A baker street drabble

“My God, Holmes, why are you dressed as a woman? “

“This is the real me. Watson. All the opium and melancholy were just trying to deflect my agony over living as a man.”

“Extraordinary! How long have you felt like this? When did you know?”

“When? Elementary, my dear Watson.”


I have tried to give the flavor of J'Marra's speech without overdoing the profanity. I just can't picture her in a stressful situation not being course. It's part of her street cred and automatic now. You may recognize her name from one line in The Worst Day. Dorothy's comment made me realize that her story needed to be told.

The worst day

This is a story I had given up on. It just seemed trite. Then I realized I was telling it from the wrong viewpoint. Mathew's viewpoint may may offend or trigger some people, but here it is.

The worst Day

It was the worst holiday I can remember. No, it was the worst day I can remember, period.

I was in the kitchen helping Mary cut up a pork loin for our traditional New Years day family dinner of shrimp cocktails followed by chop suey when Jeremy came down the stairs. I couldn’t take it all in at once. It was all just total perversion.

The Three Ps

Patience, practice, perseverance……..That was my new years resolution this year. I didn’t come up with that on my own, though. It is what Mr. Jolden, my karate teacher, says whenever someone in the class is struggling. I’m not as good as some of the kids I started the class with but that’s not Mr. Jolden’s fault. Unlike some of them, I only take one class a week. I started going because dad said that spending all my free time practicing guitar and making videos wasn’t good for my health. He was right; I was looking kind of fat in the videos.

resolution story

I have written a new years resolution story but it stubbornly refused to be TG. Every time I tried to lead it there it returned to the main plot. I'll probably post it anyway after a bit of proofreading and editing. Tomorrow, without the glow of the new years eve whisky, it may just go in the recycle bin.

This is not right

For those like me who have been looking at a lot of best books lists in hope of finding something new, especially anyone looking at best fantasies. Most of them do get around to mentioning Tolkein eventually( He should be at the top) but I've seen no mention of what I think is the second best fantasy epic of the last century. Guy Kay Gavriel's Fionaver Tapestry. He draws together a vast range of folklore from across Europe in one masterful story. There is no trans content but has everything else you could want in a fantasy tale.

everyone should know


I just learned from a radio program that the national (USA) suicide hot line number is 988. They said that only 17% of Americans are even somewhat aware of this. I think that particularly with some members of this site it should be 100%. The menu at the start of your call will get you connected to a live counselor specializing in veterans, lgbtqi, or other areas. I hope you never need it but it can't hurt to know it.

Another non trans book recommendation

I just finished reading Horse by Geraldine Brooks. I hadn't read anything else by the author and chose it almost at random from the available titles at the library. She does a remarkable job of combining the true history of the greatest race horse of the nineteenth century with her fictional tale of slavery and of racism then and now. While referencing physical abuse and family separations she brings home the truth of Frederick Douglas's explanation of the harm of slavery even under a "good" master.


In a post under Dorothy’s blog on struggling with anger I spoke of hate as the driver of the current
movement to undermine democracy. As I think about it, that isn’t really the case. The people I know
who talk of Christian values, of stopping the tide of illegals who are taking our good jobs
or just coming to take government benefits are good people. The ones who classify gay and
transgender people as deliberate evildoers are too. They donate to youth programs. They volunteer in their

dark humor


I must be one real sicko. We got a wet heavy snowfall that just gummed up my snowblower without clearing anything. As a result I put in two sessions of heavy shoveling and have a lot to go. The sick part is that I found myself hearing the ballad of John Henry (too winded to sing if I could sing) with the words "die with my hammer in my hand" replaced with "die with my shovel in my hand". I figured I had better come in here and erase some things on this computer first!

The Left Hand of Darkness

The novel by Ursula K. LeGuin, of course. I saw it referred to recently and realized that I didn't remember anything but was sure I had read it. It turns out that I had read it more than once as my old paperback is quite battered. This story from over fifty years ago seems as if it could have been written with todays headlines in mind. My favorite of her Hainish universe books remains The Dispossessed, but anyone thinking about gender or the national political discourse on the meaning of patriotism will be intrigued by this book.

culture wars on the home front

I live in a very conservative area but other than a nearby school district banning the Harry Potter books for witchcraft some years ago it has been quiet since the days when James Dobson's minions picketed the local bookstore in the eighties. I bought my only copy of "Hustler" just so I could walk out past them with it out of the bag. Now the local schoolboard has overruled the professionals to remove "Genderqueer" from the high school library bookshelves by a 4 to 3 vote. Only one of the four is currently up for re-election.

ethical dilema

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While I was walking my dog today another dog got under his owner's fence paralleling the sidewalk and attacked my dog. The owner has already paid the vet bill for fortunately non-life-threatening injuries though one bite could have been fatal if it went deeper. My problem is that this is the second time that I know of that this dog has gotten lose and attacked another dog. I feel like I should file a complaint to prevent more attacks but at the same time I hate to risk a dog being put down.

disturbed and saddened


I forwarded an obituary to my brother today as he no longer lives in our home town. His former brother-in-law had died and I thought he might want to send a card. He e-mailed me back that it wouldn't be welcomed. It seems that even in death his family refuses to recognize him. When police contacted people with his last name they got no response except from a another former in-law. I don't blame them for avoiding him in life. He was an addict, a thief and a child abuser. What is disturbing to me is that I know they once loved him.

need an excuse?

There is an apparent shortage of men's underwear. I have been waiting for the back to school sales to pick up a few basics. One store recently had a twenty-five percent off sale on underwear for the family. I could not find any men's briefs in any size but extra large. Not to worry, I had to got to Wal-Mart this week and they usually have back to school sales. I couldn't find a single pair of plain men's briefs. Just across the aisle though was a big display of ten packs of women's panties. There's your excuse; just go with it.

They just don't understand

They Just don’t Understand

I’m astounded by all of this talk of thousands of dead people voting. They clearly don’t know what it would take for that to happen. I know because I got a dead person to vote. One person!

Being very concerned about this election I decided to help the cause by raising the dead to vote. I chose a well know union organizer and democratic stalwart as my first voter. After much research I was confidant I had the right incantations learned. I just needed a pure black cockerel to sacrifice at midnight on the dark of the moon.



I have gotten old. My neighbors, the Methusela's, children had a work day in their yard today. They created a belt high pile of leaves that I walked past numerous times. Not ONCE did I have an urge to leap into it. It'll be a walker and the nursing home next.

Question for the computer savvy

Last night charter internet's free anti viral program f-secure loaded something called security extension on my computer. It needs to be activated. Do I want to do that and why? As far as I can understand the little they say about it it is an electronic nanny but there is little plain English information available .

I miss books

I've done a lot of reading since the library was closed, both on line and e-books through their web site, but it just doesn't feel the same. I went through it before a couple years ago when my arthritis wouldn't let me handle a real book and I'm very glad to have the other options. It's just that I actually found myself looking at the trash in the grocery store paperback rack. I'm jonesing bad for a good book in my hand.

let's create a third party

I was thinking about how Erin manages to keep this place civilized despite the same political divide that exists in the rest of the world. That's what we need in Washington to break the politcal gridlock. We need to start a new party, the keep it friendly party.


Because tina Fey was on the radio today

Don’t ask how I got this. I’m not telling.

From: Sarah Palin@Love

To: Joe Biden@Biden

Hi Joe

I’m so glad you are going to have a female running mate. As you know I have experience as a female vice presidential candidate. I could easily become a Democrat. I have never really understood the difference anyway.

I am qualified to be president if that becomes necessary as I am a very stable genius just like my good friend Donald.

writing what you don't know

They say to write about what you know. Just as important is not to write about what you are completely ignorant of. Do some research or look like a total idiot. This was triggered by a description of rabbit hunting in a story not on this site. The protagonist was hunting rabbits over bait from a blind with a shotgun. When a rabbit came in sight he carefully waited to take a clean shot when the rabbit was fully enguaged with the carrot. If this doesn't have you rolling on the floor laughing you have never been a hunter and know nothing of rabbits.

maybe they don't know as much as we think they do

I've seen a lot of postings here about how much anyone can learn about us on the internet. What makes me question just how much research is really being done is things like getting fund raising letters from both the Republican and Demacratic parties in the last few days. Obviously one of them has it wrong unles I'm even more mixed up than I thought. And obviously neither one has access to my bank records. Or maybe they just didn't ask google.


Thirty-six barking dogs make an incredible amount of noise. Even eliminating the nine puppies leaves me with too many dogs to look at fairly in one session. I’m beginning to think this plan may be harder than I thought. O. K., eliminate the two very old dogs. I need pets that will live a number of more years. Just look at dog sized dogs. Pekes and miniature poodles are for old ladies. That gets it down to nineteen dogs. After two and a half hours of playing fetch, scratching bellies and a bit of testing for previous training I have six dogs to see again tomorrow.

Table Talk

I was a little embarrassed as I approached the table. Karl is new to our school but he’s already found a couple of other guys to sit with. That was just going to make this a little harder. “Hi, can I sit here?"

They all looked up at me but it was pretty clear who I was looking at. He looked kind of surprised but said “yeah, I guess so.” I set my tray down and looked at him before starting my lunch.

I thought I was in a Big Closet story today

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My sister in law who bills herself as the world's greatest bargain hunter dropped off a bag of used shirts today. I have no idea where she got them but she said to pick out any that fit me and she would pick up the rest later. Besides men's shirts there were several skirts and women's tops. We all know were this would go, right? The truth is that the woman must have been some kind of Amazon or WNBA player but in our story they would be a perfect fit for the bearded old man who just had to try them on.

Not This Time

As I watched the green light above the camera turn to red my stomach tried to rebel one more time. I didn’t want to do this. Our grief should have been a private thing, shared only with our family and the small community of our friends. Jan’s death had been hard enough without the media avalanche we were being buried under. I was about to interviewed once again when all I wanted to do was cuddle with Bea and our remaining children as we tried to comfort each other. Someone had to speak out though and I am much more accustomed to public speaking than Bea is.


I see a lot of authors here talking about publishing their stories. They all seem to be talking about self publishing. Others have pointed out that there is not a lot of money to be made this way. Perhaps another way to go would be to get a manuscript as ready to publish as you can and submit it to an agent or ten. Acceptance is probably a long shot but you will never know if you don't try. If you fail the self publishing option remains; if you succeed you might find your book supported by a major publisher.

Kris Traverse

This appeared in the comments for her story published last week I think it got pushed off the front page by new comments before many people saw it.

Sadly I must report that the Adventures of Alexa and Jenny have come to an end.
The Author and my good friend, Kris Traverse
Passed away unexpectedly last week. A heart attack. She will be missed greatly!
Telane Jefferies.

project girl

My computer sent me to this page on the cloud when I tried to open up one page to work on my latest story. Maybe some one here can explain how it happened. I just turn on the computer and type. I have no idea why it does some of the things it does. This seems to be all there is of this page.

Project girl


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