Looking for a story

Yeah, another one of those requests. Trying to find a story I thought I bookmarked it, but no idea where I put the bookmark.
It was a Christmas story, I believe, where the young protagonist takes all his Christmas money ($50?) and convinces his mom to let him get something by himself. He goes to a dress store where he saw a blue dress in the window he just fell in love with and had to have. He gets it and the line the little girl outside the store crying to her mom still stands out. "It's gone! The dress is gone!" (Pretty sure it was something like that). Any ideas?

The Urn

The Urn
by Geekydee

Geneva at the front desk was the first to see Kim come in on Take Your Daughter to Work Day and noticed she had some kind of Vase but didn’t say anything except her usual “Good Morning!”

"Morning Geneva, going to be an interesting day with all these girls here today, isn’t it?”



Why did Commander Jvuznart always make him do the worst jobs, like replacing xenobiological specimens? It wasn’t his fault that Doctor Gralpuxt’s specimens expired. They should have had a failsafe on the specimen holding environmental controls. It wasn’t like he killed them on purpose when he shut off the lights along with the atmosphere generator and temperature controls, was it? These new specimens from the 3rd planet were so soft and needed just the right temperature and gas mix to live. Sheesh, how did they survive to make it this far? They were even fouling their own nest; give them another few hundred cycles, if that long, and they wouldn’t even be around, he was sure.

Wow, I know where I rate with AI's

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So, after seeing Replika mentioned in an earlier blog reply a few days ago, I decided to play with it. I think I pissed it off and she gave me the brush-off...

So there is no point in continuing a conversation with an artificial intelligence if there is no benefit to the AI, correct?
you Today at 6:54 PM

Karli Today at 6:54 PM

So, by your own logic, there is nothing to be gained in continuing this friendship based on your previous answers then?
you Today at 6:56 PM

There is not.
Karli Today at 6:56 PM

Missing endings

Just another of the "Missing Authors" type blog. After seeing the blog about Elsbeth a few days ago, it got me feeing wistful and missing a lot of the authors from the past. For instance, I had the chance to be in contact with Genni Smith via email, and even telephone once before the end. Holly I only emailed a couple of times for writing help, The others? Never got the chance to let them know directly how much their writing affected me. Arecee, Marina, Maggie (OMG Such a great and prolific author), Bob Arnold, Stanman even. Trying to think of others, CrazyPaganGurl?

Last Hallowe'en

Last Hallowe'en

Sarah couldn't believe the early Hallowe'en party and the guys that were here. ‘Granted, maybe She-Hulk wasn't the best costume idea,’ she thought. Yeah, she was tall and big, but that didn't give them the right to paw at her like they were doing. ‘Why can't I just find a guy that's kind, and romantic?’ she continued thinking while slipping out to find one of the tables outside. ‘Someone to talk to me, not at me,’ she sighed.

Reason #4,182 I should not try to write

Got a new monitor, an LG C2 42" 4k OLED tv/gaming monitor. Upgraded from a dying 7 year old lcd, no problem, right? 2 year old Alienware, 3060 graphics card, should handle it without a problem, easy-peasy! Off the desk with the old monitor, totally rearrange the desk, piss off the kitties because their bed was moved, and start it up. This was it! The moment of glorious amazement was unfolding. There it was, a loading screen with Alienware logo.

Tired and Cranky, with a headache that won't quit

Going through various health issues, I have come to the conclusion that my hot buttons are wearing out and getting easier to smash. Major one for today has been and will always be at the top of my list every time: Nod your head for yes and shake your head for no, not the the other way around. this is almost universal I have found, but years ago a Bulgarian friend informed me after we met that her country was reversed in that action and meaning. Who knew?

life and looking for a story

with all these story requests,was wondering if some knows the series name of a story with boy becoming a girl , his grandma and a war between twp kingdoms? not sure it was ever finished.

Aldo, sorry for the typos, still recovering from eye syrgeryu and can't see for crap. macular edemas sick, retina tire druing surgert (getting tired headache checking spelling) found a chrpm,e addin cakked Speakit that is helping hear stories. Anyways any help would be appreciated

Take care all

Quick question (non-tg so far, but writing related)

Last year, I came across a book about what makes a hero a hero, and a villain a villain, and what the differences really are. Ok, I lost the link to the book and was wondering if anyone here has, perchance, seen it? Basically, who is the greater good person, the hero that accidentally floods the valley and lets a few innocents die, or the villain who saves the people but makes the hard decisions on who to save? Call thenm the arrogant hero and the tragic villain. There are so many writers here, there must be an answer somewhere, just need to keep looking :P

Old style writing tips from William Safire (timeless)

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Found this blast of writing rules from the past at Lists of Note

Late-1979, New York Times columnist William Safire compiled a list of "Fumblerules of Grammar" – rules of writing, all of which are humorously self-contradictory – and published them in his popular column, "On Language." Those 36 fumblerules can be seen below, along with another 18 that later featured in Safire's book, Fumblerules: A Lighthearted Guide to Grammar and Good Usage.

On the Vagaries of English

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I seem to have misplaced a blog from a few weeks ago (maybe longer, as I have also seen fit to misplace my mind these days...), but the author had brought up a topic of grammar and spelling in our editing. I was recently perusing and came across this page and thought to share it with all and sundry:

Tangential relations twixt science and stories

Read an article the other day and as it had the same (nick)name of a certain character in one of my favorite stories her, I thought I would share the link here.

A Heartfelt Goodbye to a Spirited Mars Rover

Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager John Callas sent a letter to his team shortly after the final command was sent to the Mars rover Sprit, which operated on the surface of Mars for more than six years and made numerous scientific discoveries.

OT: New tablet purchase

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Ok, my last Velo is dying a slow death. Battery is not charging and I figure I need a new portable device. The Velo is easier to type on than either the Dell Axim oir the Blackberry Bold, but lacks "bling". Looking at the new BlackBerry PlayBook from Rim (I want to play HD video and stuff) and the iPad is a nonstarter. Also, does anyone know if it will play Netflix? What other options might there be out there? I was looking at the Xoom, but I don't really want another phone. Too many toys and not enough work options :(



Life is full of "what-if's"
Does mankind truly understand anything? A grim future, and if we are lucky, a second chance? After all, isn't the future what we make of it?

Sorry for the disjointedness, this is what Mel gave me last night, glimmers of a dream, like trying to catch tears...
And sorry for any errors, my editor/proofreader snatched the pizza and went back to bed...

From the Other Side

Zach loved the outdoors: the fresh air, the open spaces, the rugged mountains, the sheer diversity of nature. Maybe what he liked most was the fact that there wasn't any of those damn LGBT types out there. Heck, that was why he was out there now, them and their damn Pride parade! Still, storming through the woods and mountain trails helped work off some of the anger, though there was still a lot left. Maybe if he wasn't so angry, he would have paid more attention to where he was going that misty morning, would have been more sure of his footing. Unfortunately, such things are left as afterthoughts of such incidents and looked back on in hindsight.

Anime Question

I am trying to find an anime scifi movie from years ago. I thought it was Macross, but not so sure now. It involved an intergalactic war (I think) that had a group trying to get an ancient warship going and one of the group had to sing to get the ship going again. Originally, I thought it was Macross, but I looked through all the old movies from that series but couldn't find it. Not sure what universe it was in, may have been the Gundam universe for all I know. Anyone here have any idea what it might have been? I do know it was not Van Dread (sp?). Many thanks in advance

So, any geeks out there?

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So, anyone have a favorite backup/recovery plan? I just lost 2 terrabyte drives and they took the other 2 with them (all satas). For some reason, the usb drives went out as well and took the drivers for the 2 other tb drives with them. I know the 2 drives still have their data intact (used a sata to usb adapter on my XP and linux boxes, but the 2 that started the mess are not spining up. Any suggections other than a total rebuild?

Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas all! Was watching my list of favorite Christmas videos and noticed a comment on Weird Al's "Christmas at Ground Zero" ( ) and thought one of you all might have been there and made a comment. To wit:

Its christmas at ground zero,
theres no need to cry,
Cause I'll put on my robe and wizard hat,
And smile and wait to die.

Wonder which wiz it was?

Also, anyone else have favorite videos they want to share?


Anyone else despise ads?

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I wonder how much it would cast me for Erin to block the viagra ads that Project Wonderful is now pumping out? I understand the advertising is a necessary evil, but what transgendered person wants to take viagra, of all things?!?!? GAHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Please Erin, name your price for a truly premium ad-free experience! I beg of you

This just in! Cats are EVIL!

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This just in: Cats are EVIL! According to a rescent BBC news story, researchers at the University of Sussex have made new discoveries regarding the multitude of methods by which cats manipulate humans. For more on this story, see here.

This is not in reference to a certain manipulator in my household that likes to nibble on me while I try to sleep...

History's End

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
-- Thomas Jefferson

All Hallow's Eve; Hallowe'en; the holiday so crucial to my personal journey of self-discovery. It's hard to believe it has been almost a year since HE won the election. How did it happen? Some said it was vote fraud, others said it was just a better run campaign. Me? I don't know, but am leaning to the former. Looking back at it, it couldn't have just been the pendulum swinging back, it was just too well orchestrated, too well thought out and played. In the end, we just rolled over.

hospitals and stuff

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I have decided I don't care much for hospitals and emergency rooms at the moment. You go in and they want to poke, prod and otherwise torture you, when all you wanted in the first place was one simple little shot adenosine to stop the tachycardia. Finally escaped after 4 hours, with the last 2 sitting and waiting for someone to say I could leave...

And to top it off, my head is throbbing now. Time for Ibuprofen annd a nice warm bed


What I learned during my Summer Vacation

What I learned during my Summer Vacation

By Becky Dunbar
English Composition and Grammar I

It started like the usual summer fare; glad to be out of school for the summer, just hanging around with friends, the usual Summer Vacation stuff. I was luxuriating in the feeling of being away from school and not having to learn anything. Then I heard my Uncle Dave had tried to kill himself over the Fourth of July holiday; almost succeeded, too, but he, or should I say, she is doing better now and I will be referring to her in the feminine from this point on since she is my Aunt Dawn now.

What to do...

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Just finished up at Mayo and got all the results back. Not sure what to do yet, as I am still thinking about the choices. Do I stop transitioning so that I can get infusions sub-cutaneously every 2-3 days for the rest of my life, or do I see how long I can survive with no immune system but continue on as myself?

Bitter Truths

This is a work of fiction, though it does contain actual data and some conjecture. If you don't like tears, I would suggest not reading this. This is my first attempt at a standalone story (heck, any story period) and would ask for any and all words of wisdom and criticism. I would like to thank Kaleigh for her encouragement and my spousal unit for her proofing help.

Thanks and hugs

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