The Power of Sexy (resubmitted)

By Flygirlxoxox

My name is Alan Ambrosio and this is my story. As it happend.

Yes I am a boy and a typcal one. I have always been fascinated by girls.
Their hair, their smells, their curves, their clothes, the way the walk,
the way they talk....

At age 15 I have been involved in sports. I am quite good and very
competitive. My problem...girls. Girls to me are like kryptonite to
superman. I can be doing something confidently, intently and-- a pretty
girl comes up to me and look! It's captian corky....

The Power of Sexy, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4

Hi, Perhaps you have read part of my story. I have made some changes since it was originally posted on Fictionmani. Including adding two chapters since the original, which I feel will make the story better as it continues. I love feedback positive and negative It helps me to learn to be a better author. Critics, remember this is my first attempt at a story! There is more coming. I apologize for taking so long to write. Also you can view my story on Fictionmania as well as part of it on TFCentral ( I can't figure out how to upload the rest. If you want the updated version faster, vistit me at myspace [email protected]
kisses flygirl.

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