Will O' The Wisps


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Nyx just wanted to find a way out from under Reeds' thumb. After a year of being shoved into the life of an inexperienced black hat hacker, due to the debts he'd taken on from his father, he dreamed of finding hope and escape somehow in this sudden trip to Bulgaria. But Nyx knew that you don't leave the underground world without suffering serious consequences, and it wasn't just his life at risk.

When a strange letter appears in his apartment, Nyx finds that Reeds isn't the only one who is interested in him. A new world, a world with demons and magic, seems to be calling for him. Can he find a way out of Reeds' claws, or will things, as always, just fall to pieces around him?

Will O' The Wisps - Prologue

Prologue – The Third Realm

When she concentrated she could feel it in the air around her, like a great cold emptiness that wished to seep into her skin and suck the life within her dry. She could always feel it somewhere in the back of her mind. A wrongness. A world without magic. And she had barely any magical ability to begin with! How could the mages who came here stand it?

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