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Helen’s Diary: Hi Dad

Bonus Chapter: Helen turned 18, she now has the right to contact her father. Now that she’s out, how will that affect her interaction with her estranged father?

Coming out

Today is the happiest day of my life. I want to share with you guys how my day went from feeling like it would ruin the rest of my life to being so Happy I broke into tears. I finally came out to an actual person In Real Life In Person with complete transparency that I was a Transgender woman in the closet for fear of scrutiny and scandal as well as fear for my life. The new pastor at my church. I was worried how he would react.

Coming out... sort of

Hi everyone at BC

I want to tell you guys a true story about myself.
I am a very religious Catholic as well as my family. I am from small town USA where i am known by almost everyone here. For this reason i have had one hell of an existence living in the closet. For many years, i have been struggling with my sexual identity and orientation.

Epilogue for Helen's Diary?

I'm sort of stuck in writers... its not a block its more like a soup. Like you know the direction you want to go but are completely at a loss at the starting point. I know i want to write an epilogue for Helen's Diary but for the life of me i cannot pin down how far into the future i want her life to advance. I think i want to use the epilogue to branch into a new story because that is where my brain goes when one door closes a window is cracked open so you can break-in in the likely event you have lost your keys.(cameos) i just don't know how much of Helen i want in the next story.

Helen's Diary

Hi everyone on BC. With Momma E's letter to Helen, i feel it was a great ending to one of my longest stories i have ever writen. Oh how i wanted soooo much to keep it going but i never found anything that wasn't already addressed in the narrative. I had fun with Helen and Jo but i felt it was time to move onto something else. I left it open because 1) i wanted Helen to reflect myself a little and i am still not out of the closet so i would have literally no idea of how to proceed if she ever does come out on paper.

Helen's Diary: New Shoes

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry. I'm not realy sure how to get this started so imma just dive in.

My name is Helen Rodriguez. Not Ellen. Not El. If you call me Lenny i swear now that you know i will find you and throw you in front of a literal rogue bus going 200mph (322kph) and watch you liquefy... Sorry. I get a little heated when people are being assholes. Yah know? Now that i think about it I'm doing a fabulous job considering i live in a bible belt.

Helen's Diary

This is the diary of the daily life of Helen Rodriguez. She's just you average girl. She does harbor a lifelong secret that only one other person in the world knows. You see, Helen is actually a transgender girl. Watch her day to day as she navigates the perils of the closet.

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Stranger by the Day: a "Stranger by the Hour" reboot

Ok i know what you are thinking... actually i don't, but i think you are thinking that i got tired of the first story and decided to expand on it with a little more development. If you havent already, please read the original https://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/fiction/76645/stranger-hour
If not, well the story stands without it. I will however, as always, be making subtle references to the rest of the canon.

Enjoy :)

James and Hannah Harrison are 2 fraternal twins. James is 5'7" and Hanna is 5'3". They're pretty average, but they have a secret. They involuntarily swap certain traits every night at midnight. How will they learn to cope with it?

It Was an Accident chapter 2


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Henry and Helen after graduating medical school finally open their own clinic.
FYI: My information is not going to be realistic. I am not a doctor and i have Zero(0) medical background. This is a work of fiction and not a medical journal. P.s. any doctors out there want to give me critiques to better improve the story please leave a comment.

It Was an Accident

My name is Helen Arlin. I am the creator of the Spontaneous Body Swapping Syndrome. Truth be told, it was all one big accident that had a domino effect on the entire universe as we know it.

Great News, yeah right

Back in 2017, there was an event that came to be known as, Spontaneous Body Swapping Syndrome. Thought of in the past as a disturbance in the flow of nature, or a scientific experiment gone wrong on the genetic level, it is in fact a magical curse inflicted on one member of each family. Each of the opposite gender. In the future SBSS has become something of a regular event. So regular in fact that it is found to be linked to birth. Scientists and Mages have found that when two people are born at the same exact time, their bodies are linked together. When either person reaches a certain event in their life, the cycle begins. The duration of the event depends on the strength (or weakness) of the connection.
this is the origin story i have been cooking up since i started writing. Hope you enjoy ^-^


What would you do if you woke up as a different person and nobody believed you?
direct companion to https://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/fiction/76737/fixing-problem-...

Fixing the Problem Yourself

How would you feel if one day you found yourself mysteriously as the opposite sex? What happens when you finally change back?

Stranger by the Hour

set in the same universe as "Not Myself Today" the stories however are not connected and never will be

James and Hannah Harrison are 2 fraternal twins. They're pretty average, but they have a secret. They involuntarily swap bodies every hour on the hour. Now they learned to cope with it, but it was a not so pretty rocky start. This is an account of what it was like when it all began.

Not Myself Today

Susan is your average everyday girl. Henry--SEPARATOR-- is your run-of-the-mill All-America boy. Ne'er the two shall meet. One day, they swap bodies. This will be in the POV of the two as they shift from on another.
All names of this story are fiction. Anything resembling real life would just be freaky because this doesn't happen in real life... So without further ado

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