the whispered scoldings; kind hearted though she knew they were.

To be able to act however she pleased was going to be fantastic!

Lady Ann's Holiday: Chapter 1

In which...wishing to avoid a dull visit to her grandmother, Lady Ann Neville takes drastic steps; giving her a holiday from herself and getting a little too much information on how the lower orders live.

Chapter One

Lady & Servant


England 1908.

It seemed to Burt that his life was always spent with his face pressed against the glass.

He worshipped Lady Ann Neville more than he did god in church, but Burt was only the stable hand at her father's vast estate, Griply Hall. His job was to muck out and groom the horses and perform manual labour around the estate. He was forbidden even from entering the manor house. He scraped an existence in the reflected light from this affluent and powerful family but he could never be one of them.

Still, he had his dreams – dreams that one day she would smile at him and say that - no it was too stupid for words. The distance between them was greater than it was to China. He might as well howl at the moon like a dumb animal. Lady Ann had hardly noticed him while they were growing up. Why would she notice him now? He was dirty and coarse; a big hairy man who couldn’t even talk in a gentile way. She would never consider him as a friend, let alone a husband. He had no money, no education and no prospects. He could barely read or write. He had no proper manners and didn’t know the first thing about how to be a gentleman.

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