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Aaron -Chapter 14 Both Sides Now

The rest of the summer was probably the best time of my life (up to that point). We met a girl next door also named “Amie”, and a girl across the street name “Jamie”. Amie’s dad was a doctor and Jamie’s mom was an attorney. Her mom was engaged and, even though her parents were divorced, Jamie’s dad also lived there in a separate part of the house. The girls were a few years older than us, and both were headed for Rice University at the end of the summer. Still, they accepted our invitations to come to the pool with us.

Aaron -Chapter 13 Real change

Friday was my appointment with the doctor. I can’t describe the stress of lying with my legs spread and my feet in stirrups while a total stranger examined my crotch. It was a little comfort that the doctor was a female. She examined my genitalia, fondled them and photographed them. She assured us that the surgery would be minor, but would require an overnight hospital stay. She said she preferred that I talk to a counselor, but my mom and I convinced her that it was unnecessary. I was surprised and happy when the surgery was scheduled for only a week from that day.

Aaron -Chapter 12 Superficial changes

Monday was more active. Lisa and I both got haircuts at “Nancy’s”. We both got what mom called “pixie cuts”, and I got my ears pierced, after which I looked into the mirror and said, “No going back now”. Nancy looked puzzled, but I didn’t care; let her wonder. Lisa and I looked even more alike, but she was more beautiful than ever. I told her I was going to call her “BC”, for “Beautiful Cousin”. She said she would do likewise.
I thought for a second. “Lisa, I’m kinda glad you’re not my sister.”


“We would be calling each other “BS”.

“Silly girl!”

Aaron -Chapter 11 A science lesson - gravity

Sunday was a lazy day. We spent some time exploring the “servants quarters”. The place was separate from the main house, and was more spacious and luxurious than most homes. We turned on the air conditioning to get rid of the stale smell. Lisa claimed a bedroom. If her and her mom decided to move in, I didn’t see any reason they shouldn’t stay in the main house. It could house 10 to 15 comfortably. Lisa claimed the room “just in case”.

Aaron -Chapter 10 A labor saving device

Lisa and I “worked” on sorting clothes. Mostly, we modeled for each other and took pictures with our digital cameras. Even though Lisa was my cousin, she was so beautiful it was hard not to stare. Finally, she said, “What?” I hadn’t realized how intently I had been watching her. I told her the truth, “Lisa, you’re just beautiful.”

“You’re not gonna get kicked out of bed yourself, cousin.”

“Well if it’s a guy, it’ll be me doing the kicking.”

“I think you’ll change your attitude”.

“We should bet on that. Got a million dollars?”

“Not at the moment.”

Aaron -Chapter 9 – Adventures in Shopping

We drove through the tree shaded roads of River Oaks. Most of the houses were about the size of apartment complexes. Gradually, the mansions began to give way to just large houses, then average sized houses. We also began to see a few service stations and other businesses. We were out of River Oaks.

Aaron -Chapter 8 – Exploring the “Anonymous General”

The house was dark when we got there, but the motion sensors clicked outdoor lights to life and, created near daylight when we pulled into the driveway. Walking up to the front door activated more lights. Not that there was any danger, we were in the safest neighborhood in Houston, with the possible exception of the “gated” communities which, to me seemed like visiting a prison. The police patrolled the area, alert for any rare case of burglars or prowlers.

Aaron -Chapter 7 – At the Trough

We pulled up at the restaurant and a valet took our car. Once inside, I looked at the menus. There were a lot of choices, but one thing was missing. “Dad, there are no prices on the menu.”

My dad smiled. If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

“…and we can?”

“We’re doing OK.” He smiled and winked at my mom.

Lisa spoke up. “Wow. Y’all are rich! Can I be rich, Uncle Dave?”

He looked at Lisa. “Lisa, you and your mom are family. If we’re doing OK…y’all are doing OK.”

Aaron -Chapter 6 – Brooks’ Mansion

We got into Houston early in the afternoon, but it looked like the rush hour was already underway. Luckily we were going into town and most of the traffic was headed out. After exiting the freeway and making numerous twists and turns, we were home. We pulled into the driveway that must have been a quarter of a mile long. The house was a great distance from the road and huge oak trees shaded the massive yard.
I was incredulous, “Mom, are you sure this is it?”

“Yes, honey. Your dad said it was big, but I’m a little surprised myself!”



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I looked in the mirror. “You look good!” I said it out loud. I was wearing my mom’s slinky blue dress, her jewelry and her makeup. I was alone; Dad was at work and Mom was shopping. I continued, “God, why didn’t you make me a female?” Actually, I wasn’t far from it; I was short and thin with little body hair.


By Jamie Simms

Aaron -Chapter 5 – Heading East

Monday had me back at school trying to pretend nothing was different. I imagined kids were looking at me and whispering. I was sure they were saying, “Hey, did you hear, he’s really a girl!”

I was standing at my locker, catching my breath, when Lisa showed up. She made a fist and lightly hit me on the arm. “What’s up, dude?” She
smiled, “or whatever!”
“Lisa … hush!”

“Oh, Aar…Amie. Nobody heard me. Are you paranoid?”

“I just feel like everybody’s staring at me!”

“Hey! That hurts my feelings!”


Aaron -Chapter 4 – Reconfiguring the solar system

My dad’s car was gone. Most likely, he was gone to his office. The company seemed to need him 24 hours a day. My mom was fighting with a vacuum cleaner hose. When we walked into the room, she looked up and dropped her work. The vacuum cleaner hose vomited dust onto the carpet. She ignored it and looked me over. “My goodness, we’re progressing quite quickly, aren’t we?”

Lisa took the lead, “What do you think, Aunt Kim?”

“I think she’s beautiful! She has trusted you with this information. You realize the importance of keeping this to yourself?”

Aaron -Chapter 3 – Quick start

Lisa’s mom was gone. The door was unlocked, as usual, and I went in and made my way to her room.

“Hey Aaron … Wow! What’s the matter?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Nothing … why? Everything is normal….”

“Oh, come on Aaron, you’re all flushed! Your eyes...Have you been crying? Are you OK?”

“I’m not sure. I have the most unbelievable thing to tell you!”

“You definitely have my attention!”

“Lisa, when I share this with you, I’m going to trust that it doesn’t go any farther.”

“You got it! What is it?”

Aaron -Chapter 2 – Oops!

Friday of that week school was out for a “Teachers’ Workday”. I was awakened by my cell phone impatiently buzzing about a new text message. Lisa wanted to spend the day together. A lot of people would think it weird that my BF is a girl; but being cousins made it somewhat OK. We had similar feelings on a lot of things and really felt comfortable together.

Things were soon to change, anyway. My dad was getting a promotion at work and we would be moving almost 200 miles. We would still be in Texas, though.

Aaron -Chapter 1 My half-life

I looked in the mirror. “You look good!” I said it out loud. I was wearing my mom’s slinky blue dress, her jewelry and her makeup. I was alone; Dad was at work and Mom was shopping. I continued, “God, why didn’t you make me a female?” Actually, I wasn’t far from it; I was short and thin with little body hair. The hair on my head was nice and thick and I kept it long. It was inevitable, however. Soon I would
be developing facial hair, body hair, and my voice would change. It made me sick to think about it.



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I looked in the mirror. “You look good!” I said it out loud. I was wearing my mom’s slinky blue dress, her jewelry and her makeup. I was alone; Dad was at work and Mom was shopping. I continued, “God, why didn’t you make me a female?”

Amie and Jamie


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She invited me to sit at the dressing table. She stood behind me and started brushing my hair. After a moment, she spoke, “Jamie, you were right about my parents expecting me to bring a girlfriend to camp with me. You are going to be that girl.”

Amie and Jamie

Jamie Simms

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 22 - Final Thoughts

Summer vacation ended. Our senior year began with both Amie and I needing very few credits for

graduation. This gave us time for career research with a lot of free time also. We had both decided on

our majors. Amie would study law, I was going into medicine. Now that I had decided on a direction, I

was anxious to get started. I had heard horror stories about the hours required of interns, but had my

mind made up that nothing would deter me from the path I had chosen.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 21 - Strange Therapy

Amie headed for home as soon as she woke up. When I woke up, I thought about my life. A lot of girls would kill for a life like mine. Plenty money, bright future, loving people.
I hate my life!
I don’t mean that. It just all suddenly seemed so futile. I hadn’t been to church much, but I had read the bible through as well as some books about the bible written by authors who “knew” hidden meanings in the scripture. I had read about religions other than Christianity and found major flaws in them all.

Help! Finish this story!

I have been writing "Amie and Jamie" for a year or so and find that I'm bored with it. The characters are young, with lots of possibilities, and they need someone fresh to take over. This has probably been done before, and will be glad to answer any questions the new author might have.
It will also be of great interest to me what avenues the character travel when guided by a new hand.
Any takers? Lemme know!

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 20 - Moving Day

Mom and Hannah’s wedding was a small affair with just a few friends. The judge was a friend of Mom’s. The honeymoon consisted of going home and going to bed. They put off a real honeymoon for when they had more time to plan.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 19 - More Changes

During summer vacation, Hanna and I became close. She invited me to go to her house when something was bothering me, and I took her up on the offer. At times, we had long talks and found that we saw eye to eye on a number of things.

One evening my mom came home from work and began showering and getting dressed up nice. She and Hanna were going to dinner. She explained that Hannah wanted to discuss something. It sounded kind of serious.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 18 - Breakfast of Champions

We flew first class from San Antonio to Hobby Airport where my mom picked us up for the half-hour trip home. We took Amie to home and helped her get her bags in. As we left Amie’s house, my mom said, “Jamie, I have a surprise for you.”

“Mom, there is nothing I need … really.”

“It’s not actually something for you. I will tell you this much … I’ve been dating someone.”

“Really? Cool! What’s he like? What does he do? Does he …”

“Slow down! You’ll meet this person when we get home.”

“So what’s he like?”

“Well … totally different from your dad.”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 17 - Cloudy with a Chance of Rice

On the first day of the new semester, we awakened to a cold, rainy morning. The combination of rain and temperatures below 40 degrees brought hope for snow to those of us from the southern part of Texas. Houston gets a small amount of snow about every 10 years, and I remembered a snowfall when I was much younger. San Antonio, however, was even farther south than Houston.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 16 - Pre-semester musings

Amie went to sleep quickly. I could hear her breathing. Her lungs pulled air into her lungs and utilized the oxygen to feed all the parts of her beautiful mind and body. The bible says that God made man “a little lower than the angels”. In Amie’s case, it wasn’t much lower. Such a combination of beauty, brains and talent were rare.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 15 - Back to School

Back to school day is here. We decided to fly even though we had just barely escaped disaster. We didn’t figure lightning would take a second shot at us, and neither of us wanted to endure the long drive in the Corvette again. I was happy not to have the specter of surgery hanging over my head. My new parts were still tender, but could hardly wait to take them out into the world.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 14 - Meeting Amie’s “friend”

Our flight continued. We were told to divert to New York for debriefing, but when the pilot made the plane’s billionaire owner aware of it, that order was quickly rescinded and we were able to go straight home. Score: one for the people, zero for the bureaucrats. I loved it. It helps when the people have lots of money and connections. What about my confrontation? Didn’t happen. I pictured myself sitting down for debriefing with an old man with a clipboard. It turned out to be an intelligent, attractive young woman named “Laura”.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 13A - Plane crash - Alternative chapter

My name is Adam Jackson Harris. Everybody calls me A. J. I don’t think a lot of them know my real name ... or forgot it. I’m in the 10th grade, and my life is pretty boring … school, eat, sleep, but girls like me and I love them! Nothing exciting ever happened to me until I went on a cruise with my mom and dad during Christmas break.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 13 - Plane crash

It turned out that the person lending the private jet to Dr. Adams was not from Texas. He was a billionaire from Utah. The pilot, co-pilot and flight attendants were family and friends of the owner of the jet. It was obvious from their actions that the man put a high value on poise and character. Any airline would be glad to have these crew members as employees. They all worked for the billionaire but volunteered for this flight. When one of us asked for something, it seemed as though they knew the request was coming and were merely waiting for it to be verbalized.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 12 - Strange Conversations in the Nether Region

I was alone…staring at the clean, white ceiling. I thought about getting on the web, but felt relaxed and content to just lie there and let my eyes close and think about was would be happening in the next few days…the next few weeks. Suddenly, I thought of my dad. He didn’t know that he no longer had a son. I wanted him to know. I wanted him to realize that I would not be stumbling in his footsteps. The bad memories dissipated and I remembered the few times my dad smiled at me or held me. He was not soft like my mom, but hard and strong.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 11 - 'It's over?"

Someone turned on the hall light and opened the door. Today was the day and everyone seemed ready to get started. After a couple of injections, I was numb enough below the waist for anyone with a task to perform there to perform that task with no discomfort for me. After the initial prepping, it was time for the general anesthetic. A nurse held a clear plastic mask on my face and told me to breathe deeply. I took a deep breath. Then I heard Amie whisper, “Jamie”, as she gently kissed my face.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 10 - Crossing the Atlantic

I watched the graphic depiction of our flight path on the screen. The plane crept slowly toward the northeast. I assumed the pilot knew the way, but it looked like we were headed for New York. We had been in the air less than a couple of hours, but it seemed longer. The total trip was almost 20 hours. The hormones I was taking provided some extra padding and made prolonged sitting less uncomfortable. I wished I could sleep, but I was never one who could fall asleep just anywhere. I certainly couldn’t sleep in a pressurized cabin miles in the air with dozens of strangers.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 9 - A Dream Coming True

December brought the Christmas holiday. We decided to drive home in the Corvette. We could fly back to school in January. We had to fly out of Houston the next day heading to Thailand. It felt so good to get home! Our parents had first class tickets for everyone. Amie told me later that the tickets were about $80,000 each. I was stunned. Our bags were packed also, so we really didn’t have a lot to do. That was good because we needed rest.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 7 - Rainy Sunday

Amie and Jamie
Chapter 7 Rainy Sunday

Sunday dawned dark and rainy. It was just the kind of weather I love. Amie had already left, probably for breakfast. I decided to sit in bed and surf the web. I clicked through pages of hyperbole. It’s amazing the tales that people tell when there is no accountability and little censorship. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel most people can discern for themselves what is believable.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 6 - Volleyball!

Amie and Jamie
Chapter 6 – Volleyball!

The sunrise brought our first weekend at our new school. The faculty left it mostly to the students to organize activities. Students who had car were prohibited from using them without specific instructions from the parents when and where they were allowed to travel. Still, such permission was discouraged by the school due to the many things that could go wrong.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 5 - Lauren

Amie and Jamie
Chapter 5 - Lauren

Each student had been issued a name tag with her first name in large black lettering. We were told that the tags were to be worn as part of our school uniforms. On Friday, a dark-haired girl whose tag boldly proclaimed her name to be “Lauren” sat across the table from Amie and me. Lauren had an air of smugness about her. She seemed much more interested in the two of us than she was in eating lunch, and she kept staring at us … mostly at Amie. Finally, she asked, “Where ya’ll from?”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 4 - Girls' School

Two days before our scheduled departure for our new school, Dr. Adams removed my bandages. He left the catheter in and gave Amie and instructions on removal. It seemed simple enough. Everything seemed surreal but wonderful. My mom and Amie’s parents all warned us that the new curriculum would be much more challenging than that to which we had grown accustomed in public school. We both agreed that a more challenging curriculum would not be difficult since the public school seemed to be geared to the lowest common denominator.

Thank you, and an apology for the delay of "Amie and Jamie"

I am overwhelmed by the number of reads of the first 3 chapters of "Amie and Jamie". The next chapter has been delay for a number of reasons. First, I work seasonally and it's that season. I score elementary and high school tests online at home for a company called "Pearson Education". Secondly, it's also allergy season, so I sit sneezing on my laptop as I score the students responses. At least I'm not handling their actual papers. Third, my daughter, who is only 39, has degenerative osteoarthritis in her vertebrae.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 3 - Getting serious about change

When I awoke, it was bright daylight. I took a few seconds figuring out where I was. Oh…I was in my girlfriend’s room…or should I say “my lover’s room”? So many things in my life had changed so quickly. The biggest, of course, was meeting Amie and discovering that I was actually a girl in every way except physically. The medication she stole from her dad’s clinic was quickly changing that. My breasts were nearly as large as some of the other girls my age. Down below, what had previously been growing had reversed course. It seemed it was getting smaller by the day.

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 2

“All good things must come to an end.” I guess that’s a cliché, but it fit my situation. Summer vacation was soon to be ending. With that, I assumed that my life as a girl was also drawing to a close. The happy days and cozy nights became almost overshadowed by the dread of what was to follow at home.

One morning, Amie was up early and waiting for me. “Jamie, I have something to tell you.”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 1 - I make a new friend

I met Amie in 10th grade. She was beautiful. She was tall with brown hair and big brown eyes…and smart. She was in all advanced classes, like me. I was short, skinny and my looks were only average. Also, I was still prepubescent. So I had no reason to think she would have much to do with me. But, thanks to detention one Thursday, we became friends.

She was there ahead of me, so I walked in and sat across the table from her. I couldn’t help but notice her earrings.
So, I spoke up. “Nice earrings”.

“Yeah,” She said, “want to borrow them sometime.

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