Back to (Elementary) School

Life is hard, let’s face it. A dead end job, a junky old car, taxes, angry neighbors. Don’t you want to get away from it all? I certainly do. That’s why I made a wish.

“I don’t want to deal with this anymore,” I said to the shimmering light before me. Around me, insects buzzed. Not in the annoying way they often do, but almost in a musical way. “I don’t care what you do, and I don’t care what consequences there are: just change everything. I can’t take it anymore…”


When Danny's sister heads out to the store, Danny runs to his sister's room to crossdress while she's gone. But it turns out that his sister was a video call, and so Danny was caught. Danny's sister and his girlfriend then basically use him as a dress-up doll.

Vampire Hunter Turned (Into a Girl)

For years, a vampire hunter has been chasing the vampire queen Lilith, but when he finally catches her, she turns the tables on him, and turns him into her little sister!

Falling in Love with the King

The newly crowned king of San Peligro, King Herold, has been searching for a wife since before he took the throne. But now, as king, the need for a wife has grown even more important. After all, he has a duty to continue his lineage. His father, the highly popular and eccentric ex-king, has been telling him that he can just use magic to reproduce if he really needs to. But, of course, the ex-king hasn’t been much help, having stepped down from the throne to pursuit his love of theater.

Astralwife | efiwlartsA

My wife and I have a rather unique relationship. In fact, I met her after she had already died, and she had meet me after I already died. This was not at the same time, and, yes, we are both alive right now. And, no, it isn’t due to magic (which doesn’t exist) nor some kind of advanced scientific breakthrough. To put it simply, my wife is a 4 dimensional being primarily traveling the opposite way through space time.

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ALIVE Queer Cafe

When a young trans girl promises to herself that she'll come out to her friends for the new year, an angel appears before her, promising to help her. Unfortunately, it seems that her friends are transphobic. Thankfully, a new queer cafe is opening up, and may give her a chance to make friends.

A Real Man

Freddie is sick of being seen as weak and feminine, so he has decided that beginning in the New Year, he will completely change himself and become a true man! But when he runs into a pretty, air headed girl, she ends up dragging him into working (crossdressed) at her maid cafe!

I am the Weather Girl

Do you ever wonder why, exactly it is that, even thought it was nice and warm and sunny just yesterday, suddenly it’s bitter cold and rainy today. Why sometimes there are sudden snowstorms in the middle of the Nevada dessert? Why lightning seems to be striking the houses of corrupt politicians far more often nowadays? Why did it rain fire on the wedding of a corrupt oil tycoon? And why has climate change suddenly reversed?

Well, that’s all thanks to me. I am the Weather Girl. I can manipulate the weather at will, and have been doing it for years now.

I Will Confess!

The new year comes with new resolutions. For Kenny, he wants to confess to his longtime crush, Jason. Of course, that's easier said than done. Kenny decides to clear his head with a night on the town crossdressing, but when he does, he meets an interesting girl who is more than meets the eyes.

On the Eve of my 19th Birthday

With my 19th birthday coming up tomorrow, I’ll be visiting home for the first time in months. I’ve been away at college, and while there, I began my transition as a trans girl. My parents are supportive, but they’ve yet to see me as myself yet. Tomorrow will be the first day. I’ll take a train over early in the morning tomorrow to visit them, but first, I’m taking a trip down to the shops to get a new outfit, partially as a gift to myself, and partially so I can look my best tomorrow.

Wearing My Niece's Clothes

When Jack goes to visit his sister in the country, he ends up falling in stream. Having left his spare clothes at his brother's house, his sister ends up lending him some of her daughter's clothes. Jack is against this, but until his clothes are dried on a clothesline, he has no other choice unless he wants to go around naked. But with his long hair and his slim body, he seems to make the perfect girl, whether he likes it or not... and it turns out, he actually might.

The Apprentice Witch and the Hero

I’m a trainee witch from a rural town where even the slightest deviance is frowned upon. There, witches are expected to follow a strict way of acting, and even being. And it is expected that a witch is to act as basically a medicinal servant for the village. She is to gather weeds and prepare potions to help deal with stomach aches and other ailments. Witches are to never wed. to never fall in love. To never have sex.

It’s patriarchal bullshit! Moreover, as I’m transgender, I don’t fit into their narrow view of what makes a witch! You have to be born female, and born to a wealthy non-witch family. I’m poor, and haven’t had the, quote, appropriate education. Only upper class villagers get an education in my hometown. Poor folk are expected to do hard labor such as farm work or hunting.

For that reason, I’ve decided to leave my hometown and travel to the capital city, where everything is better! The people are nicer, and nobody cares if you’re trans or poor or whatever! I arrive on foot after a month of travel. Most people fly on their brooms, but I’m not experienced enough for that. I can barely fly. Others take the train, but I’m too poor for that. The travel is rough, and I have to forage and hunt for food as I’m simply incapable of brining one month worth of food along with me. But, with blistered feet, I finally arrive at the capital!

The Cutest Girl(y Boy)

I twirl and strike a pose. A dozen different cameras go off, capturing me from every possible angle. I smile the sweetest smile you could ever imagine, and blow a kiss to the camera. The cameraman nearly passes out from the excitement.

My name is Candy. Well, that’s my stage name, anyhow. I’m a 12 year old boy, but I’ve been modeling girl’s clothing for about a year now, and I’ve made quite a name for myself. Everyone wants “The Cutest Girl(y Boy)” in their magazine! I even do fashion shows for big companies, and my youtube videos get tens of thousands of views.

Bedwetters' Sleepover

I’m 16 and have just started HRT. Unfortunately, one side effect of spiro seems to be having to pee a whole lot. And with the way that lots of places want to criminalize being transgender, things are pretty rough. I have to excuse myself from class often to run down to the nurse’s room, the only place I’m allowed to use the restroom. As if that’s bad enough, I can’t even hold by bladder overnight anymore, and have had to start wearing diapers to bed. I wear size XL goodnites, and most nights I wake up with the diaper full of pee. I've lost all of my friends since starting HRT, so my mom has set up a bedwetters' sleepover with her friend's daughter.

Spending Vacation as a Girl

Alex loves crossdressing, and when he goes on vacation with his sister to celebrate graduating high school, she thinks that it is for the best that he pretends to be a 12 year old girl to make things easier on her end. It's hard to explain an 18 year old boy dressing the way Alex does. While on vacation, Alex meets a girl and develops a crush on her. Of course, if he plans to keep dating her, he'll have to tell her the truth. There's no telling how she might react.

Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends PT 2

After losing a bet and being forced to dress as a girl, Trevor (Tiffany) has more fun than they would like to admit. They even have a new girlfriend! But surely he's a manly man who won't lose another bet and have to crossdress again, right? Right?
Be sure to read part 1 first -

I don't know if I've ever had so much fun writing, or been so prolific...

I don't know if I've ever had so much fun writing, or been so prolific...

On average, I write about 20,000 words a month. Recently, I've been having some issues, so I haven't been writing as much. But things are maybe not entirely okay now, but things are what they are. Anyhow, I've been writing a lot more now, most notably for stories that I plan to post here. My regular writing is on track, so the stories I write here aren't getting in the way on them.

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Wrestling my Little Sister and her Friends

13 year old Trevor loves wrestling. His little sister and her friends? Not so much. But after some bargaining, they agree to a series of wrestling contests, with crossdressing and kisses on the line!

My Roommate's Cat Revealed My Secret Part 2

Part 2 of My Roommate's Cat Revealed My Secret

At the end of part 1, Chloe followed her friends to Candice's car... Where will they take her now?

All Girls School

Today is my first day of high school. This will be my first time presenting as a girl at school, as I’m transgender. To make matters even more extreme, this is an all girl’s school. If I’m not accepted, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Fairy Watching

A pervy guy goes “Fairy Watching” in the fantasy town of Moonview, hoping to see up the skirts of the fairies. When he’s caught, an angry fairy turns him into a fairy girl, but is that really such a bad thing?

The Way of the Wolf: Reborn in Another World.

He was just an every day criminal on the run from the cops when a strange dog with a mouth full of stars ripped that life away from him, and he was reborn as Belladonna, a young girl in a fantasy world. When he died, an old woman explained that this was the Way of the Wolf, and that nothing could be done. With a splitting headache, and her vision full of galaxies, Bella must navigate her new world, and discover just what the Way of the Wolf is.

Your New Little Sister

Sky is struggling to find a job, so he stays with his best friend Kelsey, but while she's away, he indulges in crossdressing and wearing diapers... until his best friend returns earlier than expected and finds her new baby sister! How will she respond, and what does this mean for their relationship?

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