Fluidity In Space: Chapter 5 and 6 (of 30)

My name is Kevin Jackson. I am the third man in my family to carry that name. It used to mean something on this ship, but it doesn’t hold much weight anymore. My grandfather was captain, my father was the science officer and second in command, and I’m working the cash register at Main Street Electronics.

Fluidity In Space: Chapter 4 (of 30)

"Ms. Corben... Maria. It's true that we have only officially worked together for a short time. However, if you factor in the fact that we attended University at the same time, we've actually known each other for years. I feel I've gotten to know you pretty well in that time, so I'm sure that you're going to want to go right back to work after you leave here. As your counselor, I'd advise against that. You've been through a traumatic experience and you need time to relax and relieve the stress you've suffered from this ordeal. As your friend, you don't have to face this alone.

Fluidity In Space: Chapter 3 (of 30)

The junior staff was discussing the situation as I walked in. “But this hallway was completely empty. There’s no way everyone was locked up.” It looks like I got here just in time, as Ms. Rahman’s comment was exactly what I was expecting. I was glad that the situation didn’t get a chance to escalate among the junior staff, so I can set matters straight without resistance.

Fluidity In Space: Chapter 2 (of 30)

As the group decended towards the counselor, I practically ran into the hallway. I lept into action, and stood defiantly in front of the counselor. My declaration of “crew, get back to your stations immediately” was met with comments about how my “kind” were just as bad as the “splicer-babies”. The situation was much worse than I had first thought, and at the rate it was escalating, I was sure it would quickly get completely out of hand.

Fluidity In Space: Chapter 1 (of 30)

Our multi-generational ship, the UAS Traverser, has been cruising through space for three hundred years now. I suppose it's fitting that I take on the role of captain on our tricentennial year. I am the first of my kind, after all. We've come a long way since our ancestors first left shore so many generations ago. Back then, there was a lot of fighting. It was hard for our forebearers to blend so many different cultures together on one tiny vessel. People fought over religion, over race, over gender, and sexual orientation. For a while, it seemed like they might cause their own extinction.

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