Gymnastics Jenny

Lily - Part 2

“If you wouldn’t squirm so much, Lily, this wouldn’t take so long,” Ms. Bush was saying. Willy grimaced and tried to hold still as her makeup brush jabbed into the skin at the corner of his eye. He wanted to open his eyes so he could see what she was doing—but he’d warned to keep them closed, and he didn’t fancy the idea of getting powder in his eyes. Worse than that, his nose was itching and he desperately needed to sneeze—but he didn’t, terrified that a single sneeze would blow off all the powder and he’d have to go through the whole ordeal all over again.

Lily - Part 1


“Mom, when do I get to take this off?”, Willy whined, one hand behind his pink-clad hip, the other hand on the bent knee of his bare, chalk-dusty leg. Light reflected off his shiny pink leotard as bright camera bulbs flashed in his vision, causing him to blink his mascara-shadowed eyes.

In a Class By Himself-Part 2

“Okay, ladies, let’s line up!” Coach Anna’s shout ricocheted off the walls of the Emerald Gymnastics Academy gymnasium, multiplying until there seemed to be not one coach, but dozens. Jenny snapped out of thoughts and dreams of her unintentionally cross-dressing boyfriend and darted forward with the other gymnasts. Dozens of pairs of bare feet, her own among them, slapped the blue foam mat as the girls rushed to take their positions in a blur of pumping limbs, bouncing hair, and brightly colored leotards.

In a Class by Himself-Part 1

Jenny shivered in the cold draft wafting through the Emerald Gymnastics Center gymnasium and hugged herself, tracing and stroking her bare hands, peppered with white gymnastics chalk, over equally bare and chalky arms and shoulders, legs and knees, then trying to rub some warmth into the white-powdered soles of her bare feet, then coming back to rest on the soft, smooth, form-fitting Lycra of her sleeveless gymnastics leotard.

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